20 Celebs Everyone Thinks Are Sweethearts... But Are Actually So Not

If there is one thing celebrities are good at, it's putting on a show. Whether they are performing in front of millions, or simply trying to make it through an interview, one can never be too sure if what they are selling is actually real and genuine. Afterall, they do get paid big bucks to put on a pretty face and smile, right? That being said, it is always disappointing to find out one of our favorites in the biz has a reputation for being rude.

Today we are going to be busting all kinds of bubbles as we work our way through a list of 20 seemingly sweet celebs, who have proven a least on one occasion that they are anything but. We know this is never an easy thing to learn, but don't worry, there will always be more famous people! Now, let's find out who's in need of an attitude check, shall we?

20 Adam Levine Called A Fan Ugly

19 Vanessa Hudgens Is A Sweetheart, Unless You Talk To Her Boyfriend ...

18 Gwyneth Paltrow Compared Being Famous To Fighting In A War

17 Ariana Grande Hasn't Been The Kindest To Her Fans

16 Michael Jordan Refused To Sign A Fellow Celeb's Jersey

15 Amy Schumer Is Blunt On And Off Stage

14 Shia LaBeouf Brought A Fan To Tears

13 Kate Winslet Can't Even Spare A Smile For Fans

12 Lindsay Lohan Is Not The Easiest To Work With

11 Lea Michele Snubbed A Young Hailee Steinfeld

10 Robert Pattinson Doesn't Understand His Fans

9 Jon Hamm's Bad Attitude Was Revealed In Kathy Griffin's Memoir

8 Cameron Diaz Steers Clear Of Fans

7 Mariah Carey Doesn't Play Favorites, She's Rude To Everyone!

6 Justin Bieber Has A Real Bad Boy Reputation

5 Jerry Seinfeld Isn't Happy With The New Generation

4 John Mayer Makes Enemies Out Of His Ex-Girlfriends

3 Pierce Brosnan Made A Bad Impression On James Corden

2 Julia Roberts Is A Real Diva

1 Rachel Ray's Staff Has A Lot To Deal With

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