20 Bachelorette Engagement Rings From The Show That Are Too Gorgeous For Words (& 5 That Are Just Meh)

The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are probably two of the most tempting shows on television. Even those of us who turn our noses up at cable TV (who needs it in this age of TV-on-demand websites like Netflix, right?) are still drawn to The Bachelor and its offshoots. Like moths drawn to a drama-filled flame, we can’t stop watching The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. It’s turned into a point of pride, being able to rattle off all the names of the dreamiest bachelors and prettiest bachelorettes. It’s one thing to know the contestants, but it’s a whole other thing to know the rings.

The rings are the final gauntlet that gets a gasp every single time. The proposal episodes are always the best, where we get to find out which lucky guy (or girl) is going to say yes to a lifetime of a made-for-Monday-night-television romance. While it seems silly to the uninitiated, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are basically modern fairytales. They make us believe in love. Twenty of these rings also make us believe in love…or, maybe just in the power of diamonds. The other rings? Some of them are middle of the road and were easily outshone by the romance itself. Five of them are totally meh, with some even bordering on blah.

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25 Becca Kufrin’s Caused A Little Stir, But We LOVE The Sparkle


Becca Kufrin’s was on the receiving end of controversy after the 22nd season of The Bachelor. Us Magazine reminds us that she was proposed to by Arie Luyendyk Jr., but the engagement was broken later. Kufrin was the given this beautiful ring on The Bachelorette, which we think totally makes up for the pain and heartbreak she might have felt the first time around.

After all, this is a ring with three diamonds and an 18 karat band!

It’s sparkly and sweet, and screams "I swear I won't break off our engagement". 

24 Rachel Lindsay’s Pear-Shaped Diamond Style Is So Sweet


Season 13 of The Bachelorette ended on this beautiful note, with a ring slightly bigger than a large raindrop perched on top of Rachel Lindsay’s finger. The pear-shaped diamond is a unique shape, but one that suits her personal style well. She loved the ring, and we totally understand why. Not only is it one large, rounded-edge diamond, but The Knot also revealed that it had 80 smaller diamonds set in a halo around it. The only thing sweeter is Rachel Lindsay's gorgeous smile!

23 Lauren Bushnell’s Is Big And Bold


This ring comes to us from a proposal that happened on The Bachelor, but we had to include it. It’s hard to ignore that huge rock, but somehow it doesn’t overpower her.

Large rings take a large personality to balance, and Lauren Bushnell certainly has that in spades.

That ring is big and bold, just like her. The square design works well with this large stone, as the angles make it easy to wear with both dressy and casual outfits. The Knot mentions how it’s got an “art deco vibe”, making it just quirky enough to perfectly match Lauren’s personality.

22 Ali Fedotowsky’s Was Too Busy And Clunky


We don’t want to say it was the ring that caused the split, but c’mon. Seriously though, we’re sad that this couple decided to call it off. According to The Knot they decided to call it off because they just weren’t happy. The Knot goes on to report that Fedotowsky is happily married now, though we don’t know if she decided to keep this ring or not. Our guess would be no; it’s too busy to wear with formal dresses but too showy to wear with casual outfits. It feels a little out of place on her hand, earning this ring a definite meh.

21 Desiree Hartsock’s Ring Has A Beautiful Twist


There’s something about non-traditional rings that get us excited. We love the way that these rings look on a person’s hand. The classic band-with-a-big-stone is fine, but there needs to be some sort of dramatic personalization to draw us in.

Desiree Hartsock’s is a perfect example of a classically styled ring that was given a beautiful twist; literally!

The sides are slightly twisted, making this look delicate, intricate, and handcrafted for Hartsock. We’re definitely putting this one on the “future husband” Pinterest board!

20 Andi Dorfman’s Ring Is Totally Bling


What’s better than a big rock? A big rock with even more rocks around it. This is one of the most stacked of all the rings, which was an excellent choice for this bachelorette. Not only was she incredibly outgoing, but she seemed to really like the attention. While The Knot reminds us that the engagement didn’t work out, at least we’ll always have this perfect ring to remember. A big, beautiful oval of a diamond and a double halo of other diamonds? Nothing to complain about there!

19 Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Is Gorgeous, And Perfect For Her


The season 11 Bachelorette star was awarded the title of getting “most expensive ring”.

The Knot says that this engagement ring cost $150,000, and was specifically crafted for Kaitlyn Bristowe.

