20 Amazing Details About WWE’s Stephanie McMahon And Triple H

One of the biggest entertainment companies in the world today, the WWE often fails to get the credit it deserves but it has become an absolute behemoth of a company. Run by an executive board, in reality there is one man who decides which direction to take the WWE: Vince McMahon. He's 73 years old, so he clearly can’t remain in his role forever. Most people expect his daughter Stephanie and her husband Triple H to take the WWE’s reins.

Poised to find themselves in a position of power in the WWE, over the last several years Stephanie and Triple H have been training for their future roles. On top of that, both of them have led incredible lives that have helped to prepare them for their current positions of power on the WWE board of directors. With all of that in mind, it is time to look at this list of 20 amazing details about the lives of the WWE’s Stephanie McMahon and Triple H.

In order for a piece of information to be included on this list, it first and foremost needs to relate to Stephanie McMahon, Triple H, or both of them in one way or another. On top of that, there has to be something so incredible about it that it is likely to intrigue the masses.

20 Triple H Lip-Synced To A Song From Moana On The Tonight Show

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Arguably the most popular late-night talkshow segment in history, Jimmy Fallon’s Lip Sync Battle has become a huge deal. After all, those segments were beloved enough that they spawned a spin-off show. Still a semi-regular part of Fallon’s The Tonight Show, during one episode several WWE superstars took part, including Stephanie, Triple H, and The New Day. Near the end of the segment, Stephanie and Triple H were tasked with lip-syncing to “How Far I’ll Go” from the movie Moana.

Their song was the best, according to Men's Journal, and they seemed to have a great time once they warmed up during their performance.

19 Stephanie’s Father Supported Her Getting Involved With Triple H…Until He Didn’t

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When it comes to the WWE, Vince McMahon is the final decision maker and even though other people weigh in, what he says goes. However, if he thought that he had the same level of control when he forbade his daughter from seeing Triple H, he had another thing coming.

For those that don’t know it, Stephanie has revealed that when her father first learned she was dating Triple H he was all for it. However, as time went by he came to believe that it could cause problems with the other members of the WWE’s talent roster so he instructed his daughter to break things off. Obviously an independent woman, Stephanie continued to date her love anyway and in time, Vince came to embrace their relationship once more.

18 Triple H Has Played The Hulk

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As anyone who pays attention to the movie business would know, Marvel Cinematic Universe movies have become such a huge deal at the box office that they trounce virtually all competition. As a part of that franchise, moviegoers have seen Edward Norton and Mark Ruffalo both portray The Hulk on the big screen.

However, outside the MCU, several other actors have portrayed the big green hero, including Triple H! Probably hired due to his gruff manner of speaking, Triple H voiced The Hulk for videos that were part of a traveling attraction called The Marvel Experience.

17 Stephanie Is The Only Woman Who Has Pinned Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

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If you asked most people to name the most popular wrestlers of all time, there are some names that are bound to come up, including Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, John Cena, and The Rock. When it comes to that last person, during his WWE career he grappled with the best of the best and scored pinfall wins over some truly gigantic stars.

On the other hand, he was a big enough deal throughout most of his career that defeating The Rock meant a lot even though wrestling matches obviously have predetermined outcomes. One of the wrestlers who has pinned The Rock, during a 2001 match Stephanie became the only woman in history to pull off that feat after another wrestler had already knocked Dwayne out.

16 Triple H Won Mr. Teen New Hampshire In 1988

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During his time with WWE, Triple H has come to be known for a number of things, including his sense of humor and in-ring prowess. In addition to those things, Hunter has stood out due to his typically impressive physique.

As it turns out, Triple H’s obvious love of bodybuilding actually predates his wrestling career by a considerable margin. In fact, in 1998 Triple H won the Mr. Teen New Hampshire title under his real name, Paul Levesque.

Already dedicated to bodybuilding as a teen, that surely would have helped Hunter get his start in the wrestling business after he began training for his in-ring career in 1992.

15 Their Eldest Daughter Already Wants To Be A WWE Wrestler When She Grows Up

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For anyone who isn’t aware of what it's like to be a WWE wrestler, in a lot of ways it isn’t what it's cracked up to be. Sure, they get to bask in the fans’ adulation but they spend so much time on the road that they miss many important moments in their loved ones' lives. On top of that, injuries are an inevitable part of the business.

Obviously very aware of what the business demands of people, Triple H and Stephanie’s kids have seen their parents’ non-stop schedules and watched their father rehab several serious injuries. Despite that, however, Stephanie has revealed the pair’s eldest daughter wants to grapple in the ring for a living when she grows up.

