20 Celebrity Butts We All Wish We Had

According to Urban Dictionary, your “gluteus maximus” is more than a muscle. It’s a “fanny, tush, rear end, bun, bottoms, butt, buttocks, romp, and booty” too.

When women think about their buttocks, there’s always something they don’t like. “It’s too big.” “It’s too small.” “It’s too flat.” “It’s too fat.” “It has cellulite.” You name it and some woman has used it as a reason to dislike her butt before. Maybe that was an exaggeration, but you get the point.

Women of all ages are super insecure about their butts these days and for good reasons. Butts have long surpassed their original function and are now seen as a focal body part for women. Women are held to high standards that their butts should be round (but not fat) and toned (but not flat) like they’re some sort of magician or something. Why are women being held to such high standards for their tushies?

Well after doing some research, there are several potential reasons behind this. Get it, “behind?”

Apologies for the butt pun.

Anyways, a possible reason women may be so self-conscious about their booties is because celebrities seem to have perfect ones. Open up the latest US Weekly and see for yourself.

Nowadays, the biggest fashion magazines all seem to feature pictures of young celebrities adorned in teeny-tiny bikinis, showing off their perfectly toned buns. None seem to have butts that are too flabby, too small or resemble cottage cheese in any way.

“So how do celebrities have perfect fannies and how can I get one like them,” you may be thinking. Is it air brush? Is it extreme workouts? Is it a special diet? Is it plastic surgery? You'll find out in this countdown of the “Top 20 Celebrity Glutes You Wish You Had.”

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20 Jessica Biel


Justin Timberlake certainly approves of Jessica Biel’s perky booty. This “I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry” actress may not have the A-list street cred she wants but she does have a perfect body. So who cares? Biel is one of those strange (yet lucky) women that is stick thin from head to toe but has just enough fat in all of the right places. It’s soooo not fair.

19 Eva Mendes


Although she had a baby a few months ago, Eva Mendes’ body is back to where it was originally, meaning she’s back to looking fit and fab with her famous toned rump. So how did this “Hitch” star do it? Diet. Diet. Diet. "I haven’t eaten meat in about six years, because I don’t agree with factory farming here," she revealed. "This is just what worked for me, it’s important to say, but when I cut that out I immediately felt better. And also, after a year of eliminating it, my skin looked brighter and healthier overall." But Eva, what about fried chicken?

18 Hayden Panettiere


At 5’0”, Hayden Panettiere is well-known for her petite bod. However, many people don’t know that this “Nashville” star’s body has a firm tush to it too. Panettiere, 26, is a big workout fanatic. She doesn’t do just yoga and Pilates (like every other Hollywood celebrity), but she also plays a wide array of sports, including volleyball, softball, baseball and basketball, according to healthyceleb.com.

17 Miranda Kerr


One of the most celebrated Victoria’s Secret models, is the 5’9” Australian beauty, Miranda Kerr. Kerr has a slim frame but is also equipped with a nice rear end. If you haven’t seen her butt before, just look at any of Victoria’s Secret multiple swimsuit ads. Chances are you’ll see plenty of shots of this mother of three baring the tiniest of VS bikinis. And if you’re feeling really crazy, pick up the April 2014 edition of British GQ magazine where Kerr shows off her bare behind.

16 Rihanna


Everyone saw Rihanna’s jaw-dropping CFDA Awards outfit, where she adorned a see through dress with 200,000 Swarovski crystals and a tan thong. Riri’s dress was daring to say the least, but it did give America the chance to gawk at her amazing body. It was no secret that Rihanna has flat abs but her firm glutes weren’t making headlines, until now. According to Pop Sugar, this Rihanna’s trainer Ary Nunez says this bad gal is no slacker when it comes to workouts and always makes time to workout when she’s on tour. Two a.m. Pilates, anyone?

15 Giselle Bundchen


Hailing from Tres De Maio, Brazil, Giselle Bundchen is a genetically blessed supermodel. However, her skinny frame, flat six-pack abs and buns of steel are due to her intense Victoria’s Secret model workout schedule. Bunchden, a mother of two and wife to NFL quarterback Tom Brady, works hard for her practically famous behind. According to healthyceleb.com, Bunchden worked out two times a week WHILE she was pregnant. It's evident being the highest paid model in the world comes with a lot of expectations to fulfill.

14 Adriana Lima


Another notable VS model with a fierce booty, is the 5’10” Salvadoran queen, Adriana Lima. Aside from being facially stunning, Lima is known for three things: her abs, tan skin, and toned behind. If you want a bodacious booty like hers, you better start boxing. According to healthyceleb.com, Lima says boxing is a great way to stay physically fit and mentally sharp. She performs complex punching drills on the bag to get in her daily strength training, but uses yoga and Capeoiria to keep her butt from bulking up.

13 Lady Gaga


Some people are uncomfortable with exposing their bodies. Lady Gaga is not one of those people. Gaga’s enlarged tush has been generating some news lately when this “Just Dance” singer instagrammed a picture of herself doing yoga in nothing but a bra and a thong. Gaga’s bodacious bottom was clearly visible in the shot posted on January 25th, 2015 and is accredited to her new diet and daily yoga workouts.

12 Alex Morgan


As one of the most popular soccer players on the Women’s US soccer team, Alex Morgan has a huge fan base. Her fans love her for her gold-medal quality performance in the Olympics and her gold medal body. She’s appeared in not one but two editions of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Her strong glutes are obviously provided by the intense soccer training she endures everyday, so ladies if you want a strong tush, pick up a soccer ball and start kickin’!

