20 Beautiful Photos Of Reese Witherspoon

Hollywood always seems to be plagued by scandals, and lately, we’ve all seen how many actors and actresses secretly have a dark side that has been hidden from the camera for years. However, Hollywood isn’t a total cesspool: there are plenty of wholesome and talented celebrities out there who have been working hard for everything they’ve earned. And throughout their long careers, they’ve managed to stay mostly scandal-free and consistently put out good work. One of those actresses is Reese Witherspoon! Reese is super talented, and she’s been in plenty of films that many women know and love, from Legally Blonde to Wild to Walk the Line. And although she’s been working in Hollywood for decades now, she’s managed to stay out of any drama most of the time—except for the kind that happens on screen! If you’re a fan of Reese, check out these 20 photos of her looking gorgeous.


20 The Tonight Show

At this point in her career, Reese has probably been on hundreds of talk shows. When you spend a few successful decades in Hollywood, people definitely want to hear what you have to say, and you’ll always be promoting a new project. This photo is from behind the scenes while Reese is getting ready to go on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Although Reese is all made up and ready to be on TV, she looks so relatable here. This could be any of us looking in the mirror and putting on our makeup to go out with friends or head out to dinner with family. And check out that bronze smoky eye look—so cute! Plus, it’s always cool to see celebs looking a little more relaxed and low maintenance behind the scenes instead of always seeing them in front of the camera. But either way, Reese is always looking beautiful.

19 Like Mother, Like Daughter


So, who is this girl hanging out with Reese in this photo? Is she a lucky fan, a co-star on a movie set, or someone else who works in the entertainment industry? Nope, this is actually a photo of Reese with her daughter, Ava! You may not have recognized her at first because Reese’s kids actually tend to stay out of the spotlight. You won’t see a ton of family drama in the pages of every tabloid. This is probably because Reese was raised with a pretty strict Southern upbringing and always valued education and working hard on her acting career. Therefore, she’s probably raising her kids with a similar mindset! Both Witherspoon girls look super cute and happy in this photo—they’re all smiles! Even though Ava has gotten creative with her hair color, you can definitely still see a huge resemblance to Reese—the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

18 Are We Seeing Double?

It must be tough to make real friends in Hollywood. It’s a dog eat dog world out there, and you can never know who to really trust in the entertainment industry. However, for stars who know how to stay out of drama, it’s pretty safe to assume that they have a good support system that helps them keep their head above all the petty stuff. Reese, Cameron Diaz, and Drew Barrymore are known to be a trio of close friends, and the three of them will even plan girls’ trips together when they need to take a break from the craziness of their industry! Besides making friends in Hollywood it is also important to have a good family life which we know Reese has! While her split from Ryan Phillippe might be the biggest drama we've heard about her, it's nice to know that she hangs out with her daughter! In this photo, you can see Reese and Ava, again, just hanging out, perhaps after a long day of sitting by the pool or going to the spa! It's almost uncanny how the two of them look identical, you can't even tell who is who. Also, side note—doesn’t Ava look adorable with a nose ring? She may not rock it very often, but we like it!

17 Little Black Dress


It can be tricky to balance looking hot and glamorous with looking classy and modest. Sometimes we think we need to show off by going out in a tiny skirt that we’re tugging down all night, or a shirt that barely covers your chest. On the other hand, if you’re going somewhere with a more formal, serious dress code, you might feel the need to cover up and look a little more mature. However, in this photo, Reese manages to do both. Everyone knows that wearing black somehow always makes you look a bit fancier, and this black dress fits her perfectly and shows off just enough skin. Plus, she has mastered the art of accessorizing here. Just check out that bracelet—it’s the perfect statement piece to match with an outfit like this. And to top it all off, her pink lipstick perfectly compliments her black eyeliner and mascara.

16 All Natural

The pressure to wear makeup in Hollywood is intense. Just look at the backlash that Alicia Keys got when she publicly announced that she would no longer be wearing makeup, even on the red carpet! Even though Reese has made no such commitment, it’s not hard to find photos of her wearing very little to no makeup. Let’s face it, she definitely doesn’t need it—she’s already very naturally beautiful. In this photo, you can see that she is fresh-faced and smiling, no heavy makeup necessary. And she looks great! There’s no need to cake makeup on your face when most of the time, the natural look is way nicer. Reese is the perfect example of that. Plus, in this photo, she also has frizzy, natural hair—yet she still looks great. It’s just proof that so many women are naturally beautiful and don’t yet see it for themselves.

15 Tell Me Somethin' Good


Let’s be real here for a minute, there’s nothing more beautiful than a woman openly laughing out of sheer joy. And that’s exactly what you can see Reese doing in this photo. She looks adorable! Reese is one of those celebrities who generally appears to be happy and smiling, so a photo of her laughing is nothing new. But still, it’s nice to see celebrities just let loose and look genuinely happy, even when it’s not a photo shoot. It reminds us that no matter how famous or important we are, we all need to just let go of our inhibitions and be silly every once in a while. Plus, let’s talk about Reese’s outfit for a moment. Her cheeky T-shirt fits her perfectly, and she always looks just as good in casual clothes as she does when she’s all dressed up for the red carpet. Also, check out that red lipstick!

