20 Celeb Couples Who Have Surprisingly Been Married For Over A Decade (& 5 Who Love The Single Life)

There's no way around it — marriage in Hollywood is definitely really, really tough. Your relationship is under constant scrutiny from the tabloids and the public, which can be majorly toxic. Add in the fact that you're likely traveling a fair bit, either on tour or to film on location somewhere, and it gets a whole lot more difficult. So, it's almost not surprising that so many Hollywood marriages end a year or two after they start — it just becomes too much for everyone involved.

However, that definitely doesn't mean that there are no successful, long-lasting marriages in Hollywood. On the contrary, there are quite a few couples who've been together for well over a decade now, showing no signs of splitting. They found their perfect partner, the one they want by their side as they tackle the crazy world of Hollywood. Some found love with fellow celebrities, some found love with regular people, but they all have one thing in common — they've celebrated quite a few anniversaries over the years!

Here are 20 celebrities who have been married for more than a decade and are still crazy in love, and 5 celebrities who love being part of the single club and don't see that changing anytime soon.

20 Celebs Who Have Been Married For Over A Decade:

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25 '00s Icons Sarah Michelle Gellar And Freddie Prinze Jr. (16 Years)

via: people.com

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. are one of the most iconic couples of the '00s. They were both in just about every teen movie during a certain time span and met when they were playing their respective roles in the Scooby Doo movies. Sparks flew, they started dating — and the rest is history. They've now been married for 16 years! Lately, both of them have taken a step back from Hollywood, instead opting to switch career paths and direct their focus towards the culinary world and entrepreneurship.

24 The Legendary Meryl Streep And Her Hubby Don Gummer (40 Years)

via: theknotnews.com

If Meryl Streep were married to another actor, things would probably have been a lot tougher, because he'd have spent most of his career in her shadow. After all, she's Meryl Streep! She's a legend! However, she fell in love with sculptor Don Gummer way back when she was just a young starlet on the rise. She married him, and the two have been together ever since. As she rose to the top, she had Don by her side through all of it — 40 years together is major!

23 Britain's Notoriously Fashionable Couple, Posh And Becks (19 Years)

via: standard.co.uk

Two types of celeb couples who have a notoriously tough time with marriage (because of the craziness their jobs) are stars in the entertainment industry and professional athletes. So, when Posh and Becks tied the knot in 1999, many assumed it wouldn't last more than a year or two. However, nearly 20 years later, they're still going strong — and seem as head over heels in love with one another as they did at the very beginning. We totally love how these two have stuck by one another's side through it all.

22 NYC Queen Sarah Jessica Parker And Her A-List Husband Matthew Broderick (21 Years)

via: justjared.com

Sarah Jessica Parker's most well-known character, Carrie Bradshaw, may have had her fair share of drama in the relationship department, but that definitely isn't something that SJP has experienced. Not lately, anyway. She met actor Matthew Broderick just before she rose to superstardom as Miss Bradshaw, and they got married in 1997. Their careers both evolved and developed over the years, but one thing has remained consistent — their love for one another. They've been together for 21 years now and show no signs of splitting up.

21 Rising Superstar Viola Davis And Her Hubby Julius Tennon (15 Years)

via: firstladyb.com

Viola Davis has been trying to make it in the entertainment industry for quite some time now, and thanks to a few particularly powerful roles, people are finally taking note of her immense talent. She's gotten more and more red carpet invitations, and she never has to worry about who to bring as her date — she just goes with her hubby, Julius Tennon. Davis married Tennon back in 2003, and the two have been together ever since, for a whopping 15 years now.

20 Country Legends Faith Hill And Tim McGraw (22 Years)

via: tasteofcountry.com

Country music may be filled with sad unrequited love songs and break-up songs, but for those types of hits, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw can't really draw on their personal experience. At least, not their recent experience. That's because they've been together for 22 years now, which is forever in the music world! You might think they'd be competing against one another since they're in the same industry, but in fact, they've just stood by each other's side, supporting their partner in whatever adventure is next.

19 Tom Hanks And Rita Wilson, Two Red Carpet Favourites (30 Years)

via: postmediacanoe.wordpress.com

We always love spotting Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson on the red carpet, because there's just something about them. They just radiate love and stability as a couple and seem so crazy in love with one another, even 30 years later. That's right — these two entertainment industry staples have been together for 30 years now! They've raised children together, they've earned awards, they've walked the red carpet so many times they've probably lost track — talk about an action-packed relationship! We absolutely love these two together.

