19 Zodiac Combos That’ll Want To Marry But Will Never Be Happy Enough Together

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19 Zodiac Combos That’ll Want To Marry But Will Never Be Happy Enough Together

Have you ever really liked someone only to find out that they really weren’t an astrological match for you? Astrology can be used as a crystal ball—shedding a little light on what your future may hold. Just knowing what sign you and your love interest are can provide some insight on whether or not this is a relationship that can withstand the test of time. While they may be right for you and push you to be your best self, they may not be ultimately fulfilling relationships in the long-run.

While every relationship needs a certain amount of effort to make it work, there are definitely ways to find out if your relationship can actually fulfill you as you grow. Finding a forever person is something we all strive to achieve. Even the most cynical person out there is trying to find a soulmate that understands him on a deep, soul level. Whatever the case may be when you are looking to find out whether the guy or girl you are with is someone that will bring joy to your life, read on to find out the various types of zodiac pairings that should be avoided if you want to be happy and fulfilled in your romantic relationships.

19. Taurus & Sagittarius: The Taurus Can’t Handle Or Meet The Needs Of A Sagittarius


Are you part of a Taurus-Sagittarius relationship? If so, you might want to consider getting yourself out as soon as possible. These two signs are lovely platonic friends, but they will never make each other happy in a long-term romantic relationship. In fact, while both the Taurus and Sagittarius appreciate some fun and indulge in the more beautiful things in life, they don’t really make great couples. People who are born under Taurus often tend to want to settle down. However, those born under Sagittarius, usually want to drift around before they settle down (if ever). These two are just not naturally suited to complement each other. In the end, the Taurus-Sagittarius combination is only enough to maintain a stable friendship, and virtually nothing more than that.

18. Gemini & Capricorn: A Couple That Is Unnaturally Compatible


Incompatibility reigns supreme between the Gemini-Capricorn combination. Gemini people are needy people who require a lot from their partners so that they can be happy in their romantic relationships. While Capricorns can provide a specific structure which is alluring for the Gemini, when their needs aren’t being continuously met, the Gemini person is doomed to be unhappy for the rest of the relationship! Without patience, there is no saving this romantic relationship. While at first, this dynamic duo can appear to be a great couple, the reality is that they are not a good pairing. On the contrary, they can be quite toxic towards each other. In the end, this combination is something that should really be avoided if you want to have a happy romantic life.

17. Cancer & Aquarius: Emotional And Caring, These Two Are Sadly Destined For Unhappiness


Do you happen to be part of a Cancer-Aquarius romantic partnership? A bleak future is in store for the Cancer-Aquarius pairing. On paper, this is a pairing that should do well. However, it often feels like there is something that falls short when it comes to these two. Both the Cancer and the Aquarius understand the needs of one another. Which should be a good start, right? Well, it would be if it wasn’t for the incompatibility between the Cancer and Aquarius. In the end, the Aquarius seems terribly removed from their body and emotions. As a result, the Cancer will seem exceptionally too needy and emotional for the Aquarius. Without a natural flow and rhythm, this relationship leads to unhappiness for both partners.

16. Leo & Scorpio: Charming And Flirty, These Two Are Never Going To Be Able To Withstand The Test Of Time


When it comes to relationships, a Leo person needs to be in the spotlight at all times. On the other hand, the Scorpio partner doesn’t let the Leo have all the limelight. Can you see how this combination is destined to fail? While a Scorpio knows when and how to fight their battles within the relationship, they may choose the arguments wisely, they don’t know when to stop. One of the most significant issues that this pair ultimately will have to face is a fight for power in the romantic relationship. With a constant battle overhead, this dynamic duo is destined for a lifetime of unhappiness. Which is why, if you find yourself in this Leo-Scorpio pairing, you should really consider getting out!

15. Virgo & Sagittarius: Caring And Attentive At First, Only Leads To Sadness In The Long-Term


The Virgo-Sagittarius combination appears to be great in the beginning. When these opposites get together, there are endless sparks and chemistry. So why does it fail in the long-term? With similar signs, this should be a great combination. However, being such polar opposites, these two tend to drive each other crazy after a significant amount of time together. A Sagittarius will usually force their Virgo partner do things that they aren’t entirely comfortable with. This can lead to a strong sense of resentment that will ultimately kill any potential for a long-term relationship. In the end, a Sagittarius will try to get the Virgo to have fun, but the Virgo will put their guard up and avoid being open and honest in the romantic relationship.

14. Libra & Virgo: What Seems To Be Carefree Isn’t Always As It Appears


The Virgo and Libra combination can potentially be a stable romantic relationship at first. However, in the end, as the relationship progresses, both people end up hating one another and being perpetually unhappy with their relationship. But even from the get-go, there are some surefire signs that the relationship is bound to make both partners miserable. With the lack of fireworks and sparks, they may support each other emotionally, they can often result making one another angry or annoyed on the regular. While both parties value harmony in relationships, they tend to somehow find conflict over even the smallest things. If you find yourself in this unhappy duo, you might want to check-in with yourself, and your partner and call it quits, for both of your happiness.

