20 Beauty Mistakes These Celebs Keep Repeating

With their armies of makeup artists and hair stylists, it’s hard to believe that celebrities would ever have a bad day when it comes to their look. But, makeup is an art form, and like any work of art, it takes time and talent to reach perfection.

Even if you’ve been in the business (or, at least the business of putting on makeup) for a while, you might still be repeating mistakes that threaten to make you look less than flawless. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 20 celebrities who keep on making the same beauty mistakes. From rocking the wrong type of foundation to going overboard with the eyeliner to not quite having contouring down, there are tons of ways celebs have "oopsed" perfectly good makeup looks on and off the red carpet.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter what celebrity has been victim to a makeup faux pas- all of us (those who wear makeup at least) have been guilty of this at one time or another. Hopefully, these stars learn what does and does not work for them, and you learn what beauty mistakes to avoid. You might just be surprised by some of these celebrity makeup mishaps.

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20 Selena Gomez: Highlighter That Blinds

via seventeen.com

Selena Gomez always looks glowing in our books- but we’re not sure if the pop star feels the same way. If she did, she likely wouldn’t cake on the highlighter, as she’s been known to do.

Evidently, Sel thinks she needs a bit of extra highlighter when she’s hitting the red carpet, even though we beg to differ.

In the right lighting, she probably looks like a glowing goddess. But in normal light (and with the flare from cameras), this look often leaves her appearing oily or greasy- so not cute!

All Selena needs to do is cut back on the highlighter in order to save herself from repeating this beauty blunder. And, if she’s still getting oily after that, then a matte powder will be her saving grace.

19 Bella Thorne: Her Eyes Don’t Match

Bella Thorne has worked hard to show fans she’s no longer a Disney Darling when it comes to her movie choices and fashion decisions.

But nothing proved that she’s ‘eclectic’ than when she hit the Hollywood social scene sporting two different shades of eyeshadow on her eyes. Seriously. The actress made quite the beauty statement by rocking one color of glitter on either eye- on her right eye she rocked blue sparkles, and on the left, she was spotted wearing red.

Although some might find this makeup move fashion-forward, many fans were left scratching their heads. That is, until Bella admitted she does her own makeup for the red carpet, and then it all made sense.

18 Lady Gaga: Draws On Her Brows

via pinterest.com

From her incredible sense of fashion, killer vocals, and undeniable musical talent, there are few things that Lady Gaga isn’t good at. But it looks like doing her brows is one of them.

Having full brows is all the rage nowadays, but that doesn’t mean you should literally be drawing them on with a brow pencil.

However, it doesn’t look like Gaga got the memo. For years, the celeb has been showing up to events with her brows darkly drawn on. Not only does it look cartoonish, but it certainly doesn’t look natural or chic.

Gaga needs to watch some YouTube tutorials before the next time she tries to fill in her brows!

17 Nicki Minaj: Overdoing The Blush

via billboard.com

There’s no denying that Nicki Minaj loves color! From her over-the-top outfits to her daring makeup looks, the rapper loves incorporating colors and patterns into her style in the most brilliant ways.

But, if there’s one way she might be overdoing it, we’d say it’s in her blush. The celebrity is often photographed with an outrageous amount of products on her cheeks, making it look unnatural and clownish. Pair that off with her bold lip colors, oversized lashes, and strong contour, and it often leaves Nicki looking too done-up with all of her makeup.

We’re not saying Nicki needs to ditch the blush altogether… maybe just tone it down one or two (or three!) notches.

16 Ariana Grande: Winged Liner That Flies

We love the aesthetic that Ariana Grande has going on from her adorable outfits to those high ponytails and bold makeup. But, with that being said, tons of fans think that it would still be all right if the singer took it down a notch with her winged liner.

Ariana has become known for her massive wings, which she more often than not rocks on the red carpet and during performances.

Sometimes her winged liner serves to open up her eyes and make them more prominent. But, other times the large size of the wings makes them look amateurish.

A bit of a winged look is cute, but there’s no need for them to extend past your eyebrows.

15 Kristen Stewart: Blend Until It Hurts

via marieclaire.com

Like many edgy celebrities, Kristen Stewart loves rocking a smokey eye look on the red carpet. And, while we wish we could say she always pulls it off, there are times the celebrity has missed the mark when it comes to her smudgy eye makeup look.

Many fans have pointed out that Kristen has a tendency to leave the house when her makeup isn’t blended properly. Specifically, the Twilight alum has been caught on more than one occasion with an eye makeup look that needs to be blended a lot more.

As they say, when in doubt just blend away. And a little bit of blending could do a whole lot for Kristen!