14 Triple H Wrestled With A Severely Torn Quad On Two Occasions

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As we touched on in the previous entry, being a wrestler means dealing with injuries and Triple H has not exactly been lucky in this regard. One of the best examples of that, on two separate occasions Triple H has severely torn his quad while grappling in the ring.

Probably the worse incident of the two, in 2001 Hunter was 11 minutes into a match when he tore his left leg’s quadricep really badly. An incredibly painful injury that would cause most people to scream, Hunter stoically continued to wrestle for several more minutes and even made a move that put direct tension on his injured leg!

It's truly hard to fathom how painful that would have felt at the time.

13 Triple H’s Ex Claimed He Stepped Out With Stephanie

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Since Triple H is seriously passionate about wrestling, it makes sense that he has dated more than one WWE performer in his life. Currently married to Stephanie McMahon, for several years in the past he dated Joanie Laurer, the wrestler known as Chyna. While dating more than one co-worker doesn’t have to be a big deal, Chyna has claimed that Hunter stepped out on her with Stephanie.

Worse yet, it's rumored that she lost her WWE contract because of the tension that his behavior created backstage, as The Sportster reports. While we can’t say for sure how things played out, Chyna’s version of events makes sense since she was one of the WWE’s biggest stars one year and then fired for no obvious reason the next.

12 Stephanie Modeled WWE Merchandise As A Youngster

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As much as Stephanie may try to downplay it at times, there is no doubt that her last name has opened a lot of doors for her in life. Born into a wrestling dynasty, she has risen to be one of the WWE’s highest level executives and she has been a power broker in the company for years.

Also a very hard worker by all accounts, being Vince’s daughter hasn’t been easy for Stephanie as he is notorious for expecting the world out of his employees, especially those that share his last name. Still, she has long been able to make her own money from the WWE as she was hired to model company merchandise even as a youngster.

11 Run-D.M.C. Recorded An Original Song For Them

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Definitely one of the most important rap groups of all time, at the zenith of their career Run-D.M.C. introduced millions of people to a style of music they’d never heard before. With that in mind, it is amazing that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were fortunate enough to have the group record an original entrance theme song for them.

“The Kings & Rebels?” is the track's name and it was also used by other members of a wrestling faction called D-Generation X that Stephanie and Triple H led at the time. Far from the only example of a mainstream music act Hunter is associated with, Motörhead has also recorded several songs that he has used as entrance music.

10 Stephanie’s Parents Were So Busy That Her Brother Basically Raised Her

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Earlier on in this list, we touched on the fact that Triple H and Stephanie’s kids have parents that are always on the go. While that must be intense, Stephanie and Hunter have both spoken about making the most of the time they do get with their three kids and doing everything they can to get home as often as they can.

While we can’t say this for sure, it seems likely that Stephanie has based her focus on parenting due to lessons learned from her own upbringing. After all, during Stephanie’s childhood her parents, Vince and Linda McMahon, were so busy running the WWE that she has said that her older brother Shane served as a surrogate parent, as The Richest reports.

9 Triple H Used To Wrestle Under The Name Terra Ryzing

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No doubt a wrestler who is worthy of induction in the WWE Hall of Fame, throughout much of Triple H’s career his character has relished being a villain. On the other hand, as a member of the group D-Generation X, Hunter has spent a lot of time portraying a fun-loving jokester who was to be feared in the ring and loved mocking people.

With that in mind, it would have been hilarious to see Hunter have a verbal spat with the character he portrayed during the early part of his career. Previously known for portraying a character named Terra Ryzing, the name alone is so goofy that we can hardly believe it.

8 Stephanie Once Got Mad With Her Mom In The Ring

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Best known as the family that has been in charge of the WWE throughout its history, the McMahons have also opted to play over-the-top versions of themselves on television. On top of that, the McMahons’ characters have feuded with one another, which culminated in a truly incredible moment in which Stephanie raised her hand to her mother's face in the ring.

Said to have gone all out, after the incident Stephanie spoke about how bad she felt for doing that to her mom who happens to be a petite woman, as Mandatory reports. Fortunately, her guilt was assuaged soon thereafter when her mom returned the favor by doing the same thing to Stephanie in the ring weeks later!

