18 Women Reveal How They Got Their Boyfriends To Stay With Them

We have all been in relationships where we have that awful realization: we like him more than he likes us. It’s the worst, right? But the hardest part is when it finally dawns on you that he’s not going to stick around forever—eventually, he’s going to see that he would probably be happier with someone else. Do you accept that? Or do you attempt to win him over and get him to stay with you?

Some girls can deal with the pain, and they let him walk away—as they probably should. But not everyone can handle a situation like this in a mature way. Sometimes, we feel so desperate. We think about how boring and drab our lives would be without this person, and we decide that we have to do anything possible to get him to stay.

So, how do you get a man to stay when you sense that he might walk away? Some women will lie and say whatever he wants to hear. Others will straight up trick him, and they do not care if they have to play dirty. Here are 18 women who confess how they tricked their boyfriends into staying with them.

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18 “I told my rich boyfriend that I was on birth control, but I lied. When I got pregnant, he rented an apartment for me and pays for everything.”

Source: Favim

Sometimes, you want a guy to stay because you truly love him—but as you’ll see throughout this list, some girls just want a guy to stay so that they can mooch off his bank account! It’s really not fair to the guy, but there will always be women who do this. This woman didn’t just want her boyfriend to support her financially—she was ready to lie and trick him in any way in order to get her hands on his money. She lied about being on birth control because she wanted to have a baby with him. Why? Well, she knew that he would want any child of his to be well taken care of! Now, he pays for all of her expenses, including her rent.

17 “I got into a long-distance relationship online and lied about EVERYTHING. When he found out I was catfishing him he dumped me.”

Source: Favim

You’ve probably seen the show Catfish before, right? Well, just in case you’re unfamiliar with the concept of “catfishing” someone, we’ll break it down here. Basically, this occurs when you meet someone online—typically through an online dating site—and you use fake pictures, a fake backstory, and all kinds of lies and excuses to convince them that you’re someone different than who you actually are, because you know they will be attracted to the “catfish” version of yourself. This girl catfished her boyfriend when they began dating online. She lied about EVERYTHING, and he was totally falling for it. But when he did find out the truth, he was pretty upset—as any of us would be! He dumped her immediately, which was the right move—he couldn’t trust her.

16 “I keep pretending to love my boyfriend because if we break up, I’ll be homeless.”

Source: Favim

Ouch. This is a tough one to talk about. Is lying wrong? Of course. This girl confesses that she no longer loves her boyfriend, but she keeps pretending that she does. Now, in most cases, we would say that she should just give up on the relationship and walk away, or admit how she really feels and try to work it out with him. But her situation is a little different. She lives with her boyfriend, and if they break up, she will have nowhere else to go. She does not want to live on the street, and so she’s just doing what anyone in her situation would probably do—anything she can to hold on to her home. It’s hard to blame her for lying!

15 “I hide my eating disorder because I know that if my boyfriend found out, he would leave me. He would want to be with someone healthy.”

Source: Favim

Many women (and some men, too) deal with eating disorders at some point in their lives. They can develop for many reasons, but usually it’s because the person does not have much confidence in their body, and they see controlling their eating as a way to control their life and emotions. It’s very difficult to deal with, especially when you are hiding the truth—that’s why we feel sorry for this girl. Yes, she is lying to her boyfriend, but she is scared to lose someone she loves while she is dealing with this difficult mental health issue. Honestly, she may be better off finding a guy who will support her whether she is healthy or not, but we can see why she is scared to tell the truth.

14 “I made up a whole story about my grandma dying and my depression over it to guilt my boyfriend into staying with me.”

Source: Favim

Some of the women on this list lie about little things, or simply pretend to care about their boyfriends more than they actually do in order to get them to stay—but this girl takes it way too far! She knew that her boyfriend wanted to break up, but she was ready to do absolutely anything to get him to stay with her. So, how did she trick him? Well, she invented a huge lie. She told him that her grandmother had died, and that she was upset over it that she developed symptoms of depression. Well, guess what? Her grandma was still alive and well, but her boyfriend felt so bad about the whole thing that he decided to stay with her and support her.

13 “I’m infertile. I know that my boyfriend wants kids and I don’t want him to dump me, so I haven’t told him the news.”

