20 Burning Questions He'll Only Ask If He's Truly Into Us

We know how it feels when we have a crush on a guy. We have butterflies in our stomach, we feel like it's impossible to remember our own name when we talk to him, we get tongue-tied, and we can't stop thinking about him. We definitely feel like we were meant to have a crush on him and like it's totally out of our control.

But how do guys act when they like us and want us to be their girlfriend? That's another story and not something that we're too familiar with. Let's be real, we find guys pretty confusing, and that's true even if we have a ton of relationship experience. Sometimes we can be friends with a guy for years and it's only when we finally start dating that we learn that he had feelings for us all this time. We really had no idea and couldn't tell.

If we spend time with the guy that we like, there's an easy way to figure out if he returns our romantic feelings: if we pay attention to the kinds of questions that he asks us.

Read on to find out the only 20 questions that he'll ask if he's into us.

20 Have You Been In Love Before?


Only guys who like us want to know the answer to this question. Someone who just wants to be friends would never even care. It's definitely going to be a deeper discussion and allows us to get vulnerable and honest.

If he wants to know if we've been in love before, he's thinking that we're girlfriend material and that might be us someday. He's curious about our past relationships and figures this is a good way to broach that subject. We can ask him, too, and learn this about him as well. It's hard not to feel closer to someone after talking about love.

19 What Are Your Holiday Traditions?


Families have different holiday traditions. Some make sugary brunch dishes on Christmas morning. Others open presents on Christmas Eve only. And others do something fun and quirky that they might not even remember the reason behind. It's just what they do.

We can be sure that a guy likes us when he asks us what our holiday traditions are.

This isn't a typical thing to ask, so it'll stand out.

He thinks that we're really cool and interesting and he's probably thinking that our answer will be, too, and he figures that the more that he knows about us, the better.

18 What's Your Dream Job?


When we chat with our crush, we figure that we're going to talk about our jobs. It's a typical thing. If a guy is truly into us, he's going to ask us one important question: what's our dream job?

He'll want to know if what we're doing right now is our dream or if we're trying to get another position in another field.

He wants to know as much about us as he can, and that includes what lights us up inside and what we're passionate about. We can be pretty confident that he thinks of us as more of a friend if we're having this discussion.

17 What Were You Like As A Kid?


A guy who really likes us is going to be super interested in our childhood and what we were like as a kid. Were we chatty and hilarious? On the quiet side and a bookworm? Do we have any funny stories to share?

This is the kind of conversation that goes beyond the surface and allows him to get to know us. Our best friends might not even know that much about what we were like as children because it just never came up, but he wants to know everything that he can and he finds us totally fascinating. And that's the best news ever.

16 Do You Have Any Siblings?


Sometimes we're friends with people for ages and never know how many siblings they have. If we only see them at work or school, we would just never find out.

When a guy is really interested in dating us, he'll for sure ask if we have any siblings.

It might seem like a mundane detail and we might not think much of it.

But we should remember that he wants to paint a picture of the kind of person that we are. This is one piece of the puzzle and he wants to know. It's also a great bonding opportunity if we're both only children or have an older sibling.

15 What's Your Favorite Movie? TV Show?


Pop culture favorites say a lot about a person. Do we love horror movies and comedies but refuse to watch action films? Are we into girly shows like teen dramas and reality shows?

Guys want to know this stuff about us, just like we're curious about what kinds of TV shows and movies the object of our affection is into. We'll get into a really fun discussion about the stuff that we like to watch and if we're both pop culture junkies, it'll most likely turn into an amazing bonding experience. (And it won't be much longer until we're watching Netflix together.)

14 What Do You Think Is The Worst Thing About Dating?


Dating isn't all that fun. It's great to meet a cool new guy and start dating him, of course, and that's super exciting, but we all have bad memories of first dates and weird situations.

When we're chatting with the guy that we like and are wondering if he likes us back, we should pay attention to whether or not he asks this question.

He'll want to know what we hate the most about dating. We'll know right away what our answer is, whether we hate small talk on first dates, not knowing if someone likes us back, or that awkward time in between casually dating and making it official.

13 Are You Happy At Your Current Job?


It's standard to ask someone what they do for a living and how long they've held that position. It's not so typical to ask if they're actually happy at their job.

We'll know that a guy is into us when he asks us that question, and chances are, we'll be able to answer right away. This might even give us some insight into whether it's time to look for a new job, which we might not have even realized. It's also sweet that he's asking us this question because it proves that he wants us to be happy and he cares about us.

12 How Many Boyfriends Have You Had?


A guy who likes us and wants us to be his girlfriend is curious about how many boyfriends we've had. He's wondering about what he's competing with and while he would love if we had never dated anyone before (because he's probably jealous even though he knows he has no right to be), he knows that we've been in at least one or two relationships.

He's bringing up our past love life to try to turn the conversation in a romantic direction.

Before we know it, he'll be asking us out, and we'll be thrilled and excited (and we'll wonder what took him so long).