13. Scorpio & Aries: Reliability Is Important, But This Perfect Pair Is Far From Being “For Better Or For Worse”


When Aries and Scorpio get together, they can’t help but be drawn to one another. These two feisty signs both love a good argument which is where the drama begins. The explosive fights that dominate this relationship leave both partners terribly unhappy at the end of the day. With so much passion, it can be hard to leave this relationship. However, the toxicity isn’t good for anyone. Being prone to needing their privacy the Scorpio-Aries match is not a relationship that can withstand the test of time. While there is no perfect relationship, the Scorpio-Aries pairing is farthest from even being enjoyable. This relationship simply can’t go farther than physical attraction, the epic fights will end up leaving both individuals sad for years to come.

12. Capricorn & Gemini: Honesty And Loyalty Is Not Something You’ll Find With This Pair


The Gemini-Capricorn pairing is one of the more acutely special airings that can ultimately be frustrating for both partners involved. Geminis are known for not being prone to commitment and love. However, Capricorns crave responsibility, especially when it comes to their romantic relationships. When these two get together, they are initially drawn to one another because they seem to be polar opposites. But, as the relationship progresses, the mature Capricorn will not be able to handle the immaturity of a Gemini. The Capricorn will continuously crave love and passion which the Gemini will never be able to provide. Without love, this pair is doomed from the beginning. In the end, Capricorns are far from flighty which means they are not prone to ending things, even if they are unhappy. As a result, it is necessary for the Gemini to know when the relationship has reached its end.

11. Aquarius & Cancer: Being Exceptionally Over-Protective Is Not A Recipe For A Happy Relationship


A beautiful relationship between Cancer and Aquarius can cause severe stress in this pairing. Although Cancers are considered to be the most sensitive sign of the zodiac, governed by the Moon, they can also be quite rough and distant when they feel like they need to set healthy boundaries. Aquarius is known as an innovator, someone who enjoys change, even though they are a fixed sign, they can be pretty set in their ways. As a result, when these two engage in any intimate behavior, Cancer could become so stressed that they will ultimately have to set those boundaries. However, Aquarius will not be able to make the needed changes to be gentler to their Cancer partner. In the end, the Cancer will never be able to understand the Aquarius which results in genuine unhappiness and dissatisfaction.

10. Pisces & Virgo: While Both Signs Are Romantic, They Are Destined For A Life Of Bitterness


Virgos are known to be extremely caring, helpful, passionate, artistic, and friendly. On the other hand, Pisces people are considered romantic, emotional, respectful, selfless, and loving. As you can see, at first, these two are drawn to each other by their ability to communicate their affection efficiently towards one another. However, in the long-run, these two are destined to be miserable and unhappy. Virgos tend to be somewhat critical and too practical whereas the Pisces person is compassionate and dreamy. As a result, both partners will find it very difficult to see eye to eye. Being incredibly tricky to keep up with, Virgo people can be happy one minute and then unhappy the next. This gives the Pisces partner a lack of confidence which is a mood booster for the Pisces.

9. Aries & Cancer: With Not A Lot Of Breathing Room, The Aries Is Bound To Run For The Hills


The problem with this couple, oh where do we even begin? We usually see the sign of Cancer as extremely avoidant of sensuality. Our family patterns are presented by the magical sign of Cancer and the Moon, and it just so happens to be a psychological challenge for everyone to understand that even our parents have sensual sides of themselves. This would be perfectly fine id the members of this universal Cancer family weren’t convinced that avoiding sensuality is best. Their emotional characteristics allow only for loving relationships with meaning and enough to tenderness to withstand the test of time. With an Aries, this just won’t be able to happen. Usually, Aries partners are not gentle, to begin with. They need to learn to show emotion.

8. Taurus & Leo: A Mismatch Of Energies Will Lead Your Relationship Into The Toilet


The beautiful relationship between a Taurus and a Leo can be exhausting for both partners. This is because they can both be extremely lazy. Although Taurus people enjoy being couch potatoes, Leo likes to lie down and be served and ultimately taken care of. It is like both signs to spend time on the couch, and it might be difficult for them to completely agree on who is to actually get things done in the home for a happy and functional household to work. There really is no guarantee for a happy life when these two get together. While the possibility is there, both partners need to put in some work on themselves so that they can find inner peace. While passionate Leo would bring excitement into the relationship, the Taurus would continuously try to take care of their Leo partner to no avail.

