20 Beauty And Hair Care Products That Trending Makeup Artists And Hairstylists Actually Use

Ladies, do you have serious FOMO when it comes to beauty and hair care items? We know we do, if anyone recommends it, we're down to buy it and try it, but how many times have we all tried an over-hyped product and thought, that didn't give me the Angelina Jolie lips it promised, or the Kardashian contour I was after? ALL THE TIME. With so many makeup brands and sponsored posts on social mediums, it can be hard to find a ride or die product. So, today we're breaking down the hair care and beauty products that noteworthy hairstylists and makeup artists actually use so we can look like our inner star too. Here's to all of us living our #famous truth!

We're taking inspo from Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness, Kim Kardashian's makeup artist Mario, Chrissy Teigen's best friend/hair stylist Jen Atkins, who hangs out with supermodels too, Patrick Ta who helps the Hadid sisters look their best, and Kristin Ess, who has worked for and with Lauren Conrad, and we're spilling the deets on their favorite products to get that flawless look. Read on if you want to look and feel like Kelly Clarkson's song "Strong" and use the products that real trendsetters are using too!

20 'Queer Eye' Fans Noticed The Love For All Things Ouai


Honey! If you haven't been watching the Queer Eye revival on Netflix you are missing out on some serious beauty tips from Jonathan Van Ness, the grooming expert on the show/professional hairdresser that makes men more beautiful per every episode and helps them live their moisturized truth! Yasss! Anyway, JVN told Vogue the secret for gorgeous hair, and we're listening; "My biggest secret is that I don't over-wash my hair. I wash it twice a week at the most unless I'm on set every day. Over-washing it what creates so many of our hair issues...Ouai by Jen Atkin makes this dry shampoo foam that I love to put on mid-lengths and ends."

19 Jonathan Van Ness Uses Herbivore Body Oil To Live His Moisturized Truth


If you've been watching Queer Eye then you already know that JVN is just trying to look as beautiful as a Bob Ross painting but IRL, and us too babe, us too. He recommends the Herbivore body oil to live the most moisturized truth possible. According to Style Caster, JVN is all about a little self-care and said this about his pamper routine, "The Herbivore body oil is a lovely treat for after bath time as well." JVN also told Vogue this about his fav oils, "My grandma really was my style icon and she got more beautiful the older she got, so I want to see if I can do that too. And this oil is really working for me." Honey, just keep moisturizing!

18 Oribe's Mousse Is Also #JVN Approved, Kelly Clarkson Song Strong?


We're all looking for something Kelly Clarkson song strong for our hair and JVN recommends Oribe's Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse to up that fresh, tousled hair game, without a major hair wash day. According to Elite Daily, Van Ness said this about the product "It literally makes my blow dry last longer, even if I sweat. You really don't have to rewash your hair from scratch. You can just keep kind of blow drying the sweat into your hair with some dry shampoo." We're seriously hoping this gives us that JVN approved, Kelly Clarkson song strong, Bob Ross beauty feels hairdo.

17 Makeup By Mario Uses A Beauty Blender To Get That Dewy Glow


Ladies! This is a public service announcement if you're applying makeup with a brush, or your fingers, it's okay we've been there, but you're doing it wrong! If you're looking for that Kardashian dewy glow, it's time to embrace the beauty blender. Kim's makeup artist, known as @makeupbymario on the 'gram, gave us this beauty secret. According to InStyle the famous makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, said this "I always use the Beauty Blender to blend foundation, concealers, and of course, contour." The Beauty Blender has been on the YouTube scene for years and gives makeup a more natural look and feel and helps makeup melt into the skin, so it looks less cakey.

16 He Uses Tatcha Mist On Stars Like Kim Kardashian


Another staple item to get that Kim Kardashian that glow? Makeup by Mario uses Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist, which is available at Sephora and claims to be "a silky, fine mist moisturizer that can be used under or over makeup." According to Teen Vogue, "The product in question is Tatcha's Luminous Dewy Skin Mist, which both the glam guru and her makeup artist, Mario, love. Kim explained that she uses the mist to dampen her sponge and brush before applying product to help blend it out." We're all trying to look like the goddess that Mario transforms Kim into and that dewy, glow-y skin is definitely step one!

15 Tom Ford Contour Helps To Shade And Illuminate Famous Faces


Another product that makeup by Mario uses is this Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate highlight and shading duet set. The Kardashian contour is part of the Kardashian-Jenner's signature look, but Mario admits it took him a while to get it right. He opened up to People and shared, "The first time I ever contoured it came out so muddy, I'll never forget it. The model walked in and the photographer was like 'what's all that dirt on her nose?' Make sure you're setting the skin - use loose powder." If you've ever seen a before and after of Kim from a Mario master class you already know that he has his technique down for sculpting the perfect face!

