19 Celebs Who Were Not Truthful To Their Spouse

If there's one thing pop culture fans love, it's a solid celebrity couple. Seeing our favorite songstress get together with a much older actor (or the like) is just too juicy to ignore. But like all good things in Hollywood, nothing lasts forever. Even though two gorgeous specimens of celebrity talent may look great in the streets, things aren't always the same behind closed doors. For whatever reason, there's far too much temptation in the spotlight and these seemingly perfect human bodies sometimes mess up... in a big way.

Whether it's the classic tale of the man falling for the nanny or a woman who couldn't stay away from a steamy co-star, these 20 celebrity couples got married out of love and broke up over betrayal.

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19 Offset Went Behind Cardi's Back

Entertainment Tonight

Cardi B fans around the world thought she and Offset were the real deal once they became engaged, got married, and had a baby. But soon after their baby was born, Cardi saw some red flags and realized her husband and baby daddy wasn't being as faithful as she was. After announcing on IG that she is leaving her baby daddy, Offset went on a literal apology tour for his wife until he won her back.

18 Nick Young Missed His Baby Mama More Than Iggy Azalea

Radar Online

When Iggy Azaleia hit it big a few years back, she began dating LA Lakers player Nick Young. After a whirlwind romance, these two cuties got engaged. And although Young already had a son from a prior relationship, Iggy was ready to be a stepmother to Nick Jr. The only problem is, Iggy found out that Nick wasn't really over his baby mama because it appears he got her pregnant while he was engaged to Iggy. To make matters worse, when Iggy broke it off with Nick, he went straight to his first baby mama for comfort.

17 Jax Taylor Is Too Much Of A Womanizer For Brittany

Life & Style

Bravo fans everywhere were enraged when bad boy Jax Taylor fell in love with southern belle Brittany. She was way too pure and sweet for Jax, but you know what they say, opposites attract. After telling everyone he's "changed" since meeting Brittany, it came out that he did sneak around on her with a fellow waitress at SUR (Faith), who leaked their messy laundry publicly. And although we all saw Brittany go ham on her "boyfriend," these two made it work and are now wed...

16 Tristan Thompson Liked IG Models More Than His Baby Mama, Khloe Kardashian


We were all rooting for Khloe Kardashian when she FINALLY met a man worthy of her greatness. She and NBA player Tristan Thompson seemed like the real deal when she found herself pregnant. She was finally living her happy ending! However, in her ninth month of pregnancy, the world found out he was with multiple women on the road while she was home in Cleveland. To make matters worse, she forgave him for the sake of their baby, and he did the same darn thing all over again with none other than Kylie Jenner's BFF Jordyn Woods. Poor Khloe.

15 Jay-Z Let The Attention Come Between He And Beyonce Knowles


We all suspected something was going on between Jay-Z and Beyonce when elevator footage released of Solange Knowles beating on Jay-Z. Meanwhile, Beyonce just stood back and watched. Around the same time, rumors began flying of someone being unfaithful, and as it turns out, it was Jay-Z. Beyonce retaliated the only way she knew how — through song. And although this almost broke their relationship apart, Beyonce had baby Blue Ivy on her mind.

14 Jim Edmonds Doesn't Seem To Want To Be Married To Meghan King Edmonds

Celebrity Insider

Real Housewives of Orange County alum, Meghan King Edmonds, showcased her *interesting* relationship to former MLB player Jimmy Edmonds. On screen, they differed on the idea of having children and he seemed very cold whenever she was around. However, once they left the show, the couple went on to have three kids. However, recently Meghan came out and said she found out Jimmy had been having online relations with another woman. And while she says she's going to "try" and save her marriage, I think we all know where this one is going...

13 Dwayne Wade Got Another Woman Pregnant While With Gabrielle Union

Footwear News

Although Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union are married nowadays, with a newborn baby girl, things weren't always cheery for this famous couple. After a few years together, the pair decided to take a short break to re-evaluate their relationship. They ended up getting back together shortly after, however, Dwayne had some news to break a few months later... he fathered a child with a one-night-stand. Somehow, Gabrielle realized her love for Dwayne was too great and accepted the situation (and the baby).

12 Kevin Hart Snuck Around While Wife Eniko Parrish Was Pregnant


The year 2017 was supposed to be a big one for Kevin Hart and his wife Eniko. After years of being together, the pair found out they were expecting their first child together. They seemed like the perfect, silliest pair – both happy to be pregnant. However, late in Eniko's pregnancy, a video released of Kevin and *ahem* another woman. At first, he denied it was him in the video. And then after a long, tearful apology on IG, Kevin admitted he did something wrong.