14 Kim Kardashian: Caking On The Bronzer

via romper.com

Though she may be the face of successful beauty brand KKW Cosmetics, Kim Kardashian still has a thing or two to learn about makeup application.

For years (and we really mean years), the reality star has been overdoing it with the bronzer. In the early 2000s, Kim had one of those awful, orange tans that has become synonymous with the decade.

And even though her tanning skills have gotten better, she hasn’t learned to have a gentle hand with her bronzer.

Rather, her “invention” of contouring appears to have made her more generous when applying bronzer… probably in order to hide all those contouring lines. Kim is glowy enough without caking on the powder, so hopefully, she’ll lighten up with the bronzer one of these days.

13 Taylor Momsen: Too Much Eye Makeup

via pinterest.com

If you’re a Gossip Girl fan, then you probably recognize Taylor Momsen as the hateable Jenny Humphrey from the earlier seasons. But, even if you’re a fan and didn’t recognize her, don’t be too hard on yourself. Taylor looks a lot different than she did when playing the Upper Easter sider.

Nowadays, Taylor mostly makes headlines for her outrageous use of eyeliner and shadow. Since going Goth- which happened not too long before she was booted from GG- the star began going for a raccoon-inspired eye look. Although we all love a smokey eye, many fans feel that Taylor is taking things way too far and would look better with a little less liner.

Do you agree?

12 Britney Spears: Forgot Her Setting Spray

via intouchweekly.com

Britney Spears will forever be an icon in our books. But that doesn’t mean she hasn’t had her cringe-worthy moments when it comes to makeup.

One mistake this musical legend keeps on repeating is that she steps out of the house without finishing her makeup with a setting spray.

That’s why her skin often appears oily or greasy after a busy day out.

A quick spritz of setting spray promises to keep your face makeup looking fresher and last longer, so it’s a must-have especially if you’re a celebrity with tons of public appearances to keep track of. Take note, Britney!

11 Lindsay Lohan: Patchwork Foundation

via pinterest.com

This is why a good primer is worth it!

It’s no secret that former child star Lindsay Lohan has been looking worse for wear in recent years. But we can’t just blame her party-hard lifestyle for her look. This celeb has also been the victim of bad makeup application more than once.

Lindsay has become notorious for walking the red carpet with patchy foundation. We’re not sure if she’s just using poor quality products, or she’s having difficulty blending it into her pores (primer and a beauty blender should be your best friend, Lindsay). Either way, it often leaves her complexion looking muddy and discolored.

10 Jennifer Lopez: Not The Right Nude Lipstick

via marieclaire.com

Jennifer Lopez is a glowing goddess in IRL. But one drawback of being so bronzed means that it’s easy to wear the wrong nude lipstick.

And poor J-Lo has fallen victim to this makeup faux-pas time and time again.

There are various pictures floating around the Internet that show the singer-actress trying to pull off a nude look. Often, the lipstick would be lighter than her skin tone, which would leave her looking washed out (and like she just bit into a jelly donut).

This is a lesson in being very careful what color nude lipstick you’re rocking so you can make sure it’s flattering instead of like you’re rocking concealer as lip gloss.

9 Christina Aguilera: Going Crazy With Self Tanner

via weheartit.com

Christina Aguilera has become synonymous with her trademark look- bleach blonde hair, red lips, and a lot of self-tanner.

There have been one too many times the iconic pop star has showed up to the red carpet looking orange rather than tanned. She usually tries to compensate by layering on a ton of bronzer, blush, and other makeup products, but it just leaves X-Tina looking overdone.

In recent years, Christina has definitely toned down her look in comparison to what her early 2000s makeup and outfits used to look like. But some think she should still consider relaxing on how much self-tanner she uses. Just a suggestion!

8 Victoria Beckham: Calm Down The Contour

Victoria Beckham has always had incredible cheekbones- which she shows off more often than not since she never seems to smile. Despite already having prominent facial symmetry, it seems this former Spice Girl still feels the need to contour.

In recent years, fans have been pointing out how Posh Spice’s contour has been a bit too over-the-top at times.

It’s easy to see the lines she’s drawn onto her face and how it could have been better blended before stepping out onto the red carpet. Given how chiseled her cheekbones already are, we don’t even think Victoria needs to be contouring in the first place.

7 Paris Hilton: Shimmer It Down

2000S Beauty Trends - Hairstyles And Makeup Trends From The 2000S throughout 2000S Hairstyles Trends Review - Medium Length & Short Hairstyles for Women

The height of Paris Hilton’s reign was during the early 2000s when everyone wanted to be the pink-wearing, Chihuahua carrying, original reality TV star. And, though the world has moved on from its Simple Life days, it’s clear that Paris is still hanging on for dear life.

