20 Celeb Kids Who Couldn’t Stand Their Famous Parents

All kids go through that phase in life where they can not stand the sight of their parents. Everything mom and dad do makes their teenage skin crawl. More than a couple of parent-child relationships have gone south at some point or another.

Most of these relationship dips are normal and to be expected, especially when in the limelight; the get off track for a spell, only to become healed with time and maturity.

Sadly not all parent-child dynamics pick up where they left off. Hollywood is full of mother-daughter and father-son bonds gone very wrong. It is no great surprise that the pressures of fame can often take an already fragile experience to a place beyond repair.

Here are 20 celeb kids who couldn't stand their famous parents.

20 Courtney Love And Only Child Francis Bean

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Rocker Courtney Love and her only child, Frances Cobain, have had a torrid mother-daughter relationship since the beginning of time. Love lost custody of her daughter when she was younger and Francis opted to not invite her mother and only living parent to her wedding to her former husband Isaiah Silva.

19 Rapper 50 Cent And Son Marquise

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Rapper 50 Cent has droves of fans all over the world, but his own son isn't a fan of the guy. The rapper's son—who he shares with ex-girlfriend Shaniqua Tompkins—has been estranged from his dad for years. After Marquise posted a picture of himself and 50 Cent's rival hanging out, 50 Cent announced he would not mind seeing either of them get taken out by a bus. Per people.com, there is no lost love between these two.

18 Joe And Michael Jackson

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If there was ever a twisted tale of celebrity parental do-gooding gone terribly wrong, it would be that of Joe and Michael Jackson. Sure, Joe worked to elevate Michael and the rest of the clan to superstar status, but it was at the cost of his relationship with his children. None of them, Michael included, have had very kind things to say about old Joe and his parenting practices.

17 Bill Hudson And Estranged Daughter Kate

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Actress Kate Hudson has a great relationship with her famous step-father Kurt Russell. Her bond with her biological father, Bill Hudson, isn't as strong. Things between the pair got so bad that a couple of years back Bill told the public that he used to have five children, but now only recognizes three of them. Per eonline.com, Kate and her brother Oliver were no longer recognized by Bill as family.

16 Jon Voight And Angelina Jolie

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Angie and her acting dad have made amends in recent years, but we imagine that there is still a lot of pain thanks to their troubled past. For many decades, the actress and humanitarian wanted nothing to do with her father because he had left her mother in shambles and abandoned the family, according to Jolie, Per nickiswift.com.

15 Billy Ray And Miley Cyrus

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This famous duo has had their fair share of woes, but the biggie came in 2013 when per the Huffpost.com, Miley publicly announced on social media that since her father refused to reply to her texts, she was giving him one hour to tell the truth, or she was going to do it for him! The angry rant came directly after her parents announced their plans to separate. This country loving father and daughter seemed to reconcile, but then there were rumors that Billy Ray skipped out on his daughter's nuptials to her now husband, Liam Hemsworth. Hmmmm.

14 Wendy Williams And Her Son Kevin

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Back in 2014, talk show host Wendy Williams broke down in tears on her talk show claiming that her son doesn't love her. She expressed her sadness at the personal revelation, saying her son preferred Wendy's ex-husband over her and that she and the kids had very little in common any longer.

13 Lindsay Lohan And Her Father Michael

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Child actress Lindsay Lohan has all sorts of issues, and she can thank her parents Michael and Dina for them. Lindsay and Michael have been through the wringer for years. Per thedailybeast.com, Lindsay went as far as to obtain a restraining order against her law-breaking dad at one point. Michael made it a point to date and wed a former friend of his daughter's, Kate Major. Yeah, this relationship is probably is desperate need of some therapy.

12 Drew Barrymore And Her Mom Jade

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Actress Drew Barrymore had a famously dysfunctional union with her mother, Jade. Things got so bad that the young star became legally emancipated from her mom at the tender age of 14. By this time Drew had already been to a center for addiction issues! Of her childhood, Drew told More Magazine that growing up she didn't have parents.

11 Bobby Brown And Daughter Bobbi Christina

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Sadly, Bobby Brown will never have the chance to repair his relationship with his daughter as she has passed on. During her time on Earth, their father-daughter bond seemed riddled with strife. Bobby Brown and the late Whitney Houston had a tumultuous relationship, and Bobbi Kristina got a front row seat to the chaos. Following the couple's divorce and Whitney's passing, years of estrangement between the two Bobbies took place.

