20 Bachelor Contestants Whose Lives Did Not Improve Since Being On The Show

The world’s most popular dating and relationship reality show, The Bachelor has been around for 23 seasons, airing over 200 episodes and has several spin-offs. After contestants risk it all on national television in the name of love, what happens next after elimination? Sadly, it is back to reality for the temporary television stars.

While some are able to return to their former jobs or become Instagram influencers with a large fan base, others, especially those who are portrayed negatively on the show, find it hard to get on with their lives. Those 15 minutes of fame might have ruined their lives forever. Here are 20 Bachelor contestants whose lives did not improve since being on the show:

20 Jessica Holcomb Had No Choice But To Change Jobs and Move Cities Just To Get A Fresh Start

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Season 5 contestant Jessica Holcomb life did not improve since being on the show and according to businessinsider, she spoke about the manipulation she faced from the producers while on the show. She appeared as if she was creepy and an emotional eater, which affected her life thereafter. She even had to move cities and change her job to get a fresh start.

19 Andi Dorfman Even Regrets Having Been Part Of The Show

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Andie Dorfman was a contestant on The Bachelor season 18 before she got a second chance and became The Bachelorette, season 10. Unfortunately, Dorfman chose Josh Murray but the two broke things off after a year. Dorfman reveals in her book It’s Not Okay that she regrets being part of the show as stated by businessinsider, it is safe to assume that her life did not improve much afterward.

18 Olivia Caridi Lost Her Job And Came Out Of The Show As One Of The Villains

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Olivia Caridi the villain of her season on The Bachelor had a hard time securing a job since being on the show. According to insider, Caridi did not leave the show in good terms; she had to leave after the other housemates told bachelor Ben Higgins that she was insensitive to them. Caridi is making ends meet as a podcast host after leaving her job as a news anchor.

17 People Didn't Want To Associate With Corinne Olympios After The Show

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Corinne Olympios' frequent naps and appearing to be the season’s villain certainly did not do well for her life after the show. She then went on to appear in the show’s spin-off Bachelor in Paradise where she was involved in a controversy, which cost her a lot of business as etonline reveals. No one wanted to be associated with her.

16 Krystal Nielson's Reputation Of Having A Bad Attitude And Fake Voice Followed Her Everywhere

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Krystal Nielson’s life got a good backlash since being on the show. This was due to her condescending treatment, bad attitude and use of a fake soft voice while on the show. As stated by insider, Nielson even called the other women bad names during the Women Tell All special and never apologized.

15 Izzy Goodkind Was And Continued To Be Unlucky

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After going through a lot to get casted on Ben Higgins season of The Bachelor, Izzy Goodkind had to go back home barely 13 hours after arriving. She opted to stay in Los Angeles for a few days to figure out her next step. She later joined Bachelor In Paradise where yet again she lost a potential suitor since she was following a love potential who was not interested in her as revealed by inquisitr.

14 Emily Maynard Came Out Of The Show Empty And Utterly Embarrassed

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Another contestant who got a second chance was Emily Maynard. The Bachelor Brad Womack proposed to her but their engagement did not last. She later joined as The Bachelorette for season 8 and found herself engaged to Jef Holm but unfortunately, the duo split two months later. According to businessinsider, Maynard revealed that the two failed proposals left her empty and utterly embarrassed.

13 Jacqueline Trumbull Quit The Show To Pursue  A Ph.D. In Chemical Psychology

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Season 22 Contestant Jacqueline Trumbull became the token lady who chose to step away from the show after realizing her life plan would not be compatible with Bachelor Arie Luyendyk’s dreams of starting a family. The show did not seem to improve Trumbull’s life thereafter partly because she was going back to school to pursue a Ph.D. in chemical psychology as elitedaily reveals.

12 Trish Schneider Was The Show's Villain And She Later Went Underground

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Contestant Trish Schneider was one of the first villains in the Bachelor Universe. Even after Bachelor Jesse Palmers sent her home, she returned and invited him over to her hotel, which he politely declined as revealed by usmagazine. Schneider’s life probably never improved after the show, she has since flown under the radar.

