18 Things We Wish Ellen Would Ask The Kardashians (+ 2 She Was Brave Enough To Try)

Going on The Ellen Show might dish out secrets, but it shows one thing above all– that you've made it. Ariana Grande may have slipped up during her "Thank U, Next" performance, but she was on Ellen for a reason. Namely, being a giant star.

The very first episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians aired on October 14th, 2007. The Kardashians were nowhere near as polished as they are today; Kendall and Kylie were still kids, and nobody thought the show would become this huge. In 2017, the Kardashians signed to renew their E! show for a staggering $150 million. Of course, that's nowhere near the net worth of these ladies– Kylie Jenner is now worth $900 million, according to Forbes.

You'd think that having a reality show would let the cameras do the talking. To be fair, fans have learned some interesting stuff by watching. We've learned that Kim Kardashian's first ever date was at McDonald's. We discovered that Khloe only knew Lamar Odom for 30 days before marrying him. Weirdly, we know that Kris Jenner keeps black toilet paper in her bathrooms.

Ellen DeGeneres is good at her job. She keeps the vibe relaxed and the audience laughing, but you can guarantee that she'll ask the big questions. You know, the ones that aren't "planned." The Kardashians have been on The Ellen Show many times over the years. What Ellen has asked? A lot. Then again, there's stuff we're still wishing Ellen would ask. Here are 20 questions we're waiting to hear from Ellen (plus 5 she was brave enough to ask).

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20 Why The Self-Claimed "Highest-Paid Man In Footwear" Wears Tiny Shoes

via: instagram

Kanye West makes a lot of claims about the success of Yeezy. To be fair, GQ reports that Yeezys were the most influential sneakers of 2016. Now, in 2018, Kim and Kanye made a very high-profile appearance at 2Chainz's wedding, with Kanye wearing Yeezy slippers.

"Only thing close to this is the iPhone," Kanye claims about Yeezy footwear in a tweet. And yet the iPhone X is larger than his shoes.

Twitter literally went nuts after these pics of Kanye surfaced. Firstly, people questioned how a Louis Vuitton suit went with nylon slides (although they cost $150). Mostly though, it was how the "king of footwear" couldn't get the size right.

19 Kylie's Opinion On Lips (While Teens Spend $150 To Look Like Her)

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Kylie Jenner is likely too busy watching her $900 million net worth reach a billion to be interrupted. Still, it would be great if Ellen could ask her this. Kylie has readily admitted to getting a little "helping hand" in achieving her plump pout. She started in her teens.

In 2015, Kylie Cosmetics launched (with Kylie's not-so-natural lips as the biggest selling point). The marketing was: Here are 1,000 pictures of me showing you what "perfection" is – now it's your job to fall into the trap and buy it.

Lip Kits are flying off shelves. Teens are spending up to $150 for three glosses. The quest? Kylie's pout. If Ellen could ask Kylie where she stands on the moral issue of this, that would be great.

18 What Is Going Through 39-Year-Old Kourtney's Head When It Comes To Her Dating Life?

via: splash

A huge part of us feels for Kourtney Kardashian. This mom of three didn't exactly pick the easiest baby daddy. "On-off forever" best describes Kourt and Scott Disick, although they haven't been together since 2015. Scott is dating Sofia Richie. Kourtney is dating Luka Sabbat – he's nearly half her age.

We get it. Scott Disick is dating a 20-year-old. #TitForTat is pretty childish at 39, though.

"It makes her feel good to have these [attractive] young guys who are interested in her," People reported. With the relationship so new, we need to give these two a chance, but really? A 21-year-old guy when you're nearly 40?

17 Does She Think It'll Work Out This Time Around?

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In August 2018, Kourtney called it quits with the "toy boy" guy she had been dating for around two years. Younes Bendjima was the 24-year-old model who seemed to have swept Kourt off her feet (but apparently had an issue with monogamy).

Younes "getting cozy" with a waitress in Mexico was Seventeen's coverage of why Kourtney ended it. The pics kind of proved it. Kourtney was single again – for about a minute.

Before we could say, "Will Kourt and Scott get back together again," Kourt was pressing repeat. This time, though, with an even younger guy. Considering how it went with Younes, is that a good idea? Ask her, Ellen!

16 "We Had A Fight Because I Wouldn't Get Him A Band-Aid." What Else Do They Argue About?

via: public

In 2018, KUWTK showed us an interesting husband and wife fight. "He was like, I've slaved around the world for you making clothes for you to make sure you find the best outfit and you let me go out wearing a Jesus Band-Aid," Kim said, as Cosmopolitan reports.

Kanye was apparently angry because Kim "would've gotten the right Band-Aid for Saint." Exasperated, Kim exclaimed: "Are you fighting with Saint? Is this a thing?"

The Daily Mail has previously stated that Kim "couldn't cope" with Kanye's meltdowns. Yet, on The Ellen Show appearances, Kim smiles and makes sure that everything seems rosy. Come on, Ellen, throw her a real question!

