20 '70s Retro Trends That Are Having A Moment (& 5 That Totally Faded Out)

Maybe we have just been binge-watching too much of HBO's The Deuce or we are forever missing That '70s Show, but there have been so many similarities between those shows and what's street style fashion lately. For the past year or so, the '70s trends have been in full force when it comes to its throwback influence on fashion.

The '70s were a huge time of change. It continued the '60s hippie trend but put a more colorful, modern spin on it, and then disco offered a pop of sparkle and glam for the decade. There were so many different varieties of styles to choose from in the '70s that there is literally something that can fit anyone's taste in fashion. Now that fall is just around the corner, layers are our best friend, and the '70s were the start of the layering trend that never went out of fashion.

Though high-rise pants and shorts have been back in fashion for a while, more colorful '70s trends are making their way from the runways to the streets. Although we can't get enough of most of these throwback trends, there are some '70s trends that need to stay in the '70s. Here is a list of 20 '70s trends that are making a huge comeback and 5 that have totally faded out.

25 Comeback: Mustard Yellow

Stoned Immaculate Clothing

Mustard yellow is not one of those colors that are conventional by any means. In fact, some people might even say that it's ugly at face value. Well, the '70s certainly proved that wrong. Mustard yellow flatters people with yellow undertones in their skin by warming up their complexion.

In fact, when paired with a smokey eye and deep-colored hair, it will pop amongst a sea of muted colors in the fall. Saturated shades were the go-to look of the '70s and this trend shows no signs of stopping. Ribbed sweaters and knits in this color look dope with a pair of brown or navy skinny jeans.

24 Comeback: Multi-Colored Stripes

Stoned Immaculate Clothing

The '70s was an era where people were simply not afraid of color. This was because the colors were deeper and less "look at me" in your face bright. Rather than bright, showy palettes, this time was all about gem colors and mixing them together like a kaleidoscope of chic awesomeness.

As long as you don't go overboard with the multi-colored stripes by pairing it with simple jeans or a simple top if the pants are multi-colored, there is no reason that you can't pull this off. Having multi-colored knits adds an element of elegance to the texture.

Stoned Immaculate

23 Comeback: Colorful Crochet

Interweave Store

When your grandma taught you how to crochet, she may have been onto something. Crochet comes in all kinds of patterns, colors and styles. Even though some designers and stores on Etsy might charge an arm and a leg to buy their merchandise, learning how to do it yourself could save you some serious cash.

There is nothing that compliments layering clothes more than a crochet vest or cardigan. Extra points if it's longer and almost down to your knees. Not to mention that this trend is versatile and you can dress it up or down.


22 Comeback: Fringe

Stoned Immaculate Vintage

The '70s brought fringe into fashion that was originally inspired by Native Americans. Though some may call this cultural appropriation, others call it chic and trendy. Fringe can come in the form of a jacket, vest or purse depending on how to pair it up with other elements of your outfit.

If you are going to wear fringe, pair it up with turquoise jewelry or a crisp white shirt to make it pop. Fringe tends to run a little pricey because of the little details that go into it. You can even mix it up with other '70s trends like a crochet top or bell bottom jeans.

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21 Comeback: High-Waisted Bottoms

Marina Says

High-waisted bottoms are killing it and taking names when it comes to fashion. Back in the early 2000's, it was all about the low-rise jeans that weren't exactly the most flattering to the female body. It gave you that muffin top effect that makes you look out of shape even if you were fit.

Now that high-waist is the go-to look for jeans, it gives the silhouette a slimming effect while accentuating the female figure. Some people think that it's the "mom jeans" but not if you pick a pair of jeans that are more fitting and less baggy.

Free People

20 Comeback: Furry Coats And Vests


Big fur coats, vests, and outerwear are for those who want to stand out from the crowd. If you are an animal rights activist, you can always opt for the faux fur (not to mention it is much more affordable). The longer and more static the fur, the better because this isn't a style for a shy minimalist.

Fur can come in all kinds of muted colors like black, white, grey and brown shades. The '70s saw more of the brown and grey hues rather than black and white. If you go for a muted color with fur, then that will give you some leeway to wear warmer colors in the rest of your outfit.

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19 Comeback: Sequins (And Not Just For NYE)


When disco became the dance music that everybody knew and loved in the '70s, sparkles were in the shinier, the better. There was no fashionista in the '70s that didn't have a sequin dress in their closet. That was the go-to look for the girl's nights on the weekends. Now we see that trend coming back. Before, sequin dresses, skirts, and tops were just something that you wore for New Year's Eve.

