20 Celeb Lookalikes Who Are Giving The Real Ones A Run For Their Money

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Instagram has a new obsession and it's a weird one. A girl can easily gain 100,000 followers just for the way she sips her coffee. Or whichever angle she chooses to flaunt the Louis Vuitton purse. There's one thing that will guarantee a follower explosion, though. Looking the biological spit of a celebrity used to be something that would get casual street comments. These girls? They've have woken up, smelled the coffee, and they're already rich enough for a Louis Vuitton collection. Being a celebrity doppelgänger is the new way to influence social media. In a "can't tear your eyes away," it's also insanely addictive to look at.

Ariana Grande has a lookalike. So does Selena Gomez. The girls pulling off Kardashian vibes are basically out-doing the real ones. They've got the genes, they've got the freaky resemblance, but these ordinary people are taking it one step further. Taylor Swift's dopplegänger surrounds herself with the cats and wooly sweaters. Angelina Jolie and JLO's lookalikes might as well share DNA with the real ones. The Dubai sisters giving Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner a run for their money have already started mini beauty empires. Guys are at it, too. The dead-ringer carbon copies have landed. We've rounded up the best 20 in one unmissable list. Here are 20 celeb lookalikes who are totally giving the real faces a run for their money.

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20 Ariana Grande Has Herself A Venti

via: instagram

130 million of us are following Ariana Grande's ponytail on Instagram. We're in it for this girl's slouchy sweaters, over-the-knee boots, whirlwind Pete Davidson updates, and cute upside down captions. With over a quarter of a million followers (including Ariana Grande herself), this dead ringer comes with her own deets.

Meet the Guatemalan-born Jacky Vasquez, who now lives in Michigan. "I remember I got mistaken in Washington D.C. because Ariana was at the Verizon Center." Jacky has imitating Ariana down to an art. "To emulate her style, you need to work that high voluminous ponytail," Jacky told Teen Vogue. She added that "an innocent facial expression helps."

19 Kim K Has Herself A Klone

via: instagram

Admit it, you just did a giant double-take. It's time to meet Kim Kardashian's most successful doppelgänger. Sonia Ali is the Dubai-based beauty blogger who realized that she'd hit the jackpot when the Instagram followers started racking up. Sonia is now inching her way towards a one-million strong following. Sonia also gets bombarded everywhere she goes.

"I always get it at airports and when I'm shopping. Companies have sent us Kim-inspired outfits."

Vogue Arabia now interviews this woman. Sonia said: "We like the way [the Kardashians] made it acceptable to be dark-haired, tanned, and curvy to society." Sonia now has her own beauty range.

18 You're Not A Kardashian Without A Sister Squad

via: instagram

The Dubai-based Sonia Ali doesn't just come as a solo Kim K lookalike. You're not a Kardashian unless you're lunching, brunching, and shopping as a sister squad, and Sonia has her partner in crime. Sonia x Fyza are the answer to Kim x Kylie. Looking at them here, you could easily be forgiven for thinking: "Another Calabasas outing from Kim and Kylie."

Sonia and Fyza are both half-British, half-Turkish. Fyza first started doing Sonia's makeup at the age of 13. "I was such a tomboy then," she told Vogue. "I even contoured my dad's face one." That woman in the background is flabbergasted. So are we.

17 "The Old Taylor Can't Come To The Phone Right Now"

via: instagram

With an Instagram account full of cozy woolies and cats, April Gloria is the long-lost twin that Taylor Swift never knew she had. Tay-Tay is no stranger to dramatic social media. Entirely deleting her Instagram for the build-up of the Reputation release was typical Taylor, but then again, so is this girl.

"Merry SWFITMAS" April posted to her 108,000 followers. Totally nailing Taylor's cat-wing eyeliner, signature red lips, and swept blonde locks, April even captions her pics: "Red lips and rosy cheeks." That name that Taylor has "in red underline?" We'll assume that it's dedicated to this girl. Talk about "Bad Blood."

16 Jenny From The Block Just Bulked Up

via: instagram

"Jenny From The Block" has a new kid on the block. Jennifer Lopez may take #BloodSweatTears selfies with The Rock, but the 49-year-old singer has yet to top the muscle of this lookalike. You're looking at Janice Garay, a Texas-based bodybuilder who is racking up way more followers for her Lopez looks than her bulging biceps.

"So what, you guys are telling me that everybody has a twin and @jlo happens to be mine?" Janice wrote in 2017. "I'll take it."

Confessing to People that she'd "love to meet Jennifer Lopez one day," this doppelgänger is getting the next best thing – looking exactly like Lopez.

