20 Creepiest Celeb Stalkers (Ranked)

Being a celebrity seems pretty awesome, which is probably why so many people strive to become famous. But it is not as perfect as it looks.

There are actually a lot of celebrities that face issues many other people are much less likely to have to deal with, such as stalking. For example, Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones had to deal with a woman who was a really big fan of her husband, fellow actor Micheal Douglas.

That doesn’t seem that bad, but things actually got pretty intense. According to mtv.co.uk, the woman started sending Jones very strange letters, some of which proved that she had ill intentions that were aimed at Jones. Fortunately, this woman ended up spending some time behind bars after that little incident. Here are some other strange people that stalked famous folks.

20 Michael Shawn Hunt Was Arrested Near A Spot Where Lana Del Rey Was Performing

orlandosentinel.com and vanityfair.com

According to orlandosentinel.com, singer Lana Del Rey was nearly put in an unfortunate situation involving a man that had been stalking her. Fortunately, he was arrested before he had any time to act on his plans.

Basically, he wanted to be with the singer forever. Apparently, he made some posts on social media about the things he had planned that involved the singer.

19 Gwyneth Paltrow Was Stalked By Dante Michael Soiu

10tv.com and intouchweekly.com

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow is stunning and talented, so it’s no surprise that some people are huge fans of her. However, there are some people who take it way to far.

A good example of this is Dante Michael Soiu, who was charged with stalking the actress. According to bbc.com, he actually did this for seventeen years. During this time, he sent Paltrow approximately seventy letters, some of which were pretty mature, in hopes that she would want to marry him. Needless to say, that didn’t work.

18 Daniel Voderwulbecke Claimed To Be Lindsay Lohan's Husband

telegraph.co.uk and news.com.au

Actress Lindsay Lohan was dealing with a stalker named Daniel Voderwulbecke. Voderwulbecke had claimed to the Lohan’s husband, according to mirror.co.uk.

Lohan was bombarded with over one thousand text messages from him. Lohan was supposed to face him in court during his trial, but the charges were dropped because she was unable to show up since she had other obligations to tend to.

17 Margaret Mary Ray Was Obsessed With David Letterman

brain-sharper.com and IG

Television personality David Letterman is certainly no stranger to having a stalker. For many years, he was stalked by a woman named Mary Margaret Ray.

Ray actually got in legal trouble several times because of her behavior. According to nytimes.com, she even drove his car once, and introduced herself as his wife at one point. She also broke into the star’s home.

16 Selena Gomez Got A Three Year Restraining Order Against Thomas Brodnicki

etonline.com and azcentral.com

Thomas Brodnicki actually has quite a strange history, so that fact that he started stalking singer Selena Gomez is not particularly surprising. Furthermore, Brodnicki has been known to do this to other people, and he got in legal trouble for cyberstalking some people in the past.

According to starcasm.net, Brodnicki traveled from Chicago to Los Angeles in order to meet Gomez. He also made it pretty clear that he did not have anything good or pleasant planned for her.

15 Robert O’Ryan Stalked Shawn Johnson

dailymail.co.uk and people.com

Once when athlete Shawn Johnson was preparing to make an appearance on Dancing With The Stars, a man was arrested for jumping over a fence that surrounded the studio where the show was being filmed. His name was Robert O’Ryan, and he was stalking Johnson.

His car was searched, and there were some things in it that suggested O’Ryan had some seriously sinister intentions concerning Johnson. According to abcnews.go.com, Johnson claimed that she was told he planned to marry her and have children with her even though they did not know each other.

14 A Milwaukee Man Posted Some Strange Things About Miley Cyrus On Social Media


Social media has given stalkers a new way to make their sinister intentions known, which is exactly an unnamed man did when he started stalking singer and actress Miley Cyrus. He made a bunch of posts that suggested he knew some very personal things about Cyrus.

According to teenvogue.com, he claimed to know where she lived, as well as he planned to travel to Los Angeles, California, so that he could find her. He also said professed his love for Cyrus.

13 Joshua Corbett Broke Into Sandra Bullock’s Home


Actress Sandra Bullock has had to deal with two stalkers, one of which was named Joshua Corbett. In 2014, Corbett broke into the actress’s home, and she hid in a closet while she called the police.

He was actually convinced that he was her husband. Corbett also thought he was the father of Bullock’s son, and he left a two-page letter in her house. According to cheatsheet.com, Corbett told Bullock that he would always be around and that he loved her.

12 Dennis Shaun Bowman Wanted To Be With Kim Kardashian


Some stalkers don’t even stop after law enforcement gets involved, and that is where Dennis Shaun Bowman comes in. A few years ago, Kim Kardashian claimed that she was getting multiple messages a day from Bowman.

According to cbsnews.com, the messages claimed that he and Kardashian were in love with one another and that they had plans to get married. Kardashian got a temporary restraining order from him, and yet he contacted her again after that on Twitter.

11 Julius Sandrock Was Outside Of Taylor Swift's Home

cbslocal.com and pinterest.com

A man named Julius Sandrock was arrested when he was found outside of a home owned by singer Taylor Swift. According to thedenverchannel.com, Sandrock was wearing a mask and rubber gloves when he was discovered, and he was arrested on suspicion of stalking.

