18 Tough Things All The Kardashian Nannies Are Expected To Do

In 2016, Kylie Jenner's own assistant straight-up called her "a diva" on Snapchat. Forbes' "Youngest Self-Made Billionaire" might come with a baby now, but Stormi didn't join an ordinary family.

Everyone wants in on the Kardashians. If you don't think you're "all that affected" by Kardashian mania, think for a second why you clicked on this. Their names just make you want to know more. Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall and Kylie are the power five who dominate our world, but they don't come without kids.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are expecting baby number four in May 2019. Whack on Kourtney's three kids, Khloe's 2018-born True and Stormi, and you've got a full house. What's in that house? Nannies.

"A team of nannies and assistants," Baby Gaga reports Kylie relying on. Kim and Kourt might show their kids running around that $20 million mansion, but The Mirror has reported "a well-oiled machine."

Kids are "whipped away" if they cry too much or start fussing. The result? A smooth-looking household where there never seems to be any mess, nobody is throwing a tantrum (well, except Kim, perhaps), and there's definitely not much sign of the nannies.

Kardashian nannies have spoken out, though. Pam Behan even wrote a book on nannying for the rich and famous. It's the hardest job around, and it gets 100% harder when the world's most perfectionistic family is your #Boss. Here are 18 super-tough things Kardashian nannies have to do.

18 Nannies Must Call Kourtney "Madam"

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"Nightmares to work for." That was OK!'s headline as the magazine reported on nannying for the world's most famous family. Kourtney Kardashian is soon to be out-done by Kim and Kanye when it comes to having the most kids, but she is the "OG" Kardashian mom.

"She asked me to call her madam at all times," a nanny said about Kourtney. Not addressing Kourtney as "madam" resulted in "meltdowns."

With her chillax vibes and attachment parenting philosophies, Kourtney doesn't give off the impression that she'd be that high-strung. Then again, that's what nanny reveals are all about. Looks like it's "Madam Kourtney!"

17 Spill Any Info, And It'll Cost You $10 Million

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The Kardashians might come with contouring sticks and Versace as their accessories, but they come with something way more powerful. It's called 24/7, on-call legal teams whose entire job it is to protect this family. As Baby Gaga reports:

"If they don't sign the agreement, they can't see [Stormi]." Anyone caught selling stories or pics of Stormi can face up to $10 million in legal fees.

Non-disclosure agreements are something the Kardashians have been using as a safety net for years. As The Daily Mail reports, KimYe's 2014 wedding asked guests to sign on the dotted line. Nannies are absolutely required to sign, and the consequences of talking will cost them.

16 "I Was Doing Her Whole Schedule, Laundry, Travel, Putting The Stroller Together"

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Sign up to work for this family, and you're signing away your entire life. Sure, there are perks. When Kim Kardashian's former assistant, Stephanie Shepherd, opened up to Refinery29, she did mention luxurious gifts. She's also been spotted at Fendi with Kim.

"I was doing her whole schedule, doing her laundry, booking travel, putting the stroller together and all of these things," Stephanie said. Bear in mind, this wasn't even a nanny role.

As Kim K's first assistant, Stephanie climbed the rank to be a COO of the Kardashian brand, but the reality was a ton of hard work. The nannies are just a part of it.

15 Hand Over Your Cell Phone Before Getting Anywhere Near Stormi

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Selfies might be what you see with Stormi, but think twice before you settle on who is holding the phone. Kylie Jenner has been updating us on her Insta-perfect baby since day one, but the rules are way less relaxed than the outfits.

"To have somebody in her own home trying to snap pictures they shouldn’t be snapping is really, really stressful. You want to be able to trust the people that you’re surrounded by, but we have to really be on alert at all time."

Speaking on KUWTK, Kris Jenner outlined the reality (or should we say panic) of having unapproved people near Stormi. It's Kylie only.

14 Brewing Starbucks Coffee Pots At 5 A.M And Leaving Them Outside Their Rooms "Hotel-Style"

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Just, wow. We knew the Kardashians had high standards, but we didn't expect this to be a nanny duty. When Pam Behan opened up about working for the family, she didn't hold back on the details. As NY Daily News reports:

Back when Kris Jenner was first married to Caitlyn (then Bruce), Pam Behan was required to "brew a pot of Starbucks breakfast blend every day at 5 a.m. and leave it outside their door on a tray with mugs, hotel-style."