Now, you can literally wear sequins any time of the year thanks to this '70s throwback. Don't be afraid to shine brightly in a sea of little black dresses.

18 Comeback: Rainbow Brite Anything

Stoned Immaculate

Rainbows are something that we see in little kid's clothing because it is bright, colorful and has a touch of innocence to it. The '70s made it possible for even adults to embrace the multi-colored stripes with different hues.

The rainbow trend doesn't necessarily have to be red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple but it can play around with different candy colors. You can make it subtle in a white sweater with a rainbow streak across the middle. Or you can play it up and have the entire top or dress have multi-colored stripes.

Stoned Immaculate

17 Comeback: Palazzo Pants


Palazzo pants are breathable and are usually made with thin fabric making it possible to wear pants at the height of summer heat. They are a great alternative to shorts especially if you have a day job where you still want to look presentable but stay cool at the same time.

Palazzo pants are colorful and have prints that pop and are flattering for a flowing, feminine look but still maintains an element of color. The '70s were all about experimenting with textures, colors, and patterns. Palazzo pants mix those together without being too risky.


16 Comeback: Wrap Dresses


Wrap dresses were iconic in the '70s and were invented by iconic fashion designer, Diane von Furstenberg. In fact, she is still going strong and anyone who is a die-hard fan of DVF owns at least one wrap dress.

The benefit of a wrap dress is that it looks professional but also flatters the female body at the same time, which is a rare commodity. You can also play around with different colors and patterns. Or, you can go the minimalist route and opt for more solid, white or muted colors.

15 Comeback: Blazers


Blazers are just one of those trends that transcend time and can appear in any kind of era. They just change with the color, length, and fit. The '70s in particular saw blazers that were worn long and doubled as a coat. For fall, this is a perfect recipe for layers because you can wear it as a light jacket for when it gets breezy right before the winter winds kick in.

Blazers have been a traditionally masculine staple but now have become more feminine with more fitted waists. Tans, browns and camel colors pop with black and white underneath.

14 Comeback: Ringer Tees

Free The Bird

For those who prefer the T-shirt and jeans routine, the is the one way to spruce that up. Ringer tees are old school and come in all kinds of fun logos and graphic design. A casual look like this one will never be boring again with colorful-trimmed ringer tees.

There is almost a guarantee that if you throw one of these on and meet up with your folks, they will have a moment of "I wore that when I was young" wave of nostalgia. Unlike any other plain white tee, ringer tees add a subtle pop of color.

13 Comeback: Suede


Suede is that smooth, thin fabric that you just want to graze your hand over. For those who don't know, suede is leather with the fleshy side rubbed to create a velvety texture. Now that '70s fashion is in full swing, high-waisted suede skirts with big, gold buttons down the side is seen everywhere on the streets. Double points if you pair the suede skirt with a knit sweater and triple points if you pair it with a pumpkin spice latte.

For those with smaller budgets (or PETA enthusiasts), you can always opt for faux suede.

12 Comeback: Paisley Prints

Marie Claire

Paisley is a funky pattern consisting of distinctive, intricate patterns of curved, feather-shaped figures that are based on a cone design from India (fun fact of the day). You can find this on ruffled, silky shirts or wrap dresses commonly in '70s fashion.

If you are going to wear paisley, just make sure that everything else in your outfit has solid colors so that you don't go into pattern overkill. This another idea that is perfect for layering during the fall season because of the tendency to be printed on thin fabric.

11 Comeback: Wrap Tops


As a continuation of the wrap dress, the wrap top marries the '70s and 2018 perfectly because it can easily be made into a crop top. Wrap tops and high-waisted pants go together like peanut butter and jelly. You earn double points if the wrap top has a side tie like the ladies of the '70s really wore it.

These tops are flattering to the female figure just fall into place in all the right places. Opt for a minimalistic look like this one or play it up with colors and stripes.

10 Comeback: Disco Chic


Even if sequins are not for you, you can always opt for metallic fabrics. Movies like American Hustle, Boogie Nights, and Casino make us all wish that we were around during the disco era. All those nights of dancing disco just seemed more glamorous than going to any run-of-the-mill hipster hangout today.

