20 Celebrity Hacks That Will Have You Looking Flawless For The Holidays

Whether it’s glitter beards or eyebrows, these fleek looks that are being rocked all by trendy stars such as Kim K and Madonna should be the inspiration behind your New Year’s look! You’ll be catching all the looks with your fresh fashion and your classic take on what’s been on the trend radar this past year. Take these ideas, make them your own and before you know it you’ll be a trendsetter yourself, what better way to jump into 2017?

From a classic smoky eye turned into a cut crease makeup look, these tips and tricks will transform your look from dull to fab for the new year ahead! You can totally rock that bold lip and those heels you forgot you had because we only live once so why not go all out! The main hack that you’ll need for all these little trendy tips is simply confidence, once you have the confidence to be yourself no one will be able to stop you from showing your best angles! You shouldn’t take these tips as something we suggest you do to be beautiful, because guess what, you already are beautiful, take these tips as something to gain inspiration from, to express yourself and your unique creativity. Soon you’ll be rocking these trendy looks at all the New Year’s parties!

“Love who you are, embrace who you are. Love yourself. When you love yourself, people can kind of pick up on that: they can see confidence, they can see self-esteem, and naturally, people gravitate towards you.” - Lilly Singh

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20 Cut Crease

Via www.illamasqua.com

A signature look that started from internet celebrities across the beauty guru community, of course, is the cut crease! A cut crease is a clean line where your eyelid and brow bone meets, having a clean line of color that’s sharper towards your eye and fades out into a nice blended smokey look. You can’t go wrong with this fantastic look, you’ll be batting your eyelashes and feeling confident at any holiday party to welcome in the new year ahead! You can choose to go more subtle by using natural colors such as browns and rusts and a nude lid or you can choose to go bolder for the special occasions and choose some glitter that compliments the colors you’re going to be rocking in your wardrobe! I personally like to go big or go home, but choose a more natural look for a more wearable everyday look! The choice is yours. Make a statement with your eyes, because after all, they are the windows to the soul!

19 Pretty In Pink

Via pinterest.com

A great bold lip to choose for the new year would be a bright fuchsia. Many women believe they can’t pull off such a bold look, but you won’t know till you try it! You can’t be afraid of makeup, you have to take hold of the makeup you’re wearing and rock it with confidence. Especially when you’re bringing in the new year, you have to start strong! Choose any color you want, but fuchsia has proven to be the biggest contrast to winter this 2016 holiday season. When you’re sporting this look, I suggest going with bold natural brows and subtle makeup, all eyes will be drawn to the pop of color on your lips, so to keep the eye moving, wear natural tones in your wardrobe and within the rest of your makeup! Whether you choose to go matte or glossy, the statement never backs down so you can’t either!

18 It's Not Goth Mom!

Via thepocketissue.wordpress.com

2016 is all about the contrast, pair a minimalist look focusing around blacks and whites when it comes to your wardrobe to keep the class intact while opting for a more dark makeup look as well. Wear your hair down in natural waves paired with a dark plum or black matte lip and you’ll be making a huge statement wherever you find yourself. People won’t be able to keep their eyes off you honestly! Just like the bold lip tip above, keep the rest of your makeup on the simple side to keep in line with the minimalist vibes you have going on and you can’t go wrong! For a New Year’s party, a pair of black skinny pants and a turtleneck with a statement choker can go a long way and keep you warm in the process. Pair that look with some chelsea boots, a simple watch, and a small handbag, you’re good to go.

17 Glow Up

Via www.chaos-mag.com

While you might not want to strobe your whole face with highlighter for a New Year’s party, you can find the perfect balance between contour and strobing. Pick the highest points of your face and blend in a subtle highlighter that will catch the light and will make you glow. Your upper lip, the tip of your nose, cheekbones, chin, and forehead are great areas to focus on when it comes to applying your highlighter evenly. This highlighting look will give you a great start if you want to look a bit more youthful and dewy. It’ll give your skin a nice fresh base that will make your other makeup stand out nicely. Coming together to create a look that can be easily paired with any look on this list you can’t go wrong! Just remember that it’s better to put a little at a time instead of having to wipe everything off and start over!

