19 Obnoxious Girls You Wouldn't Want To Share A Dorm With

When making the decision to dorm on campus in college, getting a roommate is all a game of luck and there’s always a chance that the odds won’t be favorable. There’s plenty of stories to be heard and read about online about terrible roommates, especially amongst female college students.

Some folks decide to stick with the usual petty nonsense such as taking too long in the bathroom and causing their roommate to be late for classes because they’re vain and think they are working as a Victoria's Secret model.

Then there are the ones that decide to cross the line and either force everyone around to avoid ‘em like the plague or facepalm until they get a migraine over their antics.

19 Hello, Fire Hazard

Via: Reddit

Pretty sure re-heating a slice of pizza directly on top of the stove with a) no pan and b) when it would be easier to use a damn microwave is a great way to burn that slice to a crisp and cause the fire alarms to go off.

WHEN that happens—because it will—her RA is going to be so mad.

18 Someone's An Ungrateful Brat

Via: Reddit

Ooof, does Killer Frost attend this college? Because tossing out a boyfriend or girlfriend’s adorable Valentine’s Day gift is cold, even for The Flash’s snarky ice lady.

Anyone else want to take a bet on whether or not her significant other saw their gift in the trash and dumped them then and there?

17 Good Way To Set Fire To The Dorm

Via: Reddit

Pretty sure Ramsay Gordon would be screaming about why in the bloody hell any college student would use this makeshift contraption that is clearly a fire hazard to cook SOUP of all things when they could use either a microwave or a stove?

Because seriously my dudes, that hanger is perilously close to the iron and is made of wood. Not a good combination unless you’re fireproof like Daenerys Targaryen.

16 The Master Of Petty Revenge Has Spoken

Via: Reddit

First of all, this is disgusting because everyone knows that cereal and water tastes terrible. Second of all, pity the poor roommate that has to share living quarters with such an immature person.

That amount of cereal will either have to be eaten or thrown out; most people would likely choose the latter. Doesn’t this chick realize that there are starving children out there in the world? Don’t waste food!

15 The Rats Will Be Eatin' Good Tonight

Via: Imgur

Is this college student obsessed with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and built this tower of trash in order to lure Master Splinter and his band of lads to her dorm room in the hopes of getting an autograph?

Hate to break it to ya, but Master Splinter is fictional y’all and all she’s doing is allowing the rats roaming around to get a free meal.

14 It's Called Recycling Sis, Look It Up

Via: Imgur

Didn’t this lady’s mother EVER teach her about proper recycling habits or did she fall asleep when her mom was droning on about the rules of getting rid of paper, plastics, etc.

Imagine being so childish that instead of properly getting rid of a newspaper, this lady was like “Oh cool, I can recycle this by turning it into wrapping paper!”

13 Surprise Birthday Party Fail

Via: Imgur

Some people can plan a lovely surprise birthday party for friends, family, roommates, etc. and pull it off with both elegance and class.

Clearly, this attempt at trying to do something nice for their roommate turned out to be way too over the top. Time to tune into some home decorating channels to learn birthday decorating 101!

12 Just Go And Buy New Supplies, Cheapskate

Via: Imgur

Oh for the love of the flying spaghetti monster, this roommate’s pitiful attempts at having to avoid purchasing a new toilet paper dispenser is completely cringe-worthy.

Like….doesn’t she realize that it is made of toilet paper and it is going to disintegrate and break apart hella easily? Just go online and buy one, ya cheapskate.

11 She Likes To Cook As She Lives--Dangerously

Via: Imgur

Ooof, talk about liking to live dangerously. She is seriously SO damn lucky that the toaster that was hidden in the oven just melted and didn’t cause a fire to engulf their entire dorm room.

As it is, their RA is going to be so pissed when they see the damage because that mess is going to be a total pain to clean up.

10 Creative Alternative To Locking The Roommate Out

Via: Imgur

Everyone has heard stories online and in-person or even experienced first-hand encounters with petty roommates that get into a snit with their suite mate and lock ‘em out as punishment.

Don’t know whether to be impressed by the creativity shown here or laugh at how stupid it is because a pair of scissors would easily destroy their little art show.

9 She's Going To Crown Herself The Ant Queen

Via: Imgur

Even the messiest college student would be ready to run to the bathroom and puke their guts up at this sight. Looks like someone is trying to attract enough ants to her dorm room so she can crown herself their queen and have an army of bugs to wreak havoc on the folks she doesn’t like.

Jokes aside, how can anyone live like this without their stomach churning?

8 Ex-Girlfriend Went On A Rampage

Via: Imgur

There’s plenty of stories about weird stuff that happens in college, but this looks like someone went all She-Hulk and started to smash the door in a fit of rage.

Did she get dumped by a significant other and decide to punish the dorm room door as a way to vent her feelings? Just yikes, man.

7 An Air Conditioner Wouldn't Short-Circuit The Fuse Box Like This

Via: Imgur

So much to facepalm over and so little time with regards to this contraption that looks like it was built by a hungover roommate.

Instead of wasting time building this elaborate nonsensical contraption to keep the room cool, don’t they know that they could go out and buy an inexpensive air conditioner for the window?

6 Cher From Clueless Is Screaming About The Hideous Couch

Via: Imgur

It’s a damn good thing that Cher Horowitz from the Clueless movie (and subsequent television show) is a fictional character because if she was a real person, she would have screamed her head off and set this hideous thing on fire.

Where these girls half-asleep when they went to the store and bought this fugly thing? Like damn ladies, y’all need glasses.

5 Pretty Sure This Is A Health Violation Code

Via: Imgur

Not going to lie, it is seriously surprising that the dude next to this lady wasn’t side-eyeing the ever-living heck out of her for doing something that CLEARLY violates all sorts of health codes.

Jeez lady, just toss the damn container out and head down to the store to buy a new one instead of risking food poisoning.

4 This Is A Good Way To Hack Up A Lung

Via: Imgur

The chick on the left looks SO damn proud that she’s forcing her friend to drink what looks like some cheap-o form of Koolaid OUT OF A BAG. At least get her a straw, JFC.

Pretty sure the folks in the background are secretly taking bets on how long it takes the brunette to wind up hacking up a lung and getting a sore throat.

3 Future Hair Stylist, Everyone

Via: Imgur

What in tarnation was this college student even thinking? Hasn’t she ever heard of using an elastic band to put her hair up in a ponytail or in a bun?

This weird AF invention looks like it is a good way to develop a hellish migraine and/or get some serious frizz. Hard pass.

2 She's Going To Need To Shower ASAP If She Wants To Get Rid Of The Stench

Via: Imgur

When one is in college, there comes a time when they party a little too much and wind up making very good friends with their toilet bowl or bathroom sink.

Given the fact that this chick is paler than a ghost, it stands to reason she made some bad life choices the night before or she has the stomach virus from hell. Either way, time for a shower and loads of mouthwash.

1 Time To Nope Out Of There When The New Pet Arrives

Via: Imgur

Most colleges tend to have a “no pets” rule for students dorming on campus because they don’t want to deal with the hot mess of having young adults AND pets running wild. Can’t blame ‘em, that’s a liability issue.

It’s one thing to try and sneak something small and cute like a pet hamster into the dorm, but a ginormous snake? That’s a good way to cause panic if it ever manages to escape its cage. Just NOPE NOPE NOPE.

Sources: Reddit, Imgur

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