Since we can't just hop into a time machine and turn back the clock, we can embrace this '70s throwback trend for now. That is, until science and technology catch up. For now, all we can do is embrace those shiny, sparkly hues.

9 Comeback: Long Shearling Coats


Shearling coats are a perfect transition from fall to bleeding into winter for when the temperature seriously starts to drop. If you live in a cold climate, shearling jackets are a must-have for throwback '70s fashion. Shearling coats are a versatile '70s style and show no sign of going out of style anytime soon.

Since the real thing can set you back hundreds (or thousands) of dollars, opt for the faux version. Most times, long shearling coats come with an inner lining to keep you extra warm for those bitter cold days.

8 Comeback: Maxi Dresses

Mod Cloth

Maxi dresses are such a versatile staple because they can carry you from work to happy hour seamlessly. They are long enough to cover you up at times that call for being more conservative. At the same time, you can never look like a square in a '70s dress because of its hippie roots.

Maxi dresses come in all cuts, colors, and shapes so you don't have to stop at just one for your closet collection. Layer it with a vest, jacket or pullover sweater for a total '70s fall look.

7 Comeback: Platform Heels


Say goodbye to those thin, spiky heels at least for now. Platform heel have either a cork wedge or a wooden finish to give some chic versatility. What you have to love about '70s platform heels is that they are easier to walk around in than your typical pumps. Also, the tan and brown shades are neutral enough to match those outfits.

Whether you are opting for a maxi dress or some short shorts, wedge platforms can really pull an outfit together. This is best for late summer transitioning into fall.

6 Comeback: Jumpsuits For Women


Jumpsuits can transcend seasons depending on the cut and fabric. They are breathable and good for those days when you just can't seem to match your top with your pants. This two-for-one deal is not only convenient but incredibly chic. Jumpsuits can come in anything from denim to floral chiffon prints so you can even have an entire collection of them.

Jumpsuits can add an approachable look with an air of stylish mystique. All you have to do is pick from the endless styles that suit your personality the best.

5 Faded Out: Jumpsuits For Men


Jumpsuits were arguably invented specifically to accentuate the curves of an hourglass shape on a woman. Now if you take that formula and try it on a man, it simply doesn't translate very well. Jumpsuits for men just look strange and don't flatter the V-shape that men are supposed to have in fashion.

With all acknowledgment that fashion should be gender-neutral, this is just one of those trends that don't fit in well into that category. We applaud your efforts, male models, but the average man has no such use for jumpsuits.

4 Faded Out: Feathered Hair

W Magazine

Feathered hair might be fun in a retro fashion if you are dressing up like a Charlie's Angel for Halloween. Beyond that, it is hard to wear this every day and still be taken seriously.

This types of hairstyle require some serious layers around the fact that you will constantly have to curl and blow dry away from your face. Talk about a strenuous beauty routine. For a novelty, playing '70s dress up can make this hairstyle fun but not for something that is part of an everyday routine. Just...no thank you.

3 Faded Out: Clunky Clogs

Mod Style

There is a fine line between stylish platforms and clunky clogs. Stylish platforms are a '70s trend that adds to the look rather than taking the spotlight away. Clogs draw the eyes to direct straight to the feet in the most unflattering way possible.

Clogs have the uncanny ability to take an otherwise stylish outfit and turn it into something else that you did not bargain for. Take the safer '70s route and opt for platforms instead. You will be doing yourself a huge favor when it comes to your wardrobe.

2 Faded Out: Mood Rings


Mood rings were considered a staple piece of jewelry back in the '70s. They came back in fashion for a brief period in the late '90s but then quickly faded out again.

What was so appealing about mood rings during that era was the fact that they were thermotropic (meaning, changed by temperature). They were made from hollow glass shell and filled with thermotropic crystals. Though that was innovative in the '70s, nowadays that is hardly news.

Besides, a change in temperature has little to do with the mood you could be in.

1 Faded Out: Smiley Face T-Shirts


We all have seen Forrest Gump where Tom Hanks inadvertently creates the "Have a Nice Day" movement topped off with the iconic yellow smiley face. Smiley face T-shirts, bumper stickers and memorabilia was all the range in the '70s.

Today, it is dated even though some brands have tried to revive it. Keep the smile and philosophy of "Have a Nice Day" in your heart but shy away from advertising the campiness of this '70s trend. Not to speak badly about something that is so outwardly optimistic, but we will take a pass on this one.

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