16 Messy Buns

Via www.lovely-hairstyles.com

Messy no longer means that you’re too lazy to put your hair in a proper bun, they now show everyone around you that you’re a carefree spirit that’s totally on trend! Messy buns have made a huge comeback in 2016 and it’s time to embrace messy with classy! This year at your New Year’s party throw your hair up in a bun with some pieces framing your face, secure it with a red scrunchy or a glittery bow and you’ll be set. This look goes perfect with any outfit and really compliments any face shape. You’ll be looking your best and comfortable at the same time, a perfect combo in my opinion! There are tons of different ways you can achieve this look, just do a quick google search and you’ll find millions of ways to incorporate different stylistic elements into your messy bun, such as braids, twists, and other fun things you can try! Plus how cute would it be if you ended up doing this hairstyle with your daughter or even your best friend, the possibilities are endless!

15 Modern Holidays

Via www.brit.co

Stick with the nudes and natural colors to really give your New Year's a fresh start! It’s never too late to go a bit more flamboyant than you generally might choose to dress for an everyday occasion! But guess what, it’s only 2017 once, don’t you want to start off the new year with a bang?! Wear a crazy headpiece or even slip into a glamorous gown. Make this look yours and don’t be afraid of what people might think. Because I bet you they’re just really thinking how badly they wished they could have the guts to wear something so amazing without caring about judgment. Yeah, it’s tough to know people are looking at you when you go out, but feeling good in your own skin and self-expression is so much more important! It’s the start of a new year, so what better time to try something new that you’ve always wanted to try. Celebs like Zendaya have this concept on lock!

14 The Classics

Via tumblr.com

You can never go wrong with a classic red lip. A classic red lip can bring all eyes on you, it can make any outfit look more dressy than it actually is, and it can make you look pulled together in an instant. What better hack is there than that! It’s running wild in the modeling world, the look that’s just a bold red lip paired with very minimal makeup or even no makeup at all. It’s a beautiful statement that looks like a piece of art on anyone! Don’t knock it till you try it, you might find that all you need for a stunning look is a timeless red lippy! Not to mention it’s a perfect simple hack for any parties you have coming up! Pair it with a refreshing flowy white top, fitted distressed jeans, and black boots and you have a complete outfit that is simple, comfortable, and stylish!

13 Blunt Bangs


Being able to swap between dramatic looks is totally in. You’ve seen it all over the red carpet, clip in bangs that actually look good, amazing! Blunt bangs have been totally on trend this season, it’s crazy how popular they’ve quickly become. From a more edgy look with super short micro bangs to more natural longer bangs that hit right above the eyebrow. This straight across style is saying goodbye to the wispy bangs that made a comeback because of the 90s resurgence earlier this year. Hopefully, this trend will last a bit longer than just half a year so we can keep rocking these stylish dos! If you choose to wear your hair with these bangs whether you cut them or clip them in for a special occasion, try wearing your hair in natural curls that frame your face! It’ll make your eyes pop! Krysten Ritter has the right idea!

12 Bold Eyes!

Via imabeautygeek.com

The bolder the better! You can never go wrong with a smokey eye, that can make anyone have a look that’s dazzling and stunningly beautiful. A smokey eye goes with any eye color and complexion. You can even mix it up and pair a smoky eye with more natural shades if you don’t want to go straight for the dark black hues. Use browns and rust shades to create a look that is reminiscent of fall and winter, perfect for the cold months ahead. You can also choose to pair the eye look with a bright lip to make an even more impactful look. You’ll be turning heads more than you might think! When wearing such a bold and colorful look such as this, stick to simple clothing that brings out your figure and trendy style. A nice quality oversized sweater with boots and skinny jeans is a perfect way to feel casual yet put together!

