18 Ways You Made 2017 Harder Than It Had To Be (According To Your Sign)

2017 was a rough year. It was rough year for all of us. Just about every person was hoping this year was a dream and that we could wake up and be done with it. Well, the time has finally come for us to put 2017 to rest and hope for better in 2018. But before we move onto a new year, we need to make sure we don't bring any of the travesty that was 2017 into 2018 with us. We don't want a repeat of the last year, now do we? Absolutely not.

So we all need to do our part to make sure 2018 doesn't suck too. And we're not talking about sticking to your New Year's resolutions for once or doing anything crazy like getting healthy or learning how to budget. We're talking about the things you need to work on personally to make your life better. Because to tell you the truth, you actually made 2017 way harder than it needed to be. You might not be behind all of the terribleness that happened in 2017 but you did contribute. Don't believe us? Check out the list below to learn just how you made 2017 that much worse based on your zodiac sign's personality.

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18 Aries Refused To Grow Up And Act Like A Damn Adult


The whole idea of being an adult, taking responsibility for yourself and growing up sounds awful, doesn't it Aries? Well, tough luck lady. It's time for you to put on your big girl panties and face the cold harsh world of adulthood. And no, it's not all roses and butterflies. There's awful things like taxes and grocery shopping. And there's also this neat concept of taking responsibility for yourself and your action. If you make a mistake, you have to own up to it. There was probably a lot of passing the blame onto someone else in 2017. It may seem like that was the easy way out but it'll come back to bite you. So own up to your stuff in 2018 and join the ranks of the rest of us imperfect adults.

17 OR Demanding Aries Wanted The World


This isn't the first time you have been called demanding, is it Aries? In fact, you probably don't even realize that people are trying to insult you when they call you demanding. But it's true. It's one thing to know what you want and it's another thing to sit there and just demand that you get it. Did you spend a lot of 2017 being super frustrated and impatient because people weren't giving you exactly what you want? That's not a fun way to spend your life. We get that you're a leader and you don't have a ton of patience, but that's no excuse for being demanding and aggressive. Do better in 2018, Aries. Take a deep breath and learn how to ask nicely instead of demand.

16 Taurus Closed Her Eyes And Just Lived In A Fantasy Land


Taurus, it's time to open your eyes and face the world. We get it. 2017 was terrifying. For most of the year, it probably was better for your psyche if you did just bury your head in the sand and pretend the world didn't exist. But sadly, it's time to come on out and face the music. We know you love everything to be perfect and in it's rightful place. But that's just not reality. You don't do yourself any favors by hiding from the world. You have to leave your fantasy land behind and face the hard times in your life. Put your strong work ethic to good use and help us clean up this reality so it can be closer to that perfect world you desire.

15 OR Taurus Refused To Admit She Was Ever Even A Little Bit Wrong


Taurus, you have a really hard time admitting you were wrong. In fact, did you say the words "My bad," "I'm sorry" or "That was my fault" even once this past year? Probably not. And that's because your inner bull is the most stubborn of the zodiac. Once you plant your flag, you're not moving. You don't care what anyone else says or whose feelings you have to hurt. You just have to be right and stick by whatever you said. That attitude didn't work for you in 2017 and it sure as hell won't help in 2018. We know it's going to be hard, but try to let go of your possessive and stubborn nature that needs to be right all of the time.

14 Gemini Froze And Could Never Make A Single Decision


Indecision is what messed up 2017 for you, Gemini. You know you're not great at making decisions. That's the twins in you - you can always see both sides of every decision. And since you're able to rationally argue both sides, you just sit there and refuse to choose. That's no way to live life, Gemini! Not making a decision is much worse than making the wrong decision. Fight your fears of the unknown in 2018 and allow yourself to just commit to something, anything, for once. You spent a lot of 2017 stuck in your head running worst case scenarios instead of just being free to make your decision and live your life. It's time to be slightly more impulsive and just listen to your gut. We promise, it won't be that bad.