14 Jen Atkin Uses The Dyson Hair Dryer On Her Famous Clients


Jen Atkin is the founder of hair brand The Ouai, but also is the hairstylist to celebs like Chrissy Teigen, Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Khloe Kardashian. If you follow Jen on Instagram, you already know she is living her best life, whether going on sponsored brand trips to gorgeous tropical places or hanging with her clients before getting them red-carpet ready. Jen is a huge fan of the Dyson Supersonic, Dyson's nearly $400 hair dryer. What's so special about this particular blow dry? According to Elle Canada Jen said this, "It's just so revolutionary. I feel like the dryer needed to be reinvented. It needed a face-lift. It's been so long since anything innovative has really happened! When I sat with them over a year ago, when I heard about the technology behind it, the facts - four and a half years to  make, $71 million behind it - I was sold." Where can we get one?!

13 And Her Famous Ouai Hair Oil


Of course, Jen is also a huge fan of her products; she frequents her Instagram stories to give the full break down of all the products used for each of her celebrity looks and she always includes something Ouai. The brand has gotten a lot more attention lately because of frequenting the Netflix mega-hit Queer Eye. Jen's goal with Ouai Haircare was to make the way we style our hair easier and easier on our hair too! According to Allure, "Jen Atkin's Ouai line is a cult favorite, and that includes the hair oil, which promises to protect color from fading, control frizz, and make hair feel soft and healthy."

12 Popular Stylists Need The Strength Of The Verb Strong Hold Hairspray


Another celebrity haircare and hairstylist favorite is Verb Strong Hairspray. According to Southern Living, "True to its Texas-roots, this Austin-based company's spray delivers big on volume while also imparting frizz fighting oils in a mess-free format. Use it to keep loose braids locked in or a top-knot looking top-notch." Those sexy, sleek hairstyles and pony-tails are in this summer and we love the packaging too! Celebrity stylists, like Jen Atkin, use it too - Jen posted on her Instagram stories that she uses this product on clients like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid and let's face it we're all trying to have super-model hair.

11 Makeup Artist To The Stars, Patrick Ta, Uses Giorgio Armani Foundation


Patrick Ta, a makeup artist to stars like Gigi Hadid, also has some favorite products that we're adding to our beauty bag ASAP. According to Teen Vogue Patrick said this about one of his favorite foundations, "Everyone is all about the no-makeup look - but lightweight foundations don't last as long, especially on the carpet. My favorite foundation is the Giorgio Armani Designer Lift Foundation. It's on the heavier side but it's really wearable if you break it down a little bit with oil. All you need is to add a few drops!" We're loving the idea of a glow-y, dewy makeup look and also just want to look like Gigi Hadid!

10 Iconic Makeup Artists Use Becca Highlighters To Get That Glow


Becca is known for giving that glow, thanks to stars like Chrissy Teigen, who has a Becca collab, the brand is getting a lot of celebrity attention. According to Teen Vogue, Allan Avendaño uses Becca products on stars like Camilla Cabello! He said this about the brand, "My favorite highlighter would have to be the Becca Cosmetics Liquid Shimmering Skin Perfector...I like to apply them after foundation and concealer. Sometimes I also like to mix it into the foundation for an all-over glow...Highlighter should be applied on all of the high points of the face that will catch light." Don't forget YouTube beauty guru Jaclyn Hill also loves Becca and lets her highlight pop, with shade Champagne Pop!

9 Gigi Hadid's Makeup Artist Uses La Mer's The Powder


Another celebrity product favorite is La Mer's setting powder. Patrick Ta is a huge fan and so is YouTube beauty guru and Quay sunglass collaborator, Desi Perkins. According to Coveteur, Patrick said this about the powder, "I love using The La Mer Sheer Pressed Powder only on the center of the face. This allows me to keep the perimeter of your face nice and dewy and sets the makeup without ever looking cakey or dry. It mattifies, but it somehow manages to keep the skin hydrated." The product has an almost $100 price tag for less than half an ounce of powder, but according to a lot of Sephora reviews is worth every penny!

8 Kristin Ess Keeps It Simple With Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat Leave In Conditioner


This product is Kristen Ess approved! According to Lauren Conrad's website, Rachel, managing editor said this when writing about favorite hair products, "This is the one product I absolutely can't live without! My friend and hairstylist Kristin Ess recommended it to me years ago, and I've used it on a daily basis ever since. Every time I take a shower I spritz this through my wet hair before I blow dry and it leaves my hair feeling soft and smooth after I style it. It also smells incredible, and gives my hair the silkiest texture ever." This product is also super affordable - yay!

