19 People At Walmart We'd Never Approach

Walmart is one of the most profitable companies in the world, if not the biggest. They can be found on almost every corner in North America, and their products are just as diverse as their clientele. They sell products for almost anything that someone would be looking for.

That is what makes them so successful. It doesn't matter if you are looking for make-up, dog food or bug spray, Walmart has it all. This means that you are going to run into all kinds of people shopping at Walmart.

There will always be funny people everywhere you look, but for some reason, Walmart seems to attract them all. Whether it be the way they are dressed or the companions they are bringing into the store, there is something about them that makes us take a step back before wanting to approach them.

I don't know about anyone else, but I will not be starting a conversation with any of the next 19 people spotted at Walmart.

19 Walmart Shoppers Gone Wild!


Sometimes, you see young people out and about sporting some pretty questionable outfits, but you assume it is just some high school prank. When it is an older person, we start to wonder whether he is actually OK.

We also may want to check the local Nursing home pages to see if a resident escaped and is on the lookout.

18 We Don’t Really Know What’s Going On Here


it is one thing to see someone in a weird outfit, we can almost look past that. However, there are some situations that are so disturbing because we don't actually know what is going on at all.

We really have no idea what is going on with the two in the picture above, but it is enough to make sure no one goes near them.

17 Which One Is Worse?


Here is a little contest, which one of these two is more awful? Which one is more likely to turn away strangers? They are equally as weird, and we wonder if people do this deliberately so that people will leave them alone while they shop? They just may be geniuses, just well-hidden geniuses.

16 We Hope He Is There To Buy Pants


Sometimes it is a really good thing that Walmart sells everything, and they usually cater to any and every size and body shape.

This is good news for this guy, who seems to have forgotten his pants at home. Isn't there a rule about having to wear pants in a store? Either way, pants are located in aisle 12 buddy.

15 We Guess This Was Supposed To Be Cute!


We guess in a way this was supposed to be cute, a father and son (we are assuming) decided to go to the store in matching, furry costumes.

The problem is, what looks cute on an 8-year old is likely frowned upon when being used by a grown adult. it is no longer cute, it is just creepy.

14 Razors Are In Aisle 7


We are all about being proud of who you are and the body you were born into. However, there is always a line that is not to be crossed and this guy is so far past the line, he can't see it.

The line is a dot to him. Looks like he should be pointed in the direction of the razor aisle, and we hope they are on sale today he may need a lot of them.

13 That Is A Lot To Process


When I first looked at this, I was immediately jealous of the shoes that this person was sporting. Then I slowly looked up and noticed that this is not who you would think would be wearing shoes like this.

I mean, whatever floats your boat, but I will not be approaching you. We also wonder what the normal-looking mother there thinks.

12 Um … One Word … Rabies!


Even if they are not a seeing-eye dog, a lot of people can get away with bringing their dog into Walmart. However, this man decided to bring his pet squirrel into the store.

Can you imagine the panic, if this little thing decided to start running around the store? Hopefully, there is a teeny-tiny leash we don't see.

11 Welcome To Fraggle Rock


Fraggle Rock was a very popular Muppet show, and it seems like we have found one of their number one fans. Whether she meant to or not, it seems that she has decided to look like a Muppet that was created by Jim Hensen.

Don't blame us if we start singing Rainbow Connection when we see you.

10 Well, That Is Unsettling


Whether or not you have a permit this is always going to be unsettling. This is definitely a person who does not want to be bothered.

This is probably the only sure-fire way of making sure you are left alone. Just carry your gun at your hip to keep everyone away.

9 Sometimes You Don’t Even Need To See The Person


Now, sometimes you don't even need to see the actual person to know that you don't want to approach them.

Just one look at this guys shopping cart list is enough to tell me to stay away. Why is someone buying that many bananas? I am only going to assume he has a house full of monkeys, and you don't mess with that guy.

8 Only At Walmart


There are certain things in the world that you will only see at Walmart, and this is one of them. We think we will leave this guy alone with his party.

We are also not so sure what he has in the pool with him, but we know when to leave well enough alone.

7 Leave The Wookies Alone


Star Wars is making a big comeback, but not a lot of people will put on Chewbacca costumes in the middle of the store. These things are creepy-looking enough on their own, we don't need to see them walking around.

Goodness help everyone if they start talking in that creepy voice the character has.

6 Sometimes They Even Appear Normal


Now, we don't know why anyone would want to have professional pictures taken in Walmart. There are so many other better options out there.

We also don't know why they would be posing with frying pans. Even though she looks lovely and 'normal,' if I see someone holding two frying pans, I am out of there.

5 Parents Of The Year


This is just awkward for everyone involved. These poor children are being subjected to some of the worst parenting I have ever seen.

These are all situations that will likely have a lot of people looking the other way. However, these are the instances when maybe we should speak up and say something.

4 The King Lives!


There are rumors that Elvis Presley is not dead, and apparently, he is just walking around Walmart.

This is clearly not the real Elvis, but his outfit is sparkly enough that we will not be approaching him any time soon. Even if he really is just a nice old man.

3 Reversed Fifty Shades Of Grey


This is interesting, and we are very concerned about the well-being of the guy in the picture. This one almost doesn't even need an explanation.

If she is willing to do that to her boyfriend in public, who knows what she will do to a stranger? Better to just stay away.

2 I Thought They Were Extinct


Granted, this one is probably just a little kid, you just never know. it is always better to not take any chances when it comes to dinosaurs you see at Walmart. That will be our helpful tip of the day; avoid all dinosaurs you see at Walmart, or anywhere else.

1 Do Not Trust That Dog


We mentioned earlier that some people are able to sneak their pets into Walmart. However, do not trust the pets either. This one doesn't look too happy about being smuggled into the store.

I mean it is probably just not happy to be shoved into the backpack and we don't blame it.

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