While we’re getting quirky vibes from that twist in the band, the rest of the ring is quite traditional. The look of the diamond isn’t anything too out of the ordinary, and we love the way the square diamond fits on her hand. What a great way to start off the rest of their lives together!

18 Jen Schefft Had A Classic (And Classy) Band


This band might not look like much (or much reason to say yes), but we believe that there’s room in the ring box for every style. This ring seems plain compared to some of the other ones, but it’s not boring. The band is a strong, classic silver, which adds a powerful contrast to the delicate diamond placed on top. While this ring technically was on The Bachelor (not The Bachelorette), we had to include it anyway. It would be a list about The Bachelor franchise without one of their original picks, Jen Schefft!

17 Estella Gardinier’s Promise Ring Is… Meh


Okay, let’s talk about the concept of a promise ring. We think it’s sweet when young couples give each other a promise ring. Some people think they’re silly or unnecessary, but we like the commitment that they symbolize. Us Magazine says that this promise ring cost $45,000.

You read that right: $45,000 for…that.

It’s not a bad ring. We would be proud to wear that ring. But it’s nowhere near as interesting (or as personal) as some of these others. While Estella Gardinier wasn’t a wild contestant, we think she deserves something a little more individual than this.

16 Jillian Harris’s Stole Our Hearts


Jillian Harris is a lovely human being. She’s given so much amazing insight into her life that we feel as if we actually know her. Her ring was a beautiful one, with dainty diamonds and a whole lot of sparkle. While some of the other rings featured pizzazz, hers oozes class and confidence. This sparkle isn’t over the top at all. Instead, it’s a delicate, sunlight-on-the-ocean kind of sparkle. That’s exactly the kind of beauty that we want in an engagement ring. It’s subtle, but still impactful enough to get people talking.

15 DeAnna Pappas’ Had A Classic Style


When we’re little kids and daydreaming about marriage, the most common engagement ring style that comes to mind is this classic looking one. Diamonds are inlaid in the band, which is a cool and sleek silver.

The centerpiece is a big, shining diamond that catches the light perfectly when posing for those social media pics.

DeAnna Pappas got everyone’s dream engagement ring. It might not have been quirky or creative, but it certainly brings a tear (of joy) to our eye.

14 Whitney Bischoff’s Ring Looks Like The Night Sky


This gorgeous diamond-studded style is everything we could ever hope for in an eye-catching engagement ring. The sparkle and shine are off the charts and could be considered similar to the night sky. Each diamond shines like a little star, twinkling and waving at us with every little shift and change. It might seem over the top to some people, but we’re pretty pleased with it. We all need a little drama in our lives. At least that drama was in the ring, rather than in the engagement!

13 Ashley Hebert Was On Cloud Nine With This Cushion-Cut Diamond Ring


We’ll admit, we weren’t sure what cushion-cut meant when we started researching these rings.

Lumera Diamonds explains that a cushion-cut diamond is essentially a diamond that’s been cut as a square, with the edges a little bit rounded.

It’s a tried and true cut that’s been around for ages. While it doesn’t have the same sort of sparkle that those more angular cuts have, Hebert seemed pleased anyway. It was studded with many, many other diamonds to add that sparkle, after all. Definitely one of the best!

12 Courtney Robertson Got A Cushion-Cut Too, And It’s Just As Lovely


As we said, cushion-cut rings are a classic style that looks good on almost every hand size. While small fingers can easily be overcrowded by large diamonds, cushion-cut stones have rounded edges that make them wearable by even the most subdued person. Courtney Robertson wore this ring with confidence, and she seemed to suit it well. The close-up photo of the ring published by Us Magazine shows that it had some fun and sparkle to it too, with a little frill at the bottom.

11 Vanessa Grimaldi Was Dazzling With Diamonds


This contemporary and outgoing couple stole our hearts with their personalities, smiles, and overall compatibilities. Grimaldi was one of the most stunning contestants on the show, both in heart and looks.

We loved her laugh, and were so pleased when Viall proposed to her with this dazzling ring.

The Knot reports that they never actually got married, but that doesn’t stop us from loving this fairytale-worthy ring. They reported that 164 diamonds made up the sparkle and shine on this ring; that’s why it’s truly dazzling.

10 Emily Maynard’s First Ring Was Fine


Emily Maynard is another big name in The Bachelor world. While she’s so sweet and lovable, there just wasn’t enough between the two to stick her first engagement together. Womack, whom Us Magazine reports as being the 15th season’s bachelor, and Maynard split even before Maynard was on The Bachelorette. He had given her an okay ring, but it wasn’t anything to write home about. It was a classic split ring, which means there’s a diamond in the center and plain bands (sometimes diamond encrusted) holding either side of it. Creative? Not quite.

