20 Beauty Tricks We've Learned From Kim Kardashian

There is something quite addictive about Kim Kardashian's look. Her new book, Selfish, showcases the very best of her and it's an absolute page turner. How can one woman sell a book which is dedicated to just photographs of herself? Well, the trick is to look flawless at all times.

Kim often gives away her beauty secrets on her reality television series Keeping Up With The Kardashians (2006-) or in interviews. Fans have been able to see this beauty improve her selfie game rapidly. From her head to her toes she is the true image of a true goddess and here we share with you her very best beauty lessons.

Notepads at the ready ladies because all of this information is extremely valuable.

20 Eyebrows Are The Most Important Feature Of The Face


Kim understands just how important her eyebrows are as they shape your face. Her advice is to seek out expert help as you really don't know what you're missing. Her brow-expert is Anatasia Soare based in Beverley Hills.

Kim told holtgirls.com about the day when Soare finally got her tweezers close, "She would always say she wanted to get her hands on my brows, and I was like, 'No, I did them my whole life myself.' Then, once she did it, I became obsessed. She waxes and then she tweezes". Perfect brow maintenance means a trip to an expert once a month but stray hairs should be removed after a shower when your skin is still soft and supple.

19 Always Be Keeping Up With The Contouring

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Contouring was once a big celebrity secret where only the rich and famous knew of it's existence. Now, thanks to Kim, we can all try this at home and she could not recommend it enough. Doing it right can add dimensions to your face which will help you stand-out in photographs and not appear "flat".

Her make-up artist, Mario Dedivanovic, spoke to Grazia Middle-East about how it's done. He recommends, "Always use a beauty blender sponge to blend in the layers of the product. I apply some along her cheek bones to give a dewy effect, on the bridge of her nose and Cupid's bow and I also sweep it along her décolletage, shoulders and arms."

18 Your Routine Should Be: Foundation, Powder & Concealer


You should always listen to the best when looking for advice and nobody knows a good make-up routine better than Kim. She described her routine to holtgirls.com as, "I put on all my foundation first. I powder my face, then I put on concealer...and blend it with a pink egglike sponge, the BeautyBlender. Then I contour all here—think of a three. I go cheekbones, under chin, then the top".

Another top beauty tip is if you want to master your make-up then enjoy it. Kim says, "I know so many people would probably find getting their hair and makeup done so often tedious but I love the entire process so much. It’s therapeutic for me. It relaxes me". So follow her lead and learn to love it too.

17 Always Invest In A Good Body Scrub


Learn to love your skin as it's one of your most important features. To be picture perfect in every snap always exfoliate as it will help remove any nasty spray tan lines.

The easiest way to find out if you're due a deep exfoliation is by taking a piece of clear tape and rubbing it up against your forehead. If the tape reveals flakes then book an appointment for a professional to remove all your dead skin cells.

16 Remember There's Beauty In Simplicity


Keeping it simple is always Kim's style choice. She has been compared to beauty goddesses like Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn as classic is her best look. Not going over the top on eyeshadow or lipstick helps to keep the main focus on your glowing skin.

Beauty trends that are big today might be old news tomorrow so pictures can become quite dated and well - quite embarrassing. Choose a classic look like Kim and become a master of it.

15 You Don't Have To Wash Your Hair Everyday


Hallelujah! This is the beauty news we have always been waiting for after Kim announced that she washes her own hair once every two days. Over-washing your hair can lead to it becoming quite dry as you will remove all the natural oils which allow you to shine.

You should use a gentle shampoo and conditioner just a few days a week and then once a week add a deep-conditioning mask. Kim also recommends to use Moroccan oil as this can soften locks and help you leave the house looking salon perfect.

14 Every New Look You Create Should Be A Memory


Fans are obsessed with Kim's Instagram page as it's a great way to see exactly what she's up to each day. For herself, Instagram doubles up as a personal memory book of images.

The 34-year-old revealed, “I can look at any photo of myself and can tell who did my hair and makeup, where I was and who I was with. Photos are memories to me. As soon as I see an image all of the details of the day or moment come alive for me". So remember your not just creating a look but also a new memory.

13 Always Oil Up For Your Bikini Pics


When Kim attempted to "Break The Internet" with her nude Paper magazine cover it was obvious that she oiled up from top to toe. If you want to take the perfect bikini selfie then smother yourself in baby oil and get snapping at a flattering angle. This will help the light bounce off your body and give you the appearance of a sun-kissed goddess.

12 Never Leave The House Without A Nail File

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In every woman's handbag there should be a nail file. They are affordable, small and also a beauty life saver. Kim herself is OCD about her nails. She says, "My nails have to be perfectly square. I carry a file with me everywhere I go. I get anxiety when I get my nails done if it's not the person I use all the time, because I don't want to offend them when I ask to file my own nails!"

Nails are often a nightmare for a busy woman to keep well-maintained. Always having an emery board close to hand will be able to eliminate any unwanted chips or breakages. Perfect for when you're snapping a selfie holding your favourite cocktail.