Source: Favim

This is such a difficult issue for women to deal with. We’re always taught that everyone should have kids, that starting a family is one of the most wonderful things you can do in life, and that being a mother is a such a difficult yet absolutely rewarding experience that is worth all the frustration. But the truth is that not all women are physically able to have children. This can make dating and marriage difficult, because plenty of men want kids, too, and adoption is a very long and expensive process. This woman knows that she cannot have kids, but she knows that her boyfriend does want them and that if she tells him the truth, he’ll want to be with someone else. Therefore, she lies to him and says she can have kids.

12 “I told my boyfriend that my parents were getting divorced since I thought he was going to leave me and I wanted him to feel bad. I don’t know how to get out of this.”

Source: Favim

Okay, this is the kind of lie that is pretty difficult to keep up for a long period of time. This girl knew that her boyfriend was planning to break up with her, and she simply could not accept that. So, what was her strategy? She told her boyfriend that she really needed him because she was going through a difficult time—in fact, she told him that her parents were getting divorced! Her boyfriend decided to stay with her because she was so upset over their divorce...problem is, they were not getting divorced at all, and she had made the whole thing up. We have no idea how much longer she can hide this. He’s going to find out sooner or later, and he’ll definitely walk away then.

11 “My boyfriend thinks I love him...truthfully I’m just a single mom who needs some more financial support for my daughter, I don’t care who it’s from.”

Source: Favim

Being a single mom must be so difficult. There’s no doubt that it’s one of the hardest “jobs” in the world. You have to take on all of the responsibilities of two parents, while working full time or even longer hours in order to support yourself and your child. It’s definitely not a walk in the park! This woman was a single mother, and there’s no doubt that she was struggling. So when she started dating a guy who was into her, she told him that she was in love with him in hopes that he would stay with her. Truthfully, she didn’t really care about him too much, but he was happy to give some financial support to her and her daughter, so she keeps on pretending.

10 “I’m a lesbian who hasn’t come out yet. My boyfriend is basically just my cover, so I can’t leave him. No one can know my secret.”

Source: Favim

The world has become a lot more accepting and progressive in the past couple years. But coming out as gay is still tough for many people, especially if you do live in a more religious area—not everyone is on board just yet! It’s sad, but unfortunately there is still more work to be done. This girl knows that she is not interested in men—in fact, she has already accepted that she is a lesbian. But she is not ready to tell the world just yet. Right now, she is dating a guy, and he has no idea how she really feels. She says that even though she is interested in women, she doesn’t tell him the truth because he is basically her “cover” right now.

9 “I cheated on my boyfriend. He was suspicious but so far I’ve tricked him into believing me. The guilt is unbearable.”

Source: Favim

Cheating is unfortunately very common, and these days, it can be even easier to get away with it because of dating sites and apps. There are plenty of people out there who are still loyal—but they can be hard to find! This girl cheated on her boyfriend, but of course she has not admitted the truth to him just yet. He was pretty suspicious of her and started asking some questions—he just knew that something was up! But she was not ready to come clean. She says that she “tricked” him into believing her—maybe she deleted texts from another guy and then showed him her phone, maybe she had one of her friends make up a story about where she was on a particular night—either way, he bought the lie.

8 “I lied to my boyfriend about being pregnant so he would stay...then I later told him that I had a miscarriage.”

Source: Favim

Lying about being pregnant to trick a guy into staying with you is pretty low. And honestly, it does not always work—there are all kinds of stories from girls who get pregnant in order to persuade a guy to stay with them, but he’s not ready to be a dad and walks away anyway. Yea, this is the type of plan that typically backfires. However, it kind of worked out for this girl. She lied and told her boyfriend that she was pregnant, even though she wasn’t! But eventually, she would have to tell another lie. When it became obvious that she could not be pregnant, she told her boyfriend that she had a miscarriage! Who knows if he will stay with her now?

7 “I pretend to be in love with my boyfriend just because I’m broke and he’s rich. I need him to pay for my stuff so I lie constantly.”