11 What Kind Of Music Are You Into?


We might like Top 40/pop music and nothing else, or we could like alternative rock/indie music and hip-hop. Music is a totally personal, subjective thing. No one can tell us that we're "wrong" for listening to the kind of tunes that we do.

A guy who's into us is totally going to ask what we like listening to because he's still trying to get to know us. He wants to know if we have the same music taste and if we have some favorite bands or musicians in common. And if we like going to concerts, that's something that we could do together.

10 Do You Like To Work Out?


Working out has become a lot trendier and more popular lately, probably because we're all big into superfoods and getting strong and healthy. It's pretty typical for a guy to ask the girl that he's interested in if she likes working out.

We could be into yoga or pilates or barre, or we like Crossfit or just hitting the gym and doing our own thing.

There are so many ways to break a sweat, and our chosen workout says a lot about our personality, so this is a great way for someone to get to know us, all by asking this simple question.

9 What's Your Worst Bad Date Story?


We could be the happiest girls ever and still think that dating can suck sometimes. It's just a fact, right?! Sometimes first dates are just boring and other times, they are so strange we're not even sure what to think.

We all have one bad date story... AKA The Worst Date We've Ever Been On. When a guy likes us and wants to date us, he wants to know all about this part of our lives. He's super curious about the worst first date that we've had, mostly because he wants to confirm that he's not anywhere near as bad as that and that we like him, too.

8 What Do You Like To Do In Your Free Time?


If we want to know what someone is really like, all we have to do is ask them this question and we'll be all set.

When a guy likes us, he wants to know what we do in our spare time.

Do we read a lot? Watch a lot of TV and movies? Go to a lot of movies? Do we like getting outside in the warmer months or are we big fans of getting all cozy in the winter and having dinner parties or hanging out with friends?

He's also wondering what it would be like to date us and what we would do together.

7 Do You Like To Travel?


It's funny how different people feel about travel. Some are nuts about it and would never dream of staying home for more than a few weeks at a time. They always have a trip planned and love the word "wanderlust." Others are homebodies who only travel sometimes.

This guy is definitely going to ask if we like to travel. It's just one of those questions that we ask people when we're getting to know them. If we say yes, we can chat about our favorite trips or upcoming ones. And if we say that we're not big on travel, maybe he isn't, either, and we can bond over that.

6 Are You Big Foodies Or Not?


It's pretty trendy to be a foodie these days. We probably love cooking new recipes a few times a week, checking out new restaurants (or eating our fave dishes at our fave ones), and just generally talking and thinking about food. It's a lot of fun.

Not everyone is a big foodie, though, which is why this would be a question that a guy who likes us would definitely ask.

He wants to know if we live to eat or eat to live because there's a big difference. If we're both foodies, then he knows that we're going to order more than salad on the first date.

5 How Was Your Day Today?


This question lets a guy really get to know us. We most likely had something funny or at least interesting happen today, and we can tell him the story (while showing off our hilarious, glorious personality, of course).

This gives him some insight into our daily life and the kind of person that we are. That's totally what he's looking for and he'll realize how much he likes us. He might even ask us out after this conversation, which we wouldn't be opposed to (and are really hoping that he will do). Or maybe we should just ask him out already. Why not?!

4 What Are Your Weekend Plans?


Asking someone what they do on the weekend is a perfect way to learn more about them. Maybe we like to chill out and read a book. Maybe there's a Netflix show that we've been wanting to check out. Or maybe we're going to see friends and family.

Guys want to know if we're super social or if we enjoy a nice balance of hanging out with the people that we love and relaxing on our own.

Asking about our weekend plans is their way of learning this. They also might be like, "I'm free Saturday night, want to grab a drink?" and that would be pretty great, too.

3 Do You Have Any Hobbies?


Maybe we love yoga and can't stop talking about how amazing it is, or we're a whiz in the kitchen, or we like hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter. Most people have some sort of hobby (even if it just involves reading as many books as they can in their free time, which still counts).

Guys who like us are totally going to ask if we have any hobbies. They want to get to know us as well as they can and this will give us a chance to ask them what their interests are. This is all part of the "getting to know each other" stage that is like a precursor to actually start to date.

2 What's Our Funniest Childhood Memory?


Everyone has one hilarious childhood memory. It's a just a thing. Whether we ran around the house in our Halloween costume for a week straight when we were three years old or did something quirky when opening Christmas presents when we were eight, we've got some kind of story to share.

We definitely know it by heart because we've heard all about it from various family members.

When a guy asks us what our funniest childhood memory is, we know that he really likes us and can't wait to know more about us. It also gives us a chance to show him more of our personality, and that's always a good thing.

1 What's Your Best Friend Like?


A girl's best friend says a lot about her. Have they been friends since childhood? High school? College or after? Do they giggle uncontrollably when they get together or have a bunch of inside jokes? Do they chat about TV shows more than anything else?

When a guy likes us and wants to be more than friends, he'll ask what our best friend is like. He wants even more insight into our personality and life, and this is a good way to do that. It'll also give him the chance to talk about his own best friend, and we'll get to know him, too.

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