19 Pictures That Show What These Disney Princesses Are Supposed To Look Like

Since most Disney princesses aren't based on real people, they look the way they do only because whoever drew them for the movies wanted to draw them this way. But fans still want to know what these characters would look like if they were real people living at the time and place suggested in their stories. Besides, it is certainly fun to find out what our favorite characters might have looked like if they were historical personalities.

For this, we're going to take a look at the drawings of different artists who did profound research to depict Disney princesses with the highest level of accuracy possible. They adapted the styles and colors of their clothing, as well as their hair and makeup to fit their respective eras.

Excited to see the realistic depictions of Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, Mulan, and other faves? Then let's start!

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19 Belle's Clothes Should Have Been More Elaborate

Via: youtube

We can say that Belle was animated more accurately than most other princesses, but her depiction still wasn't errorless. Since the story took place in 18th century France, Belle's dresses should've been more fashionable (especially the one she wore when she danced with the Beast). Besides, ladies wore poufs at the time, as well as flowers, ribbons, laces, feathers, jewelry, and anything else that would've adorned their outfits more. Artist Claire Hummel did her best to depict a more accurate ball-ready Belle for us.

18 Cinderella's Dress Wasn't As Refined As It Should've Been

Via: imgur

Since the original story of Cinderella was written by Charles Perrault, we can be sure that it took place in France and the time period was around the late 17th century. At that time, fashion was actively evolving and clothes were becoming more refined and ornated. So Cinderella should have worn a long, lean, and low waistline, as well as a headpiece, called a fontange, just like the one Margot Denise drew.

17 Rapunzel Wearing A Cranach Dress Looks Gorgeous

Via: IG

According to the original story, Rapunzel lived in Germany sometime around the mid-16th century. Since it was the period of German renaissance, women wore feminine and intricate clothes. The depiction of Rapunzel you see above was made by Margot Denise and it was inspired by the paintings of Lucas Cranach the Elder, a German Renaissance painter. He drew so many paintings that this kind of dress was even called a "Cranach dress."

16 Snow White Is Pretty But She Doesn't Look Accurate

Via: youtube

Snow White lived in late 16th century Germany, during the time of protestant reformations. In that period, women wore dark-colored outfits that'd have a high neckline and emphasize their waist. They'd pull their hair back and frequently wear a headpiece. Azalea's Dolls made a picture of how Snow White would look like considering all these facts and it's actually a spot-on depiction!

15 Tiana's Huge Dress Was Completely Out Of Tune With The Time

Via: imgur

The Princess and the Frog takes place in the 1920s in New Orleans, which helps us guess how Tiana should've looked like. Straight dresses with low waists and no curves were a thing at that period of time. Besides, women also cut their hair in short bobs. The woman whose photo you see above shows a perfect example of what Tiana should've worn in the film. She'd look even more awesome, wouldn't she?

14 Aurora Had To Wear A Special Kind Of Dress

Via: pinterest

Sleeping Beauty took place in 14th century France and it helps us guess how Princess Aurora was supposed to look like. Back then, noblewomen wore tailored dresses with tight-fitting sleeves and bodices. This outfit was called cotehardie and it was usually buttoned down the front or back. The art made by Margot Denise perfectly shows these garments.

13 Elsa's Coronation Dress Didn't Look Like A Queen's Garments

Via: deviantart

While Elsa's icy dress was gorgeous, her coronation outfit left a lot to be desired. For this reason, Deviantart artist Wickfield decided to show us how she should've looked like at this important event. Elsa lived in the mid-1800s when women wore pretty Victorian dresses with ballgown silhouette and just started using corsets (not overusing it, just yet). Embroidery wasn't uncommon and, as a new queen, Elsa just had to wear this gorgeous cape instead of a simpler one she had in the film.

12 Anna And Her Historically Accurate Traditional Outfit

Via: deviantart

Since Anna lived in 19th century Norway, she was supposed to wear a traditional Norwegian garment called bunad. You can see an example of how it was supposed to look like in the drawing made by Deviantart artist Wickfield. The outfit starts with a blouse, usually of white color, and over it, Anna was to wear a high-collared woolen jacket and a long skirt. A neck scarf, a shawl, and while clocked stockings that were typical of that period would keep her warm.

11 Merida's Attire Is One Of Disney's Most Historically Inaccurate

Via: imgur

According to Disney, Merida lived in 10th century Scotland. However, her dresses in the movie are neither related to the 10th century, nor are they Scottish. Deviantart artist Wickfield says that her casual dress, for example, resembles 19th century Italy much more. So in her artwork, Merida wears a woolen dress with narrow sleeves and a leather belt. She also has her cloak pinned in the center of her chest with a classic Celtic brooch. Looks amazing, right?