11 Elyse Dehlbom Just Went Back To Her Makeup Job

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After 5 weeks of appearing in Colton Underwood’s season 23, Elyse decided to quit the show claiming that she wanted the time and attention that a relationship deserves and not what the show offered. The reality star did not want to share her attention with other women. According to informationcradle, appearing on the show did not do much for her; she is still a makeup artist.

10 Michelle Money Tried Redeeming Her Image Thereafter But It Didn't Work

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Michelle Money earned some serious heat for talking smack about the girls and for her aggressive tactics in the 15th season of The Bachelor. After the show, she probably saw how her life did not improve and decided to redeem herself on the spin-off shows, Bachelor Pad, and Bachelor in Paradise as eonline reveals.

9 Vienna Girardi Got The Final Rose But They Split Up Within 90 Days

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Season 14 Bachelor alum Vienna Girardi might have accepted the final rose from Jake Pevelka but their engagement was over three months later as people reveal. Following her split, Girardi remained largely out of the spotlight for years until she started dating Bachelorette contestant Kasey Kahl. The two also did not last too long.

8 Tierra LiCausi Proved That She Was Too Confrontational

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Season 17 contestant Tierra LiCausi was also another contestant who portrayed a negative image while on the show and this definitely affected her life soon after the final rose ceremony. According to insider, her fellow contestants did not like LiCausi for having an attitude and being confrontational. Other than social media, she has been keeping a low profile ever since.

7 Kelsey Poe Was Arguably A Schemer And People Didn't Like Her 

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Kelsey Poe’s time on The Bachelor really affected her life thereafter. As revealed by people, Poe used creative schemes to win over the Bachelor Chris Soules, which did not sit well with the other contestants and even the viewers. Thereafter, she threatened to sue the show for emotional abuse but dropped the lawsuit. She has been keeping a low profile ever since.

6 Lindzi Cox Is Even More Private After The Show

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Cox had high hopes of winning Bachelor Ben Flajnik’s heart but had to go home when he decided to propose to Courtney Robertson instead. Since then, she has stayed away from the limelight even keeping her Instagram private. She only appeared in season 3 of the spin-off Bachelor Pad as people reveal.

5 Tia Booth Went Through So Many Heartbreaks 

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Tia Booth competed for Arie Luyendyk Jr’s heart on season 22 of The Bachelor. She had to go home after being the final four, which left her in tears the whole limo ride home. According to elitedaily, she briefly dated Colton Underwood before he joined The Bachelorette show. They tried working things again on season 8 of The Bachelor In Paradise but she ended up heartbroken again. After the whole world witnessed her heartbreak, she decided to keep a low profile. However, she has since found love again.

4 Courtney Robertson Was Everyone's Least Favorite

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Good girls do not always win. Contestant Courtney Robertson was arguably the villain of her season and to everyone’s dismay ended up receiving the final rose from Ben Flajnik. However, according to usmagazine, the two did not last. After breaking rules during the show and insulting other women, Robertson’s life might have been harder, thereafter.

3 Raichel Goodyear's Waxing Downfall Follows Her To This Day

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Contestant Raichel Goodyear showed the world what her job entailed by waxing Bachelor Brad Womack’s arm on the first night. This was no fun for Womack, as she had to go home in two weeks as usmagazine reveals. We are not sure if her 15 minutes of fame had an impact on her male clientele list because she moved away from the spotlight.

2 Tara Eddings Got The Attention For All The Wrong Reasons

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Tara Eddings dressed as a farm girl hoping to impress fellow farmer from Iowa, Bachelor Chris Soules in the first episode of season 19, while visibly drunk. Her behavior, of course, alarmed Soules and she had to go home in week two. Eddings' life probably remained unaffected by her appearance on the show. However, according to thedelite, she recently found love.

1 AshLee Frazier Was Twice Unlucky

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Season 17 Bachelor alum AshLee Frazier’s life might not have improved much since she appeared on the show. After she went home in week 9, Frazier started a blog where she displayed her experience and lifestyle. As vulture reveals, she then tried the reality love show again in the spin-off show, Bachelor in Paradise, however, she was not lucky there either.

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