11 Never Underestimate The Power Of Cupids Bow


It's always the most subtle tricks which work the best for you. Instead of laying on the thick lipliner to make your pout look more plump, take a light highlighter and use some just underneath your nose at the groove above your lips.

Your lips will then naturally catch the light and voila - you are pout perfect! This is called your cupids bow and one make-up trick Kim has been using for years.

10 Always Make Your Lashes Huge

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If there's one thing that can be said about Kim it's that her eyes always give impact. How she achieves her look is by not being shy when it comes to putting on the mascara. She said, "I layer mascaras. I want to learn to put (fake) lashes on." But for now she's got her natural pair looking fabulous.

If you want to fake it like you're wearing falsies then always use a plastic brush instead of nylon as this can lead to clumping. Prepare your lashes with a curler and always choose a high-impact shade that suits your skin tone.

9 Keep Practicing Your Selfie Game

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The perfect selfie takes a lot of practice so don't ever give up on keeping your game strong. Make sure your head is tilted at a flattering angle as this will highlight your cheek bones, find the perfect lighting, fan yourself slightly so your hair is not stuck to your face and then choose a filter that compliments your skin tone.

You should never take yourself too seriously. Even Kim knows this as her most popular posts on Instagram are when she is looking relaxed and natural.

8 Remember Sunscreen, Sunscreen And More Sunscreen

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Kim had a painful moment in 2009 when was on holiday in Mexico and went out in the blistering heat without sunscreen. She has since learned from her past mistakes and when asked what one item she would take with her to a desert island, she said, "Sunscreen, definitely. I would never go anywhere without it. It's my biggest beauty advice. I haven't always been strict on that, but it's something I've started thinking about more."

Using sunscreen can help with anti-ageing and lower the risk of skin cancer. When you're sunbathing your skin can lose it's natural protein but using sunscreen helps lock in the essential chemicals such as collagen, keratin and elastin.

7 Keep Stray Hairs Out Of Sight When You Have An Up-Do


Kim knows how to rock a ponytail like nobody else. There's an art behind getting your up-do perfect and it really is the most flattering way to show off your face.

For a slick and striking look you don't want any fly away hairs so Kim's trick is to apply a tiny bit of hair wax to the sides before pulling it up. You can also try hair spraying your brush and slowly smooth down and strays.

6 Be Bronzed

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You should be treating your bronzer like it's your best friend. Always ask the beautician at the make-up counter which bronzer is right for you - remember they are the experts. Typically your bronzer should be just two shades darker than your skin tone.

Also a beauty queen like Kim will always make sure she has the correct tools for the job. Investing in a good quality bronzer brush will help perfect your look. The bristles should be very close together so you can add more colour at once.

5 Avoid Dry And Damaged Hair After Dying


Kim is constantly keeping her hair on trend with the latest styles and shades. The only downside is re-dyeing your locks can cause long-term damage. If you want to keep your hair hydrated after you have changed colour then always condition immediately afterwards, leave the lotion in for at least three minutes and wash out using cool water.

Another great tip is when you shower with coloured hair make sure you start with warm water finish with cold. Warm water helps to open up your hair follicle and cold water seals this back up and lock all the moisture inside. You will be uncomfortable going from hot to cold but once you see your shiny tresses it will all be worth it.

4 Always Try Alternative Methods Instead Of Cosmetic Surgery


In 2014, Kim shocked the world when she and best friend Jonathan Cheban went to get a "vampire facial". The process stabs tiny needles of her own blood into her face and this helps stimulate the collagen and natural elasticity of your skin.

This is an expensive treatment but more a more natural way to achieve younger looking skin then just heading down the cosmetic surgery route. Despite ongoing rumours that Kim has had work done she has always vowed she won't ever get a facelift. She encourages women to achieve their good looks from make-up tricks instead of going under the knife.

3 Keep To A Natural Look If You're Pregnant


Kim experiments with her style and allows herself to make mistakes so we don't have to. Her advice is when you are pregnant don't attempt to play around with your look too much because you might not be happy when looking back on pictures in the future.

She advises on her Twitter: "Never do anything drastic to your appearance when pregnant. Bangs were such a mistake! LOL". Okay, so the bangs weren't her strongest look but at least we can all take note.

2 Reduce The Risk Of Cellulite By Changing Your Diet


In early episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim would often complain about her cellulite but lately she has said this has "gotten better with diet". Her typical diet includes oatmeal, salads and chicken.

You can beat cellulite too by making positive changes to your diet. Avoid any processed fatty foods such as sausages, cheese, biscuits and cake. Instead put plenty of good fat on your plate which you can find from lean meats and fish such as salmon.

1 Never Wear Your Make-Up To Bed


Kim told British magazine, Hello, that her number one beauty secret is never going to bed with her make-up on. Falling asleep with plenty of cake on your face can lead to acne and premature wrinkles.

She said during the interview, "My most essential product has got to be Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes in Night Calming. I need a makeup wipe at all times. That's the only way I take my make-up off." You could have the strongest make-up game but not keeping your skin clean is just going to cause you more problems with blotches.

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