19 Worst Kardashian Pregnancy Photos Of All Time

Well, we all know the Kardashians. They are always in the spotlight. As a matter of a fact, we can’t stop hearing about them even if we want to. The height of their career, it seemed, was during their pregnancies. It just appeared that the cameras were on them twenty-four seven. It was obnoxious, but we still couldn’t look away. Was it because we actually cared about Kim and Kourtney’s pregnancies? Was it because we wanted to see what their babies looked like? Or was it because their fashion was so bad that it was like staring at a train wreck? Probably the latter.

Let’s be real. Between Kim and Kourtney, their choices in fashion are less than stellar during their pregnancies, but you can’t look away from their horrendous outfits. Whether they are a form-fitting mess, a baby doll outfit that has no business being on them, or even formless ensembles that do them absolutely no justice, we can not help but stare with our jaws basically hitting the ground because of their awful choices. Take a look at our list we complied of some of the worst looks the Kardashians pulled during their pregnancies and see for yourself.


19 Tummy Untuck

Kim, we get that you have a pregnant belly going on here, but did you stop and look at yourself in the mirror before your stepped outside this morning? I don’t know if this is just the design of the shirt or if you are being sloppy, but it looks like your shirt is untucked…in a bad way. If this is the shirt’s design, I’m wondering if you have enough money to buy clothing that doesn’t make you look so trashy after all?

Doesn’t it just seem weird? Her hair is done, make up is on par, then there’s her stomach on display for all to see in a super odd way. The Kardashian design coach mustn’t have been in on this look. I think she looks like she should drop by the ladies room and adjust herself, personally.

18 A Little Extra Junk in the Trunk


Well this is just one of those reasons why leggings shouldn’t be worn as pants. Do they not have any mirrors in the Kardashian house, or does she honestly think she is rocking this look? I understand that you’re supposed to gain some weight when you’re pregnant, but god lord why would you want to show that baby weight off like you’re proud of it or something?

From the front, this look is halfway passable, but from behind people had to be snickering at the poor girl. Did she get dressed in the dark or something? There’s no way she put on this clothing and thought to herself how she is crushing the look she has on. No way whatsoever. The itty bitty sweatshirt is not helping the cause either.

17 Not So Snappy in Strappy Shoes

In Kim’s defense here, she looks annoyed at the paparazzi. No one looks their finest when they are letting someone have it. However, Kim, you have got to really reconsider what you are putting on your pregnant body because many of your choices aren’t as chic as you think they are. Take this outfit for example, you’re pregnant and I can see at least four inches of cleavage not to mention the shoes you have paired with it aren’t forgiving on your swollen ankles.

Here’s the thing, you are becoming a mother not a suffragette that runs around the town booking gigs for some unknown reason of fame…oh wait. Regardless, play the part of becoming a mom, it just doesn’t look right when you have your chest hanging out for the world to see and you have a baby on board.

16 Form Fitting No-No


Is there really anything positive to say about this outfit? Why oh why would you choose a form fitting dress when you are about ready to pop? It literally looks terrible. To top it off, look at her legs! They are so swollen I’m surprised they can even support her baby weight right now. I can see that Kim is likely in denial about what her pregnant body looks like, but truth be told…you are likely days away from giving birth so this might have been a look to wear in your first trimester not your last.

Kim, you really need to think about getting some mirrors in your place because based on the last few images, I have come to the conclusion that you have none. Friends and family, there’s a good Christmas gift idea for Kim. You’re welcome.

15 Not So Graceful in Lace

I’m not sure what this look is trying to accomplish, but it is not good. That lacy whatever it is on top of her ensemble is just ugly for starters, but it also covers up her form-fitting no-no underneath. Kim, what is up with you wearing form-fitting clothing with your pregnant belly? It’s almost like you either have no idea that you have a huge stomach right now or you are choosing to ignore it. Is it for media attention or something? All press is good press and all that?

Maybe the Kardashians just don’t have electricity in their homes and they dress in the dark. That would explain so many mishaps and faux pas in their pregnancy wardrobes. I really do not have any other explanations here.

14 Gloom and Baby Boom


First of all, what is this outfit to begin with? Pregnant or not this is just not a great choice. The white in the dress makes her hips look huge! Not to say that she isn’t known for her curves, but yikes this outfit makes those curves explode ten fold. Second, why are you wearing leggings? I get that it is cold, but it just doesn’t look right. Beauty is pain Kim!