13 Cancer Carried Around Emotional Baggage All Year


It breaks our heart to say it, but Cancer, you spent so much of 2017 carrying around all of this guilt and emotional baggage. Girl, it's time to lighten your load! Drop those bags off and try doing carry-on lugggage only in 2018. No one needs that huge checked bag. And especially not you Cancer because you're dragging around everyone else's emotional crap. You beat yourself up for any tiny thing you think might possibly be yourself. And you carry around that guilt and refuse to believe you're not the worst person ever. You need to learn how to be kind to yourself, Cancer. That forgiveness you show your friends and family? It's time to learn how to forgive yourself too. Your heart is going to explode if you don't.

12 OR Cancer Was Waaaaaaay Too Sensitive


Cancer, you probably don't need us to tell you that you're known to be sensitive and moody. In fact, you may have already shed some tears reading through this list. And there's nothing wrong with being a person who is in touch with their feelings and likes to express themself. But it can wreak havoc on your relationships if you're expecting your partner, friends and family to be in sync with your mood changes. Did you spend a lot of 2017 angry with your closest loved ones because they weren't on the same emotional page as you? Maybe your partner wasn't as romantic as you expected or your friend forgot your birthday. When those things happen, you can lash out in anger and let your emotions control you. In 2018, it's time for you to reign those emotions in.

11 Leo Couldn't Just Be Happy With What She Had


Leo, haven't you ever heard the phrase: comparison is the thief of joy? It's true. You'll never be happy if you spend all of your time comparing your life to other people's. You spent a lot of 2017 holding your life up to other people's and wishing you had what they had. You wanted the promotion your co-worker got, the new phone your sister bought and the beautiful skin your fave celebrity showcases on social media. Leo, enough already! You are never going to be happy with your life if you spend all of your time wishing you had someone else's life. It's great to set goals and strive to better yourself but it's not a competition with anyone else. Compete with yourself in 2018 and leave comparisons out of it.

10 OR Leo Needed To Be The Center Of Attention All. The. Time.


Leo, you love the spotlight. You didn't need us to tell you that! You probably found lots of opportunities in 2017 to make yourself the center of attention. When you're out with friends, you're not happy unless all eyes are on you and everyone is listening to you tell your story. You may have even stolen the spotlight at an event that wasn't about you - like a friend's wedding or birthday party. You love the praise and the attention. There's nothing wrong with enjoying those things, but it can come across as vain, cocky and self-centered. And of course, no one wants to deal with that. If you found yourself starting to piss off your friendsin 2017 with this behavior, it's time to find a new outlet in 2018. Perhaps you can join a local theater group and find the spotlight there?

9 Virgo Let Their Huge Ego Get In The Way... Again


This Kanye West song was totally written for you, Virgo. You definitely have a huge ego. Remember, there's a difference between having high self-esteem and believing in yourself, and having an ego so huge you think your sh*t doesn't stink. Did you let your ego get too big this last year? Perhaps your pride got in the way and you spent 5 hours putting together an IKEA desk instead of asking your partner for help. Or maybe your giant ego was so off-putting that you missed out on opportunities at work. Virgo, it's time to deflate that ego of yours. You aren't God's gift to this earth. Believe in yourself but realize that you aren't perfect. It wouldn't hurt you to humble yourself and ask for help when you need it in 2018.

8 Libra Got Overwhelmed With Absolutely Everything And Had To Breath In A Paper Bag


Libra, we can hardly fault you for this one. 2017 was a crazy overwhelming year. Even people who don't usually get freaked out or anxious were feeling it this year. But Libra, you were really feeling overwhelmed to the point where you could hardly function. That kind of crippling anxiety is not healthy. And it all comes from you craving balance. You just want everything to be peaceful, equal and just. That's lovely, Libra, but not always realistic. Sometimes, your life is going to feel unbalanced. You might work overtime and not make it to spin class. Or you might take a vacation and not get around to checking your email. It's okay! Take a deep breath and try not to let it overwhelm you.

7 Scorpio Couldn't Stop Scrolling Through Social Media Every Single Minute Of The Day


We get it Scorpio - everyone loves scrolling through social media. Seeing the latest posts on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter can get really addicting. There's no shame in enjoying a good selfie post, updating your status and checking out some photos. But it does become a problem when you can't get off of your phone. Like your Leo sisters, you struggle with comparison. You see other people posting on social media and think that's what your life needs to look like in order to be happy. Remember that social media is the highlight reel of someone's life. For every flawless selfie there are 20 shots that didn't make the cut. And also remember that true happiness comes from within, not from an Instagram post with lots of likes.

