19 Little Known Things About The Jonas Brothers (& 4 About Nick And Priyanka)

Nowadays, the Jonas Brothers are making names for themselves as individuals. And, admittedly, we're totally engrossed in Nick and Joe's high profile engagements (we're not saying they're marrying up, but...) and eagerly awaiting new music.

Yet long before the JoBros became Hollywood royalty, they were just another boy band with a mass of tween fans and a brainchild of Disney. Little did the world know just how much there was to learn about the brothers and their extended family.

We have eagerly awaited the chance to divulge all of our insider knowledge about this trio, and we're very excited that the world has become interested in their origin story once again.

Nick and Joe are proving that they're here to stay, and the longevity they've demonstrated in Hollywood is already enough to rival some of our favorite breakout stars. If you don't know too much about these brothers, it's probably time to learn.

Though they started out in a boy band, there's no denying that they're making pretty great music right now. And don't worry, we're happy to let you in on a lot of juicy gossip... Do we have your attention yet?

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23 There Is A Fourth Jonas Brother


When people mention to JoBros, sadly, their youngest brother is often forgotten about. Despite this, "Bonus Jonas" Frankie has had a few brushes with fame himself.

Though he chooses to stay out of the limelight these days, he did a bit of acting when he was younger.

In addition to being featured in many of his brothers' projects (Jonas L.A. anyone?), Frankie also voiced a character in Disney's 2008 adaptation of the animated film Ponyo which he starred in with none other than Noah Cyrus. Though Frankie may have given up acting, Bustle reports that he does seem to share the rest of the family's passion for music.

22 Nick Has Dabbled In Theater Quite A Bit


We're probably not the only ones that recall being teased for liking the JoBros back in middle school, and we've thoroughly enjoyed watching former friends eat their words as they sing along to "Champagne Problems." Despite being dismissed as a manufactured boy-bander for much of his career, Nick has proven his talents in many facets of the entertainment world. Among those is the Broadway stage, which as Boombseat reports,  Nick graced at age eight, way before the formation of the Jonas Brothers, in shows like Les Miserables (he played Gavroche). Since then, Nick has returned to his roots, starring in both How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying and Les Miserables (this time as Marius Pontmercy).

21 He Started Out As A Solo Artist


Unless you're a long time fan of the JoBros, you may not know much about their origin story. One could argue that Nick has become the most successful member of the Jonas Brothers.

Despite being the youngest in the band, the truth is he was always the leader in many ways.

As Boombeat reports, Nick actually started out as a solo artist before forming a band with his brothers. When record executives learned that Nick had brothers who were also musical, they became interested in signing the trio together. We suppose it all came full circle considering that both Joe and Nick are presently exploring careers as solo artists.

20 Nick And Priyanka Attended The Met Gala Together In 2017

Harper's Bazaar

In hindsight, the moment Nick and Priyanka attended the Met Gala together was a pretty historic one. Not only was it their first public outing together, but it foresaw a budding relationship that didn't actually begin until almost a year later. Though rumors surrounded the two after the event (and Priyanka, to her credit, never dismissed the possibility of the two becoming an item), the rumors died down after it became clear the two were not dating... yet.

In reality, the two only attended the event together because they were wearing the same designer.

Although they had been introduced by a mutual friend prior to the event, Body Weight Height reports. We can't help thinking it was fated that they both wore Ralph Lauren to the event.

19 DNCE Wasn't Joe's First Solo Project

Rolling Stone

Speaking of going solo, Joe doesn't necessarily spend too much time talking about his solo ventures prior to his successful band DNCE. Joe's first foray into the music world wasn't exactly his best work. Titled Fastlife, Joe's attempt at R&B received less-than-stellar reviews from Sputnik Music and other reviewers and it didn't too well in sales either. Considering his success now, that slow start suggests that it took Joe a while to figure out his sound away from his brothers. We sure are glad he did though. But is it weird that we're still boppin' to "Cake By the Ocean" in 2018?

18 He Recorded An Album In 2010 That's Never Been Released


So clearly, Joe's road to success was a bit tumultuous. It turns out that his little snafu with Fastlife wasn't even his first attempt at going solo. Joe told Vulture, "One of my biggest career disappointments happened a few years ago, when I made a solo album that never saw the light of day. I recorded more that a dozen songs...and Hollywood Records was like, "This doesn't work."

It turns out even when you're Joe Jonas, record execs still doubt your vision.

We're glad that Joe didn't give up on his solo career after his initial failures, but it's clear he wasn't the instant success we often regard him as.

17 Nick's Always Had A Thing For Older Women

Us Weekly

Arguably just as interesting as the Jonas Brothers' music career is their dating lives. Despite being the youngest member of the band, Nick at times appeared to be more mature than his older brothers.

This could very well be the reason that he was the one constantly linked to older women.

As Betches reports, when Nick was just eighteen, he had a ten-month relationship with Australian singer Delta Goodrem, who was twenty-seven at the time. Back then, it was kind of a big deal in the media, but we suppose most people have forgotten about it. After this relationship, Nick continued his pattern by being linked to Kate Hudson. And now, Nick is engaged to an actress ten years his senior. Some may be surprised, but we're certainly not.

