20 Behind-The-Scenes Photos To Tide Us Over Until The Next Riverdale Episode

Riverdale has continuously been a fan favorite on television, or, more accurately, whatever facsimile of television exists now that people spend all their viewing time streaming through their laptops. Maybe that’s part of the joy of Riverdale.

Not only is the show a beautifully updated version of the Archie comics from the days of yore, but the release format also has a touch of nostalgia to it too. Weekly episodes were a common thing when many now-adults were growing up. They were just used to waiting seven days in between each episode of their favorite shows; Boy Meets World, Full House, and even Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Newswire lists Riverdale as one of the big successes Warner Bros have put out both economically and viewers-wise. Add to that its weekly release on Netflix and it’s a perfect recipe for success. The seven days in between episodes keeps tensions high and viewers curious about what’s coming next, while the capacity to binge already seen seasons means it’s totally accessible for new viewers.

Plus, the actors are just so good both on screen and off. Their fun personalities make fans want to know more about the characters as well as the people behind them. After all, it’s always fun to see what goes on behind the scenes of fans' favorite shows. With a close-knit group like the cast of Riverdale, it’s no surprise that there are some fantastic behind-the-scenes photos to be seen!

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20 Is The Supergirl/Riverdale Crossover Coming?


Yes, we’re seeing this right. Squished between the two Riverdale stars is none other than Supergirl herself. Melissa Benoist, who plays Supergirl on the aptly named Supergirl, is no stranger to popular TV shows and network success.

Stop holding that breath for a super crossover though; Comicbook.com says that she was just popping by to wish the cast a warm welcome and congratulations.

As well as to snap a picture with her two favorite characters, as we can see from this behind the scenes photo! It just goes to show that the Riverdale family extends far beyond the reaches of the cast. They’ve got friends all around them.

19 Proof That They're Not Always Drinking Coffee In Diners


The beauty! The grace! The unamused look on Camila Mendes’ face! This is a photo that seems pretty par for the course in terms of behind-the-scenes action with the Riverdale cast. When all of these personalities are put together in one place, it just makes sense that they’re going to end up getting a little silly. In fact, we’re impressed that there aren’t more photos like this. Cole Sprouse’s character is a bit of a loose cannon, and we’re seeing shades of that here too. After all, what would happen if that coffee cup spilled? It might turn into behind-the-scenes chaos!

18 Sometimes They Can Get A Little Silly


It’s not all grumpy faces and coffee cup balancing; behind the scenes, there are also some fantastically silly shots as well.

Here is a photo that shows that no matter how hard Lili Reinhart might be working, she’s always got a smile on her face.

Especially when she gets to be in charge! Everyone knows that the sheriff’s power is in the sheriff’s hat. We wouldn’t be surprised if they turned this into a future plot twist, just based on how happy Lili Reinhart is. Maybe Betty will become the next sheriff? She already has practice, after all, helping to solve all those crimes!

17 Like Cuddling Up In Between Takes


We don’t remember seeing this on the big screen, but that’s probably because this behind-the-scenes photo was one that was solely for the purposes of hanging out. The coziness wasn’t necessarily called for in the scene itself. But, as any actor knows, when there’s a bed on set we can’t help but lie in it between takes. It’s actually really sweet of the two of them to hang out like this. It’s definitely proof that the group is even more close-knit than their characters might lead us to believe. Especially these two, who are often sneakily photographed together hanging out behind-the-scenes.

16 But They Always Remember To Enjoy The Quiet Moments


It’s not all fun and games, though! Sometimes the hardworking cast and crew need to do a little self-reflection. When they’re working long days and even longer nights it’s no surprise that they start to get a little run down. This photo that Wet Paint attributes to Cole Sprouse features none other than Riverdale’s Casey Cott.

He’s looking dapper in this outfit, which just adds to the uniqueness of the behind-the-scenes photos.

After all, it’s almost like we’re following his character on the hike; not him! We wonder what he’s thinking about as he pensively gazes off into the middle distance like that.