15 Ellen: "Is Kylie Craving Things Yet?" Khloe: "I Don't Know What You're Talking About"

via: hello

Khloe appeared nice and comfortable for her January 2018 Ellen appearance. With her growing bump, Khloe seemed happy to talk cravings, post-baby bodies, and positivity. Oops. "Does Kylie have cravings too?" Ellen asked. Khloe replied: "I don't know what you're talking about."

Well played, Ellen. Khloe was pregnant. Kylie was "pregnancy hiding." Somehow, Ellen knew. #Awkward

Bear in mind the date. This was one month before Kylie gave birth, so she was 8 months pregnant. "Come on, now," Ellen said, pointing out Kylie's Christmas calendar absence. Khloe only mirrored back: "Come on, Ellen," before changing the subject. Ellen DeGeneres, you are #GoodAtYourJob.

14 What's Going On At The Lip Kit Factories?

via: twitter

Now there's a question Kylie is likely praying never gets asked live. Kylie does a good job of showing that she's hands-on at her job. How? By making sure the cameras show her stopping by Spatz Laboratories, where Kylie Cosmetics are manufactured.

After Indeed employee reviews called Lip Kit factories "unsanitary sweatshops," Radar Online did some investigating. The Oxnard, California factories have not been inspected by the FDA since 2006, Refinery29 reports. Of course, the Lip Kits themselves are "vegan-friendly."

"Dirty" and "oily" floors were mentioned in Indeed reviews. Spatz Laboratories maintains that working conditions are satisfactory.

13 How Quickly "I'm Not Materialistic" Disappeared Since Kim Said It To Ellen In 2017

via: twitter

In 2017, Kim Kardashian made a very emotional appearance on The Ellen Show. It's actually pretty moving. Kim was finally ready to open up about her harrowing Paris robbery – nobody should ever have to go through that. Kim felt that she "deserved" it.

Kim said that rings, cars, and showing off on social media just "wasn't worth it."

In 2018, Kim is spotted wearing dresses will bills. "I just don't care about that stuff anymore," Kim said about being materialistic. "Really?!" Ellen replied. That was just over one year ago. With Kim's private jet selfies and Louis Vuitton, we'd kind of like to see Ellen probe her again on this.

12 Why Kendall Still Hasn't Made A Single Comment On Her #PhotoshopIssues

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Go ahead, Kendall. Keep staring us down. Kendall Jenner was always the "black sheep" of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. She's offbeat and quirky, but when it comes to Photoshop, she's 100% a Kardashian.

"Gal ya walls look curved" was one fan comment from Kendall's controversial bathroom selfie back in 2017. The idealistic physique was there, but so were the wonky walls and fixtures.

Kendall is surrounded by airbrushing controversies. While celebs like Beyonce and Zendaya have spoken out against Photoshop, Kendall keeps that mouth zipped. Dear Ellen, ask Kendall a thing or two about editing pics? Kendall's skin also looks suspiciously perfect.

11 How Much Parenting Does The Nanny Actually Do?

via: instagram

Kylie Jenner does a good job of parading that baby around. Stormi is irritatingly cute (no, really), and we've got to hand it to Kylie – she does seem to be pulling off motherhood. After reports of kids being "whisked" away after the cameras are done on KUWTK though, we're wondering how much parenting the Kardashians actually do. Kylie admits to enjoying changing diapers. The Daily Mail's article on Stormi? It's 90% about the nannies.

Stormi made her KUWTK debut in 2018. Don't think that the marketing team didn't have a meeting about it. Getting Kylie to hold Stormi was a smart move. Still, how long was Stormi in mommy's arms before it was back to the nanny?

10 How It Feels To Have #Yeezy Parking Lot Clones As Your Day Job

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You'd think that the gated communities of Calabasas would allow you to escape hanging out in a parking lot. Nope. Yeezy has a Mud Rat shoe. Why not have a "mall rat" do the promo?

In 2018, this slightly comical (but pretty effective) pic of Kim and Kylie surfaced. They wore head-to-toe Yeezy, although the prices are anything but basic: $300 leggings, $400 sock booties, and tees starting at $120 are what you're looking at.

Kim regularly speaks out about enjoying working with Kanye on Yeezy. For the girls who live in air-conditioned mansions, marching around parking lots in the searing heat doesn't seem to be that great. Ask them how they really feel, Ellen!

9 Nicki Minaj's Following Is Set To Overtake Kim's? Penny For Your Thoughts, Kim?

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Kim Kardashian likely wishes that she were the most-followed person on Instagram. Not out of selfishness, but because we all like a bit of success. We've been monitoring Kim's IG following carefully. Or rather, its stagnation. Kim has 120 million followers. The rate that they're climbing at? Pretty slow.

Could Nicki make Kim look more "basic" here?

Fight it out, #SocialMediaQueens. Nicki Minaj has over 95 million followers. While that's lower than Kim's 120 million followers, the rate at which Nicki is racking them up will likely see her take over Kim in 2019. Nicki is only three years younger than Kim. Thoughts on who the real queen is, Kim?