If you stay in a fancy hotel, you can order room service around the clock. It'll be delivered by someone whose job it is to room-deliver. The nanny? That's kind of sad to hear.

13 "I Was In Tears A Couple Times"

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Nobody should be crying on the job. The Kardashians have come under fire many times for seeming "fake," although we have to say, the love on the show seems genuine. Kim is a million miles from her former party girl days, but the rest of the family is trickier.

"Not easy to work for." When Pam Behan opened up about nannying for the Kardashians, she said: "When I first started and wasn’t used to Kris’ personality, I was in tears a couple times."

As Celebrity Dirty Laundry reports, Pam struggled to adjust to Kris Jenner's perfectionist personality. "Sometimes she yells when telling you, then it’s done and over with and everything is fine."

12 Nannies Must Walk In A "V-Shape"

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There's an almost regal feeling about people walking in a "V" shape. Kind of like watching those historic Netflix dramas about the monarchy. Everyone walks behind the King or Queen, and they sort of form a geese gaggle.

Although it may be no more than a rumour, we couldn't help but notice Baby Gaga's report that Kardashian nannies are required to walk in a streamlined "V" shape.

Kim seems to be at the centre of this. Bear in mind though, that times have changed since Kim first hired help for North back in 2013. Still, if you're eyeing up the big K as your boss, prepare to walk in a certain way!

11 The "Well-Oiled Machine" That Doesn't Show "Three Nannies"

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Tune into any episode of KUWTK, and you'll see the same setup. Marbles are glistening, floral arrangements are as perfect as the cookies and there certainly aren't any tantrums being thrown by North West.

"It's a well-oiled machine with three nannies moving around the house, bringing the kids in for a quick Snapchat." Kim and Kanye are said to want to "project this perfect family image."

As The Mirror reports, the entire image might just be a front. Sure, the cuddles are real. What we aren't seeing though, is a family whose nannies are likely managed as well as the brands.

10 But "Normie Parenting" Gets Plenty Of Press

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Before we pounce on this family too hard, let's remember how much parenting they actually do. Kim is running a veritable empire. She's papped with the kids all the time. Kourtney could easily lounge around in bed all day. Nope, she's also spending quality time with the kids.

Kim and Kourtney hit up Disneyland in 2018. While Kim's yellow jacket seemed to make more headlines than the outing itself, the image was clear. "I'm a normie."

Except she's not. With reports of nannies having to work all hours (and there being quite a few of them), we've twigged. The image might say "regular," but these ladies are all about the #Extra.

9 Hands Full (And Arms Too)

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Please. Like you could work for a makeup-centric family and not wind up being a walking tester. As Look reports, Kylie has used her assistant to help with her IG. Bear in mind, Kylie isn't the easiest to work with.

"Kylie asks me for the same smoothie every morning," her assistant said. When she asks which flavor, Kylie responds: "You should know the flavor."

Kylie's 2016 Snapchat saw her own assistant reveal Kylie's "diva" demands, before showing us just what they are. Kardashian assistants, as Refinery29 reports, have been used to help out with the family's business ventures.

8 "When They're Traveling, It's [Not Easy] For The Nannies"

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Looking at this pic of Kim with a nanny, it isn't rocket science figuring out that this job comes with a #24/7. Nannies are required to travel just like the Kardashians do, and that can mean anything from Paris to Japan. OK! reported:

"When they're traveling, it's a nightmare for the nannies." Kim's own assistant, Stephanie, listed: "A personal assistant, a house assistant, two kids, two nannies," adding: "I was recently promoted to COO of Kardashian West Brands."

While Stephanie Shepherd's Refinery29 interview revealed all the travel for a regular assistant, that's nothing compared to doing it and watching the kids.

7 Wearing Jewelry Isn't Allowed

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"Lashes and diamonds, ATM machines, buy myself all of my favorite things." Ariana Grande is the latest celeb to show us that being #A-List comes with bling, but the Kardashians got there first. For Kim, though, jewelry is a sensitive issue.