There were multiple medications, among other things, found in his car. Sandrock claimed that he took them for mental health issues. This whole thing was so creepy, we doubt Swift could just shake it off.

10 And Then Athena Rolando Was Actually Found In Brad Pitt’s Home


One morning in the late 1990’s, a woman was found in one of the bedrooms that was in actor Brad Pitt’s home. That’s already odd enough, but what makes this even weirder is that she was wearing his clothes when she was found by a caretaker. According to latimes.com, the police were called shortly after the woman was found.

9 Jason Peyton Left A Message About Jennifer Aniston In His Car

cinema.excite.it and galoremag.com

Actress Jennifer Aniston has a lot of admirers, some of whom take things to extreme levels. One of those people was a man named Jason Peyton.

Peyton’s father contacted law enforcement after he realized his son was traveling to meet the star. According to dailymail.co.uk, Peyton spent eight days trying to find Aniston before he was arrested. He carved a couple of messages on his car, and one of them said: “I love you, Jennifer Aniston.”

8 A Prisoner Was Stalking Justin Bieber

columbian.com and bustle.com

Two men were arrested on their way to meet Justin Bieber in New York City. They had some very sinister plans involving the singer.

In addition, the men were working under a prisoner who had been stalking Bieber. This man’s name is Dana Martin, and he was very upset when Bieber became much edgier than he had been when he was younger. The prisoner also did this so that he could get a bit famous, according to theatlantic.com.

7 Someone Threw A Chair Through Rihanna’s Glass Door


In 2013, a man named Jonathan Whooper was arrested outside of singer Rihanna’s home. According to metro.co.uk, he trespassed multiple times.

A week before that happened, the same man broke into her house and threw a chair through a glass door. Whooper told security guards he was the singer’s future husband. Rihanna was granted a permanent restraining order against Whooper.

6 Uma Thurman Was Stalked By Jack Jordan


Jack Jordan is one of many stalkers who continued stalking the same person, even after getting in legal trouble for it in the past. Jordan was accused of stalking the actress in 2008, and he struck again in 2010.

According to pagesix.com, he called her cell phone. Furthermore, Jordan also spoke to Thurman’s assistant. He wanted to marry Thurman, and he claimed that the man she was dating at the time was not good enough for her.

5 Bassey Essien Thought Beyoncé Was An Imposter


Beyoncé Knowles is a superstar, so it’s not surprising that she has dealt with a stalker or two. According to mirror.co.uk, Bassey Essien thought the real Beyoncé was no longer with us, and that the one we all know is actually an imposter. Apparently, he sent many messages that made the star anxious about making an appearance in London.

4 Justin Timberlake Got A Restraining Order Against Karen McNeil

telegraph.co.uk and architecturaldigest.com

One female fan took things a bit too far with singer and actor Justin Timberlake. Karen McNeil showed up at the star’s home, which then resulted in the police getting involved because she refused to leave the property.

According to zimbio.com, the security guard that spoke with her said that she was rambling, telling a strange story about herself, Timberlake, and some friends the two apparently share. She also brought many personal belongings and clothes with her in her car, so she may have been hoping to move right into his house.

3 Miranda Tozier-Robbins Looked Through Britney Spears’ Windows


Popstar Britney Spears has definitely had a rough time in the spotlight. On top of everything else she has been through, Spears has also had to deal with a stalker, whose name is Miranda Tozier-Robbins.

According to ew.com, Robbins was caught staring through the windows of the pop star's house. Whoever noticed her doing that must have been very shaken up. What makes this even more strange is the fact that Robbins had auditioned for the fifth season of a popular televised singing competition, and she sang Spear’s song “Every time.”

2 David Ajemian Followed Conan O’Brien

scribol.com and jorgeramos.com

Apparently being a host on a late-night television show is not all it’s cracked up to be. Television personality Conan O’Brien was stalked by a man named David Ajemian for two years.

Though his motive for stalking O’Brien is not entirely clear, the whole thing was still very creepy. He sent O’Brien letters that covered numerous disturbing topics about the things he intended to do. He also claimed that he had traveled to see O’Brien, in hopes that the celebrity would acknowledge him.

He did not get the attention he wanted, and he was upset about it. The man tried to bust into a television studio to get to O’Brien, and he was arrested. He was made to pay a small fine, and O’Brien was granted a two-year restraining order against him. However, his antics only continued. Ajemian began stalking someone else after that, according to scribol.com.

1 Madonna’s Stalker Was Also Eyeing Halle Berry


In the 1990’s, singer Madonna was dealing with some seriously creepy things that happened because of a man who was stalking her at the time. Robert Dewey Hoskins tried to break into her home numerous times, and he claimed that he was going to do some incredibly disturbing things if she did not marry him. He got into major legal trouble over it, and then he left a mental institution, which must have been some really hard news for the singer to deal with.

What makes this even more disturbing is the fact that he found someone else to stalk after he was done with Madonna. According to sheknows.com, Hoskins was one of the biggest reasons why Berry wanted to move to another country.

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