9 But Her Second Ring Was Sparkly And STUNNING


Her second engagement, however, featured an absolutely gorgeous ring. This is as far away from meh as we can get!

The ring was a beautiful emerald-cut diamond, which is a great cut for catching the light and shooting off the sparkle.

We hope she decides to wear the ring forever, even though that engagement didn’t last either. First The Bachelor, then The Bachelorette… Did this woman ever find love? Yes! While we don’t have a shot of their engagement ring, Maynard did get happily married to Tyler Johnson, as The Knot reports.

8 Meredith Phillips’ Is More Boxy Than Beautiful


The two of them were super sweet, but this ring didn’t meet any of our expectations. We were expecting some old school glamor for this elegant lady, but instead, we were met with a boxy ring that just didn’t pair well with her style. While we’re not saying it was a poor choice, we are saying that we think a different style would have suited her more. The look just doesn’t match the lady. When shopping for an engagement ring, that’s something that needs to be kept in mind!

7 JoJo Fletcher’s Made Us Fall In Love Too


JoJo Fletcher was always a spunky one, which turned some people away from her during the competition. We for one were always on team JoJo, and even more so after her engagement. This ring is a beautiful, refined-but-wild style that features an excellent amount of sparkle.

The band was studded with sparkle, making the ring eye-catching without being too ostentatious.

There’s nothing better than a well-balanced ring. We’re glad that JoJo got such a beautiful style with this proposal.

6 Vienna Girardi’s Narrow Band Still Packs A Sparkly Punch


The sparkle on this ring is second to none. Only an extremely confident person could rock a style like this, which is why it’s no surprise that Girardi got to embrace this look. In a similar style to JoJo’s (which we just discussed above), this ring has some sparkle happening on the band. Unlike JoJo’s the diamond is that classic cushion-cut, wrapped with diamonds and sitting pretty on her finger. It was like a sparkly punch but in the best possible way.

5 Melissa Rycroft’s Ring Had A Lot Going On


The Melissa Rycroft era wasn’t for everyone. This is seen in the ring choice as well as in the public personality she embraced. Her style was very loud and proud, which is something we admire.

She never apologized for who she was or what she was doing.

The ring speaks to that as well, with everything from diamond halos and thick bands to a big old diamond smack-dab in the center. It’s attention-grabbing, which was perfect for Rycroft’s big personality. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to our taste though.

4 Sarah Brice Got Three Rings In One, And It Looks So Good


No, we don’t seriously mean she was proposed to with three rings. We mean that she got the equivalent of three rings with this one engagement piece. The ring features three stones, making it outstanding in many ways. Firstly, they’re all equally as gorgeous. Secondly, they’re not too much for her smaller hands. And thirdly, she’s clearly loving showing it off; at least in this photo! The two of them were so sweet, and we’re so pleased she was gifted with this 3-for-1 ring.

3 Lauren Burnham Has Quite The Ring, Even If She Was The Runner-Up


This was quite the dramatic moment. We’ll try not to spoil it, but it’s hard to talk about this gorgeous ring without going into the proposal details. Lauren Burnham wasn’t actually chosen to be proposed to season 22 of The Bachelor.

Luyendyk broke off the engagement he had chosen initially in order to propose to Burnham.

They seem happy, and The Knot says they’re even wedding planning already. The ring speaks to his love as well, with so many details that prove he truly paid attention to her wants.

2 Trista Rehn’s Rings Have Had Their Ups And Downs


Trista Rehn’s rings (yes, plural) have proven that it is possible to wear good and bad engagement rings all at once. This woman is another one who’s had multiple proposals, and it’s kind of hard to keep track of them all! We respect the fact that this woman won’t stop until she feels the engagement is truly right. However, it’s hard to judge which ring is the best when there’s been more than one! We wish her happiness and rings that are anything but meh in the future.

1 Mary Delgado Has Every Young Girl's Perfect Ring


This beautiful ring is fit for a fairytale, even more so than some of the others we’ve seen. This ring features three center stones, held together in such a way that it looks like a delicately crafted tiara.

A little tiara, right on her finger. What could be more beautiful?

Many of us dream of rings like this when we’re young girls. Marriage might be a maybe for some, but those of us that want it certainly aren’t afraid to dream about those beautiful rings. Mary Delgado’s is just the tip of the iceberg out there when it comes to beautiful rings!

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