7 Their WWE Characters Had A Difficult Wedding

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Even though the WWE has struggled to get the respect it deserves as an entertainment juggernaut, in recent years the company has had a PG product that is embraced by many family-friendly brands. That said, at one time the WWE definitely deserved its seedy reputation as evidenced by the fact that it featured some extremely off-putting storylines.

As an example, many years ago Stephanie and Triple H’s characters got married in Las Vegas. While that is normal, the problem is that Stephanie was portrayed as being unconscious throughout their nuptials, with Hunter even saying "I do" in a high-pitched voice for her. Bad storyline aside, an interesting aspect of this is that Hunter and Stephanie weren’t even dating yet in real life when they got married on the screen.

6 One Of Stephanie’s Employees Publicly Called Her Out For Real

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For those of you that don’t remember it, in 2015 Patricia Arquette won an Oscar and used her acceptance speech to draw attention to the continuing pay disparity problem that women grapple with. Evidently impressed by Arquette’s impassioned words, Stephanie tweeted out her support for Arquette but that quickly backfired when a WWE employee responded.

A WWE wrestler at the time, AJ Lee retweeted her boss, Stephanie, and pointed out that at the time female WWE wrestlers “receive a fraction of the wages & screen time of the majority of the male roster.” AJ also tweeted that “female wrestlers have record selling merchandise & have starred in the highest rated segment of the show several times.”

Since her point was completely valid, Stephanie couldn’t say much so she simply responded with a thank you tweet that also said, “I appreciate your opinion” and #UseYourVoice.

5 As A Child, Stephanie Was Friends With Andre The Giant

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As we pointed out earlier in this list, Stephanie McMahon’s childhood was pretty unusual. Further evidence of this fact, as a kid she was able to build a friendship with WWE Hall of Fame star, André the Giant. It seems the pair didn’t become friends because André wanted to be pals with his boss's daughter, which makes sense since he notoriously was a very proud and at times standoffish man. Instead, they bonded because as the daughter of Vince McMahon, she understood how it felt to be treated differently by people.

PW Mania reports her saying, "I just knew André as my friend. And it bothered me that people would treat him one way or the other, just because of the way he looked. I just loved him for who he was."

4 Triple H Once Wrestled With A Hurt Larynx

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On top of the two times that Triple H tore his quads, the man was also involved in a bad incident during the WWE’s 2002 Survivor Series event. Taking part in a match with several other wrestlers at the time, he and another grappler named Rob Van Dam started out the bout together and early on things went awry.

During a hard-to-watch moment, Van Dam leaped from several feet in the air and accidentally landed directly on Hunter’s throat, treading on his larynx in the process. The pain must have been unreal, but Triple H still went on to finish the nearly 40-minute match!

3 Stephanie Wrestled Against Her Own Father Just Before Her Wedding

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As incredible as it is that Stephanie McMahon once fought with her mom in the middle of the ring, it really has nothing on the time she actually wrestled her own father. As we touched on earlier in this list, at various times the characters that the McMahons played on TV have been one another’s enemies. During one of these periods, Vince’s character forced his daughter to not only fight him in the ring but the two of them took part in an “I Quit” match which meant they could use items such as lead pipes.

If all of that weren’t amazing enough, and it certainly is, the bout took place the week before Stephanie and Triple H got married in real life.

2 Triple H Wanted WWE Megastar John Cena Fired Early In His Career

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As a member of the WWE’s board of directors, Triple H currently serves as the Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events, and Creative. In that role, one of his main duties is identifying which wrestlers have the potential to be huge stars, hiring them, and building them up through the WWE system.

Able to prove himself worthy of the role, after signing many talented performers he clearly has an eye for talent. However, at one time his vision of the future was way off as he thought John Cena should be fired early in his career.

Considering that Cena went on to be the company’s biggest star by far for many years, it is a good thing Vince ignored his advice on that one.

1 Stephanie’s Father Wanted Her To Take Part In An Off-Putting Storyline

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If you ever wanted evidence of the fact that Vince McMahon is a weirdo, then you need to look no further than this truly OTT incident. Already years into her real-life relationship with Triple H, Stephanie got pregnant with her husband’s child. Evidently always on the lookout for WWE storyline fodder, Vince tried to convince his daughter to address her pregnancy on the show and make a mystery out of who the baby’s father was.

In Vince’s plan, the storyline would end with the reveal that he had fathered his own daughter’s child. Since Stephanie said no to that idea (who wouldn't?), Vince then went to his backup plan: that Stephanie’s real-life brother Shane would be the onscreen father. Thankfully, she also rejected that idea!

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