11 Iggy Azalea


She’s so fancy (and so is her butt), you already know. This newly engaged Australian rapper has a tush as big as her rap career. If you’ve heard her hit song “Work”, then you know Iggy is always busy working on her sh**. By that, she means she’s hitting the tennis courts! This 25-year old rap star grew up playing tennis and relies on it and her on-tour dance routines to keep her hourglass physique. According to healthyceleb.com, Azalea was dared by one of her close friends to participate in the 30 Day Squat Challenge and practices squats and lunges before she goes to bed every night.

10 Khloe Kardashian


Big booties must run in the Kardashian family, because Khloe Kardashian and her sister Kim are both featured in this countdown. While Kim is ranked higher than Khloe (Sorry Khlo!), both have ridiculously large backsides. As the youngest Kardashian and the only one without kids, Khloe’s insane bod has helped her make a name for herself. She works with celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson on a daily basis to help maintain her curves. Bible!

9 Candice Swanepoel


The South African Victoria’s Secret model is the frontrunner on this list against all of her Angel friends. According to healthyceleb.com, Swanepoel once tried to starve herself but stopped because it ended up hurting her body more than it helped. Luckily for her, she has always been naturally skinny and can get away with eating junk every now and then. Pizza is reportedly her favorite. That being said, Swanepoel does workout with the esteemed celebrity trainer, Justin Gelband. Her butt workout secrets? Ankle weights and agility workouts.

8 Fergie


Fergie’s body is certainly glamorous and fergalicious! Okay, that was corny, but come on, look at her. She’s 40-years old and looks like a supermodel. Not fair! So what does Fergie do to get her humps, her humps, her lovely lady lumps? Well, this former Black Eyed Pea is always seen joggings around L.A. with two weights in her hands. According to healthyceleb.com, her favorite moves are “squats, walking lunges and step ups.” And you know this pop singer has an awesome jogging playlist. “I am glad that our music motivates people to exercise. If I had to pick just one song to run to, it would be ‘Violet’ by Hole. It makes me want to run.”

7 Tyra Banks


And America’s Next Top (Butt) Model is… Tyra Banks. You know her as the host of ANTM but this 41-year old’s modelling days are not over. As a Victoria’s Secret model and the cover model for the SI Swimsuit edition in 1996, Banks was noted for having one of the best curvy bathing suit bods. The great thing about Banks is that she practices and preaches body positivity for women of all ages since she’s experienced body shaming first hand. “I was a size 4 (UK Size 8) to a small 6 (UK Size 10) and my body was changing. My waist could fit the clothes but my boobs and bum couldn’t. I used to overhear people say ‘she’s fat’ in different languages.” Banks went on to say “I don’t mind when they make certain comments but when it gets nasty, I just block them. I’ll follow [the photo] up with another one like, look at this juicy body.” Preach Tyra!

6 Amber Rose


Being the inspiration for her ex-hubby, Wiz Khalifa’s song “A** Drop”, it’s only appropriate that Amber Rose is high up on my list. Her twerking skills get her extra bonus points. Rose’s hourglass figure can be seen at the click of a button on your phone. Just head on over to her Instagram profile where she has posted over 20 body baring pics! Since Rose’s proportions are a little too good to be true, many have researched if this bald-headed beauty has had surgical work done. Her ex, Wiz Khalifa certainly says so. On March 4th, 2015, Khalifa started rumors with his tweet “Natural a** please.” after the two split.

5 Sofia Vergara


This “Modern Family” actress may be the spokeswoman for Pepsi, but you know she doesn’t drink sugary colas to get her slammin’ body. This 42-year old poses one of the best hourglass figures in Hollywood which she credits to her cardio workouts. When she was a child, Vergara loved eating junk food and was quite a bulky kid. Healthyceleb.com says that this Columbian bombshell is a fan of wide dumbbell squats to keep her sought after butt.

4 Jennifer Lopez


According to TMZ, J. Lo’s a** was too big, it almost started a revolution in Morocco. Yes, you read that correctly. On May 29th, 2015, this “Jenny from the Block” singer performed for the north African nation where she was hardcore twerking while wearing a skimpy costume. Now she’s being sued. Moroccan TV is filing a lawsuit that Lopez "disturbed public order and tarnished women's honor and respect." Come on Moroccan TV, it’s J. Lo! What did you think she was going to do?

3 Beyonce


There’s a reason Beyonce has a song called “Bootylicious.” Just look at hers! The Queen Bey has always been known for having a spectacular body, but her booty is definitely one of her best assets. No pun intended. If you’ve seen her music videos for 7/11 and Single Ladies or any of her performances, then you know her twerking is on point. Her secrets for a great behind? According to Pop Sugar, it’s doing “squats, lunges and planks” whenever she can.

2 Kim Kardashian


Coming in at #2 on the list and #1 in her fam, is the reality TV sensation Kim Kardashian. Her butt is so attention grabbing that one full episode of her show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” was centered around it. This is no joke. Kim’s butt was rumored to be fake so this 34-year old spent the day at the doctors getting it x-rayed. The results? 100% real! If you want to get a butt like Mrs. Kanye West, you may be out of luck because hers seems to be a genetic gift.

1 Nicki Minaj


Let’s just say Nicki Minaj puts to a** in Super Bass. The question is: is her butt real? According to Minaj’s interview with Urban Daily in 2011, she has no comment on the validity of her butt. But she did say this: You know, people are sitting in the barbershop talking about my butt, it’s conversational. That’s what people are gonna do. As long as I’m talking about Nicki Minaj, I’m good.” Well, I’m not exactly in a barbershop right now but it’s hard not to talk about this “Starships” singer’s rear that’s for sure.

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