19 Photos Of Kendall Jenner (That Kris Doesn't Want Us To See)

By now we feel like we know almost everything about the Kardashian/Jenner sisters — the good, the bad, and the ugly. And while most of them tend to be pretty much an open book, model Kendall Jenner often still seems shy and doesn't let us get a glimpse into every part of her life. Especially not the embarrassing moments. But the internet wouldn't be the internet if there's wasn't a list of pics that Kendall and her mom Kris probably have regrets about, and as you've guessed it (aka read it in the title) — today we are looking at exactly those. Even rich models have photos out there that they're hoping nobody will ever see, but luckily, we've dug them out. At the end of the day, seeing Kendall make mistakes or embarrass herself only makes her more human.

Now here they are, 20 pics of Kendall Jenner that we bet Kris doesn't want us to see!

19 When She Rocked This Nose Ring At Coachella

Via: justjared.com

Frankly, we're still confused as to why she thought this is a good look, as it screams cultural appropriation. According to Fashionista, the nose ring was very "reminiscent of those often worn by brides in traditional Indian weddings", and by now we all know that using someone's culture as a fashion statement is a big no-go.

18 And When Her Acne Made Her Was Super Relatable 

Via: teenvogue.com

We love seeing a celeb being relatable, but we bet neither Kendall nor Kris are too pleased with these red carpet pics because it's clear to everyone that not even the best makeup artists in the world were able to cover up Kendall's acne. It totally ruins that "perfect model" image.

17 We'll Just Leave This Pic Of Her Biting Shoes Here 

Via: youtube.com

Okay, fair enough, she isn't just randomly munching on shoes, she was actually playing a game on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. And as you can guess, the game revolved around picking the shoe that looks edible and hoping once you bite into it that it will be cake and not actual crocs.

16 Kendall Is Usually A Style Icon But We Bet She Regrets This Look 

Via: savoirflair.com

One thing Kendall (and her sisters) are known for is their impeccable style that immediately gets copied by fans worldwide. But something is telling us that when it comes to this outfit, not many will be too envious of the model's look. In fact, we don't even understand how her stylist approved this biker shorts and ugly winter sweater look.

15 Oh, And Then There's The Fact That Something Was Wrong With Her Feet In This Photoshoot

Via: glamourmagazine.co.uk

According to Journal Post, this image of Kendall Jenner shot by photographer Sasha Samsonova quickly became overshadowed as fans started zooming in on her feet, which looked kind of unusual. We're not sure if photoshop or the angle is to blame, but once we see it — we cannot unsee it!

14 She Seemed To Struggle Quite A Bit With These Ultra Strappy Heels

Via: ok.co.uk

Kendall Jenner showed up at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards wearing these lace-up DSquared2 heels and according to Glamour, it took a whole team to get her into them. Unfortunately, the reality star and model still struggled with adjusting them while she was posing, which resulted in these pretty of embarrassing pics.

13 Oh, And There's That One Time 16-year-old Kylie and 17-year-old Kendall Went Clubbing In LA

Via: tmz.com

It's no secret that the rich and famous don't always have to follow the rules in LA, and we're not surprised that a very underage Kendall and Kylie were spotted hitting up clubs around town. They definitely look like they partied way too hard, and we bet they wish this pic was never taken!

12 Kendall Has A Meow Tattoo On The Inside Of Her Mouth — We Bet Kris Disapproves

Via: youtube.com

Personally, we don't get why people would get a tattoo on the inside of their mouth because nobody can actually see it, and in order to show it to someone, you have to make this ridiculous face. Not to mention that getting a tattoo that says meow is so basic.

11 And Who Could Forget That Moment When She Was About To Announce One Direction Instead Of 5SOS At The 2014 Billboard Music Awards 

Via: youtube.com

Now if you haven't witnessed this awkward pop culture moment we highly suggest you watch a video of it because your level of second-hand embarrassment will be through the roof. Kendall was supposed to announce 5 Seconds of Summer, but instead, she was about to say another famous boyband's name.

10 Then There's Also That Video Of Kendall Falling Off A Bike

Via: youtube.com

As awful as it may sound, when people trip or fall our natural reaction tends to be to laugh. So when Khloe Kardashian recorded her younger sister Kendall riding a bike and falling off of it we couldn't stop the tears from rolling down our face. Celebrity failures are pretty hilarious, and they remind us that clumsiness knows no fame.

9 What Was She Thinking When She Went For This Look?

Via: savoirflair.com

Okay, some may think this look works, but honestly, we think Kendall was visibly trying too hard — which ruins the whole point. Not to mention that the whole look with the hair and sunglasses looks a bit too costumey and Lady Gaga-esque and sorry, but Kendall can't pull it off.

8 We're Still Recovering From Her Controversial Pepsi Commercial

Via: teenvogue.com

According to Independent, the Pepsi commercial starring Kendall Jenner was "widely criticized for appearing to trivialize demonstrations aimed at tackling social justice causes". The commercial was so controversial that Pepsi pulled it back and stopped using it. Naturally, this had an impact on how people viewed Kendall and her work choices...

7 Which She Cried Over A Lot On KUWTK

Via: pinterest.com

Obviously, once all hell broke loose, Kendall struggled with dealing with the negative feedback and we got to see some of that on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. While mistakes happen, we're still quite baffled at the fact that nobody seemed to even consider that the whole commercial might be a bad idea.

6 Anytime Her Eyebrows Were Bleached For A Fashion Show It Makes Us Cringe

Via: pinterest.com

Yeah, yeah, we get it — it's fashion, it's supposed to look weird and make us think out of the box, but honestly, we bet neither Kendall nor Kris think that these pics of her are cool. In fact, we're worried that if we look at them for too long we might have nightmares.

5  And Then There's That One Time Her Hair Looked Like This

Via: vogue.com

In our opinion, short hair is kind of a bad look on Kendall, so whenever stylists decide to give her a pixie-like hairstyle for a fashion show, we can't help but cringe. Yeah, models need to be versatile, but that doesn't mean that models can pull off everything. Kendall is living proof of that.

4 This Video Of Kendall Falling Is Still A Hit On The Internet

Via: youtube.com

We already had one pic of Kendall falling, but we couldn't stop there. The sister definitely seems to have a prominent clumsy side, as she also fell while trying to pose for a video and now we're left with these hilarious pics. And while this fall looks quite painful, she thankfully didn't hurt herself a lot.

3 Here She Is Rocking Some Golden Teeth

Via: pinterest.com

Honestly, this look is even worse than the controversial Coachella nose ring. We're so used to seeing the model always look absolutely stunning that images like these certainly surprise us. Not to mention that at first glance we actually thought she was missing a tooth, and who wants to leave that impression?

2 Who Could Forget When Kendall (And Gigi) Had Their Knee Removed

Via: cosmopolitan.com

While this wasn't the girls' fault at all, it's still pretty embarrassing that it happened and we bet someone ended up getting fired. We all know ads get photoshopped, but at least most of them still look somewhat realistic. In this one the girls look quite unrecognizable, not to mention that their knees are no longer.

1 Lastly, When She Had These Tan Lines — Something No Kardashian/Jenner Sister Would Be Caught With Today

Via: hollywoodweekly.com

Nowadays spray tans seem to be the go-to way of making your skin have that sun-kissed vacation glow, but back in the day people actually used to get a tan while sunbathing outside — hence the awkward bikini tan lines Kendall Jenner was seen rocking at the beginning of this decade.

Sources: fashionista.com, glamour.com, independent.co.uk, journalpost.co.uk

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