Source: Favim

It’s becoming pretty obvious why some women trick their boyfriends into staying with them—it often comes down to money. And for some of the women on this list, we really can’t blame them. They are truly struggling, or they’re scared of being homeless. But some of them have absolutely no excuse! The woman who wrote this confession says that she doesn’t really care about her boyfriend, but he has plenty of money to spare and keeps paying for her stuff. Therefore, she keeps lying and saying that she loves him. But the only thing that she really loves is his money! As long as he keeps buying things for her, she is going to keep lying about her feelings for him—and he’ll probably keep falling for it.

6 “I lied to my boyfriend about using birth control so that he would stay with me if I had a baby. We are now married, and I feel guilty.”

Source: Favim

Besides lying to a guy because of money, lying about birth control seems to be a common theme. This woman is just one more example! She told her boyfriend that she was on birth control, but really, she wasn’t. She wanted to get pregnant, but she knew that he would not agree to it. Therefore, she just told him that she was on the pill. Eventually, surprise surprise, she did end up getting pregnant! The guy did agree to stay with her and raise the child. They ended up getting married, and to this day, he has no idea that his wife basically tricked him into becoming a dad. She does admit that even though her scheme worked, she feels very guilty about what she did.

5 “My boyfriend tried to break up with me, but I told him that I was struggling with my health so he would stay. I feel fine, but now I have to pretend to be sick.”

Source: Favim

This is another lie that just can’t go on forever. Eventually, this girl is going to have to come clean—there’s just no way around it. Her boyfriend wanted to end their relationship, and he told her so. She was not ready to let him go, but instead of being honest with him and simply asking for another chance, she straight up lied about something major. She told him that she desperately needed his support because she was dealing with some serious health issues. Guess what she has to do now? Pretend to be sick all of the time so that he will continue to believe her lie and stay with her! Sounds like it would have almost been easier to just go through with the break-up!

4 “My boyfriend thinks I’m struggling with money, so he stays with me out of guilt...really I’m doing fine, but I like having that extra cash.”

Source: Favim

Is it any surprise that there’s another girl on this list who consistently lies to her boyfriend for money? At this point, it’s become a pattern! Here’s the thing: this girl is not struggling financially at all. In fact, she says that she’s doing just fine! But her boyfriend is always offering to buy things for her, and she just does not want to give that up. So she keeps a lie going: she tells him that she is broke, that she just never has enough money, that her bank account is getting really low. And he eats it up every time! She does not love him at all, but he is totally convinced that she does. Therefore, he keeps “treating” her to nice things, and she sticks around!

3 “I love my boyfriend but his religion is super important to him. If he knew I didn’t believe, he’d dump me, so I pretend to pray.”

Source: Favim

Religion can be a deal breaker in relationships for many people. Lots of people feel very strongly about their beliefs, or lack thereof. Because of this, they want to be with someone who feels the same way that they do! This woman is dating a guy who is very religious—she doesn’t say what belief system he follows, but it’s clear that he is devout. He wants to be with a woman who feels the same way, and he genuinely believes that his girlfriend is that woman. But the truth is that she doesn’t believe in the same things that he does. She loves him so much that she is willing to pretend to pray. She knows that her boyfriend would leave her if he found out that she didn’t believe.

2 “I told my boyfriend we should try an open relationship—it’ a good thing he agreed because I was already seeing someone on the side and needed a cover.”

Source: Favim

Open relationships are becoming more and more popular these days! However, this is not necessarily a good thing. If two people are genuinely on the same page about being a little more open with their relationship, that’s totally fine—do what makes you happy, right? But open relationships can get complicated and make it easy to be dishonest. Just look at the woman who wrote this confession! She admits that she specifically requested an open relationship with her boyfriend because she was already cheating on him with someone else and needed a way to get away with it. Now he’ll probably never find out that she was already running around with another guy before they opened things up! It’s much easier to get away with lying in an open relationship.

1 “I told my boyfriend I was 2 years older than my actual age so that he would date me. He knows the truth now and says he still loves me.”

Source: Favim

Some people have certain rules when it comes to dating. For example, they may not want to get involved with someone who lives far away, someone who is still close with their ex, someone who is either older or younger...the list goes on and on. Everyone has their preferences. The woman who wrote this confession met a guy who didn’t want to date someone younger than him. So what did she do? Well, she lied about her age and told him that she was two years older than she actually was! Eventually, she started to feel guilty about lying, so she ended up telling him the truth. The story has a happy ending: he said that he still loved her and wanted to be with her.

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