18 The Multi-Talented Hugh Jackman And His Aussie Actress Wife Deborra-Lee Furness (22 Years)

via: popsugar.com

Hugh Jackman has been an actor for quite some time now. When his career started to skyrocket after snagging the role of Wolverine all those years ago, many assumed he might make some serious changes in his life. For example, finding a new partner, something that sadly many actors do when their fame rises. However, Hugh Jackman isn't that kind of guy — he fell in love with his wife, an Aussie actress, back in his younger years, and he remains totally devoted to her. They've been together 22 years now, and he still loves taking her to red carpet events and showing her off. Adorable.

17 Comedy Queen Tina Fey And Her Musical Hubby Jeff Richmond (17 Years)

via: secondcity.com

Forget double threat — Tina Fey is a triple or quadruple threat at this point. In addition to being a talented actress who has scored dozens of roles, she's also a hugely influential creative mind who works behind the scenes developing shows. There's pretty much nothing this woman can't do. And, luckily, she doesn't have to worry about navigating the tricky world of dating, because she has her hubby by her side through it all. She married composer Jeff Richmond in 2001, and the two have been together for 17 years now.

16 The Gorgeous Kelly Ripa And Mark Consuelos (22 Years)

via: hola.com

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos are the perfect example of how you don't need a huge, flashy wedding to start a relationship off right. The couple, who met when they were both working in the soap opera industry together, got married in Vegas way back in 1996. They've since become a lot more successful and wealthy, but we're not sure they'd change anything if they tied the knot today, because obviously, their low key Sin City wedding was exactly what they needed. They've been going strong for 22 years now.

15 Colin Firth And His Wife Livia Firth (21 Years)

via: aol.com

Many women have fallen in love with Colin Firth's on-screen characters over the years, particularly his portrayals of Mr. Darcy (both contemporary and classic). However, in real life, Firth has eyes for only one woman — his stunning Italian wife, Livia. Though Firth's career has continued to rise throughout the years, his marriage has been a consistent thing in his life, and the two have been together for 21 years now. We have to wonder if he's ever considered doing some work in Italian cinema, given his personal life.

14 Breaking Bad Icon Bryan Cranston And His Wife, Robin Dearden (29 Years)

via: bustle.com

Bryan Cranston has been successfully working in the entertainment industry for quite a while now, but his role as Walter White in Breaking Bad definitely skyrocketed him to superstardom. All of a sudden, he wasn't relegated solely to sweet, bumbling 'dad' roles. He was being offered parts with a lot more grit because, well, he proved he excelled in that arena! However, he's kept his personal life pretty lowkey and has been happily married to wife Robin Dearden for 29 years now.

13 Hollywood's Comedy Sweetheart Julia Louis-Dreyfus And Brad Hall (31 Years)

via: hearstapps.com

We imagine being married to Julia Louis-Dreyfus would be pretty amazing. First of all, she's absolutely gorgeous, but more importantly, she's one of the most hilarious women in the industry. You know she'd have you cracking up on a daily basis. Brad Hall would probably agree — the two have been together for 31 years now, getting married just before Louis-Dreyfus snagged her iconic role on Seinfeld and was skyrocketed to superstardom. They're totally adorable together, and we love that they've kept their marriage strong through all these years.

12 Funny Man Joel McHale And His Wife Sarah Williams (22 Years)

via: bustle.com

We're not sure why — perhaps because he frequently plays bro or casanova-type characters — but we always kind of assumed that Joel McHale was a total bachelor. However, it turns out, that couldn't be further from the truth! McHale has actually been married to his gorgeous wife, Sarah Williams, for 22 years now. Seriously! He's 46 years old now, which means the two got married when he was still in his mid-20s, a rising star trying to make a career in the entertainment industry.

11 Fashion Icon Rachel Zoe And Her Hubby/Business Partner Rodger Berman (22 Years)

via: nymag.com

We got a pretty detailed look into Rachel Zoe and her hubby Rodger Berman's marriage when Zoe was the center of her own reality television show, The Rachel Zoe Project, and we have to admit — while they bicker from time to time, they definitely seem like a rock-solid couple. The two got married in 1996, and while Rachel has gone from an aspiring stylist to queen of her own fashion empire over the years, they've remained by each other's side through it all.

10 The Legendary Will Smith And Jada Pinkett Smith (21 Years)

via: eonline.com

There's just something about both Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith's energies that is so effortless. They've both been in the industry for well over two decades, and have remained successful because they're willing to try new things, to take risks, and to just enjoy themselves. And, through it all, they've had each other, as they've now been together for 21 years. To be honest, we really can't imagine them with anyone else but each other — they're just so perfect together!