10 The Material Girl And Her Son Rocco

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In 2016 Madge lost a custody battle with her ex-husband Guy Ritchie over their shared son Rocco. The Material Girl has long been known for her controlling parenting styles, and Rocco is the one child who wasn't willing to flow with her ways. He refused to come home to his mother's house and has made less than pleasant things to say about his famous parent per Thedailybeast.com. There is no doubt that Rocco Ritchie prefers the company of his dad, not his mom.

9 Kris Jenner And Her Former Stepson Brody Jenner

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Momager Kris Jenner and her former stepson Brody Jenner have had their ups and downs. He spoke highly of his father's former wife in 2013 saying that they had deep conversations and understood each other more, but two years later he changed his tune. Brody told Sway in the Morning on Shade 45, via Nickiswift.com, that he and Kris never talk. One year after that, he let the world know that Kris and the Kar-Jenners are not even a part of his family any longer.

8 DMX And His Estranged son Xavier

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Rapper DMX isn't exactly known for his finer life choices and his stellar parenting skills. In 2013, he and his son turned to Iyanla Vanzant’s Fix My Life to help him work through some problem areas in his life. Things took a strong left turn when his son Xavier confronted him on his issues with particular vices. Clearly, father and son have some lingering sore spots.

7 Karl Malone And Demetress Bell

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Basketball great Karl Malone has a lot of children, and they are not all fans of his. His one biological son, Demetress Bell, might have inherited his father's athletic talents (he now plays professional football), but that is about all the two have in common. The two men have no relationship and never had. Bell claims this abandonment made him a better person in the long run.

6 Brooke Hogan And Her Mother Linda

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The daughter of The Hulk has made no surprise of her disdain for her mother, Linda. Back in 2009, she told E News that her mother preys on her babies and cannot be trusted. She went on the express how betrayed she feels and elaborated on why the pair no longer speak. Aside from personal feelings in the relationship, Linda's romance with a much younger Charlie Hill did not make anything in this family better. It only made things worse.

5 Jon Gosselin And Several Of His Children

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Kate and Jon Gosselin went through one very public and unfortunate divorce, and their eight children were deeply affected. Years after the split, some of the Gosselin kids have come around and forged relationships with their father, but not the twins. The eldest kids told People Magazine that their father doesn't even know them and has no affiliation with them. The girls were beyond sad and disappointed at their father's many interviews on his kids.

4 Ryan And Tatum O'Neal

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Actress Tatum O'Neal didn't have a stable relationship with either of her parents. Per dailymail.co.uk, Tatum's mother was about the furthest thing from capable, and during her younger years, her father had to swoop in and saved her. Sadly, that new life that he provided Tatum fell apart as well. Their father-daughter relationship was far from perfect or normal, and Tatum became introduced to more than any child should.

3 Gavin Rossdale And Daisy Lowe

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Daisy Lowe grew up believing that rocker Gavin Rossdale was her Godfather. It turned out, however, that he was her biological father. When a DNA test proved that Gavin was her father, Gavin was furious at Daisy's mother's reveal, and 14-year-old Daisy didn't exactly take the news in stride either. Years later, the father and daughter have a functional relationship, but whew! What a wild road traveled!

2 John And Mackenzie Phillips

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Theirs was the most twisted relationship in all of Hollywood. Both Mackenzie's parents were a part of the rocker group, The Mamas And The Papas. Growing up in the fast life of the entertainment world was messy and dysfunctional for Mackenzie. Mackenzie got involved in many questionable activities and made during her adult years made outlandish accusations against her father. Regardless of what is fact and what is fiction, the relationship between these two was the furthest thing from healthy.

1 Nicole Kidman And Her Son And Daughter From Her First Marriage

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Nicole Kidman and her husband Keith Urban are raising two beautiful babies together, but before their family ever bloomed, Nicole was a seasoned mother already, having two children with her ex-husband Tom Cruise. Nic and Tom adopted the kiddos, and all was well for a time. When Nicole and Tom split, her relationship with her kids took a hit. Per metro.co.uk, the Cruise kids seemed to side with their father and his religion while Nicole was left on the outside.Resources: bossip.com, ranker.com, observ.com, eonline.com, nickiswift.com, people.com, thedailybeast.com, more.com, eonline.com, metro.co.uk, thedailybeast.com

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