10 Jasmine Didn't Look Like An Arabian Princess

Via: imgur

The two-piece blue outfit looked wonderful on Princess Jasmine and it inspired multiple cosplays. But if she actually existed and lived in an Arabic country of that time, she'd be wearing something completely different. Women back then dressed very modestly – they wore loose, shapeless clothing and royals also wore veils. The picture by Devianart artist Wickfield you see above shows a perfect example of how Jasmine had to look like.

9 Ariel As A Human Had To Look A Bit Different

Via: IG

Since we've never seen a mermaid, it's hard to speak about an accurate depiction of underwater Ariel, so let's consider her look when she was turned into a human. Artist Margot Denise gave us an incredibly accurate depiction of Ariel that looks amazing. Off-shoulder dresses and big poofy sleeves were popular in 17th century Denmark, so we can guess that this kind of outfit fits the era.

8 How Mulan Had To Look Like Before She Dressed Like A Man

Via: IG

Mulan is a legendary woman from the ancient Chinese ballad that tells a story of a girl who cut her hair short, dressed as a man, and went to the war instead of her father. Supposedly, she lived during the Northern Wei Dynasty. Women at that time wore loose and layered clothing that was tight at the waist and had extremely wide sleeves. Margot Denise's depiction of this princess is the most gorgeous of all.

7 Pocahontas Didn't Wear Loose Hair

Via: imgur

One of the most historically inaccurate things about Pocahontas is her hair. Since she was a young girl and wasn't married, she couldn't have loose hair. According to a tradition of her culture, unmarried girls had to wear their hair in one long braid. After marriage, she was supposed to hut her hair short. The picture you see above was made by Deviantart artist Pelycosaur24 who took inspiration from John White's drawings of Native Americans of that time.

6 A Turban And A Cape For Esmeralda

Via: deviantart

It is believed that gypsies who started coming to France in the 15th century were the so-called Romani people. Wickfield from Deviantart did profound research to find out how these people had to look like. She learned that Romani women wore a turban-like headdress and had some kind of cape or blanket draped over their loose dress. Besides, Esmeralda couldn't wear gold jewelry because at that time only royals could afford it.

5 Megara From Hercules Had The Wrong Hair Style

Via: deviantart

Living in Bronze-Age Greece, Megara was supposed to wear a loose short-sleeved tunic instead of her revealing dress (however gorgeous it looked in the film). Besides, her trademark ponytail also didn't fit with the historical period because back then women usually wore cascading hairstyles. Wickfield from Deviantart, who made this drawing, also painted the historically accurate makeup Megara should've had.

4 A Couple Of Spicy Details About Moana's Look

Via: deviantart

To create a more historically accurate version of Moana, Wickfield focused on the culture of Tonga and Samoa, where Moana's people could've settled at the film's time period. The story probably took place before the Christianization of the islands, when women still didn't cover their breasts (but we totally understand why Moana wasn't topless in the film!) Besides, tattoos were the must back then, so the artist depicted Moana with tattoos on her arms.

3 Jane Porter Had To Wear More Practical Clothes

Via: deviantart

If you think about it, you'll understand that it's kinda strange that Jane went to the jungle wearing a bustle dress. She should've worn something more practical right away and Wickfield from Deviantart shows us what her attire could be. Her dress should've been less restrictive, since the story takes place in the late 1800s when women's fashion began incorporating athletic and menswear touches, such as a gentleman's collar, a necktie, and leather boots.

2 Princess Eilonwy From 'The Black Cauldron' Looked Less Stereotypical

Via: wikipedia

Even if we don't look at her clothes, Eilonwy looks completely different from what she was supposed to. In the original story written by Lloyd Alexander, she had red-gold hair and bright blue eyes. Probably, Disney made her light blue-eyed blonde only due to some stereotypes. The picture of this enchantress-warrior you see above comes from the book cover of the 1980 Laurel-Leaf edition of The Black Cauldron.

1 And Finally, Shuri (Yes, She's A Disney Princess, Too!)

Via: looper

You might be surprised to see Shuri on this list, but since Disney now owns the Marvel Cinematic Universe and she's the king's daughter, she's technically a Disney Princess, too! So let's see how her movie look was different from the one she originally had in the comics. What strikes us the most is comic book Shuri's super-heavy suit of armor and absence of these white dots across her face.

But Shuri in the movie still looks gorgeous, doesn't she?

Sources: Deviantart, Youtube, Margot Denise Art IG Page

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