I will give her points for slimming out her pregnant belly for the first time on this list though. It seems like she finally took the steps to say, “Hm I’m pregnant, maybe I should wear something that is appropriate to my form and not wear something super form-fitting.” Not your worst look, but not your best look, Kim.

13 Her Not So Best Angle

Oy vey, Kim. Just as I was giving you a little bit of props you’re right back at it again. This is obviously a look not designed for a pregnant person, so why would you think it would be an awesome idea for you to go for it? Come on now, all eyes go straight to your belly, and that’s to be expected because the outfit is so tight around your stomach. Hold up, look how short the dress goes up too. Kim, use your brain just a little bit here. This outfit is an awful choice.

To top it off, she’s on a talk show right now. The world is looking at this very outfit and judging it. Why can’t you just choose an outfit that makes you look good as a pregnant woman, then go back to your normal clothing?


12 Swollen in More Places Than One


She’s in denial. She must be based off that, once again, form-fitting dress and those shoes she has no business wearing right now. Her feet look like stuffed sausages, and she has to know this, right? She is so out of touch with her body right now it is kind of scary. Maybe she doesn’t even know she’s pregnant. Seems like Kris is having a good time taking pictures of her though. Maybe she even sees how ridiculous her outfit is.

How is she even comfortable on heels with her feet being so swollen is my question? Why not take a break and whip out those flats for a little while? Sounds like that would be just a little too easy, right? What do I know though? Retire those shoes for a while.

11 Shameless Baby Belly Selfie

I mean, props to Kim for having the confidence she does to wear a string bikini while being so pregnant, but why? What is she trying to prove here is my question? Again, it is one of those moments where I just think she’s in major denial. Why can’t you shelf this outfit until you are through with your pregnancy? It is like she assumes that everyone wants to see her pregnant belly wherever she goes. Not that she’s ugly or anything, but she’s just clueless.

She’s pulling the duck face on top of it. How out of style is that? Kim, you’ve got to get up with the times, honey. The duck face has so fallen out of grace, and thank goodness for that too. Kim I just palm smack so hard at you sometimes.

10 Not Made Up With Everywhere to Go


There are so many things to discuss with this look. First of all, Kim Kardashian is stepping out into the public scene without her hair and makeup done? Has hell frozen over or something? What the heck is going on here? I’m all about showing off your natural look, but she just looks plain angry on top of everything. Did her hair and makeup artist get the day off and she’s super upset about it or something? Of the drama of it all!

Second, what is that outfit that she is wearing? The shirt does absolutely no justice for her baby belly whatsoever. In fact, it just makes her look like she has a beer gut. To top it off, she tied a sweatshirt around her waist to make it look like her belly is even bigger. Why Kim, oh god why?

9 A Non-Forgiving and Non-Flattering Dress

The dreaded side angle, a pregnant woman’s worst enemy. You can’t really blame Kim for that, but you can blame her for that dress she’s wearing. Another one of those form-fitting faux pas. In what way was she thinking that this dress looked solid on her? From every angle this dress would not make her look flattering. If she wasn’t pregnant it would make her hips look big, so what is she thinking by putting it on when she’s pregnant?

The guy she’s with almost looks sorry for her. Like he’s patting her on the back saying, “There, there, you don’t look that awful in that outfit.” She has just got to stop making these form-fitting outfits her go-tos because they truly look terrible. Do you hear me, Kim? Just say no!

8 A Bad Baby Doll Dress for a Baby Bump


Sigh. Kim you just don’t get it. That dress is showing off your back fat and your butt that has baby fat stuck to it. It’s, again, one of those outfits that should remain in your closet until your pregnancy is over. Not to say that you have to prance around in a mu-mu or something, but these tight outfits just aren’t doing you a whole lot of justice. This dress even has a flowy bottom, but it still just doesn’t look right.

How are these outfits comfortable on your stomach? You have a pregnant belly, yet you are always wearing such tight-fitting outfits around your belly. It can’t be good for your kids. Think of the children here. The outfits don’t look good and they can’t be comfortable for them. It’s a lose-lose situation.