15 The Gigi Hadid Doppelgänger In The Netherlands

via: instagram

When your competition is plastered across billboards on NYC's Times Square, you could say that it's a tall order. Just as tall as Gigi Hadid and with the same baby blue eyes, is the Dutch model and blogger, Iza Izjerman. This Netherlands-based girl might not have Kendall Jenner for a BFF, but her doppelgänger status comes with an extra freaky similarity.

Gigi's mom was born in the exact same Dutch town of Papendrecht as this girl. "When I signed with MiLK, they posted a picture with the caption: The New Curvy Gigi Hadid." Iza works as a plus-size model in The Netherlands, but the London contracts are already flying in.

14 The Rihanna Doppelgänger Lives In Boston

via: instagram

There's a little bit of Rihanna inside every girl. If we aren't applying her Fenty cosmetics, we're wearing her Puma x Fenty athleisurewear. At any rate, we're singing along to the songs. Boston has its own Rihanna in the form of this girl — Andele Lara is the Haiti-born social media influencer with 148,000 Instagram followers and, yes, her own beauty line.

"Any wild, wild thoughts on what I'm filming with my model @andelelara? Thanks, @fentybeauty." That was the post from Hollywood's biggest makeup guru, Patrick Starrr. Andele may not have earned the $36 million that RiRi raked in over 2017, but she's now getting paid to hit "update."

13 Selena Gomez Leaves Social Media And This Girl Took Her Place

via: instagram

Talk about good timing. Fans might be a bit teary following Selena Gomez's September 2018 news that she will be taking another break from social media, but you've always got this girl for backup. Sofia Solares is the 23 year-old Mexican answer to the Bad Liar singer, and we're wondering if the song now has a backwards meaning.

"I love Selena Gomez and I declare myself a fan of her." This lookalike said that she would "cry with happiness" if ever she got to meet Selena.

Sofia now gets profiled by E! News. She's got the easy-going charm, the spot-on facial expressions, and virtually the same face.

12 Kylie Jenner Drops Halloween Collections And This Girl Lands

via: instagram

Kylie Jenner has a lot on her plate — a $900 million beauty empire, those "Stormi Strolls," and probably a lot of organizing inside her $1 million purse closet. The Daily Mail wasn't profiling the Louis Vuitton and Chanel when they wrote about this face, though.

Amira Boualleg was an ordinary, 17 year-old French student when her resemblance to Kylie Jenner turned from street comments to full-blown obsession. Amira's Instagram pics now recreate Kylie's dog-eared filters, contoured makeup looks, plus an AMR Cosmetics line that is this girl's answer to the Kylie Lip Kits. "The dream is to create my own brand," Amira told The Sun.

11 This Lookalike Even Comes With A Baby

via: instagram

No, this baby isn't being pushed around in a $12,500 Fendi stroller. Then again, that might be because this baby's mommy isn't Kylie Jenner — she just looks like her. Gaby Waters is the Michigan-based lookalike who started getting high-profile attention when The Huffington Post profiled her back in 2015.

"I like how she's independent, how she's bought her own home and has a whole bunch of clothing lines she's attached to," Gaby said. This lookalike uses Kylie Cosmetics products to perfect her look. The car poses may be Mercedes-Benz rather than Lamborghinis, but with a baby on board, this girl is getting close.

10 It's Like Ariana And Nicki Are In The Room

via; instagram

Even we did a major double-take with this one. Dead-ringers for Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj these two might be, but they are lookalikes — not the real deal. Ashlea Sherman is a lifestyle blogger with less than 10,000 followers on Instagram. Despite looking exactly like the queen rapper, Ashlea's feed is more about her baby than her "rapper beef."

In October 2017, Ashlea posted this pic, captioned, "Selfie session." This was backed by her brother's post on Twitter — he casually announced that his sister was doubling up as Nicki with an Ariana lookalike. Fans went nuts. "Thought this was Ari and Nicki for a sec!" So did we.

9 It's Like Angelina Before The Whole Brad Thing

via: instagram

Angelina Jolie is the 42-year-old A-Lister who seemed to have it all. She had the glittering career, the Hollywood hunk of a man, six beautiful kids, and, dare we say it, a bit of a fall from grace. TMZ tore this woman apart following bitter custody battle reports, but Angelina is still rocking her "Most Beautiful Woman In The World" status. This girl is a reminder.

Regina "Risha" Kova has 224,000 Instagram followers. The jet-set lifestyle and duck-face selfies don't quite fit the Ange personality, but the looks are uncanny. It's like the baby-faced Angelina we knew and loved in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.

8 Hi, Katy Perry (Except Not)

via: instagram

Here's something weird. This Katy Perry lookalike had never even heard of the singer when the comments started flying in. Francesca Brown is the British "Dark Horse" who was recruited back in 2011 on account of her uncanny Katy resemblance.

"A group of casting directors started singing 'Roar' to me. I knew the lookalike work might harm the acting, but I needed to pay the bills."

