19 Times Starlets Seriously Regretted Their Red Carpet Looks

When a celebrity steps out on the red carpet they want to make a statement, but sometimes making a bold statement can end up becoming a disaster. When walking the red carpet at an event like the prestigious Academy Awards or Golden Globes, Hollywood stars get all glammed up and wear stunning gowns or a slick tux by a top designer. However, there have been too many times when a star flops on the carpet and fans wonder if they even own a mirror.

Being on the red carpet is a celebrity's time to shine, but it can also backfire when this particular star has no fashion sense whatsoever or decides to wear something outrageous. Fans were shocked when starlet Lady Gaga came to the MTV Video Music Awards wearing head to toe raw beef. Supposedly, the "Shallow" singer wanted to make some sort of statement, but fans and activist groups alike thought her fashion choice was not only confusing but outlandish.

There have been numerous times when a star wore something seriously regretful on a red carpet. Here are 20 of those Hollywood stars that definitely wished they would have had a better stylist or wore something entirely different.

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19 Lady Gaga's Meat Mess

Photo Via: people.com

At the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, people where shocked when Lady Gaga stepped out wearing a dress made entirely out of raw beef. The dress made a huge statement and for all the wrong reasons. PETA, an animal rights organization found the dress distasteful, however, the star stated that her outfit choice should not be interpreted as a message against animal rights, but her protest against the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy.

18 Rihanna's Bubble Gum Pink Dress

Photo Via: screenertv.com

Rihanna wore this Giambattista Valli gown at the 2015 Grammy Awards and basically looked like a gigantic pink pouf. The dress engulfed the singer. There were both negative and positive feelings about this dress the singer wore, but if anyone can pull off a ginormous, puffy pink gown, it can only be Rihanna.

17 Kim Basinger's Frankenstein-Like Ensemble

Photo Via: vogue.co.uk

Actress Kim Basinger wore this half-gown, half-tuxedo look to the 1990 Academy Awards and it confused quite a lot of people. Vogue described Basinger’s dress as "Frankenstein-like" and critics were divided about the look. In fact, Basinger's dress was not even a high-end designer: she actually created the gown herself.

16 Angelina Jolie's Vampira Look

Photo Via: harpersbazaar.com

At the 2000 Academy Awards, Angelina Jolie won the award for Best Supporting Actress for the 1999 film Girl, Interrupted. While Jolie is known for her stunning looks at red carpet events, her black formfitting Marc Bouwer gown and long black hair made her look like Vampira and very gothy.

15 Geena Davis' Costume Party Look For The Oscars

Photo Via: dubaichronicle.com

Geena Davis walked the 1992 Oscars red carpet in this controversial ruffled mini dress. The dress was designed by costume designers Ruth Meyers and Bill Hargateat and resembled exactly what it was, a costume. The dress might be more appropriate on the Met Gala carpet, but it was definitely an outrageous look for the Academy Awards.

14 Sarah Jessica Parker's Jafar-Inspired Headdress

Photo Via: people.com

While the Met Gala is known for its themed looks, Sarah Jessica Parker's took the 2015 theme, "China: Through the Looking Glass," a bit extreme. Her Philip Treacy headpiece was bizarre, but she was ultra-committed to the 2015 theme, which celebrated the museums’ Costume Institute exhibition.

13 Lara Flynn Boyle's Ballet Recital Tutu

Photo Via: fashionmagazine.com

Viewers watching The Academy Awards or Golden Globe Awards will typically see Hollywood stars in dazzling and stunning gowns. However, there are the few stars, like Lara Flynn Boyle who will show up in something like a ballerina get-up. Boyle wore this pink tutu to the 2003 Golden Globes, pairing the ballerina outfit with satin lace-up slippers.

12 Cher's Garbage-Inspired Dress

Photo Via: pinterest.com

At the 50th Grammy Awards, Cher walked the carpet in this dress with a long grey train, holey shirt and red hair that is probably up the ranks as one of the craziest Grammy looks of all time. The iconic singer looked as if she was wearing a garbage bag at the award show and her top that featured mismatched holes didn't help the look either.