6 OR Scorpio Got Obsessed (And Not In A Good Way)


Scorpio, did things get a little out of hand in 2017? You know what we're talking about. You have the type of personality where you can get really possessed and obsessive about something. And not in a good way. You take it to an unhealthy place. So in 2017, maybe you got really obsessed with your relationship and became almost possessive of your partner. Were you controlling and jealous? Not good, Scorpio. Or maybe you got super into a fad diet and spent all your money on teas that do nothing besides crowd your kitchen cabinets. Maybe it was a makeup line you can't afford. Or maybe it was something more dangerous. Scorpio, take a look back and don't be afraid to ask for help. We know that you're not a very flexible person but letting go of an obsession is important for you to have a better 2018.

5 Sagittarius Couldn't Let Go Of Anything And Just Move On Already


Stop listening to Jack, Sagittarius. It's time for you to turn off Titanic, forget about Jack and let go. Listen to Elsa instead and, "Let it go!" In your case in 2017, it was a person you can't let go of. As much as you love to give up your home and job to travel the world whenever you want, you actually have a really hard time giving up on people. Even if those people have already given up on you. You just don't want to let go! You get clingy and really latch on to people - like toxic friends or cheating ex-boyfriends. They waste your time and treat you like crap. Yet you can't let go and keep getting hurt. It's time for an intervention, Sag. Drop all of these terrible people from 2017 and commit to letting go of negative people in your life in 2018.

4 Capricorn Was A Non-Stop Complainer All Year Long


We get it. There was a lot to complain about in 2017. The year was crap and lots of stuff happened that was worth complaining about. But complaining about every single thing all year long? Give it a rest, Capricorn. No one wants to spend time with someone who whines all the time about every little thing. As much as the year sucked, you need to learn to find the silver linings. Or else you're going to end up all alone when no one can put up with your complaining. Worse, all of that complaining actually makes you feel really awful all of the time. If you only ever see the bad, you only ever feel bad. So in 2018, push yourself to see the positive side. Even if you have to fake it until you make it, practice looking for the good first.

3 Aquarius Took Care Of Her Besties But Forgot To Take Care Of Herself


Aquarius, you are an amazing friend. And you were probably the best friend there ever was in 2017. You're the kind of friend who sends flowers, remembers birthdays without the help of Facebook and shows up whenever your friends need you. You're the ultimate bestie. But in between helping all of your friends and family, you forgot to help yourself. You can't go on like that, Aquarius. You are going to burn out. We know it's hard for you, but you do need to take some time in 2018 to care for yourself and to learn how to love yourself. Your friends know you are awesome - it's time you realize it too. That ice cream you were going to bring over to Ashley's house? Keep it and enjoy it for yourself.

2 OR Aquarius Avoided Conflict Like It Was Her Job


Conflict is practically a dirty word for you, Aquarius. You hate the idea of having conflict between you and someone you love. Even with strangers, the idea of being assertive or aggressive makes you so uncomfortable. So instead, you totally avoided it in 2017 and left things unresolved. You know what's worse than conflict, Aquarius? A bunch of unresolved issues that are just hanging there and following you into 2018. It's time to suck it up and solve some of these problems. We know that's scary for you because then you have to be open to people criticizing you or rejecting you. You'll get through it - we promise. And you'll feel much better once it's all dealt with. Take a deep breath and make that phone call you need to make.

1 Pisces Never Accepted A Dare


Pisces, you probably don't think 2017 was all that bad. In fact, you were probably pretty comfortable in 2017. And do you know why that was? Because you refused to leave your comfort zone. You didn't do anything daring. You didn't take any risks. You stayed inside and kept yourself sheltered and safe. That's no way to live, Pisces! Because in order to stay as comfortable as you have been, you've had to give up on following some of your dreams. That's not worth it. You have so many dreams and goals for yourself. But you'll never reach them if you refuse to step out of your comfort zone. 2018 is your year to push yourself. You don't have to go skydiving or quit your job. But you do need to be a little risky and dare to live bigger.

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