20 Celeb Halloween Outfits We Want To Steal For 2018

Forget pumpkins or running out of candy – October is a month with real problems. It comes with a mass freakout that can single-handedly bring the Internet to its knees. "How is Halloween less than two weeks away?" translates into hundreds of millions of online costume searches. Servers out in the desert need extra juice just to cope. If they had brains, they'd probably be a tiny bit confused. The people who are Googling "costumes" are also correlating directly with the people Googling "Paris Hilton" and "Kim Kardashian?"

In 2016, Kylie Jenner rocked the Internet by throwing us the world's most convincing Christina Aguilera costume. The "Dirrty" singer basically has Kylie to thank for the resurge of her career. Halloween is about a different return, though. The unliving, the unknown, the zombie, and the ghosts only have one day a year to come alive, and it's just around the corner.

We've now reached the point where we expect celebrity social media to throw us epic Halloween outfits. Trust us – the number of people checking Kardashian IGs come October 31 is going to skyrocket.

Forget trawling the Internet for celeb inspiration. We've done the work for you. In all their ghoulish, witchy, freaky, and fantastic glory, here are 20 celeb Halloween outfits that are so good, we just have to steal them for 2018.

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20 Ariana Grande: Total Softie

via: wikia

Seeing this picture and realizing that Mac Miller is no longer with us is so heartbreaking, it hurts. In October 2018, Ariana Grande announced a "break from music" as she struggles to cope with the loss of her ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller. The Sweetener singer and rapper dated for two years before their split saw Ariana fall into her whirlwind Pete Davidson romance.

We're already crushing on Ariana's style. Ariana x Halloween? The "Dangerous Woman" is a total softie.

Ariana's trademark bunny vibes weren't entirely lost during her 2017 Halloween outfit. To be fair, these two had several looks. A full-on Zoolander costume accompanied this adorable look (which was later covered in fake blood).

19 Khloe Kardashian: Because Storm Came Before Stormi

via: gq

Sorry, Kylie Jenner but your big sister gets to call "OG" here. Khloe Kardashian spent way too long as the second-class citizen of the family who really needed her moment. It's been a bumpy road for Khlo – the baby daddy drama just days before baby True was born gave the press a field day, but it was hard on this new mom. Khlo always had a tough streak, though.

In 2016, Khloe straight-up out-did the newly famous Stormi Webster. Her X-Men Storm costume came complete with all the latex, spray glow, and freaky contacts in the world. 2.6 million of us liked this pic on Khloe's Instagram.

18 The Wizard Of Oz: Neil Patrick Harris Style

via: tumblr

Pretty much wiping the floor with other celebs when it comes to Halloween, are Neil Patrick Harris and his family. The How I Met Your Mother actor has many strings to his bow – Halloween is when we see them all.

Seth Meyers said, "It seems to me that you take Halloween very seriously." Neil Patrick Harris responded, "You don't?"

The Wizard of Oz was his theme for Halloween 2012. With a Tin Man, Scarecrow, Dorothy, and a brave-looking Cowardly Lion, literally nothing was missing from this setup. With his perfectly painted Tin Man look, Neil also inadvertently put himself up for auction as a KKW Beauty competitor.

17 The Wizard Of Oz: Snooki Made It Her Own

via: tmz

We generally do one of two things with Snooki. #1 We watch her. #2 We judge her. The Jersey Shore cast member has pretty much broken her back trying to prove that she's a decent mother, and luckily for her, we've finally latched on. In 2013, Snooki, her beau Jionni La Valle, and their 14 month-old Lorenzo chose the family-favorite storyline for their Halloween inspiration.

Snooki's blue-and-white gingham dress came with matching hair ties, ruby slippers, dyed-red pigtails, plus a little stuffed Toto dog in a basket. With LaValle as Scarecrow and Lorenzo as the lion, this family pretty much nailed it.

16 When Taylor Swift's Squad Goals Turned Unreal

via: peopledotcom

Watching other celebs throw around squad hashtags is like watching a bunch of amateurs. Taylor Swift is the original squad goals. With a power crew that spans music, models, and reality stars, Tay-Tay's cherry-picked entourage is #prestigious (and the Halloween outfits are anything but basic).

In 2016, Taylor channeled Deadpool for her Halloween squad post. Gigi Hadid was a Cub Scout, Martha Hunt was The Brady Bunch's Marsha Brady, and Lily Donaldson was a Space Cadet. Taylor posted a polaroid of herself and Gigi, complete with the Deadpool mask and caption: "Thanks @vancityreynolds for this costume, you're the best Deadpool inside contact ever."

15 Beyonce & Blue Ivy: Get Your Michael Jackson On

via: heartsapps

You're looking at a woman who puts her money where her mouth is. When Beyonce was pregnant with Blue Ivy, Queen Bey dressed up as a "Queen Bee" for Halloween. That was 2011, though. In 2014, Bey and a 3-year-old Blue Ivy basically melted everyone's hearts with this "Rhythm Nation" getup.