11 Carefree Twists

Via www.pinterest.com

All natural hair at its finest. Whether wearing your hair in faux locks or naturally, rocking what you have and what truly expresses who you are as a person is always on trend! You can’t go wrong with wearing your natural hair how it is, just brushing and cleaning it up a bit so it really brings out your features. Whether you have textured hair or straight hair, the possibilities are endless when it comes to styles that fit your hair type. For textured hair try twists for something new and keeping your hair away from damage, it’s a win-win! If your hair is straight, try a french braid or two for a more sporty look that really brings out your bone structure. Don’t be afraid to play with your hair and experiment with different styles, you never know what you might end up loving! And it's so fun too!

10 Who Needs Real Freckles!

Via tumblr.com

It does not even matter if you are born with them! There has been a super trend floating around this winter, fake freckles! Using a simple eyeliner pencil in a brown shade you can create cute beauty marks across your cheeks and nose! Perfect for an evening out or at a holiday party! Just be sure when you finish doing your makeup that you spray with a finishing spray so they do not smear as easily! People have taken this trend and even gone to extremes as well! If you are going to create fake freckles why not just own up to the fact that they’re fake and try different crazy colors! Such as red and green for the holidays, or even blues and pinks for something a bit more fun and outgoing! Try them out and see if you like them! I’m curious to know if you would wear them out.

9 Heels Heels Heels

Via favim.com

Heels are back and are a perfect way to dress up any outfit this New Year! A pair of plain black heels are a great way to make your legs stand out while also showcasing your refined style and taste for fashion. Black heels never go out of style and now more than ever there are so many specific kinds of styles you can experiment with. If you’re new to walking in heels, try some platform wedges that are a bit more stable and comfortable, they’ll help you get use to the height and walking with an extra 3 inches! If you’re a pro at walking in heels why don’t you try to challenge yourself by wearing the heel-less high heels? They’ll push your center of balance but the statement they make is honestly unforgettable! If you’re wearing a more minimal outfit, then go for something a bit more colorful if you want to make a bold impression. Try a hot pink or red shoe and you’ll be the talk of the party!

8 "All natural" Sorta

Via www.teenvogue.com

Flaunt what you already have, it’s effortless! Gigi Hadid knows how to rock a natural look and it’s completely inspiring! You can achieve this simple look by just sticking with a good concealer and foundation and minimal eye makeup. Use a pale pink blush to bring some color into your face and slight contour and highlighting. This a perfect look to contrast with a nice sleek outfit for a night out. If you dress up your best with a nice tailored suit jacket pulled in at the waist, your hair in a messy bun and fitted pants and heels, you’ll have the perfect balance between an impactful look and a soft look. Your face will bring a warmth to the rest of the look and it’ll be effortless. You can tell she’s wearing a nice white tailored blazer that brings out the natural glowing highlights of her skin and the shine on her lips, it’s a perfect combo! Gigi Hadid knows exactly what she’s doing!

7 Glitter Everywhere

Via www.youtube.com

It’s addicting! It’s seriously amazing how impactful a simple dash of glitter can make to any makeup look. While we want to try to stay away from the types of glitter we smudged onto our eyes in high school, we want to aim for a bit more of a practical look. If you want a more subtle look aim for a nice golden glimmer or rust colored glitter that contrasts with bold eyeliner for a more wearable look that can look stunning with any outfit. But if you’re trying to really make a statement look, try to add a bit of red glitter to your lids paired with a bright red bold lip. Keep the contour to a minimum and just focus on the eyes and lips! This look is great for a night out and usually the technology between many brands of cosmetic glitter out there are very long lasting and don’t even need a touch up half way through the night!

6 Dewy Nudes

Via www.pinterest.com

A beautiful and refreshing direction to head in this winter! This is probably my number one favorite look inspired by the effortless beauty of those gracing the red carpets this winter. A simple nude lip paired with basic highlighting and brown shadow on the lids can create such an effortless look that everyone will envy. This look brings out what you already have in the best possible light. It looks good from every angle and with any outfit of your choice. A quick tip to achieve this look without the hassle of knowing how to highlight is to simply moisturize your face with your preferred moisturizer before you start applying your base makeup. It will bring the perfect amount of glow to your face! A dewy makeup look can be dressed up or very casual depending on where you’re going, it’s a fresh look that will show everyone how on trend you are!