The celeb has scarcely changed her beauty routine in the past decade, which includes adding ridiculous amounts of shimmer to her overall look. Specifically, Paris makes us cringe every time she wears a jaw-dropping amount of sparkles on her eyelid. It makes you think she’s a 10-year old girl first experimenting with makeup, rather than a 35-year old celeb who grew up in the spotlight.

Shimmer it down just a little, would you, Paris?

6 Khloe Kardashian: Overlining Her Lips

via weheartit.com

Khloe Kardashian may have been the sister that ratted Kylie Jenner out for her lip injections and not simply overlining her lips… but it looks like KoKo has some explaining to do herself.

In the past year, Khloe’s lips have been getting bigger and bigger in photographs.

Fans have been accusing the youngest Kardashian sister of getting lip injections for what seems like forever, but this time it’s clear something is going on with her pout. And, given that her lips don’t look too much bigger than normal without makeup, many fans are guessing Khloe has been going overboard with the liner.

We think Khloe had an amazing pout, to begin with, so perhaps she’ll cool it with the lip liner after she realizes it’s not the cutest look we’ve seen on her.

5 Angelina Jolie: Oily Isn’t Cute

via usweekly.com

Angelina Jolie is hands-down one of the most stunning actresses in the business. But this is proof that even the most gorgeous of celebs can fall victim to makeup blunders.

Although Angie has gorgeous skin, she’s known to get oily every now and then (who doesn’t?). However, this never looks cute in photos. The celeb has been pictured with greasy skin countless times, and this takes away from the rest of her gorgeous look.

Luckily, oily skin can be an easy makeup fix. All this celeb (or anyone with this problem) needs to do is set her makeup with a mattifying powder, which will specifically fight oil from forming throughout the day. Carry the powder in your bag or opt for blotting paper to touch up your skin throughout the day.

4 Nicole Kidman: Too Much Setting Powder

Aussie actress Nicole Kidman (aka Mrs. Keith Urban) is known for her porcelain skin, so one would assume she’d be on this list for putting on too much bronzer rather than what she’s actually on it for. But Nicole’s biggest beauty faux pas has been to wear too much powder while trying to set her face.

On more than one occasion, the celeb has been photographed with white rings under her eyes.

We guess that’s better than having dark circles- but it would be better altogether if she had no circles at all! Clearly, the celeb is guilty of wearing both a concealer that’s too light for her face and then over-packing it with powder.

This makes for a ghost-like effect, especially when cameras are continually flashing in your face. Less is usually more when it comes to powder!

3 Naomi Campbell: Visible Lip Liner

via dailymail.co.uk

Naomi Campbell’s career was definitely at its height in the 90s, so maybe that’s what the supermodel can’t leave this tw0-decades old makeup trend alone.

Just like she was doing while walking red carpets in the ‘90s, the celeb has yet to let go of her love for visible lip liners. Her liner is always a shade or two darker than her lip color, making her entire makeup look appear clownish and amateurish.

We suggest Naomi buy a couple of Kylie Jenner’s lip kits so she can learn how and why your liner is meant to match your lipstick. And you should avoid this makeup faux pas wholeheartedly.

2 Courtney Love: Smeared Lipstick And Liner

via billboard.com

Remember how your teacher used to tell you to stay inside the lines when coloring? Well, the same applies to your lipstick.

Courtney Love gained fame during the ‘90s as the lead singer of punk-rock band Hole and for being the infamous wife of Nirvana’s frontman Kurt Cobain.

During her heyday, Courtney owned the grunge look, from her messy eyeliner to smeared lipstick.

But the same can’t be said for her look nowadays. Courtney often looks unkempt and disheveled thanks to smeared makeup, not like she’s making a fashion statement. Maybe Courtney should think about reviewing what style of makeup is popular nowadays and giving lip liner a serious try.

1 Nicole Richie: Raccoon Eyes

via makeup.com

Nicole Richie is blessed to have big, beautiful eyes, which is why we can’t understand how she’s gotten into the habit of overlining them.

Since she first made a name for herself in the early 2000s alongside ex-bestie Paris Hilton, the starlet has become synonymous with covering her large hazel eyes black liner. Not only does this serve to make her eyes appear smaller, but it’s easy to smudge and gives off serious Goth-vibes.

We’d love to see Nicole rock a more au natural eye look to let her gorgeous eyes do the talking, not the copious amounts of eyeliner.

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