7. Gemini & Virgo: One Person Loves Spontaneity While The Other Prefers Routine, We Can All See How This One Ends


When a Gemini and Virgo get together, the relationship will veer toward neurotic. While these two communicators are highly skilled conversationalists, they leave each other wanting more. These two approach life through a very different lens. Gemini is known for being an impulsive air sign, while Virgos are efficient and grounded individuals. Since both signs have neurotic tendencies, together exacerbating merely the anxieties that these two innately have, they can harbor resentment and unhappiness around the romantic relationship overall. One thing that also can also lead to dissatisfaction with these two is a lack of silence. Since they both love to talk, it can be tiring and exhausting to be around this dynamic duo. In the end, the Gemini-Virgo combination is a recipe for disaster.

6. Cancer & Aries: It’s Easy To Get Swept Up In This Relationship, But The Royal Treatment Will Come To An Abrupt End


When it comes to these two fire and air signs, there is entirely no doubt that problems are bound to occur. Without a significant common ground, it’s shocking that these two even form a relationship, from the get-go! Cancers are susceptible to emotions and are often hurt by how frank an Aries can be! Since Aries people tend to be sarcastic and abrasive, Cancers sensitive nature doesn’t mesh well with that type of personality. As a result, these two usually end up getting together merely based on physical attractiveness. But soon enough, that fades, and then these two are left with a host of issues that ends up having them be in a terrible and unhappy relationship. In the end, it is clear that this combination is doomed.

5. Leo & Capricorn: The Never-Ending Bickering Will Continue, Leading Both Partners To Resent One Another


When it comes to the Capricorn-Leo match, it’s a battle of opposites. While Capricorns are typically cool-headed and collected, Leos are warm and passionate. Although they are both attracted to each other in the beginning, the happiness is sure to fade away. The magic will slowly fade away which is why these two end up divorcing if they ever get hitched. Capricorns take a very traditional approach to love and intimacy. On the flip side, Leos tend to be a little more aggressive than Capricorns would prefer. All this mismatch ultimately leaves both partners dissatisfied with the relationship as a whole. In the end, this is a zodiac combination that ideally should be avoided if you are looking for a happy and healthy romantic relationship.

4. Virgo & Sagittarius: Never Being Able To See Eye-To-Eye Is Not A Sign Of A Healthy Romantic Relationship


Before you go barreling head first into a marriage with someone, take into consideration what the stars have to say about the fate of your romantic relationship. While you may think that this combination should be long-lasting, unfortunately, these opposites are not a perfect pair. With the Virgo being such a perfectionist, and the Sagittarius, well, not. These two get into arguments over the littlest things which would make anyone unhappy and possibly go crazy. All this stress is not a sign of a healthy romantic relationship. The Virgo-Sagittarius partnership leaves both individuals sad, depressed, and lonesome. Without a deep connection or bond, this pairing will almost always end in dissatisfaction from both partners. Therefore, before you consider saying “I do” you need to think about whether or not this is a relationship you want to be in!

3. Libra & Pisces: When Both People Hate Fighting And Decision-Making, Nothing Ever Gets Accomplished


Initially, the Libra-Pisces pairing is beautiful. The Libra and Pisces duo are somehow both drawn to one another. Again, it’s the age-old story of opposites attracting! The sparks are bound to fly. Almost instantaneous, the attraction between a Libra and a Pisces is palpable. The jovial and fun-loving nature of the Libra is what attracts the Virgo to this person. However, the Libra partner finds the Pisces’ grounding nature extremely attractive. However, while it all seems like a fairy-tale ending is in store for these two, as time passes, trouble lies ahead. As these two stay together for the long-term, the very same differences that brought them together end up tearing them apart. That is when their opposite personality traits rise to the surface and showcase their real personalities. As a spiritual being, the Pisces partner needs a place to escape too when craving solitude. But the Libra doesn’t understand why their partners don’t want to spend with them.

2. Scorpio & Gemini: Impulsiveness Can Drive A Wedge In This Relationship


Typically, Scorpios trust everyone, until they don’t. They are known to have this weird, possessive nature that can give ultimate just to virtually anyone, even a stranger. That is why they go all in when it comes to falling in love with someone, especially a Gemini. With absolute honesty, Scorpios don’t play around in the game of love. They are commitment centric people who understand genuine affection and desire romance. On the flip side, Geminis have two personalities, essentially. As a result, Geminis attract Scorpios with their giving nature. However, over time, they begin to see the darker side of the Gemini and question their entire relationship. By lacking the ability to share their emotions effectively, these two are not a match made in heaven.

1. Aries & Taurus: They Seek A Practical Life But End Up Hating One Another


Do you happen to find yourself in this type of zodiac combination? An Aries is sure to be annoyed that the perpetual homebody Taurus likes to relax more than adventure out. But do you know what annoys the Tuaurs the most? Not being in control of the romantic relationship. These two have widely different values and different personalities in general. Therefore, it can be tough for these two to get too close and feel like they have a real connection. At the end of it all, although the Aries and Taurus are both looking for a lifelong partner, they are not a match that keeps one another happy for the long haul. Instead, they should consider parting ways to actually find their respective soulmates who complete them!

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