20 Candid Photos Of Charlie Sheen His Family Doesn't Want Us To See

At age 54, Charlie has never been out of the limelight. For over 46 years, he had a knack for comedy, action, and drama, both on television and movies, which earned him several Golden Globe and Emmy Awards. He was accustomed to fame and fortune but more than all the good things that a Hollywood actor was bound to achieve, Charlie Sheen had been marked with an infamous troubled life. He had everything, except for privacy.

With numerous allegations, substance abuse, and health complications, Charlie's family went through a lot. His dad, Martin Sheen told US Magazine that he personally became a philanthropist because Charlie regularly needed other's help and he felt that the best way to heal was to help someone else. His family situation was the main reason why he was closely connected with public service.

Here are 20 candid photos that Charlie Sheen's family doesn't want us to see.

20 When Charlie Got Fired From Two And A Half Men And Entered Rehab

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At 45, Charlie Sheen was the highest paid actor on U.S. television. The show Two and a Half Men was undoubtedly the most remarkable comedy show on CBS, but then it all ended due to Charlie's destructive conduct. Per Los Angeles Reuters, Charlie immediately got fired after he called producer Chuck Lorre a "clown" and a "stupid, stupid little man."

19 When Charlie Beat Up His Girlfriend Brittany

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In 1997, Charlie's name had been added alongside Chris Brown, Tommy Lee, and Sean Penn who have previously made headlines for domestic abuse. Per CBS News, Brittany Ashland filed lawsuit for beating her up and for threatening to end her life if she told anyone. Charlie was charged with battery, negligence, false imprisonment, and emotional distress.

18 When Charlie Revealed He Paid For "Services" Using His Dad's Credit Card

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It's common knowledge that Charlie makes the most bizarre statements on interviews like when he often states that "tiger's blood" runs through his veins. Well, knowing his exorbitant honesty, there's a lot more information that is too much to handle. In an interview with Piers Morgan at the Theatre Royal, he recalled the time when he lost his virginity to a Las Vegas lady of the night, which he paid using his father's credit card.

17 When Charlie Had A 36-Hour Bender

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In 2014, TMZ released a video of Charlie's ravaged face, insanely dancing with several women inside of a house. Per Fox News, after 36 hours of drinking and being under the influence, he ended up in the hospital. It was also confirmed that he had voluntarily entered an undisclosed rehabilitation center.

16 When Charlie Revealed That He Is HIV Positive

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After Charlie's HIV revelation to an exclusive interview with Matt Lauer on The Today Show, where he also explained that he wanted to end the smear campaign and extortion exforts, there was nothing more painful than seeing him in the public eye with such an obvious transformation. HIV had indeed destroyed his looks and his family must've suffered a great pain in seeing his health deteriorate.

15 When Charlie Got Arrested In Aspen

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Charlie never failed to make headlines even on Christmas day. On December 25th of 2009, he was arrested in Aspen for domestic violence. Per Denver Post, he was confined in the county jail under his real name, Carlos Irwin Estevez, and was charged with second-degree assault, menacing, and criminal mischief.

14 When Charlie Apparently Had "Fun" With Fifty People

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After Charlie's HIV revelation, deranged stories surfaced about how he had gotten such a grave virus. A cross-dresser named Sham Ibrahim disclosed how kinky the actor was. Per Radar Online, he apparently had wild activities in his house or in hotels with up to fifty people and was always ready to party.

13 When Charlie Cursed At Rihanna And Dissed Jennifer Grey

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In 2017, Charlie had an interview on Watch What Happens Live where the host recalled a twitter fight he had with Rihanna 3 years ago. He was asked if they ever made up and the actor responded with a curse word referring to Rihanna. Host Andy Cohen said, "I think you just made it worst." Charlie didn't stop there and even ended up with a disgraceful comment about Jennifer Grey when Cohen played a movie clip. Charlie said, "Talk about a nose job ruining a career."

12 When Charlie Pleaded Guilty To Assaulting His Wife

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On top of verbal disrespect for women, Charlie had also proven his physical disrespect towards his third wife, Brooke Mueller. In 2010, Charlie left the Pitkin County Courthouse in Aspen, Colorado, gesturing to the media after he was sentenced. Per Reuters, he had pleaded guilty to assaulting his wife on Christmas. He was sentenced to 30-day rehabilitation in California.

