20 Adult Jokes We Totally Missed In Powerpuff Girls

Remember The Powerpuff Girls? That cartoon about the loveable but feisty crime-fighting trio of Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup? If you grew up in the late-90s or early 2000s, the chances are that The Powerpuff Girls would have been one of your favorite shows. Even boys liked it – although most of them would never admit it.

Created for the Cartoon Network channel by Craig McCracken, few kids knew that The Powerpuff Girls originally featured in a short film that was aimed at a much older audience. Even the original name – The Whoopass Girls – had to be changed because the Cartoon Network wouldn’t allow a kids’ show with the word “ass” in the title!

There were lots of other very grown-up gags in The Powerpuff Girls which must have slipped past the Cartoon Network bosses, most of which also sailed over the heads of the show’s younger viewers.

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20 "Squirrels Eat Nuts"

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In the episode Stray Bullet, Bubbles rescues a squirrel who she names Bullet. Later, there is some discussion as to whether Bullet is a boy or a girl, which Bubbles puts to rest, saying she knows Bullet is a girl because she east nuts – clearly playing on the fact that “nuts” can mean two very different things.

19 Risque Character Names

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Often the adult gags on The Powerpuff Girls weren’t even that subtle, including some of the rather risqué character names. One of the Professor’s old college friends was named Dick Hardly, while Sedusa may have been named for the mythical Medusa character, but every adult watching knew what her appropriate moniker really meant.

18 Mojo's Uncomfortable Time In Prison

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Mojo Jojo is the main villain and the nemesis of the Powerpuff Girls, who usually manage to put a halt to his dastardly schemes. In one episode, Mojo ends up in jail with what can only be described as a rather amorous cellmate. Kids may not have understood the joke at the time but looking back it’s clear what the writers were suggesting.

17 The Mayor Licking His Cat?

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This next moment is so obviously a hidden joke for the adult fans of The Powerpuff Girls that its amazing more parents didn’t spot it and complain at the time. The Mayor, who relies on the Girls to stop criminals in his town, is seen licking his pet cat. Think of another word for cat, and you get just how filthy this show used to be!

16 "No-One Tells Me When To Come"

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If licking “cats” is a little too subtle, then how about the episode Best Rainy Day Adventure Ever in which the writers somehow contrive to have Buttercup shout the rather inappropriate line “No-one tells me when to come”. Of course, context is everything, but not many kids shows would dare try and get away with a line like that.

15 Powerpuff Girls In Drag

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Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup were designed to look as cute and girly as possible, despite their hidden superpowers. However, a group of male villains decides that their best tactic to avoid detection is to try and dress as the Powerpuff Girls – a tactic the always hilarious narrator describes as “a drag”.

14 Sedusa Steals The Family Jewels

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Sedusa doesn’t just have a questionable name; her character is always up to no good. In What An Idiot, Sedusa tries to carry out a heist at the Mayor’s house, in an attempt to make off with his family jewels. Of course, any adult viewer knows that “family jewels” is a rather obvious double entendre for an intimate part of the male anatomy…

13 Blossom's Cartman Costume

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There is nothing too close to the bone about Blossom finding herself dressed as Eric Cartman when she gets thrown into a pile of clothes during a fight – apart from the fact that South Park is very much an adult animation show, and most of the target audience for The Powerpuff Girls shouldn’t have a clue who Cartman actually is.

12 The Mayor Gets His Pencil Sharpened

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The buxom Ms Bellum is portrayed as something of a man-eater throughout The Powerpuff Girls, no more so than when she helps the Mayor to sharpen his pencil. Not content with allowing this risqué line in the script, the animators even featured a scene where Ms. Bellum is gripping the Mayor’s pencil in a very suggestive manner.

11 The Rowdyruff Boys Get Cut Down To Size

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The Rowdyruff Boys are a group of villains created by Mojo Jojo which the Powerpuff Girls used to defeat easily. A simple kiss would do the trick – but after getting their cootie shots, Blossom hit on another plan which involved shrinking them by threatening their masculinity. It doesn’t take much of an imagination to figure out what she’s referring to…

10 Robyn's Accidental Confession

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The Powerpuff Girls may have been created in a laboratory, but the addition of their superpowers by the Professor was an accident – something which Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup admit to their friend and neighbor, Robyn. Robyn then admits that she too was an accident – a comment which shocks the Professor but which goes over the heads of most watching kids.

9 The Girls Are Encouraged To Use Their Feminine Wiles

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Ms. Bellum is not shy about using her femininity to get what she wants, and when the Powerpuff Girls were struggling to defeat the Rowdyruff Boys, she encouraged Buttercup, Blossom, and Bubbles to try and beat the boys by playing nice – or by using their own feminine charms to get the upper hand.

8 Buttercup Provides The Professor With Condoms

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The Professor may have created the Powerpuff Girls in his laboratory, but he is still very much their father figure, and the Girls themselves go out of their way to make sure he is happy. When they help him get ready for a date, for example, they make sure he is well-dressed and well-groomed but also slip a condom into his pocket in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment.

7 Roach Coach Flipping Off The Powerpuff Girls

Via villains.fandom.com

There was no shortage of villains in the world of the Powerpuff Girls, including Roach Coach, a robot controlled by an evil cockroach. In one episode, Roach Coach falls to his doom from a building, and as he lies on the floor, his twitching fingers appear to end up giving the Powerpuff Girls a rather offensive gesture.

6 The Mayor's Conjugal Visit With Sedusa

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The Mayor of Townsville is certainly a bit of a ladies’ man. As well as relying on the buxom Ms. Bellum in the office, in one episode Sedusa tricks him into thinking that Ms Bellum is trying to seduce him. When he discovers that it was Sedusa after all, he decides to hurry back to the prison for his conjugal visit.

5 Blossom Plays At Being Ms. Bellum

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In the episode Criss Cross Crisis, an experiment goes wrong, leaving many of the residents of Townsville in the wrong bodies. At one point, Blossom ends up dressing up as Ms Bellum, which involves a pair of high heels, a ginger wig, and a couple of stuffed toys stuffed down the top of her dress. Even the Powerpuff Girls, it seems, were not unaware of Ms. Bellum’s charms!

4 Fuzzy Lumpkins Falls For The Professor

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Modeled on American hillbillies, Fuzzy Lumpkins is another of the Powerpuff Girls’ antagonists – though admittedly not the most dangerous. The most threatening situation our heroes find themselves in with regards to Fuzzy Lumpkins is when he accidentally falls in love with the Professor, who has ended up covered in smelly mud.

3 Powerpuff Girls Want To Be Women

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Feminine attributes do seem to be a running joke throughout The Powerpuff Girls, and Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles do seem to be rather obsessed with when they are going to develop some womanly charms of their own. In a promo for the show, the Girls meet Wonder Woman and all they can do is wish they were as “developed” as the superhero.

2 Inappropriate Narrator Comments

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You may not have noticed as a kid, but the Narrator on The Powerpuff Girls has a rather risqué sense of humor, and many of his comments could best be described as close to the bone. As well as his gag about the cross-dressing villains being “a drag” he also asks an unseen nurse for a sponge bath in one episode.

1 Bubbles And Blossom Twerking

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Long before twerking became a dance phenomenon, one episode of The Powerpuff Girls saw Bubbles and Blossom dancing in a very suggestive manner when they fall under the spell of a magic rainbow which has affected all the residents of Townsville – except Buttercup who manages to save the day in the end.

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