14 Elle Woods Style

Source: TMZ

Even though Reese began her acting career in the early 90s, landing her first film role in 1991, she didn’t get her “big break” for nearly a decade after that. While she steadily gained clout throughout the 90s and became more and more popular, Legally Blonde was the film that really put her on the map. That’s when we all fell in love with Reese, AND her character Elle Woods. Elle was a great role model for young women watching the film—who knew a movie could be so fashionable, funny, and feminist at the same time? Elle was smart, stylish, and super dedicated to her goals. On the tenth anniversary of the film, Reese dressed up in one of Elle’s famous looks—this sparkly pink bikini—and recreated a photo from a hilarious scene of the film. Now we totally want to go back and watch Legally Blonde again!


13 Flirty Photo Shoot

Source: A to Z

Whoa! We’re used to Reese looking pretty wholesome in most of her photos. She’s a mom, she’s in her forties, she’s not exactly a wild party girl. But remember, she’s been working in the entertainment industry for a long time, and when she began, she was obviously much younger than she was now. And what’s wrong with a young woman showing off her sensual side every once in a while? Absolutely nothing! After all, it’s not like she’s going full Kim Kardashian here—she’s just showing off a little shoulder. She’s got the come hither look down pat, and she’s totally making eyes at the camera. And can we just pause for a second and admire that adorable haircut? The short blonde bob looks great on Reese, especially in this photo. And once again, she’s got a barely-there makeup vibe going, which is also the perfect look for her.

12 Bunny Vibes

So, just being candid here, we all know that the minute a girl puts on a pair of bunny ears, everyone is going to be reminded of the Playboy bunnies. At this point, those ears are basically a cultural icon for Playboy. But even though Reese is wearing bunny ears here, the rest of her outfit is cute and low-key, not skimpy and risqué. The bunny ears give it a flirty vibe, but her cozy sweater keeps it from going over the top. This is really Reese’s overall style. Just like in the last photo, even when you see her being a little more flirtatious and sultry, she never pushes it too far into inappropriate territory. She always manages to keep things just classy enough. Also, even though we might look like a little kid dressed up by her mom for Easter in that sweater, Reese rocks it—go figure!

11 Fixin' Lemons Into Lemonade


First of all, let’s just establish that we all love Pellegrino, and we love that Reese is into it, too. And second of all, every aspect of this outfit is perfectly coordinated. She’s definitely giving off some classy country club vibes here. We’re obsessed with those sunglasses—they’re the kind you want to wear when you want to give off that slightly intimidating impression, all while still looking cute. Her red lipstick is popping, especially in contrast to all the pale pink and yellow tones in her outfit. We’ve got to hand it to Reese—she really does look amazing in almost any color of lipstick! We’re super jealous of her complexion. And it’s clear that she has a knack for pulling off silly slogan tees that would look ridiculous on the rest of us. Only Reese could rock a shirt that says “Fixin’ lemons into lemonade” and look this good.

10 Black and White

Reese looks beautiful in color AND in black and white. This photoshoot has more of a straight-up glamorous vibe than some of her other “girl next door” looks, and we’re all about it. The black and white looks so bold. First of all, check out that smoky eye—wow! Why can’t we blend that nicely? Sadly, we don’t all have professional makeup artists to help us look as good as Reese does here. If only, right? The dramatic smoky eye paired with a totally neutral lip balances out perfectly so that the makeup doesn’t overpower her natural features. Her hairstyle is just messy enough, and the flyaway strands frame her face so nicely. And while she’s got a comfy sweater on, showing off that lacy camisole is a great look. In typical Reese fashion, it’s just risqué enough to catch your eye without pushing the boundaries too much.

9 Vintage


Awww, you can tell that this is definitely an older photo of Reese. It’s always fun to look at old photos of your favorite celebs who have been working in Hollywood forever! It’s like taking a little step back into a time machine. As you can see, Reese has always been rocking fun lipstick colors—this bright berry pink matches the color of her shirt. And if you look closely at the details of this photo, you can see that she bought into that old trend of over plucking her eyebrows! Yup, this used to be way more popular back in the day—now, we’re all about bolder, dramatic eyebrows, but that wasn’t always the case. Despite that, she still looks cute. And while some of us might look like we were wearing a picnic blanket if we stepped out of the house with that tank top, Reese actually makes it work!

8 Signing Autographs

This photo shows Reese signing an autograph for a fan—lucky! It’s so funny to look at older photos like the last one compared to newer photos like this one. While some stars totally crash and burn throughout the decades, Reese has continuously put out good films, and on top of that, she’s continued looking great too! We’re pretty jealous—are we going to look this good when we hit forty? We can only cross our fingers and hope. Also, whoever Reese’s stylist always seems to hit the mark. This dress has a pretty dramatic V neckline, which might look a little too skimpy on some women, but not on Reese. And as usual, we’ve got to compliment her lipstick choice. This bright, bubblegum pink doesn’t look cartoonish, it fits right in with Reese’s natural complexion. Plus, the little bit of wave in her short blonde hair looks amazing!