11 Taylor Swift Was Looking For A Reason To Leave Calvin Harris

US Weekly

For anyone who listens to Taylor Swift's music, they would suspect her to be loyal to the end. After all, most of her music is ripping apart the men who did her wrong. However, after a messy split with DJ Calvin Harris, it appears the split was totally because of Taylor being unfaithful. Though she'll never admit, the song "Getaway Car" is essentially about her leaving Clavin Harris for Tom Hiddleston, only to leave Hiddleston in the dust for current flame Joe Alwyn!

10 Kristen Stewart Liked Direction From Her Director Instead Of  Robert Pattinson


Twilight fans everywhere were beyond devastated when images of K-Stew and her The Huntsman director Rupert Sanders were splashed all over tabloids. The issue with these images is that they were NOT for the movie and both were in a serious relationship. Sanders was married with children and Kristen was in a serious relationship with co-star Robert Pattinson. After the images came out, both relationships fell apart.

9 Hugh Grant Paid For Attention From Someone Other Than GF Elizabeth Hurley


Who can forget the disturbing turn out of Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley? After dating for 13 years, Hugh was caught with his pants down (literally), which ultimately led to the demise of their relationship. After being caught illegally with a woman in a car (...), he was arrested and became known in Hollywood for paying for attention although the stunning Elizabeth Hurley was at home. Hugh, what were you thinking!?

8 Josh Signed Up For Ashley Maddison While With RHONY's Kristen Taekman

Star Magazine

Back in 2015, the website Ashley Madison was hacked, releasing a list of people who paid a professional service to sneak around on their spouses. On that list was Josh Taekman — husband of Real Housewives of New York's Kristen Taekman. To be honest, viewers of the show weren't too surprised that Josh was sneaking around on his wife and children... he was extremely absent on the show and people felt bad for Kristen. Somehow though, the couple stayed together since the incident.

7 Kris Jenner Got Bored Of  Robert Kardashian

US Weekly

If Keeping up with the Kardashians fans remember earlier episodes of the show, they'd remember Kris Jenner admitting to the fact that she was with another man while married to ex-husband, Robert Kardashian. The man in question? Todd Waterman. After admitting what she had done, her husband (and father to four children) couldn't get over the betrayal, and the two divorced.

6 Lamar Odom Had Addiction Issues While With "Angel" Khloe Kardashian

Radar Online

I think we can all agree that the world feels sad for Khloe Kardashian. As one of the coolest sisters, we all saw how much she wanted a family. We thought she'd get that family when she married Lamar Odom in a shotgun wedding, but as we all know, that never happened. Lamar didn't seem to ever be faithful to Khloe and his secrets tore their relationship apart.

5 Was Kendra Wilkinson Enough For Hank Baskett?


The Girls Next Door was a show on the E! Network that showed the life of Hugh Hefner and his girlfriends. One of the girls who stood out was Kendra Wilkinson, and when she left the Playboy Mansion, she moved on with former NFL player Hank Baskett. After two kids and almost 10 years of marriage, though, the two called it quits. As it was made publicly aware, Hank became unfaithful to his wife and the two could never fully repair their trust.

4 Brad Pitt Had A Connection With Angelina Jolie He Couldn't Deny

In-Touch Weekly

We all know Brad Pitt was kind of a bad boy but when he married Jennifer Aniston, the world had a new favorite couple. But you know what they say, all good things must come to an end. After filming Mr. and Mrs. Smith alongside solo Angelina Jolie, rumors started swirling about their instant connection. Then, as luck would have it, Jen and Brad called it quits. And who did Brad turn to? Angelina, Jolie — along with adopting (and having kids of their own) her children.

3 Katharine McPhee Was Caugh With Someone Else Than BF Nick Cokas


In 2013, actress/singer Katherine McPhee was caught smoothing someone that wasn't her husband, rather her Smash director Michael Morris. To make things worse, Morris was also married with two little girls. When the photos were revealed, McPhee quickly backtracked and said she was in the process of separating from her husband, while Morris is supposedly still with his wife Mary...

2 Larsa Pippen Turned Her Back On Her Husband Scottie Pippen For A Rapper


Many peole may recognize Larsa Pippen because she's also besties with Kim Kardashian, however, Larsa has been in the spotlight for a long time due to her marriage to NBA legened, Scottie Pippen. Although the two have been married since 1997 and have children together, it appears it wasn't enough because rumors quickly spread that Larsa had been getting busy with rapper, Future. After the rumors, the two filed for divorce but reconciled shortly after. However, as of late, the two decided to officially call it quits again.

1 Gavin Rossdale Liked The Nanny More Than His Wife

The Sun

No Doubt fans everywhere were beyond distraught when frontwoman Gwen Steffani was left blindsided by her rocker husband, Gavin Rossdale. After logging on to the family's iPad, messages popped up on behalf of Gavin and the family's nanny... After incriminating evidence, Gwen filed for divorce from her sneaky husband — oh, and she fired the nanny.

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