7 Her Hips Definitely Don't Lie

I just can’t right now Kim. These pants make your butt and hips look massive in just the worst way possible. That frilly thing at the top of your pants makes it even worse. The fact that these are skinny cut pants is awful too. This is an all around bad choice. Truth be told, the camera angles aren’t great, but I don’t think those pants are really leaving too much to the imagination either.

Even if you weren’t pregnant, please don’t wear those pants again because they are just terrible. I say this in the most sincere way I can, whoever told you to wear those pants isn’t your friend. They want to make you look stupid in front of all of the cameras. Trust me on this one.

6 Black and White is Not Alright


Well hello Kourtney, welcome to the list! Okay, so I’m thinking it is Halloween and you are going as Cruela De Ville? Did I guess it? I mean, at least you aren’t wearing something skin tight like your sister is always wearing, but this outfit is capital U ugly. It looks like something a rich old woman would wear or something. I’m not sure I would go outside to the public wearing it anyway.

I’m not sure who the Kardashian stylist is, but perhaps this person should be looking for a new job because I don’t think they are nailing it during Kim and Kourtney’s pregnancies. Maybe it isn’t Kim and Kourtney’s fault, maybe they are prisoners to their stylist who wants to sabotage them. Maybe they think this is good fashion because their stylist has brainwashed them into thinking so.

5 Floral Print Mishap


Oh dear lord. What is she trying to accomplish here? If she is trying to look like Mother Nature then mission accomplished. Did she make this outfit out of her bed sheets or something? It looks like she was influenced by Julie Andrews from The Sound of Music for crying out loud. Not to mention that she also looks like a stuffed sausage, and where are her hands? Are those matching shoes too? Oh, my god, this outfit is a disaster.

Do you know when you are looking for someone and you feel embarrassed for them? Oh, I am totally getting that for Kim right now. I am having a hard time looking at her. The sad thing is, she thinks she looks completely gorgeous. Oh, this poor, poor woman.

4 Skin Tight Faux Pas


Kim! What are you thinking? This has been a common theme throughout this entire list. Stop wearing outfits that are way too tight for your pregnant belly. Seriously, they aren’t flattering and they make you look bigger than you actually are. Plus, those heels have to be uncomfortable with all of the extra weight you are carrying. I just don’t get it. It’s not like this has only happened a handful of times; this has happened many times over, so this isn’t just an accident. This is a pattern.

Does your family tell you that you are rocking these outfits because if they are they are lying to you? Look into a mirror or get a reliable opinion before walking outside next time. Please, for your sake. You’ll thank me later.

3 The Spandex Stretch

This outfit wouldn’t be so bad if you chose a better shirt. It’s see through for crying out loud. It also looks like it is stretched it its absolute limit. You had to see that it was see through before you left to go out. Your mom had to see it too. Does she just ignore the face that you look horrible when you go out and about while you are pregnant? It sure seems like it.

I feel like I just keep circling back to the same thing and it’s stop wearing things that are way too tight for your pregnant belly. This shirt was not made to be pulled so tight, and you can tell because it wasn’t meant to be see through either. Another major palm smack.

2 An Extra Large Side Shot


Oh Kourtney, it looks like that apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and you’re taking fashion advice from Kim with those form-fitting outfits. Ugh. Don’t both of you know that you both just look terrible in them while you’re pregnant? This dress is hard to pull off while you aren’t pregnant because it shows off every single flaw. Do the Kardashians just not care what their stomachs and butts look like? Are they just that secretly cool to honestly not care what people think? Nah.

Kourtney, don’t follow Kim’s fashion advice because if I’ve learned one think from this list it’s that she has zero sense of fashion whatsoever. Don’t subject yourself to falling in the same fashion faux pas traps that she does. Be better than that girl!

1 Going Non-Flattering and Formless

This dress looks like a step above a burlap sack. They both have no shape whatsoever, but at least burlap doesn’t make you look like a killer whale. Kim, what were you thinking on this one? This wouldn’t even be a good look without the baby bump. I honestly think your stylist hates you, or is seeking revenge for something you did to them. They have to be if they are putting you in an outfit like this. At least it isn’t form-fitting like so many of your other maternity outfits.

Throughout this list I have learned that you just haven’t nailed your pregnancy look, Kim. You just don’t know how to dress for two. I think you need a new stylist and I just feel generally sorry for you going out in public the way you did throughout your pregnancy.


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