15 Proof That They'll Always Have Each Other's Backs


The relationships are not all lovey-dovey or arch enemies when it comes to Riverdale. While there’s a whole bunch of drama that goes on on screen, there’s not a whole lot that goes on behind-the-scenes. At least, not that we’ve heard of. Outside of the Sprouse/Reinhart relationship (which is almost old news now) the crew seems to be generally pretty calm, cool, and collected. It’s a refreshing change from some rumors that go around about other stars. But is it any surprise? These kids love each other! It’s hard not to get close when you’ve spent so much time together. They've just got each other's backs. 

14 They Even Dabble In Dancing


Is this Riverdale or Dancing With the Stars? Truthfully it’s hard to tell based on this behind-the-scenes photo.

While the actor has their face covered, we’re willing to be that this is none other than Camila Mendes showing off her dabbing skills.

Again coming from the Imgur album that Lili Reinhart released, it’s no surprise that the two of them wanted to stage some great photos for their adoring fans. Squeezing in a little bit of dancing between takes is a great way to keep the energy up too. We’re so happy that they shared this moment, even if we’re not exactly sold on dabbing making it onto the show.

13 There's No Shortage Of Great Mirror Selfies On Set


Quirkybyte is all about the behind-the-scenes photos. Not only do they have quite a few hilarious ones, but they’ve also got some ones that are straight-up sweet. We love digging through their behind-the-scenes archives of various shows. Not all on-set selfies are created equally, though, as we’ve discovered. This photo features the smiling, happy faces of the four biggest leads of Riverdale. Not only do they look like they’re having fun, but all the neon makes it the perfect Riverdale-themed selfie. Behind-the-scenes selfies are an art, just like regular selfies. These guys have truly got their selfie style locked down.

12 Getting Ready Is Never As Glamorous As We Think It Is


We’ve all been in both of these positions, haven’t we? On one hand, we’re getting ready by delicately touching up our makeup, ensuring that our lipstick looks absolutely perfect. On the other hand, we’re gritting our teeth and wrinkling our noses in an effort to make sure that there’s no spinach, sandwich, or salad stuck all up in there.

For on-screen stars, this stress is literally a part of the job.

They need to ensure that they’re staying touched up and ready regardless of how long they’ve been off-set. Luckily for us, that results in some pretty cute photos such as this one.

11 It's A Tiring Job, Which Means They Have To Nap When They Can


Naptime for Lili! We snagged this photo from an Imgur album that was full of behind the scenes photos that came from none other than Betty herself. That’s right! In the day and age where we’re basically updating our friends 24/7 about what we’re doing, it’s only natural to show off those sneaky on-set naps. As one of the leading characters of the show, it’s no surprise that Lili Reinhart is tired. Many folks who have never worked on a set don’t know just how long the hours can be. While it might be a dream to get to be Betty, we’re sure that it also takes a whole lot out of a person. Good thing those booths look comfy.

10 Time For A Quick Costume Change!


Looks like they were snapped in the middle of a movie magic transition! Quick changes are common in a performance, but we’re willing to bet it happens less on a movie or TV set.

With the long setups between takes, it can often seem like there’s tons of time to switch back and forth between costumes, shoes, and even decades!

In this photo, which Wet Paint says was taken by Jughead himself, we’re getting to see how those costumes shift and change (and stay protected) when they’re not on-set in the Riverdale world. Even the shoes have to stay safe!

9 They're Not Afraid To Get Close


It’s definitely a sign of close friendship when we can squeeze each other and offer a mischievous mug to the camera like Cole Sprouse is doing here. While QuirkyByte didn’t tell us whom to attribute the photo too, we’re willing to bet it was probably Lili Reinhart or Camila Mendes. The foursome almost seems to be attached at the hip, which makes for some major hilarity behind-the-scenes. Not to mention how they’re always snapping sneaky photos. We might not see all of them right away (after all, spoilers can come from something as simple as a costume change), we’re certainly glad they’re so adept at tracking behind-the-scenes moments.

8 ...VERY Close


Remember when we said that the cast members of Riverdale, as well as our other favorite TV shows, work very, very hard? Here’s even more proof that these folks are working non-stop to bring our favorite comic book world to life.

Releasing a new episode every week, and keeping up with the filming schedule that allows them to do that, is incredibly tough.

