20 Actors With So Little Talent That Hollywood Quickly Replaced Them

Many actors and actresses know that Hollywood is not a very kind place. Becoming a star is not an easy task.

Many men and women sacrifice a lot to achieve their dreams of making it big in the entertainment world, according to cosmopolitan.com. Once an actor or actress does become famous, one might think that they are automatically going to enjoy years of success for the rest of their lives, but that is actually not true.

Just because someone gets a few great roles in a film does not mean that they are going to have that much success forever, unfortunately. Also, sometimes an actor’s career fails simply because they are not very talented. Here are some actors and actresses whose careers ultimately came to a halt because they don’t have much talent.

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20 Ashton Kutcher Is Not As Popular As He Once Was


That 70’s Show brought actor Ashton Kutcher a lot of fame (and it introduced him to his current wife). He got a few major movie roles after the show ended, but his career just didn’t take off the way he hoped it would.

Kutcher is mostly known for being in comedies, but he tried something different when he starred in The Butterfly Effect, according to looper.com. However, his career never took off the way fans thought it would.

19 Life Hasn’t Been Kind To Brendan Fraser


Actor Brendan Fraser’s career once looked very promising. He starred in The Mummy trilogy, as well as numerous other movies.

At the time, it appeared that Fraser was going to enjoy a long successful career in Hollywood. But, he also starred in many movies that were not exactly great, according to screengeek.net. The actor still takes on acting roles every now and then, but he is not as popular as he used to be.

18 Jennifer Love-Hewitt’s Career Fizzled Out Rather Quickly


Actress Jennifer Love-Hewitt was once a very popular star. But there are a few things that seem to have cut her film career short. According to nickiswift.com, there are a lot of people who do not think she had much talent. In addition, one film she did a few years ago was considered very offensive.

17 Taylor Lautner Was Only Popular For A Little While


For a while, it looked like actor Taylor Lautner was going to become a big action film star. Unfortunately, the actor’s success in the Twilight film series didn’t do the rest of his career any favors.

He did, however, star on the Netflix show Cuckoo. But he left the series, and he was replaced by actress Andie MacDowell, according to digitalspy.com.

16 Things Changed For Jessica Biel After She Had Kids


Being a mom is awesome, but that seems to have taken the place of actress Jessica Biel’s film career. The actress has not been seen in many films lately.

She did star on the show The Sinner, but it was not long before she no longer had the lead role. According to refinery29.com, the actress was replaced by actor Bill Pullman in the second season of the show.

15 Alex Pettyfer Is More Dramatic Offscreen Than He Is Onscreen, So He’s Not Getting Much Work


Actor Alex Pettyfer wasn’t exactly an A-list star when he appeared in Magic Mike, but he already had a bad reputation. There was some drama between him and actor Channing Tatum when they worked together, which is why he was not asked to appear in the Magic Mike sequel, according to cinemablend.com. Apparently, Pettyfer is more entertaining when the cameras are not rolling than when they are.

14 Katherine Heigl Ruined Her Career


Apparently, actress Katherine Heigl is more conceited than she is talented. The star ditched television for movies, and it seemed as though she had a promising career ahead of her.

But it came to a halt, so now other actresses are enjoying the kind of career Heigl could have had in films. According to nydailynews.com, filmmakers do not want to work with her because her attitude is stronger than her acting skills.

13 Eva Mendes Didn’t Become As Popular As Fans Thought She Would


Actress Eva Mendes has been in some pretty good movies. However, it seems that her career has not taken off the way she originally wanted it to. According to nickiswift.com, one of the reasons why Hollywood has ditched Mendes is because her most recent films were not box office successes.

12 Dane Cook Has Not Had The Most Successful Acting Career


Comedian and actor Dane Cook hasn’t seen much success in a very long time. According to looper.com, one of the reasons why his film career didn’t exactly take off was because of the fact that he starred in mediocre films like Employee Of The Month. He then starred in Good Luck Chuck, but that also flopped.