In 2016, Kim underwent a harrowing robbery in Paris. "It's truly changed me," she told Ellen as she bravely opened up. As People reports, “Ever since the Paris robbery, Kim has made many changes in her life. She is much more careful about being flashy,”

The report suggested that Kim had extended this to her staff, although it did not specify nannies. Anyway, like a Kardashian nanny could ever be seen out-blinging these ladies!

6 Kanye Doesn't Want Nannies Visible, Thinks Reality TV Is "Tacky"

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Don't think North West found her way onto KUWTK just like that. Kanye West is the daddy to this girl who comes with an #Opinion. Kanye was firmly against having the kids on the show, as The Daily Mail reported in 2014.

"Kim really wants to put North on the show. But once Kanye came on the scene, that all changed. Kanye shuts Kim down whenever she brings it up."

The newspaper further outlined that Kanye thought reality TV was "tacky." This marriage is likely to have come with a compromise, though.

5 They're Expected To Look After The Animals

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2018 brought new life to the Kardashians, but it also brought loss. Khloe was about to pop on Season 15 of KUWTK when she had to say goodbye to her dog. We'd watched that pup bounce around the Kardashian backyard for a while. Gabbana is no more.

We're unlikely to ever see the full Kardashian manual. While looking after North, Saint, Chicago, Stormi, True and Kourt's three kids is likely the priority, let's not forget that nannies end up doing a lot more.

When Baby Gaga reported Kate Gosselin's nanny quitting, we learned that pool maintenance and cleaning up after the chickens were required. No chickens here, but expect the nannies to be on pet duty!

4 Kris Jenner's Broccoli Freakouts: "I Was Going To Quit"

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Open up any celeb demand, and you'll see the word "diva." JLO reportedly has "meltdowns" over her sunflower seeds. In 2013, Radar Online reported:

“Kris gave me a shopping list and told me to go to the grocery store. When I got home, Kris said, ‘Where is the broccoli?’ I told her broccoli was not on the list. She immediately lost her temper, yelling, ‘I can’t [...] believe you [...] forgot the [...] broccoli!"

This matches the NY Daily News report from Kris's former nanny, Pam Behan. You can still apply for this family, but stick a strong knowledge of broccoli on the application!

3 Providing "Emotional Support" For Khloe

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Khloe Kardashian isn't completely brand new to motherhood– baby True is approaching her first birthday. For this Kardashian, though, the nanny role comes with an unusual extra.

Though she was very hands-on with her baby daughter, she's been receiving "support and company" as she adjusts to her life with baby True and Tristan Thompson in Cleveland.

Romper reports that Khloe hired a nanny as an emotional support system. Keeping True company is a given. In this role, you're expected to make small-talk (and possibly therapeutic talk) with the mother, too. That's before you get to the last-minute travel.

2 "Micro-Managing," Kourtney Was "The Worst Kardashian To Work For"

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Being micro-managed is the worst. You're doing your job, probably doing it well, and that irritating senior figure just won't quit breathing down your neck. Now To Love reported on Kardashian staff, and we got a whiff of some micro-managing.

A "control and neat freak" – Kourtney is said to be "the worst Kardashian to work for." She "micro-manages" nannies and won't even let them wear perfume.

While this report was from nearly five years ago, it's still there. Kourtney might seem laid-back, but remember that she's finding herself on this list (and insisting on being called "madam"). Talk about tough.

1 "Perfection" Standards Have Left Nannies "On The Verge Of A Breakdown"

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When we gathered up all the reports from Kardashian nannies and assistants, we noticed one word mentioned the most. "Perfectionist." Much like Kris Jenner, Kim and her sisters are total perfectionists.

"On the verge of a breakdown due to Kris' sky-high standards," NY Daily News reported about Pam Behan.

Khloe organises her pantries with so much "Khlo-C-D," it winds up making front-page news. Have you seen these girls' closets? There's no doubt about it. The way the Kardashians raise their kids comes with as much perfectionism as their neatly laid-out Louboutins.

Personally? We'd pass on the job offer. Some people just can't seem to resist working for the world's most famous family, though.

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