16 Those Purity Rings Were Pretty Much Pushed On Them

Just Jared

In her interview with Good Housekeeping, mom Denise was asked about the boys' purity rings and Denise said that the boys never meant to be billboards for the premarital-chastity cause; "they've been criticized for proclaiming things they never proclaimed," she explained. Joe later explained in an interview with Vulture that although he and his brothers took their purity vows through their church, they had no desire to be so public about it. However, that plan derailed once interviewers brought attention to the rings. After that, the rings became part of their trademark, and started to influence their career in unintended ways; Joe explained, "Because of our age, because of Disney, because of those rings, there were so many things throughout our career we had to sugarcoat."

15 Nick And Priyanka Have Only Been Dating For A Few Months


The rumors about Nick and Priyanka dating were in large part foreshadowing, because about a year after attending the Met Gala together, they started dating for real. Body Weight Height reports that the couple became engaged in July of this year, on Priyanka's 36th birthday. The couple had only been dating for two months prior to the engagement. People reports that Nick closed down a Tiffany store to buy the engagement ring. Soon after, the pair (and their families) were jet-setting around the world so everyone could meet and celebrate their engagement. It all seems to be happening very quickly for these two, but it's worked out well so far.

14  Jonases Tend To Get Married Pretty Young


In December of 2018, Kevin Jonas will be celebrating his nine-year wedding anniversary with his wife Danielle. You may be scratching your head wondering just how old Kevin is, and while he may be older than you think (30), Kevin also got married at 22, which by many people's standards is considered quite young. It may feel sudden that both Joe and Nick are engaged, and to be fair they both had relatively quick engagements. However, at 26 and 29, the two are considerably older than Kevin was when he tied the knot. Body Height Weight reports that the matriarch of the Jonas family Denise was only eighteen when she married her husband Kevin Sr. (and they're still married), so early marriage seems to be part of the family brand.

13 They Grew Up In A Pretty Religious Household

People Mag

It seems like ages ago that the Jonas Brothers wore purity rings, but as much as they've changed, religion was a big part of their earlier years. Mom Denise tells Good Housekeeping that she met the boys' father at church. While she was passionate about missionary work, Kevin Sr. worked as a worship director and pastor for a number of years.

Nick's first solo album was heavily influenced by his religion, with one of the leading tracks titled "Dear God."

Early on, the Jonases' image was one that was very clean and friendly, which worked in great harmony with the Disney brand as well. Generally, the brothers are not as "pure" today as they were at the dawn of their careers, but we suppose that's part of growing up.

12 But Left Their Church After An Issue Involving Stolen Money

Jonas Union

Perhaps the biggest (and least discussed) issue surrounding the Jonas Brothers, this occurrence changed a lot about the boys' viewpoints. Joe told Vulture this; "We eventually left our church, Assembly of God, when I was 14. [An issue] had erupted including stolen money, and it caused a big rift in the church. After that the concept of church really upset me for a long time. I mean, I believe in God...but I'm not religious in anyway." From what we can tell, the situation didn't directly involve the Jonases, but clearly, the drama still took its toll and affected at least Joe's outlook on religion.

11 Music Is In Their Blood


Speaking of things the Jonas family has in common, their musical inclination certainly did not stray from family tradition. We've already mentioned that the youngest Jonas, Frankie, is also musically inclined despite not being in the band.

The Jonas Brothers' father Kevin Jr. has always been a huge influence in their careers, and it's because he taught the boys much of what they know about music.

In an interview with Good Housekeeping, Denise mentions that her husband was considered a musical prodigy when he was young. He eventually took on the role of manager for his sons, so we suppose his dream of joining the music industry occurred in an unconventional way.

10 There's A Ten Year Age Difference Between Nick & Priyanka


Some people have made a big deal about the decade-long gap between Nick and Priyanka. We don't really think there's much to talk about there, but we'll indulge those who do. Nick is 26 while Priyanka is 36. Both full-fledged adults, we'd say that Nick and Pri make an unexpected (but beautiful) couple.

We've already pointed out how Nick has proven his maturity in both his personal and professional life, and we truly can't think of any reason their age difference would pose a problem.

We can only assume that those who contest to the age difference are bitter than Nick is off the market. Which we totally get, so no judgment.

9 Nick Has Been In Another Band


The Jonas Brothers have been pretty adamant that they probably won't be reuniting anytime soon, but we still hold out hope. One of the reasons we do is because they have all experimented with many different musical projects, and we figure they'll go back to home base after getting the space they need. Perhaps it's just wishful thinking, but only a few years ago, Nick ventured out to do a solo project with a band called "Nick Jonas And The Administration" before rejoining his brothers. The project was relatively modest and very different from Joe's solo work; more soul than R&B, less mainstream, and decidedly more earnest. In our opinion, the band's only album, Who I Am, is one of the most underappreciated JoBro projects ever released.