Beyonce has described the sound of a fetus' heartbeat as "the most beautiful music I ever heard." Blue Ivy is now 6 years old, but she's still a total mini-me. Sergeant Pepper jackets, Michael Jackson shades, leathers, and spats. Blue Ivy as Michael and Bey as Janet Jackson worked perfectly.

14 Gigi Hadid: Get Your Grease On

via: pinterest

Back in 2015, tight spandex was 100% for the supermodels. Now that Kim K and Kaia Gerber are wearing metallic shorts everywhere from NYC to Disneyland, it's official – we can too. Gigi Hadid probably intended to make waves with her 2015 Halloween outfit (and she definitely delivered).

In full Sandy style, Gigi took the 1987 Grease movie and revamped it into the world's most convincing look. The curls. The red sandal heels. The heavy-set eyeshadow. Gigi spent the night at Heidi Klum's Halloween bash, where the German model donned a Roger Rabbit outfit.

13 Lucky Charms

via: justjared

Alyson Hannigan built her career on people tuning into How I Met Your Mother. As this actress' Halloween costumes repeatedly out-do other Hollywood families though, this multitasker is on our radar for other reasons.

Take it from someone who is British – discovering Lucky Charms is discovering life. Turning the cereal into a Halloween costume? A pot of #goals.

In 2013, Alyson, her husband Alexis, and their two kids turned Halloween into Lucky Charms. Alyson and her husband were leprechauns complete with statement hats and striped leggings. The kids got to be the best part, though. Little Satyana was the rainbow, and baby Keeva was the pot of gold.

12 Baby Pumpkin

via: zimbio

We're literally not kidding – this family owns Halloween. While Alyson Hannigan's 2013 Lucky Charms theme remains a favorite, this 2011 setup wasn't far behind. Alyson and her family make a tradition of trick-or-treating around their home neighborhood of Brentwood, Ca. With outfits this good though, the paparazzi are 100% tagging along.

With plaid shirts, straw-filled hats, cowboy boots, and his-n-hers overalls, Alyson and her husband basically looked like they were born in the pumpkin patch. Outshining her mom though, was a 2-year-old Satyana – that name could not be more Halloween, right? With their baby pumpkin, this family was all set.

11 Victoria's Secret: The "Mario & Luigi" Collection

via: peopledotcom

Gisele Bundchen is used to marching the Victoria's Secret runway as a sidekick to her high-fashion career. This Brazilian beauty has crushed modelling stereotypes with her refreshing attitudes, yoga-centric lifestyle, clean eating – oh, and clearly a fun side.

Gisele Bundchen captioned this pic: "When your son wants to be super Mario but no-one wants to be Luigi. This is what you do?" The costume says it all.

In 2016, Gisele turned to Nintendo for inspiration. Covering her famous curves with frumpy overalls and a hilarious moustache, Gisele and her son, Benjamin went full-on Mario and Luigi. We are stealing this 100%.

10 Pretty Little Liars: The Pocahontas Collection

via: spoilersguide

Pulling off Pocahontas' signature look is actually pretty tricky. Pulling off her fierce personality? That just has Shay Mitchell written all over it. The Pretty Little Liars actress only needed to look to her character, Emily Fields for inspiration here.

Competitive swimming that would totally work out in the wild? Check. Being beautiful but a bit of a "jock?" Check. Basically staying strong in every possible situation? Check. With the warrior braids, the forehead band, the all-beige wardrobe, and her part-Asian heritage, Shay slayed this look enough for it to rank this highly. Then again, Shay has gone Victorian in other costumes.

9 The Sheer Awesomeness That Was Kim K's Anna Wintour Costume

via: pinterest

Kim Kardashian doesn't do things by half. Her KKW Beauty line sold out in 3 minutes. Her video game earnings allow tweets like, "transferring $53 million into our joint account." Kim's greatest love will always be fashion, though. In 2014, Kim went full Vogue for Halloween.

The Devil Wears Prada is loosely based on Vogue's editor – Anna Wintour. Kim K and North West nailed it.

North dressed as Andre Talley (a Vogue editor). "Karl, Grace, Anna, Andre" was the caption. Karl Lagerfeld, of course, being the designer of Chanel and Fendi. North West has even sat next to Anna Wintour at her front-row Fashion Week invites.

8 The Sheer Cuteness That Was Shakira's Topo Gigio Costume

via: popsugar

We're used to seeing Shakira throwing us all kinds of sass with her Latina flair, feminine empowerment, and trusted sing-a-long tunes like "Hips Don't Lie." The Colombian singer doesn't just entertain the general public, though. The 41-year-old superstar is a mom of two, and with motherhood comes pyjama time.