This girl's Instagram is literally a 2.0 of Katy Perry. She's got the blue wigs, bubblegum outfits, big blue eyes, and signature red lipstick. Francesca is still working as an actress, but she is most-booked for Katy Perry double experiences.

7 Hi, Ed Sheeran (Except Not)

via: instagram

This guy could not be more Ed Sheeran if he tried — Wesley Byrne stocks shelves at the Asda UK equivalent of Walmart. Ed Sheeran is the superstar that nobody saw coming. Ginger hair, plaid shirts, retro glasses, and a "good-looking but not in an obvious way" have really worked, although when tracks are called "The Shape of You," you're kind of asking for a lookalike.

Wesley actually gets mobbed at his grocery store job, according to his interview with Time. "I've been told to stop taking selfies at work." Fans have demanded to see this guy's passport for proof that he isn't Ed Sheeran.

6 All The Single Ladies (But Not Beyonce)

via: instagram

Beyonce is "Irreplaceable." The R&B queen was the original deal, and the list of #BeyGoals is literally endless. While fans might chase Bey down the street, the same thing is happening to this girl — Detroit-based Brittany Williams is the Beyonce lookalike who has been chased through parking lots, approached at airports, and even had pranks pulled on her.

"A group of women once chased me and my friend to our car and began singing 'Single Ladies.'"

Inching her way towards 100k Instagram followers, Sur_B is now trademarked, and the pics are uncanny. This girl has nailed the hair, the hats, the leotards, and they even share the same southern roots.

5 Has Three Kids (But Isn't Kourtney Kardashian)

via: instagram

At 39 years old, Kourtney Kardashian is probably the most youthful-looking "pushing 40" we've ever seen. The mom of three established herself as the original time-strapped Kardashian on KUWTK, but there's a new girl in town to keep up with. This is Daisy Gonzalez. At just 22, this Mexican girl already has three kids of her own, plus she's the spit of Kourt.

With her chocolate-brown doe eyes, Kourt-esque facial expressions, and an admission to Public that she is "flattered" at the attention, Daisy is making fans wonder if Kourtney has a twin. Daisy lives in snowy Michigan, not sunny California, but there isn't much else separating these two.

4 Please Tell Reese Witherspoon She Might Have A Long-Lost Sister

via: instagram

Reese Witherspoon already has a mini-me — her daughter Ava Phillippe looks more like her mom with each passing day. In 2018, Reese introduced her latest doppelgänger via a social media post: "Meet Marilee! She has been my double in 5 movies. Don't we look alike?"

Marilee Lessley is an Oklahoma-based mom and stunt worker who has doubled for Reese Witherspoon in major roles like Legally Blonde 2 and Big Little Lies. "She looked so much like me and everybody [was] like: You look so much alike! So she became my double," Reese told The Daily Mail. It's nice to see an actress give her double some credit.

3 Please Tell Emilia Clarke That GOT Is Back Soon

via: instagram

As Game of Thrones finally ends, Emilia Clarke is spending most of her time gushing over how supportive fans have been. Khaleesi's flowing silver locks are now a solid brown as Emilia fronts Dolce & Gabbana's fragrance campaigns, but the iconic look will forever remain in TV history. Rosie Mac is the Khaleesi double who landed her role by total accident.

"By coincidence, I uploaded a selfie to Facebook with a similar hairstyle to Khaleesi, and an agent picked it up."

Rosie ended up being Emilia's double throughout the series, although she has since carved herself an Instagram model career.

2 Well, Hello, Ryan Gosling

via: instagram

Girls lost their minds over Ryan Gosling a long time ago. The Notebook and La La Land movies have earmarked this guy's ability to make girls go "gaga," although this German student and social media influencer is carving his own career. "A little exhausting and sometimes it's too much" were Johannes Laschet's words to Time, when he was profiled for being the best Gosling double around.

Johannes started getting comments in 2005 when he was a law student. With his super-dapper suits and total Ryan style, this guy's Instagram is now a swish affair of menswear promotion and #SuitGoals. "I am still me and nobody else," Johannes maintains.

1 Well Played, Paris Hilton, Well Played

via: reddit

Kim K will never stop throwing us curveballs. If she isn't posing by Louis Vuitton trash cans, she's sending out a celeb lookalike — which is precisely what she did in 2017 with Paris Hilton. This pic of Paris in Season 6 Yeezy gear went viral after every tiny detail was 100% Kim. The Rolls-Royce Ghost, the Yeezy athleisurewear, and the trademark "just out of my car" look.

"Super-clever marketing on Kanye's part saw this pic result in a 45% spike in Yeezy online searches. Business Insider called Kanye a 'marketing genius' for this."

Just to see the looks on peoples' faces– hit share on Facebook for a little trolling of your own. These 20 are way too similar to the real celebrities to be ignored.

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