8 Kevin Had A Short-Lived Reality Show


Musicians, actors... reality show stars? The Jonas Brothers have truly done it all. For a brief time, Kevin and his wife Danielle starred on an E! Network reality show titled Married To Jonas. The show chronicled Kevin and Danielle's life as a married couple for about a year, as well as the Jonas Brothers' hypothetical comeback, E! News reports. Kevin and Danielle eventually moved on from the show before having two daughters (probably for the best to be honest) and as we know, the Jonas Brothers never really came back because they broke up instead. Sorry to rub salt into old wounds. Married To Jonas was beautifully boring, and we will cherish its short life forever.

7 Nick's Family Flew To India To Meet Priyanka's Parents


As you've probably gathered, the Jonases are very family-oriented people. Neither Joe nor Nick let their quick engagements prevent them from ensuring their fiancees had time to meet the family. First, Nick brought Priyanka to his cousin's wedding. People reports that Pri was able to meet Nick's parents, as well as Kevin and Frankie, at the wedding. Just two weeks later, Nick met Priyanka's mom in India, where they attended another wedding together (perhaps these two were feeling left out?). Then, it was time for the parents to meet each other. We must say, Nick is pretty lucky that his parents seemed to have such an open schedule, as they were able to fly to India to meet Priyanka's parents shortly after their engagement. Anyway, we can only assume things went well!

6 Their Breakup Caused A Serious Rift In The Family

Photo by Mike Coppola

Believe it or not, even the Jonases have family drama.

When the band decided to go their separate ways, it wasn't all smooth sailing.

In an interview with Vulture, Joe admitted; "The whole situation was breaking us up as a family, and we ultimately felt like we were holding each other back... we had a meeting where we thought we were going to talk about how to release our music and it ended up shifting into this huge fight." Considering the conflict creative differences was causing between the brothers, it makes sense that they would decide to forego working together.

5 Nick Has Had Diabetes Since He Was A Kid


These days, Nick Jonas is often seen gracing the cover of men's health magazines thanks to his fit bod. However, health isn't something he's ever been able to take for granted; he was diagnosed with Type I diabetes when he was just a child.

Nick even wrote the song "A Little Bit Longer" about his experience, but we're not the only ones who sometimes forget about his struggle with the disease.

His mom told Good Housekeeping, "While it [can be] a discouragement to know the realities of how diabetes could affect him in the long term, sometimes I forget he has it, he's so on top of it. " Throughout his career, Nick has done a lot of work with charities focused on supporting those with diabetes.

4 Kevin Is In The Construction Business Now


These days, not much is heard from the oldest Jonas Brother. While many people assume that signals failure in some way, it's simply because Kevin has chosen a life away from the limelight. Though he's been busy raising his two daughters, Kevin is far from a retired man. According to Behind The Scenes, Kevin is co-owner of a custom home company that builds luxury houses for the rich and famous. Through his company, Kevin actually built his own mansion in New Jersey, though he's moved quite a few times since.

3 They Have A Family Restaurant In North Carolina

People Mag

Considering that the Jonas Brothers had barely hit the double digits when they became millionaires, it's fortunate that they've managed to maintain their earnings. One of the ways they've done that is by diversifying their portfolio.

The trio has also dabbled in a number of business ventures, including the restaurant business.

In 2016 the Jonases opened a family restaurant in Belmont, North Carolina. Named Nellie's Southern Kitchen after their great-grandmother, the restaurant has unfortunately had a bit of financial trouble since its opening. However, owner Kevin Jonas Sr. reported to Biz Journals that this was due to him being diagnosed with colon cancer and not having as much time to dedicate to the restaurant as a result. Fortunately, Kevin Sr. is in recovery, and so is the restaurant.

2 They Are All About To Be Off The Market

Via Us Weekly

Unless you've been living under a rock, you probably know by now that both Nick and Joe are engaged (we're still in mourning). It all happened rather quickly for both the brothers, and it's fair to say that both engagements took the public by surprise. The Jonas Brothers seem to subscribe to the age old expression; "when you know, you know." Clearly, they are not fans of waiting to get engaged. We don't expect either couple to be open about when they plan to tie the knot, but we think it's safe to say that the Jonas Brothers are pretty much off the market (Kevin has been married for nearly a decade).

1  We'll Have To See Which Brother Makes It Down The Aisle First


Joe and Sophie have been engaged for about a year now, and thought they've insisted they're not in a rush to get married, they previously said they were waiting for the end of Game of Thrones, which is fast approaching. Earlier this year, Sophie told People she hadn't even found a dress yet, and that she'd be waiting until 2019 to plan the ceremony.

We think there's a pretty good chance that Nick and Priyanka will walk down the aisle first, despite their relatively short engagement.

Priyanka has implied that she has already begun planning her wedding. A source told People; "Even though Joe's been engaged longer, it wouldn't be surprising if Nick got married first." It's totally possible that formerly single Priyanka will be getting hitched within a year of her best friend Meghan Markle. Imagine the dinner dates!

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