11 Uma Thurman's Peasant-Styled Dress

Photo Via: pinterest.com

Uma Thurman's 2004 Oscar dress oddly resembled that of a peasant woman's clothing back in medieval times. Thurman's white gown featured way too many layers of bulky fabric and looked like it was thrown together at the last minute. It definitely wasn't one of the actress' finest moments on the red carpet.

10 Charlize Theron's Rose Bud's Make A Statement

Photo Via: parentsdome.com

Actress Charlize Theron showed up to the 2010 Academy Awards wearing a beautiful Dior Couture gown, however, once she faced front, all eyes were easily planted on her chest. The gown's top, which appeared to have two cinnamon buns on them, didn't do much to help Theron or the dress. Charlize and the creator of this dress definitely missed the mark.

9 Lizzy Gardiner's Credit Card Dress Steals Show

Photo Via: mtv.com

Lizzy Gardiner is a costume designer so her 1995 Oscar's dress made up of 254 expired American Express Gold cards wasn't too surprising, but it is one of the worst dresses to show up on the prestigious red carpet. It's still unclear as to what statement Gardiner was trying to make back in 1995 with this dress.

8 Susan Sarandon's Heap Of Bronze Mess

Photo Via: pinterest.com

Susan Sarandon won the award for Best Actress at the 1996 Oscar's for the film "Dead Man Walking," and accepted the award in this heap of brown fabric. The dress was basically a gigantic brown poof of never-ending fabric and the actress topped it off by spiking her hair.

7 Trey Parker, Matt Stone Make Fun Of Past Celeb Gowns

Photo Via: pinterest.jp

South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone showed up at the 72nd Academy Awards in 2000 with Parker dressed in his own version of the infamous Versace dress Jennifer Lopez wore to the 2000 Grammys, while Stone showed up in a pink gown that looked like Gwyneth Paltrow's dress the year before. While it was all for fun and games, not every on the red carpet was pleased.

6 Demi Moore's Biker Shorts Dress

Photo Via: pinterest.com

At the 1989 Academy Awards, Demi Moore stepped out on the red carpet in her own creation, which consisted of this hybrid dress/ bodysuit with biker shorts, taking a huge risk on one of the most glamorous nights in Hollywood. Demi's dress featured spandex biker shorts, a corset, and a metallic floral-print fabric that was labeled "bizarre" by critics.

5 Whoopi Goldberg Goes Neon

Photo Via: pinterest.com

Whoopi Goldberg hosted the Academy Awards in 1993 and came to the red carpet wearing this lime green and purple number. The dress featured a purple bolero jacket lined with shiny lime green fabric with a long train that opened up to reveal even more shiner pants underneath. While it is a regrettable dress, it is one of the most memorable at the Oscars.

4 Bjork's Infamous Swan Dress

Photo Via: rebloggy.com

Bjork's infamous swan dress at the 73rd Annual Academy Awards is one of the most talked-about outfits on the red carpet to date. It is one of the most iconic looks on a red carpet and while it has seen its fair share of jokes, designer Valentino reimagined it at 2014's Paris Fashion Week.

3 Tilda Swinton's One-Armed Snuggie

Photo Via: bestlife.com

Tilda Swinton arrived at the 2008 Oscars in this very boring and ill-fitting black gown. The actress is known for her chic and sleek looks, so it was strange to see the star in this plain getup for something as big as the Oscars. It is definitely one of the worst dresses to appear at the Oscar's red carpet.

2 Faye Dunaway's Kooky Ruffles

Photo Via:purepeople.com

Actress Faye Dunaway appeared on the 2007 Oscar's red carpet in this black gown that would have looked much better if the bottom part of the dress was removed. Instead, Dunaway looked like a walking floor lamp and made it to this list of regrettable red carpet looks.

1 Celine Dion's Backwards Tuxedo

Photo Via: pinterest.com

Celine Dion tried to be somewhat innovative when she arrived at the 1999 Oscars wearing a backward white tuxedo, which was created by John Galliano for Christian Dior. The star took it a step further by including a white satin hat and bejeweled sunglasses.

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