20 Behind The Scenes Photos Of The MCU Cast That Change Everything

The Marvel Cinematic Universe currently has 4 movies in the top 10 highest-grossing films list, so you could say it's a pretty big deal. These are big-budget movies that are bringing in enormous crowds to watch their immersive storytelling. They've managed to connect every film in one singular universe and it's pretty amazing.

There are almost two dozen MCU films out already, so when you're watching them there's probably so much you don't even realize that goes into it. You'd be surprised to find out some of the simplest scenes are actually CGI and some scenes that look complex are totally real.

From the insane work that goes into the special effects, to the characters' unedited and unheroic superhero outfits, to even fun times on set, I'm here to show you some of the best behind the scene shots of the MCU cast that will change the way you watch Marvel movies forever.

20 Thanos Isn't As Intimidating As We Thought

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Maybe it's just me, but I never even considered how Josh Brolin looks in the role of Thanos before all of the edits. Turns out, over 340 people were working on bringing Thanos into the MCU and it took them over two years to accomplish just most of his scenes, according to Looper.

19 Even Aliens Wear Makeup

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Zoe Saldana posted a video of herself in her Gamora get-up applying green lipstick and it went viral online, even becoming a meme. Saldana captioned this photo "#nomakeup #becauseshesworthit" and honestly, the image of Gamora applying lipstick is something that's probably going to stick with us.

18 Rocket Is Real! Kind Of...

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We all know that they don't use a real raccoon to film Rocket's scenes, but who would have thought they have an actual prop to stand in for his character during scenes? In all honesty, stuffed Rocket is kind of creepy looking and I'm glad that's not his final look.

17 Where's Captain Marvel's Hair?

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Of all the things you could possibly CGI, you'd never think hair would be on that list, but it is for Marvel. This just goes to show how everything in the MCU has to be absolutely perfect. It's no wonder why Captain Marvel's hair looks so majestic in Avengers: Endgame.

16 There's A Whole Cast Of Stunt Doubles

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In an action flick like Guardians of the Galaxy, there's way too much dirty work that has to be done that the real actors just can't do themselves. Their scenes can get so intense, every single actor has to have their own stunt double. From now on, I'll be watching the film wondering when the real actors switch out with the doubles.

15 Mark Ruffalo Calls This 'Don't Skip Leg Day'

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I'm glad Mark Ruffalo is self-aware of how ridiculous he looks in his Hulk costume. I mean, now that he mentions it, the outfit does have an uncanny resemblance to some bodybuilders out there... All jokes aside, major props to Ruffalo for being able to act in a suit like this and take it seriously.

14 Doctor Strange's Portal Is Just A Light

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Doctor Strange's real power is simply the power of CGI, since everything he can do is clearly an effect. You'd think his portals were just effects, but it turns out they actually have use light as a real outline for where the portal should go in some scenes.

13 Everyone Wears A Onesie

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Avengers or ballerinas? It's hard to tell when everyone is in a onesie. To be honest, these three are incredibly lucky to have their super stretchy-outfits. Other cast members such as Chris Evans, who plays Captain America, have to wear an actual costume, which he often complains about being "super" uncomfortable.

12 The Man That Helps Anthony Mackie Fly

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Anthony Mackie may look strong and fearless in this photo, but he's previously said in an interview with Vulture that the wires holding him up are incredibly painful, which is probably why he requires a little extra help.

"But it’s a lot of fun, man. Once you’re under control and you know what you’re doing, there’s absolutely nothing like it." said Mackie.

11 Tom Holland Does Most Of His Own Stunts

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Tom Holland was actually a gymnast in his youth, according to Vox. Since he's extra flexible and skilled, he prefers to do as many of his own stunts that they allow him to.

In an interview with The National, Holland stated, "I love doing my own stunts. It comes with a nice adrenalin rush. If it makes the film better, then I am all for it.”

10 Hela's Helmet Was Entirely CGI

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Cate Blanchett wasn't really wearing a helmet in Thor: Ragnarok, which may come as a huge surprise. Is it just me, or did it look incredibly realistic?

Loki's helmet in Thor was real, so you'd think that Hela's headgear would also be handcrafted. Although, her helmet is way more complex which is probably why they opted for CGI instead.

9 How Many Gamoras Are There?

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Turns out some characters have more than one stunt double and some of them look scary. Fortunately for everyone on their set, Gamora's stunt doubles no longer wear these masks and now have their makeup done just like Zoe Saldana, as reported by Buzzfeed.

8 Not Every Effect Is CGI

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This is something you'd see happening in an action scene of a movie, and you'd probably think it was part of the green screen, especially with all of the crazy outer-space scenery in many Marvel movies. On the other hand, this explosion effect was completely real and it's also aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

7 Dave Bautista Has A 3-Hour Makeup Process To Become Drax

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In an interview with Variety, some of the Marvel cast said they think Dave Bautista has one of the worst Avengers costumes. Mostly because it takes around 3 hours to apply every single day and when they're done filming, he has to go into a sauna and have his body scrubbed down to remove all of the makeup. I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

6 Groot Isn't As Cute In Real Life

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Groot is undeniably one of the cutest characters you've ever seen a movie, which is exactly why I deeply apologize for showing you this image of how they make him. Unfortunately, Groot is not a legit talking tree, he's just a man in a creepy purple suit. Good luck getting this image out of your head the next time you watch Guardians of the Galaxy.

5 Almost Everything Is Green Screen

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Marvel movies often film on sets that are entirely comprised green screens, especially the big battle shots. This scene is from Avengers: Endgame and takes place at their headquarters when they're trying to figure out how to time travel. In the movie, the scene looks like it was definitely filmed in a real indoor location, but this image proves otherwise.

4 Is The Hulk Played By Shrek?

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Speaking of images you wish you never saw, this probably tops the list. It's absolutely mind-boggling how they can turn this insane costume into the incredible Hulk. Is it just me, or does this suit look more like Shrek than the Hulk?

3 Rocket Raccoon Is Really A Man In A Green Suit

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Yet another unforgettable image, Rocket Raccoon is also just a man in a green suit. He's voice acted by Bradley Cooper, but the guy who does all of his physical movements is Sean Gunn, who is the brother of James Gunn (the director of the Guardians of the Galaxy films).

2 Jeremy Renner Wearing The Stunt Double Mask For Black Widow Is Horrifying

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It's always fun and games when actors trade superhero costumes, but trading stunt double masks is in a totally different criteria. It immediately goes from 'cool and funny' to absolutely terrifying, especially when the mask looks like that.

So, whose idea was it to create this lifeless mask for Scarlett Johansson's stunt double?

1 Avengers Take Food Breaks Too

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Seeing the Marvel cast out to eat in their superhero costumes almost makes you believe that they're real people for a second. It's also completely canon, considering we've seen them eating together in a fair share of films. You can't deny it's a satisfying sight to see, especially for all of the comic book fans out there.

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