Topo Gigio is the cute cartoon mouse that is hugely popular in Latin American countries. In 2015, Shakira whacked the bunny ears on, matched those gingham PJs, and cozied up for a family Halloween, Topo Gigio style. So, basically, the best excuse every to stay in and eat the Halloween candy yourself.

7 Toy Story: #JessicaBiel #JustinTimberlake #RelationshipGoals

via: peopledotcom

A very small part of us wants to strangle Jessica Biel. #1 She has Justin Timberlake (and we don't). #2 She looks stupidly good without makeup (and when she's covered in mud). #3 Relationship, marriage, baby goals...the list goes on.

Jessica and Justin made major headlines in 2017, when their social media Toy Story pic became literal #HalloweenGoals. With their little boy, Silas as Woody, Jess as Jessie, and Justin as Buzz Lightyear, literally everything about this was perfect. "If you see us in these streets then have your candy ready! Trick-or-treat little homies!" was Justin's caption to this. #Want.

6 Toy Story's Got Nothing On Sandra Bullock

via: pinterest

Sandra Bullock knows a thing or two about costumes. Ocean's 8 might be fresh on your mind, but this actress has a career that dates back to 1987. Miss Congeniality she may have been, but Sandra has been taking on way more action of late.

Sandra basically went and knocked 25 years off her age with this Toy Story costume. Okay, something about these two is giving us a serious cowgirl kick.

In 2012, Sandra and her adopted son, Louis, headed out for some Halloween fun in a full Toy Story getup. Is it us, or are those pants totally Kendall Jenner?

5 When Lady Gaga Nailed Edward Scissorhands

via: cdn

Maybe it's because she has a bone structure that just works. Maybe it's because Lady Gaga has been perfecting the art of makeup since day one.

Pretty much wiping the floor with Kylie Jenner's makeup skills here in 2017, Lady Gaga's Edward Scissorhands costume hands-down remains one of the best celeb costumes to date. She nailed Johnny Depp's creepy, vapid gaze. She nailed the crazy black hair and eggshell skin.

It didn't end there, though. Popsugar reported that Gaga made Halloween 2017 a Johnny Depp double whammy – this costume was followed by a Captain Jack Sparrow one. Talk about keeping a "Poker Face."

4 When Blake Lively Nailed Cleopatra

via: pinterest

When it comes to costumes, Blake Lively is more accustomed to the carousel of preppy, designer outfits that saw her carry a Louis Vuitton iPad case in Gossip Girl. The show may no longer be airing, but Blake remains the kind of fashion icon who can make headlines for wearing a new pair of socks.

That's Martha Stewart on the left as Medusa. Yes, we just gave you something random to "gossip" about.

In 2012, Blake channeled her inner Cleopatra on The Martha Stewart Show. She even made a pumpkin-chocolate marble cake for the show's special Halloween edition. Great. Now we want her costume and her cake.

3 Lindsay Lohan Tapping Into Her Rebellious Side

via: getty

Searches for Harley Quinn costumes are officially through the roof. As Suicide Squad 2 draws closer (and Margot Robbie becomes the Hollywood starlet with a suddenly fashionable name), being a super villain is now as much a temptation as being a superhero.

In 2016, Lindsay Lohan tried her hand at the iconic nut-head character, and we have to say, she pretty much aced it. With the signature hot pants, fishnets, glitter reds and blues, and pigtail hair, you could be forgiven for thinking it was Margot herself. Being a costume that you can actually recreate, we're predicting a lot of Harley Quinns at 2018 Halloween parties.

2 When Kimye Became Batman And Catwoman

via: heartsapps

This one takes us back to 2012, but it's on this list for a reason. Couples costumes are all kinds of goals for anyone doing Halloween as a duo. Long before the KUWTK star's life revolved around North West (and the rest), Kim was doing Halloween couples style.

Kim K and Kanye arrived at this Halloween bash in a gold Lamborghini. Kourtney joined them as Batgirl, while Scott Disick was Robin.

Slam her all you like, but Kim knows how to have fun. She also seems to have nailed the cosmetics – big surprise.

1 When Kourtney Kardashian Reminded Us That Moms Are Superheroes

via: eonline

Just last month, Kourtney was the victim of Kim's most vicious verbal attack. "She's the least exciting to look at," Kim said on KUWTK. Charming. The original time-strapped mom, Kourtney Kardashian was acing the celeb mom role before Kim K even knew that it existed.

Forgetting about Scott Disick's endless girlfriends, Kourt put on a united front with her adorable kids in 2016. 

Tick-tock. Tick-tock. You haven't got long. Hit share on Facebook for anyone who needs the best Halloween inspiration ever. Taylor Swift's Deadpool? Gigi Hadid's Grease? Ariana Grande or Beyonce's outfits? Yeah, this needs to get out.

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