5 Pucker Up

Via www.etonline.com

Big, bold, beautiful! Thanks to celebs like the Kardashians and specifically Kylie Jenner, big lips are in! A great way to plump up your lips safely without putting any strange substance on your lips is to simply mix together some sugar and a bit of water to exfoliate your lips in the morning, wash your face, then move onto your makeup. Take your favorite lip liner and matte liquid lipstick, start by outlining your lips with the liner, just enough out of the natural line of your lips that they have a fuller appearance already! Then block in most of your lips with the liner for a great color base that will make the matte lipstick even more long lasting and colorful! Go over your lined lips with the liquid lipstick and let it dry! There you have it, a very simple way to enhance your lips without over-lining the max or exaggerating what you already have!

4 Clean Wings

Via www.youtube.com

Minimalism is what’s in, clean lines and bright shades! A simple makeup trick that will make you stand out from the crowd while also still being wearable is white eyeliner! A white liquid eyeliner cat eye is a great addition to your winter looks, a perfect way to bring some flair into your everyday makeup routine. Some women out there would never dare change their eyeliner color from anything but brown and black, but just know that if the celebrities that have been rocking multi-color wings, then you can too. All you have to do is own your look, be proud that you got both winged eyes to match up! This might seem like a pretty out there look and it can be for some, but it looks great on anyone if you just have the guts to try it out and see if you like it! Makeup is for fun and experimentation, don’t let it scare you!

3 Fleek Eyebrows

Via www.trailerparkqueenmakeup.com

Natural yet unnatural, finding the balance may be hard, but when you do find it, you’ll never come back! It’s no longer the 90s where eyebrows were constantly plucked to death, it’s 2016 and almost 2017! Eyebrows are totally in! Some simple ways to thicken up your brows are to use a fine angled brush with an eyeshadow that matches your hair color or even a bit darker to make your eyes pop. Start on the bottom of your eyebrow closest to your eye and start building up the strokes that mimic natural hairs. Before you know it you’ll be rocking a full brow! There are tons of resources out there when it comes to pumping up your eyebrow game, from cosmetic dying to microblading, either way, the possibilities are endless! But one thing we do know for sure is that eyebrows are going to be here to stay in 2017!

2 Like A Glove

Via www.aliexpress.com

Don’t be afraid of what you have! Kim K is one of the best examples of a curvy body wearing bodycon! We see her all over the tabloids rocking these figure hugging garments and find ourselves thinking we could never pull that off. Well guess what, you’re wrong! Most body types look fantastic in bodycon garments, whether you're smaller and don’t have many curves or a bit more curvy, you just have to give it a chance! Just like she’s rocking here, this is a great look you could try for the holidays, a nude colored fitted dress paired with nude heels, and a long warm coat that’s a bit oversized. Her hair is in a natural wave and semi-natural makeup for an effortless look. Everyone seems so afraid of bodycon, but just give it a go, you’ll be surprised! Also it’s a great confidence booster when you’re struggling with self-love and acceptance, you’ll feel like a queen!

1 Staying Fit

Via lockerdome.com

Most importantly, staying fit can help you really develop a positive outlook on the year ahead. I’ve heard from so many people that 2016 hasn’t been the best year for them, it’s time to change that! A great way to change your lifestyle in a positive way is to focus on your health, don’t just promise yourself unreachable goals because it’s a new year, start small and create a routine that can last. Health isn’t just a quick hack that can fix everything wrong in your life in a minute, it takes time. The hack is knowing that you’re one step closer to achieving your goals. Look at Kim K or Gigi Hadid, they’ve worked hard to maintain what they have going on, we can get there too if we push ourselves and quit saying that we’ll start tomorrow. We can start today and later down the road we’ll be glad we did!

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