19 Paparazzi Shots So Stunning It's Not Even Fair

When it comes to paparazzi pics we often get to see a bunch of everyday shots of our favorite celebs running errands, getting in and out of cars, or partying all night long — and while we appreciate those pics for what they are, we very rarely find them aesthetically pleasing. After all, they're just paparazzi pics and their purpose isn't to look good but to let us know what our fave celebs are up to. However sometimes, amongst that sea of your average paparazzi photos, some emerge and surprise us with their beauty. And today we wanted to assemble some of those images into a list of pics that are pleasing to the eye, whether they remind us of a movie scene, give us major envy, or simply make us laugh — these pics have that special something most paparazzi pics don't.

So here they are. 20 paparazzi shots so stunning they make us wonder why we can never have such cool spontaneous photos.

19 Doesn't This Pic Of Hailey Bieber, Gigi Hadid, And Kendall Jenner Look Like It's Straight Out Of A Rom-Com Movie?

Via: pinterest.com

Models Hailey Bieber, Gigi Hadid, and Kendall Jenner are known for their gorgeous looks, so are we even surprised that this photo turned out flawless? The ladies were spotted wearing slightly coordinated looks while going on their — what we like to believe — daily brunch meetups to discuss what their newest Instagram post should be.

18 Look At Ariana Grande Dancing In The Rain Because Girl's Got Joie De Vivre

Via: elle.com

Next on our list is singer Ariana Grande, who isn't afraid to get her hair and face wet — in fact, the girl loves singing and dancing in the rain! Personally, we love seeing a celeb who isn't scared to be weird and out there, and we think more people should try out having fun in the rain, after all, "Singin' In The Rain" was a hit for a reason!

17 And There Are So Many Stunning Blake Lively Pregnancy Pics That Picking Only One Was Impossible

Via: pinterest.com

These shots of a pregnant Blake Lively are definitely the most beautiful thing we've seen today and they immediately remind us of Serena van der Woodsen, the character Blake played on Gossip Girl. Blake somehow manages to look even more incredible with a baby bump, making us all think that pregnancy is a piece of cake.

16 This Paparazzi Shot Of Kim Kardashian And Kylie Jenner Is Such A Vibe

Via: vogue.com

Of course, we didn't expect any less of the sisters, but getting such an artsy shot from a paparazzo is quite rare. The two seem perfectly in-sync and are wearing coordinated gray looks which makes us believe that they were hoping for a shot like this. Either way, the photo definitely deserves its spot on our list!

15 Power Couple Beyoncé And Jay-Z On Vacation Are Total Relationship Goals

Via: pinterest.com

Let's move on to the probably most influential couple in the world — Jay-Z and Beyoncé. The two have been running the world for over two decades and in the photo above you can see them on vacation rightfully celebrating all of their successes. To say we're jealous would be such an understatement!

14 Rihanna Sipping From A Bedazzled Tumbler During A Festival In Barbados Is Such A Mood

Via: pinterest.com

We love paparazzi pics of singer Rihanna because she always manages to look so effortlessly cool. And Rihanna on any festival is definitely a mood, especially if it somehow involves a wig and a bedazzled tumbler probably full of booze. The girl clearly knows how to have a dandy good ol' time!

13 And Here's Taylor Swift Looking Cute With Her Cat Olivia Because Why Not?

Via: cosmopolitan.com

It's no secret that singer Taylor Swift loves cats — so much that she sometimes even takes one with her. In the pic above you can see her taking Olivia for some fun city adventures and honestly — we are loving it. To make things even better, Taylor dressed like the ultimate preppy cat lady — but in a good way!

12 Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth Somehow Always Make Cycling Seem Like A Piece Of Cake

Via: pinterest.com

How picture-perfect are Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth while cycling through a green neighborhood on a sunny day? Seriously, if we didn't know any better we'd think these are stills from The Last Song. The couple is often photographed on bikes as that seems to be their favorite method of getting around!