7 She Also Uses Living Proof Restore Shampoo And Lauren Conrad Loves It


We're living for Living Proof and so is Lauren Conrad and her team and here's the proof. According to Lauren Conrad's website, her managing editor said this about the brand, "Kristin Ess told me to use this product a few years ago, and it's been a part of my regular hair care routine ever since. It keeps my colored hair strong, smooth, and smelling delicious." Sephora's site claims that Living Proof's products are based in science and help to create a protective coating for hair, leaving it soft and shiny! Any product that makes our hair look even a little bit like Lauren Conrad's we'll swipe our cards for!

6 Kristen Ess Also Created A Line Of Hair Care Available At Target, Including Rose Gold Tint

Richard Magazine

Kristin Ess also has her own brand of products that have been featured on Lauren Conrad's Instagram stories. Her line is available at target and includes products like a rose gold millennial pink tint for blondes! According to Allure, Kristin said this about the brand, "I was so excited to embody all hair types, all hair textures, and really get it right on each one." Kristin's packaging is simple and sweet and her product lineup is affordable for girls on a budget too! Her lineup includes shampoos, conditioners, dry shampoo, and styling products like sea salt spray and a texturizing mist.

5 Eye Masks Are An A-List Secret, SK-II Signs Eye Mask Are Chrissy Teigen's Favorite


It seems to be a celebrity trend to post photos pre red-carpet rocking a before makeup eye mask and it makes us want to have a little spa day with our favorite celebs! Stars like Chrissy Teigen and Kristen Bell especially are on trend for this one. Girls get your sheet masks out! According to Refinery 29 Teigen said this about the brand, "It's funny because I'm actually really crazy about [skin care] when I'm on an airplane or something...But, when I come home after a long day, I'm not great about keeping everything up - the serums, the lotions, and the potions that I have...There are certain products that I stand by [and] absolutely adore...I love SK-II's full face masks or just [those for] the under eyes."

4 Glossier Cloud Paint Is Cheeky Enough For The Red Carpet


How cute is Glossier's packaging?! Like, we actually can't. They look like little tubes of paint, and girl, we want to paint our face with their cloud paint! According to Yahoo, last year celebs were asked to wear Glossier's, then not yet released, blushes to the Oscars; "Celebrities incorporated the affordable new formula into their ultra-glam Oscars looks. Chrissy Teigen's 'goddess moment' has gold undertones, in honor of the Oscars. Makeup artist Mary Phillips kept the look 'soft, sexy, bronze.' She wanted Chrissy to look 'vibrant, fresh, and sexy.'" This brand is an internet sensation and we're ready to look glossy!

3 Selena Gomez Loves Marc Jacobs' Liner


Anything that brings us closer to Selena Gomez is worth it, right? Well, what about these $25 eyeliners that she loves and that makeup artists use on her pretty much exclusively? According to E! News, "There's nothing worse than an eyeliner that feels like you're dragging a No. 2 pencil across your lid. That's why we welcome Marc Jacobs gel crayon with open arms...It's a beginner's dream, as well as the pro's must-have...For Selena's 2017 Billboard Awards makeup, celeb makeup artist Hung Vanngo used the eyeliner to define the star's eyes." Well, we officially know what eyeliner we're adding to our Sephora cart, here's to hoping we can get it even on both sides though...

2 'Queer Eye's JVN Loves A Green Stick And So Do We!

Cover FX

We've got another tip from Jonathan Van Ness, aka our favorite guy on Queer Eye and honey can you believe? JVN helps the people on the show look and feel good and he revealed a little tip and trick for those struggling with redness! According to the Queer Eye Twitter account, "A good green stick can be anybody's best friend. Just dab a bit where you see redness and blend it out. Remember, if you can see it, you did too much." One thing we can never have too much of? JVN's major hair and beauty tips!

1 Oribe Is Another Fan Favorite For Shampoo Too!


These shampoos are expensive, but another celeb favorite! According to InStyle, "Demi Lovato loves having this Oribe shampoo stocked in the shower. It's gentle enough for everyday use, but still effective at keeping hair smooth, protected, and tangle free." The shampoos retail for nearly $50 per bottle, but according to Allure the brand is a best of beauty winner year after year; "Not only is the packaging so sleek and pretty that they dress up a vanity like nobody's business, but their products are absurdly good." We're thinking of buying a bottle to dress up our vanity, our hair, and our Instagram feed!

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