11 When Charlie's Private Jet Was Caught In A Police Raid

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On the way back from a wild drinking spree in Mexico, customs cops raided Charlie's private jet. Per Radar Online, the incident happened in Brown Field Airport where the plane landed for inspection of the alleged HIV-inflicted actor. He was obviously under the influence of alcohol but no narcotics were found so he re-boarded the plane.

10 When Charlie Refused To Enter Rehab

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In 2011, Radar Online spotted Charlie in his multi-million dollar Los Angeles mansion when he was supposed to be in rehab. His pal said, "Charlie doesn't think he needs help, he is still up all hours of the night and is refusing to get it at an outside facility, all while those close to him including his dad, Martin, family, friends and his employers CBS work to convince him he needs to enter facility."

9 When Charlie Sued Chuck Lorre

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Charlie Sheen vs Chuck Lorre had been one of the most heated Hollywood legal battles. Per Hollywood Reporter, the case had finally been officially closed, but the parties have agreed to maintain confidentiality over the terms of settlement. Sources said that Lorre will pay nothing and that Sheen agreed to refrain from disparaging his boss in the media.

8 When Charlie Got Sued By A Dental Technician

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In 2014, a dental technician named Margarita Palestino claimed that she was assaulted during Charlie's dentist appointment. Per Hollywood Reporter, the complaint stated that Palestino suffered physical injury and mental anguish but Charlie's attorney said, "This ridiculous and fictional lawsuit was filed by an opportunist who is looking for her 15 minutes of fame. She filed this suit in retaliation for losing her job as result of her being informed that she violated the HIPAA statute by disclosure of patient information."

7 When Charlie Came Out Of A Guns N' Roses Concert Completely Hammered

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TMZ spotted Charlie after a Guns N' Roses concert and judging from his looks and how he had responded to questions, he was completely hammered. As expected, he was his crazy own self who answered "Mr. Brownstone...imagine that?!" when asked about his favorite GNR song. Before Charlie pulled away, someone said, "I party like Charlie Sheen." The actor replied with, "And you're still alive?!"

6 When Charlie Went To Court For Child Custody

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In 2013, Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen were spotted in Los Angeles court for custody of his twins with ex-wife, Brooke Mueller. Per Daily News, L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services took Bob and Max Sheen because they weren't in a safe environment. Brooke went to rehab for substance abuse and Denise Richards got temporary custody of the twins.

5 When Charlie Violated His Probation

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In June 1997, Charlie was given probation for one misdemeanor count of battery when he assaulted his ex-girlfriend, Brittany Ashland. The following year, Charlie Sheen was once again seen in court on May 28, 1998 for violating his probation. Per UPI, he was caught under the influence the previous week.

4 When Charlie Was Spotted After Being MIA In Two And A Half Men

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In 2011, TMZ spotted Charlie Sheen who had been missing in action two hours before the story was released to the public. He didn't show up on set for his show, Two and A Half Men and instead, he was seen in Las Vegas. TMZ also revealed that Charlie had been drinking over the weekend with three women.

3 When Charlie Admitted To Causing His Personal Assistant's Overdose

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Media had gone crazy over an explosive interview done by The Hollywood Reporter when former major league player, ex-convict, and Charlie's ex-friend, Lenny "Nails" Dykstra, nonchalantly revealed that Charlie was the mastermind behind Rick Calamaro's (Charlie's assistant) overdose. Rick passed away in his apartment in 2012. Attorney Shane Bernard, denied Dykstra's allegation and challenged his credibility due to his criminal convictions.

2 When Charlie Lied To Bree Olson About Being Clean

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Bree Olson and Natalie Kenly, who lived with Charlie in 2011 as his "goddesses," announced their HIV negative results. Per Daily Mail, Bree said that Charlie didn't tell her he had the virus but Natalie defended him and told People magazine, "He is not a monster. He has regard for human beings and care about people. I do not see him knowingly putting women at risk."

1 When Charlie Went To Jury For Multiple Murder Case

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Of all the allegations that had compiled like a stack of books, the most unsettling information was what Charlie told TMZ. He was spotted as he showed up for jury duty in Los Angeles court and told TMZ that he was praying for multiple murder case (which of course was a very bad joke!). He also bragged about the new tattoo on his arm.

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