11 Then There's That One Time Camila Cabello Trolled The Paparazzi At Airport Security Giving Us Sass Galore

Via: popsugar.com

When a girl knows a picture of her is being taken, she might as well strike a good pose, right? That seems to be exactly what singer Camila Cabello was thinking while going through airport security and spotting some paparazzi. And for that, we will forever be grateful to her!

10 We'll Just Leave These Pics Of Chris Hemsworth Teaching His Kids How To Surf Here —  You're Welcome

Via: hellomagazine.com

Liam's older brother Chris Hemsworth obviously deserves a spot on our list as well, and honestly, we don't even need to explain to you why. Let's just say we've never been more jealous of children — is that a creppy thing to say? Either way, feel free to pause at these images for as long as you need...

9 How Stunning Are Cara Delevigne And Ashley Benson Attending Zoë Kravitz's Wedding Rehearsal Dinner As A Couple

Via: elle.com

Model Cara Delevigne and actress Ashley Benson have been dating for quite some time now, but we still can't seem to get enough of the couple together. In the pic above you can see them serving us some super fierce looks while going to Zoë Kravitz's wedding rehearsal dinner in Paris.

8 And Are We Even Surprised At These Pics Of Cardi B Leaving The Police Looking Like A Million Dollars

Via: people.com

It doesn't even matter what Cardi B was doing at the police station in the first place, we couldn't care less — all we care about is how incredible these pics of her greeting everyone and smiling (probably because she remembered all the zeros on her paycheck) are. She truly does look like a diva.

7 Here's Selena Gomez Serving Us A Classic Denim On Denim Look While Swinging In A Park

Via: pinterest.com

Denim on denim has a bad rep ever since Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears wore that iconic look in the early 2000s — yes, you know which one we're talking about. But leave it up to Selena Gomez to make us reconsider our hate towards an all-denim outfit, as these pics of her swinging in park prove it can be done the right way!

6 And Look At These Shots Of Shawn Mendes That Honestly Need To Be Framed Above My Bed

Via: pinterest.com

We don't know whether it's the car light hitting his white t-shirt, his forearm tattoo, the slightly messed up hair, or the fact that he's about to lift all these suitcases into the car — but we think these photos of Shawn look like they need to be hanging in a museum.

5 Then There's This Photo Of Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom Living Their Best Life

Via: justjared.com

Who would have thought that singer Katy Perry and actor Orlando Bloom like to spend their free time snorkeling? Either way, this shot of them in the water has something very aesthetically pleasing about it and we would love to get a glimpse into more of the couple's fun summer activities!

4 And Here's A Photo Of The Weeknd As Bella Hadid's Personal Paparazzo

Via: pagesix.com

We love us a good meta photo, and what's more meta than a paparazzi pic of singer The Weeknd pretending to be a paparazzi and taking a photo of his model girlfriend Bella Hadid? Celebrities who know how to use the paparazzi to their advantage and even troll them are definitely our favorites!

3 Whenever We Spot Chrissy Teigen And John Legend Out With Their Dogs They Look Picture-Perfect

Via: pinterest.com

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are certainly perfect even without their dogs, but we can't deny the fact that dogs just make everything better — including these photos. Chrissy and John are often spotted walking their dogs and there are so many gorgeous photos of them that we could make a whole separate list on that.

2 And Anytime Lady Gaga Left The House Refusing To Dress Like It's 2019 Definitely Deserves A Spot On This List

Via: vogue.com

Lady Gaga is known for her unique fashion style, but what we've noticed lately is that the star loves a good retro vibe. And we're certainly not complaining, in fact seeing Gaga dress this way is a total breath of fresh air amongst all the celebs rocking athleisure looks in their spare time.

1 Lastly, Paparazzi Pics Of Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner Might Just Be Our Favorite

Via: buzzfeed.com

We could not wrap this list up without these two. Singer Joe Jonas and actress Sophie Turner are the ultimate pros at trolling paparazzi, and while we obviously feel sorry for them for having their every single move watched, we have to say these pics almost make it worth it!

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