7 Seductive


This photo is simple, yet sultry all the same. Reese doesn’t need any dramatic poses or barely-there outfits to get that vibe across. Her facial expression says it all! But even though the focus in this photo is totally on her face, we’re going to point out a few other great features too. First of all, her messy hair looks great—it’s not like she “woke up like this,” and it’s clearly carefully styled as part of the photo shoot, but it’s still a great look for her. Plus, we love the way that she accessorized for this particular shoot. When you need to live up your outfit a bit, there’s no easier way to do that than grabbing a few of your favorite pieces of jewelry before you head out the door. These silver rings are subtle, but they add just enough shine to catch your eye in this photo.

6 Smoky Eyes

Wow, we’re loving this look! It might not be Reese’s typical style, but she definitely looks good here. Her hair is somewhere between “fresh out of the shower” and “just slicked back,” and the casual style looks good on her. Her grey smoky eye look brings out similar tones in her eyes, and her peachy pink lipstick is the perfect match for her eyeshadow. This is giving us pretty dramatic vibes—like it’s a moment in a movie right before Reese’s character gets into a fight, discovers an important secret or tells someone off. And we’re digging it. Reese is a very versatile actress. While she might look like a peppy, happy blonde in some photo shoots, she also has the power to change up her style and expression completely and do something different. That’s one reason why she has had such a long and successful career in Hollywood.

5 Throwback


This is another older photo of Reese, most likely from the 90s! While there were some very questionable fashion trends in the 90s, Reese seems to have avoided them for this red carpet look. She went for the classic “little black dress,” which will never steer you wrong, no matter what decade it is. She’s always had that classic blonde bob, which frames her face so nicely. She really knows how to rock short hair! But one stand out feature from this photo is the color of her eyes. Just look at those baby blues—they’re stunning! Whether it’s her natural shade, color contacts or a makeup artist who is secretly a wizard and really knows how to bring out that color, her eyes look amazing. We wish we knew her secret! And of course, she’s got the perfect shade of classic red lipstick to finish off the look right.

4 Mirror Image

Reese looks so lovely in white! There’s something pensive about this photo—you may have had moments like this, too. You know, those times when you look into a mirror and have to give yourself a little pep talk, tell yourself how good you look or just psyche yourself up inside for a good night? Yea, that’s probably what’s going on here. Celebrities are always under a ton of pressure, no matter what they’re doing. To look a certain way, to be a role model, to spend time with the right people, to go on the right talk shows, to choose the right projects, to get good publicity no matter what the cost. It can really take a toll on people. Here, it almost seems like Reese is having a little moment to herself, even though there’s still a camera on her. It’s a “You got this” kind of look.

3 Green Eyes


This photo really does prove that Reese has gorgeous eyes. Yes, she might be using color contacts sometimes to achieve these looks, but we’ve got to hand it to her—she looks amazing with both blue eyes and green eyes. Some people just have eyes that you could gaze into all day, and there’s no doubt that Reese is one of those people. Furthermore, her hair looks perfect here. Maybe it’s true that blondes really have more fun! And with blonde hair like that, there is just no doubt that nobody except Reese could have played Elle Woods in Legally Blonde. Seriously, no one in Hollywood could have pulled it off the way Reese did. One final note on this photo: we love the creative neckline on Reese’s dress. Oh, and that peachy, coral lip color. Yes, we do have to mention her lipstick every time, it really is that pretty.

2 Staying Fit

Obviously, celebrities have got to stay fit—there’s a lot of pressure to look good! We’ve all seen how this can manifest in unhealthy behaviors, like eating disorders, following fad diets or having bad body image. And we understand how this could happen. When you live in a world where people constantly judge you based on your looks, you will feel super anxious about fitting into a certain mold. However, Reese has always been at a very healthy weight. Even when she was filming Legally Blonde, portraying a stereotypically hot college student, she still looked healthy and fit. And in this photo, you can see that running is obviously an integral part of her workout routine! We wish we looked this cute when we were running! Anyone else look like a sweaty mess compared to Reese? And if we had her awesome workout gear, we’d be more motivated to work out.

1 Five O' Clock Somewhere


Reese is letting loose in this photo! Hey, we all need a drink every once in a while. Especially if you work in the crazy entertainment industry like Reese does. This photo shows Reese at her best. She’s smiling, having a good time, and just relaxing. There’s no photo shoot going on, no makeup crew and stylist putting her look together, no director deciding how everything should look. It’s so nice to see celebrities just hanging out and being their natural selves. When we see photos of our favorite celebs in magazines, on the runway or on the big screen, it can feel like they’re untouchable people who are so far above what we could hope to be. But at the end of the day, the truth is that celebrities are people just like us, and this photo just proves it. Haven’t we all had a moment just like this before?


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