It’s no surprise that they’re going to want to sneak in a few naps when they can! We have a sneaking suspicion that KJ Apa wasn’t necessarily invited to this nap party, though; not with the way Cole and Lili are looking so close and cuddly. Good thing they’re all close enough to embrace the intrusion anyway!

7 Spoilers, Or Behind The Scenes Fun?


Uh oh! Sorry to anyone who hasn’t stayed up to date on the last several episodes. We should have mentioned that there were inevitably going to be spoilers in this article. This photo is exactly the kind of reason that we don’t often get to see behind-the-scenes photos when they’re first taken. Usually they include spoilers, like this! The baby bump was real (but real for the show; there aren’t any little Reinhart-Sprouses yet), and we’re not surprised that the network would want to keep it under wraps until that plot point has been established. Honestly, we can’t blame them. We’re just grateful we get to see it now.

6 Hilarious Monitor Photos Are Par For The Course On Riverdale


When they’re doing such deep and intense work, it just makes sense that they’re going to search for some levity. Riverdale gets really intense. The sharp lighting, the dark corners, the deep and mysterious subject matter that may or may not have ties to magic; the list of reasons as to why this isn’t a kids’ show goes on and on.

Working for too long in that world without periodically letting it go can actually result in a whole lot of tension inside of an actor.

That’s why we’re happy to see some sneaky monitor photos alleviating the darkness. Everyone needs a good laugh, and funny faces can certainly help.

5 Travel Is Just A Part Of The Job


Location, location, location. It’s not just real estate that repeats that mantra ten times a day. Film and television are also incredibly concerned about location. Trying to make a bunch of different places seem like one cohesive town? Riverdale’s IMDb lists 22 filming locations, which span from Vancouver to Langley, all the way to Michigan! Considering the fact that Riverdale is supposed to take place in roughly one town, that’s quite the stretch of land. It means that travel is a part of the job, though, and not necessarily a bad one. We’re always excited to go on a trip. We’re guessing that the cast must get a little excited too!

4 As Are Behind The Scenes Selfies!


With all that travel comes all that togetherness time. We saw Cole Sprouse with his headphones in and eye mask on in the last photo, but trust us when we say that that’s likely not very typical. Many times the cast are snapping cute behind-the-scenes selfies. With so many included in this list, it might be a surprise to hear that there’s even more! Lili Reinhart regularly posts sneaky selfies to her social media accounts.

Cole Sprouse, now that he’s a photographer, is always looking to capture a good moment as well.

MTV put together a comprehensive guide of his legit photography for those that don’t believe he has more work than behind-the-scenes selfies. From landscapes to immortalized portraits, he’s certainly embraced the “capture the moment” attitude.

3 There Are Endless Periods Of Waiting...


And yet more waiting! We’d say these folks might spend as much time off set as they do on, which can feel like a bit of a shock when we think about the long hours. Who can deal with waiting in line at the grocery store, let alone waiting off camera until it’s time to shoot your big scene? While we have dabbled in film acting, it’s nothing like what the Riverdale actors go through. They’re dedicated, even if that dedication means waiting, tattoos out and water bottles in hand. Doesn’t look like too bad of a crew to be hanging with, though!

2 But A Whole Lot Of Work Goes Into Each And Every Scene


See? It’s not just water bottles, selfies, and waiting. The Riverdale stars are used on camera just as much as they spend time off of it. We’re not surprised that they’re able to come out with a new episode every week simply due to the fact that all of them work so hard.

Running lines, working out moments, and practicing scenes in their downtime are par for the course off-camera on a film set.

Why? Because the actors need to be prepared! Sometimes there’s only one chance to get that scene due to the amount of work that goes into them. Including building individual chunks of an auditorium just for filming a conversation, like in this photo!

1 Overall It Seems Like They're All Incredibly Happy


Is it any surprise that this group is all smiles? The big, beautiful cast of Riverdale just seems so much like a family. The bonds they’ve created during the filming of this show run very, very deep. We’re willing to bet that these people have turned into each other’s support systems, best friends, and even partners due to the amount of time they spend together. Is that a bad thing? Not at all. We personally think that the more chemistry there is, the better the show will be. It takes a whole lot of trust to play make believe with another people; let alone a whole cast of them! The Riverdale cast knows that, and these behind-the-scenes photos prove that there’s nothing but trust.

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