11 Kristen Stewart Was Replaced


Actress Kristen Stewart has seen a lot of success. However, her career hit a rough patch after she starred in the Twilight film series. But what really seemed to hurt her career was the film Snow White And The Huntsman. According to variety.com, the actress did not return for the sequel, which was called The Huntsman: Winter’s Warrior.

10 Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Career Hit A Rough Patch After Buffy The Vampire Slayer Ended


Things were going pretty great for actress Sarah Michelle Gellar when she was filming Buffy The Vampire Slayer. It definitely looked as though she was going places. But according to therichest.com, a lot of different things kept her from having the career she wanted, including the fact that she doesn’t have the talent it takes to make films that are successful at the box office.

9 Freddy Prinze Jr. Was No Longer In Demand After The Early 2000’s


Actor Freddie Prinze Jr. was Hollywood heartthrob back in the 1990s and the early 2000s. However, he has not been active in films lately. According to ew.com, the actor was set to play Carson Drew in the upcoming television series Nancy Drew, but he was replaced by actor Scott Wolf.

8 Hayden Christensen Hasn't Done Much In Awhile


Since actor Hayden Christensen appeared in a few Star Wars films, he has not been able to do much else. Those films had lots of other talented actors, and Christensen’s acting skills just did not seem comparable to that of his co-stars.

According to inverse.com, the actor played Anakin Skywalker. Some people think that one of the reasons why his acting didn’t seem that good was because the films themselves were poorly written.

7 Orlando Bloom's Career Isn't Exactly Thriving


Actor Orlando Bloom had a very big career just a few years ago, but he seems to have fallen off the face of the earth. Bloom was in many films that made a lot of money, some of which were a few Pirates Of The Caribbean movies. But a new character, which was meant as a replacement for Bloom’s character, was brought in during the 4th installment in the series, according to fandango.com.

6 Tobey Maguire's Career Isn't What It Used To Be


Spider-Man 3 hurt actor Tobey Maguire’s career. While the previous two films were massively successful, the third one was a disaster.

Part of what made this film so terrible was the lead star’s acting. Maguire was supposed to show the edgier side of Peter Parker in the third film, but it was hard for him to be convincing in a more mature role than he was used to playing, according to looper.com.

5 Amanda Bynes Couldn't Break Away From Teen Movies


Actress Amanda Bynes has not had it easy lately, especially when it comes to her career. According to complex.com, the actress made a rather smooth transition from being on television to acting in movies.

However, she always played the same kind of character in every one of her films. There were other things that played a role in the end of her career, but her lack of ability to play other types of characters may have also had something to do with it.

4 Matthew Fox Did Not Become The Star Everyone Thought He Would Be


Actor Matthew Fox enjoyed a lot of success when he was still on television, but that did not continue when he tried to pursue a career in movies. According to looper.com, he was in a string of movies that flopped. Additionally, the actor was replaced by Gerard Butler as the face of L’Oreal for Men, so he wasn’t even successful with commercials.

3 Rob Schneider Hasn't Been Seen In Many Movies Lately


Actor Rob Schneider isn’t exactly one of the best actors in Hollywood. After all, most of the films he has starred in have been financial disasters.

But the fact that he has not seen much success is not all his fault. According to news.avclub.com, some of that can be blamed on actor Adam Sandler, since Schneider has appeared in many of Sandler’s movies.

2 It Seems Seann William Scott Can Only Play One Type Of Character


Actor Seann William Scott was good at playing Stifler in the American Pie films. However, it seems as though he has been unable to successfully portray any other type of character, according to looper.com.

Perhaps he does not have the talent it takes to take on more serious roles. But Scott blames his failed career on the American Pie films.

1 Some People Really Dislike Jessica Alba’s Acting


Actress Jessica Alba may still be popular, but she actually hasn’t been getting as much work as she used to. Alba’s resumé is not very impressive, considering the fact that she has been involved in lots of films that flopped at the box office.

According to wonderslist.com, Alba doesn’t think she is to blame for that. But her acting has received lots of negative reviews.

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