9 Julia Roberts And Camera Man Turned Main Man Danny Moder (16 Years)

via: shemazing.net

Back when she was a rising star in the '80s and a total A-List movie star in the '90s, Julia Roberts had a lot of relationships with high profile celebrities. However, the one that ended up really working was with cameraman Danny Moder, who she met on the set of one of her projects and ended up marrying in 2002. She's at a point in her career where she likes to stay out of the spotlight now, which may be one of the reasons these two have lasted a whopping 16 years.

8 The Talented Steve Carell And His Wife Nancy (23 Years)

via: closerweekly.com

Steve Carell may play a lot of bumbling characters on screen, men who really know nothing about romance, but that definitely hasn't been his own experience. He married his wife Nancy — who is also an actress — all the way back in 1995, and the two have been together ever since. They're frequently spotted on the red carpet together, and we have to admit, we love seeing the Carell's — they just seem so in love with one another, even all these years later, and it's really refreshing to see.

7 The Always Hilarious Nick Offerman And Megan Mullally (15 Years)

via: justjared.com

We have to admit, Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally are probably one of our favorite celebrity couples of all time because they're just flat out hilarious. They got married all the way back in 2003, and definitely aren't afraid to talk about their relationship — or share pictures of their many zany escapades. Though they've been together for 15 years now, they seem just as passionate about one another as they did back in year one, which is definitely a major accomplishment in any relationship.

6 Heavy Metal King Ozzy Osbourne And His Wife Sharon (36 Years)

via: time.com

Marriage to someone like Ozzy Osbourne can't have been easy, but these two have stuck with another through thick and thin. They met all the way back in 1970 and ended up tying the knot in 1982. They've now been together for 36 years and even made the decision to renew their vows last year, in celebration of 35 years together. They both realize you definitely need to work on your relationship, but they seem stronger than ever!

5 Who Are Single:

5 Comedian, Late Night Legend And Single Superstar Chelsea Handler

via: tvline.com

Chelsea Handler has a totally fun-loving personality, and she definitely isn't shy about enjoying spending time with guys. However, she's not the type who needs a guy to make her life complete. She's spoken out before about her bold personality and how sometimes it can be intimidating to men, but she's not about to tone down who she is just to please a guy. "If that [my personality] means I remain single for the rest of my life, then maybe I wasn't supposed to meet anybody," she dished to ET.

4 Kristin Davis, Who Isn't As Obsessed With Finding A Hubby As Her On-Screen Character Charlotte Was

via: instylemag.com.au

Kristin Davis' character Charlotte York was utterly obsessed with finding a boyfriend and then finding a husband. However, in real life, Kristin Davis definitely doesn't share her character's obsession. As she spilled in an interview, "little girls who say 'I want to get married', I was never one of those little girls. It is not that I wouldn't, but I don't see that I must do it or be unhappy. I don't know if I'll ever get married. I'm perfectly happy [with] my single self." We love her attitude.

3 Mindy Kaling, Who Is Too Busy With Her Gorgeous Baby Girl To Worry About A Man

via: brit.co

From Dr. Mindy Lahiri to Kelly Kapoor, Mindy Kaling has definitely played her fair share of boy-crazy characters. However, in real life, she's evolved past that stage over the years. As she told Flare, "in my 20s, I was not only boy-crazy, but marriage and relationship crazy. Now it's almost the opposite. My work is so rewarding and I'm so self-centered about it that I'm kind of excited about not having to go home and ask someone about their day." Plus, she's got her hands full with baby Katherine nowadays!

2 Diane Keaton, Who Is Living Her Best Life All By Herself

via: vanityfair.com

Diane Keaton has had an absolutely insane career in Hollywood, having been in the industry for decades now. However, she's never been the type to jump from man to man, and she never took the plunge and got married — something she definitely doesn't regret. According to Zimbio, Keaton shared that "I don't think that because I'm not married it's made my life any less. That old maid myth is garbage." We totally agree! The right relationship can definitely bring you happiness, but it's totally not a necessity in anyone's life.

1 Drew Barrymore, Who Falls In Love Fast — But Isn't Afraid To Be Alone

via: people.com

Drew Barrymore has had her fair share of whirlwind romances, and she's the type who isn't afraid to jump into love head first, which we love. However, she's also not afraid to be by herself. She spilled her thoughts on relationships in Wildflower, saying "it's ironic that we rush through being 'single' as if it's some disease or malady to get rid of or overcome... why does no one tell us how important it is to enjoy being single and being by yourself?"

References: popsugar.com, allure.com, thezoereport.com

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