8 Kylie's Following Will Overtake Kim's Any Day Now, #GreenEyedMonster?

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With 120 million IG followers each, Kim and Kylie are neck-and-neck. It isn't rocket science, though. Kylie is 21 and her #InstaAudience is way younger. Kim just turned 38. "Without me, there'd be no Kylie," is what Hollywood Life reported Kim saying. Interviews from Kim herself are more composed. Kim stands firm at making sure that she squashes any rumors of sibling rivalry.

"Kylie and I laugh so hard about this all the time because people always want to pit us against each other thinking we have similar careers."

Um, you kind of do. We'd love to see Ellen straight-up ask Kim how she feels about being dethroned on IG.

7 Ellen: "What Does Kanye Mean?" Kim: "I Don't Know." Ellen: "But You Live With Him."

via: billboard

In April 2018, Kim appeared on The Ellen Show. How much she got paid to do it, we don't know. Ellen went straight for the Kanye questions – in particular, those bizarre tweets that he is so known for.

"I was very confused about that one," Kim said regarding one of Kanye's tweets.

KimYe live together. They're married. When Ellen asks what's going on and the reply is "I don't know," we begin to wonder what really goes on behind closed doors. "What did he mean?" Ellen asked. Laughing, but clearly a little uncomfortable, Kim replied, "I don't know." To be fair, this is a woman married to the man who claims to have "the vision" (whatever that is).

6 Do You Really Believe This Works?

via instagram

From a girl who finds it physically painful to watch "stomach-flattening" tea industries capitalize on female insecurities, this is one question that would be a knockout. Kylie Jenner can now earn $1 million per sponsored Instagram post – she is 2018's most bankable star.

Promoting a clothing or tech brand is one thing. #Ad it might be, but when the caption encourages millions of teen followers to spend money on a product that will "magically" trim them down, you've got to question the morals.

Kylie continues to promote @FitTea. Her fans continue to buy it. Ellen is a no-nonsense kind of woman. We'd love to see her take on it.

5 Don't They Wear Wigs And Extensions All The Time, Anyways?

via: instagram

And so continues the carousel of high-priced "beauty" products that the Kardashians make a ton of cash on. Kris Jenner joins Khloe in the promotion of those vegetarian Sugar Bear Hair vitamins. They come in cute, teddy bear-shaped tablets, the color is aquamarine and the promises are nothing short of inspirational. @SugarBearHair even has Selena Gomez's lookalike promoting the vitamins – clever, if you can't actually afford the real Selena.

Health experts increasingly point toward balanced diets as the key to healthy hair. A jar of cute vitamins? We're less sure on that. Seriously, Ellen. Why not ask Kris just how gullible she thinks we are?

4 Exactly How Do Those Kids Feel About All The Attention?

via: dailymail

North West was a solo act here, back when Kim was a mother of one. KUWTK might center around the dramatic lives of women in their 20s and 30s, but the cast is now as much kiddies as it is makeup queens. By and large, they smile. (Then again, good editing teams are called "good" for a reason).

Vogue now runs entire articles on North West. When you debut on TV before you can talk though, was it your choice?

"Sometimes, I put makeup in my bag when I go to church," North said in an interview with Interview Magazine. It's adorable, but remember, these kids have actual jobs.

3 Tristan On The Sidelines

via: lacelebs

Khloe recently posted a family Thanksgiving pic that showed baby True with her mom and dad. Tristan Thomspon hasn't proven an easy ride for Khloe. His "cozying up" to a waitress was enough to get Kim on The Ellen Show. 

Khloe has been with less-than-reliable guys before. She was married to one. Is the sideline thing really working with Tristan?

Khloe reportedly "kicked Tristan out the house." He also "wasn't welcome" in the delivery room (although that was mostly Khloe's family). Khloe appears to be trying to make things work for True. Whatever she's doing though, it's not showing much #GirlPower.

2  Does Money Really Buy Happiness?

via: buzzfeed

It's the million-dollar question. For Kim, it might literally be. In 2017, Kim was sitting on The Ellen Show couch in tears. Speaking about "showing [wealth] off on social media," Kim concluded that none of it was worth it anymore. Her family means everything to her.

Kim recently confirmed her love for Kanye by saying that he smells "like money." Underneath the glitzy smiles though, is Kim happy?

"I don't care to show off" were Kim's words. The subsequent Instagram that showed blurry family-centric pics lasted a few weeks. Then it was back to glam squads and Versace. Ellen, get Kim on for round two of this question?

1 Don't Expect An Appearance From This Guy Any Time Soon

via: cosmopolitan

Kanye last appeared on The Ellen Show in 2018. Ellen reminded him of his last appearance– "Do you remember?" she asked. "No," Kanye said. The guy smiled and nodded– a lot. In a way, it makes you wonder if Kanye is shy.

In this pic? Kanye is a man who needs his naps. Kanye has been shutting down (and re-opening) his social media. When he'll next make an Ellen appearance? We're assuming not anytime soon.

Hit share on Facebook and get the real questions out. Kylie's Lip Kit factories? Those "slimming" tea promotions? Kim flat-out saying she's not "materialistic?" This has to go viral.

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