19 Paparazzi Pics Of Celebs They Wish The World Would Unsee

Many of us have had embarrassing episodes but lucky for us there was no paparazzi around to capture the ‘oops’ moments and post them for the whole world to see. However, unlike us, celebrities are never so lucky.

Celebs love to appear glitz and glam but occasionally they will step out and someone will take their pictures out and about running errands or having a normal day minding their own business. Unfortunately, as much as they try to look their best, paparazzi will catch some of them in awkward situations and share the pictures with the world.

From bad hair days, wardrobe malfunctions, nasty slips, and falls, paparazzi have managed to catch celebs at their worst. Here are a few pics celebs would want to be taken down from the Internet.

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19 Is That Your Condom Zac?

Via: mirror.co.uk

Zac Efron would have wished for a director to shout "Cut… let's do this again from the top" just like in the movies, but that is not the case in real life. At the premiere of the 2012 animated film The Lorax, Efron pulled out his hand from his pocket just for a condom to fall out and on to the floor. The embarrassment here is beyond words.

18 Joan Small’s Hair Extension On The Loose

Via: pinterest.co.uk

Puerto Rican Victoria Secret model and actress, Joan Smalls once stepped out confidently into the streets of Paris unaware that one of her hair extensions had fallen out of place and attached itself to her fashionable pair of jeans. According to Pinterest, the model was heading out for dinner with her pals after a busy day of walking up and down the runway.

17 Patricia Arquette’s Unfinest Hour

Via: onedio.com

Tough CSI cop was caught almost pants down by paparazzi as seen in this pic. We are not even sure what was going on here. Was she running errands like this or was she heading to the beach? Whichever the case, Patricia wants the world to unsee this photo. Thetalko seems to want to give the actress the benefit of doubt and assume that she was dealing with an accident or wardrobe malfunction.

16 Did Victoria Beckham Pee On Herself?

Via: pagesix.com

Even the cameras cannot believe that this is the flawless Mrs. Beckham. A rep of the fashion designer was quick to report to page six that the mysterious stain on her trousers was the result of a drink spilling accidentally. The former spice girl must have been having so much fun at her dinner celebrating the success of her London store that she forgot about the drink.

15 Amal Clooney Not So Gracious

Via: nydailynews.com

Amal Clooney has fallen from her gracious throne with this one according to splash news. She happened to flash her upper legs, which rarely make public appearances as they are reserved only for husband George Clooney. Luckily, she was in a pair of pantyhose. She must have been smiling at her husband who she was having dinner with in England.

14 What's So Funny Kaley?

Via: nydailynews.com

Kaley Cuoco is both funny on and off TV screens. Someone must have shared a very interesting joke for the Big Bang Theory actress to laugh aloud like this. The paparazzi were fortunate to capture the moment but not the joke. Kaley was leaving Craig's restaurant with her friends when a paparazzi took this pic.

13 Sofia Vergara Secret Outed

Via: nydailynews.com

From the look of things, Sofia Vergara here must have been famished for her to gobble down a mouthful of what according to cosmopolitan was 'Dr. Mao's anti-aging brain mix’. The actress was leaving Tao of Wellness, a holistic health and wellness center. Could the combination of the snack and Tao programs be what makes Sofia look so good?

12 You Went Too Far Ariana

Via: ABC7.com

Ariana Grande is the perfect picture of a sweet and beautiful young lady with a heart so big she would never hurt a fly. However, she wishes that the video of her touching and licking pastries on a doughnut shop counter would disappear from the Internet and fade from our minds. In the video, she said, "I hate Americans. I hate America." That is just mean.

11 Meet The Floor, Elton John

Via: dailymail.co.uk

Sir Elton John was in the midst of enjoying a tennis tournament when this accident happened as narrated by cosmopolitan. The singer who was hosting the event had gotten up to cheer for his team when he fell down with his chair. Luckily, he did not get hurt but the embarrassment of the fall must have been terrible.

10 Robin Thicke's Picture Fail

Via: nydailynews.com

According to cheatsheet, Robin Thickie's newfound success early on in this decade must have gotten to his head, so he thought he could afford to do anything. Here's a picture of Thicke with his hand on a fan's behind taking this photo. He was hoping that no one would see what was going on behind them, but reflective surfaces have a way of telling stories from different angles.

9 David Arquette's Youthful Appearance

Via: nydailynews.com

David Arquette must look at this photo and wonder what he was thinking when he put this outfit together. Lucky for him he was in Los Angeles as nydailynews.com confirms. He would have suffered serious consequences for his wardrobe choice had he been in Ocala, Florida where authorities have banned saggy trousers.

8 Don’t Sweat It JLo

Via: nydailynews.com

Popular singer and actress JLo was looking stunning as she received her star in The Walk of Fame but we cannot help but notice what appears to be a sweat stain under her pits. The hot weather as seen on nydailynews.com must have been the least of her worries given the emotions she was displaying as she received the award.

7 It's Time To Get Up Lindsay

Via: usmagazine.com

Lindsay Lohan continues to tarnish her once upon a time good image with disgracing after disgracing photo of herself. According to Us Magazine, the former Disney princess is passed out in this pic after a fun-filled Memorial Day weekend. The star had also been in custody and had faced DUI charges the Friday before this weekend.

6 Kristen Stewart Busted

Via: twilwo.blogspot.com

As revealed by US Weekly, the man cozy with Kristen Stewart in this pic is not her then-boyfriend Robert Pattinson but one of the directors she has worked with. They could not deny the affair after paparazzi released photos of the two. Rupert, the director was also in a relationship, with ex-wife, Liberty Ross. Although the two want to forget the incident, the photos are still all over the net.

5 Madonna Stumbles From Throne

Via: variety.com

Photos of celebrities slipping or falling never get old. Also in the archives is this one of Madonna about to make her way down those staircases in a not so gentle manner as reported by cnn. Photographers took this photo during her performance at a Brits Award. Fortunately, the queen of pop was not injured, she quickly got up and finished the number she was performing.

4 Adam Sandler Looking Dapper

Via: viralsthings.com

It is rare to see goofy actor Adam Sandler polished like this, so paparazzi could not let this moment pass as noted on viralthings.com. Amidst the photo session, one of them must have told him that his fly was open so the only logical thing for him to do was to bend down and close it. After all, the point was to get shots of a dashing Sandler at the glamorous red carpet event.

3 Kanye West's Introduction To Street Signs

Via: kanyetothe.com

Kanye West is a very successful and talented musician, but many of his words and actions have encouraged very many people to dislike him. Such dislike is what made so many people love the sign in the image so much. Kanye walked straight into the sign and as a result, made the day for the paparazzi.

2 Jessica Biel’s Trash Day

Via: coolspotters.com

The paparazzi who took this photo must live in Jessica Biel’s neighborhood otherwise waiting to take shots of someone in their pjs or bathrobe is quite rude. Thank goodness, Jessica came out looking somewhat decent in a pink robe as described by hermoments.com. She must have broken a sweat after cleaning and needed the bath.

1 Simon Cowell’s PDA, Public Display Of Argument

Via: intouchweekly.com

Every couple has disagreements, which can explode into an argument. At times, things can heat up fast; this is why some confrontations happen in the public. According to thetalko, this is Simon Cowell in a war of words with girlfriend Lauren Silverman who was pregnant at the time. We bet they did not expect the tabloids to capture that moment.

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