20 Celeb Fashion Trainwrecks From The 80s

It's always funny to look back on what used to be the hottest of hot trends. The 80s for example, were a very loud and exciting time, which was absolutely represented in the fashion of that decade. The colors were bright, the leg warmers were fuzzy, and the perms, well the perms were just glorious. While we are sure those who actually lived through the 80s have hid most of their pictures from that time by now, when it comes to celebrities, they don't exactly have that option.

In this article, we will be looking at 20 celebs from the 80s and just one of the questionable outfit choices they made back in the day. Don't get us wrong, these celebs were decked out in all the finest fashions of the time, but these days, we can totally call the outfits trainwrecks. Get ready for the ultimate 80s throwback and a whole lot of hair!

20 Elton John Managed To Rock Every Single Color In One Look

Elton John was never really a conservative dresser and back in the 80s, there was no need for him to even try. Elton loved to use as many colors in a look as possible, and this was just one of the instances. We gotta hand it to him, not only does this ensemble look comfortable, but he's rocking it!

19 Susan Sarandon Was A Fan Of Denim Jackets With Added Flair

Let's give credit where credit's due. Susan Sarandon looks absolutely stunning in this photo. What we must turn our eyes towards though, is the added flair to this very 80s denim jacket. Denim was a huge staple in 80s fashion, though trend-setters of the time needed more! Que the flair!

18 Lisa Bonet Knew How To Pull Off A Top Hat

Apart from Mr. Peanut, what other celebrity out there has ever really pulled off a top hat?  Lisa Bonet, that's who! Not only is Bonet rocking a top hat in this photo, but she has is paired with an otherwise pretty casual outfit. Also note: Lisa is wearing a small leather pouch around her neck, possibly instead of a purse. Why not?

17 Who Remembers Nicole Kidman's Glorious Perm?

Oh yes, that is Nicole Kidman. She may be almost unrecognizable in this picture, but it is most definitely her. Kidman was actually born was thick, red, curly hair. While it would be hard to believe that she didn't add to the madness by perming it as well, some of those ringlets are totally natural. It's a very different look from the straight blonde locks we are used to seeing these days.

16 Nobody Wore Shoulder Pads Quite Like Paula Abdul

The 80s were a huge decade for singer-songwriter Paula Abdul. Not only was she breaking all kids of records with the release of her first studio album, but she was also choreographing numbers for some of the other biggest stars in the business. To have that kind of career in the 80s, one certainly had to look the part. For Paula, this meant shoulder pads!

15 For Alyssa Milano, No Workout Was Complete Without A Scrunchie

These days, Alyssa Milano has built up a reputation in Hollywood as an actress, singer and a producer. However, back in the 80s, she had just landed her very first role on Who's the Boss. Apart from the hit series, Alyssa was also making workout videos! What could possibly be more 80s than workout videos? Nothing!

14 Boy George Was Very "Busy" Back Then

This was no doubt a very iconic look for Boy George. This was the ensemble he chose to wear while filming the video for what is arguably his band's best song, Karma Chameleon. The hit track was released in 1984 and it spent three weeks at the top of the charts.

13 Brooke Shields Clearly Had A Thing For Ruffles ... And Polka Dots

Now this dress was an interesting choice. Even today, Brooke Shields is known for being a very beautiful woman. That being said, this dress was not doing her any favors at the time. Not only is the polka dot pattern very loud, but there are more ruffles on this dress than anyone would ever be able count.

12 Cher's Legs Were Certainly Warm Back In The 80s

One of the greatest things about 80s fashion, would definitely have to be the fact that workout clothes were just as stylish when worn for regular purposes. Cher is clearly loving this spandex look so much, that she even topped it off with some suspenders. Now that is FASHION!

11 Christina Applegate Made An Interesting Belt Choice Here

Christina Applegate's face has not changed a lick since the 80s. While she may have kept her perfect skin, we've got to assume that she's updated the wardrobe a bit since then. Not only are her shoulder pads here ginormous, but her belt choice seems to be as impractical as it is, well ugly. Sorry, we had to say it!

10 Cyndi Lauper Had A Lot Going On In This Outfit

It's difficult to decide where to start with this classic Cyndi Lauper look. In this photo, it seems like Lauper couldn't pick a style, so she simply went with all of her options. She's got fishnets, she's got a one piece, she's got an extra pair of shorts, she's got, wait, is that a cincher? All of this is going on and we haven't even mentioned her makeup or hair ...

9 Looks Like Demi Moore Got Her Money's Worth With Her Hair Crimper

Let's forget about all of the bizarre clothing for a minute and focus in on a very 80s hair trend. Obviously, we are talking about the crimping. How did this style start? Were people unable to choose between straight and curly? Whatever the reason, Demi Moore was clearly feeling the look pretty hard.

8 Drew "Denim" Barrymore

In Drew's defense, this is nowhere near the loudest outfit we have featured in this article. Back in the 80s, it was totally normal for denim to be paired with denim. Was it a strange trend? Of course it was, but it wasn't the strangest of the decade. What pushes this denim look a little over the top, is that fact that Barrymore is literally swimming in the jacket.

7 Howie Mandel May Actually Look Better Bald

Most of us are pretty used to seeing Howie Mandel without hair, so this one comes as a bit of the shocker to the eyes. Once we adjust to Mandel's full head of hair, we have to look at his very purple jacket and of course, his perfectly 80s-themed bolo tie.

6 Johnny Depp Was Too Cool For Matching Earrings

Johnny Depp has always been a pretty cool dude. His career started when he was pretty young, so we've been able to watch his style change throughout several decades. This look though, was one of his absolute best. His hat seems to be falling apart and he's rocking mismatched earrings. All of this, and the guy is still a total hunk!

5 This Suit Doesn't Even Seem To Fit Julia Roberts

Here we have Julia Roberts cleaning up at the 1990 Golden Globe Awards. While technically, this was a 90s look, we all know that it takes a couple of years for fashion to change with the new decade, so we think this one's safe to call an 80s ensemble. Many actually praised Julia on her suit choice here, since it was oversized and she still looked amazing.

4 If Anyone Could Pull Off This Amount Of Color, It Was Madonna

We've been watching Madonna for many many years now. It seems like everytime we see her rocking a new look, it is even more iconic than the last. While something this loud and colorful may have been difficult for someone else to pull off, on Madonna, it was simply her next inspired fashion statement.

3 Michelle Pfeiffer Was Feeling This Outfit

For a moment, let's forget the lace socks, fishnet gloves, and all of the other materials that seem to be making an appearance in this photo. All we need to look at here is Michelle Pfeiffer's face and pose. Obviously, the woman was loving her outfit. When someone is feeling that good in the clothes they're wearing, any outfit can be pulled off!

2 Molly Ringwald Could Wear What She Wanted, She Was The Queen Of The 80s!

When thinking of the 80s, it's tough not to think of Molly Ringwald. She starred in almost every iconic 80s film there is. Seriously though, she was in Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink. If anyone was going to be setting trends in the 80s, is was Molly Ringwald.

1 Sarah Jessica Parker Could Have Used Some Fashion Tips From Carrie Bradshaw Back Then

Here we have a young Sarah Jessica Parker, clearly some time before she ever met Carrie Bradshaw. While these days, the two women seem one in the same, we can't forget that Bradshaw was actually just a role Parker portrayed for many years. Still, we have to assume her wardrobe got a bit better after playing the character.

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