18 Things To Stop Saying 'Sorry' For In 2018, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

If y'all are ready to blow out the stinky candle that has been lit since the beginning of 2017, you're not alone. We're ready to call it quits on this loser of a year, which is why we're happily packing up to say goodbye to 2017 and welcoming the new year with open arms. In preparing for this highly anticipated move, we're checking in with ourselves to help make 2018 better than last year (or this year, depending on how you want to look at it). And part of this prep is to give back to ourselves and make sure to treat our lives to some TLC and some respect it deserves. After all, if the universe isn't going to deliver on the goods, it's better to pull up our socks and just do it ourselves.

One of the ways that we're helping you prepare for the new year is to help you ease up on the guilt of simply being you. Since we all have qualities or quirks that can be annoying to others, it's easy for us to offer up an apology when we think we're in the wrong. But for so many of us, we never really feel wrong for being who we are in the moment, am I right? Offering up apologies for offending someone else just seems like you're putting others up on a pedestal rather than yourself. It's time to stop the guilting and be a little selfish. And put a stop to unnecessary apologies!

While we can't analyze each and every one of you, we can certainly work around that by giving you some tips on how you can stop saying sorry in 2018, based on your astrological background. And if our examples don't directly speak to your star soul, you can certainly take a lesson from us and tuck your sorry's away for the following year!

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18 Aries: Stop Saying Sorry For Wanting To Work Out

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Aries, you've got a fire in your belly that can only be extinguished through the pursuit of a great workout. You love to keep active, whether that's running 5k a day, practicing yoga after your morning coffee, or participating in a round of soccer with the neighbourhood kids. Whatever keeps your heart pumping is what draws you in quicker than a moth to a, well, flame, which is not always appreciated by some of the more jealous (or dare we say, lazy) star signs. Your need to jumpstart your cardio or pump some iron each day isn't about to be forgotten or pushed aside just because your pal wants to so shop for holiday deals with you. You can and will do it all, even if it means having to delay your shopping trip by an hour so that you can shower that sweat off your back. You do you, Aries. And never apologize for making time for your healthy lifestyle.

17 Taurus: Stop Saying Sorry For Arriving Too Early At Parties


Taurus, baby, you're a rock. You're hella punctual, regimented, and steady, making you one of the most responsible pals in your circle. When it comes to appointments, events, or classes, you're always the first to arrive. Since arriving late to things fills you with an unimaginable anxiety, you shouldn't have to apologize for showing up early for things. If anything, everyone should be happy to accommodate your punctual nature, since you'll always lend your host a helping hand or take care of that paperwork well ahead of your dentist appointment. Being early for things is just your way of adhering to your busy schedule and making sure that you don't disappoint others – or yourself – for breaking the rules. While being fashionably late may be the normal time-keeping guideline for some star signs, it's just a term that you don't, and never could, understand.

16 Gemini: Stop Apologizing For Talking To Strangers


As one of the more social zodiacs, being around people fills you with a sense of belonging and purpose, dear Gemini. Your chill and talkative personality is an attractive quality that makes people stick around to hear what you have to say, meaning that it's fairly easy for you to make new friends. And since you're also curious about people, you're quick to chit-chat with that person ahead of you in line at the grocery store or invite a solo diner over to your table to enjoy brunch in good company. While others may scoff at your overly friendly nature for annoying people, don't even listen to them, Gemini. In our world, people are becoming less and less engaged in real live conversations, so just keep up your blabbering, because you're going to prove to be the piece of puzzle that keeps this world connected to others.

15 And, Gemini, Stop Apologizing For Your Taste In Music


Being a fan of the arts, you can't help but feel connected to various tunes and rhythms that Spotify, Pandora, and YouTube exposes you to on the daily, Gemini. You love to get lost in the obscure beats that auto-play after you've searched and played one of your most recent Shazams. When it comes to music, you have a love for everything. Whether it's a modern hit from the airways, a classic rock ballad, or something folksy from an unknown artist. Since your mood is ever-changing, what you listen to day-to-day will always be different, but you have a connection to each and every tune on your playlist. To you, getting lost in acoustic YouTube videos is your idea of a great day, even if your friends would rather stick to something familiar and expected. But don't let their narrow minds get you down, Gemini. Stick to pursuing your musical adventures and continue to support those young and talented artists.

14 Cancer: Stop Apologizing For Cancelling Plans & Staying Home

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There is nobody on this planet who doesn't love the cancellation of plans, especially in the winter. But for Cancers, you love it more than most people. When someone cancels an event or appointment, you're praising your lucky stars for not being the one to have to do it. You just love to stick to your cozy environment and lounge around, which often drives you to change your appearance response to "maybe" in that Facebook event at the very last minute. This can get annoying to the pals who always try to get you to mix and mingle with the crew, but they just don't have that same level of attachment that you have to your bed, or couch, or Snuggie, that you do. And that's okay! While you're not a fan of having to shower and put on mascara for special events, you'll be more than happy to make time for your friends in other ways, and if they were real friends, they'd understand this part of you.

13 Leo: Stop Saying Sorry For Being Too Extra

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It's no secret that you love attention, Leo. Whether you're the centre of it or demanding it with your fashion choices or flawless hair and makeup, you love yourself an audience. There's no use denying this fact, Leo, even if you try to remain modest about it. But while you're spending hours getting ready for a simple dinner with friends, others can't believe that you're looking hella extra all. the. time. But pay them no attention, Leo. They just are starstruck that someone can be that awesome on the regular. Because even though you always look amazing, you're also just super kind and thoughtful, so no one can really be mad at you for all that attention you're getting from the men at neighbouring tables. Even though you rock the leopard-print and fuzzy boots like nobody's business, that's a stand-out trait that nobody can take away from you. Own it, girl.

12 Virgo: Stop Apologizing For Eating Kale


Kale is a superfood that people either love or hate. But for you, Virgo, you're as dedicated to this leafy green as Kanye is to his ego. To you, there is just no better ingredient to have at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Blend it in your morning smoothie, layer it under your mega salad, or sautée it and stuff it into your chicken. Whatever way you slice it, or chop it, Virgo's love them some of that healthy green leaf. And while it looks and tastes like a worn-out loofa, you know it's full of vitamins and minerals that keep you fuelled for your busy day and looking healthy AF. People may not understand your fixation on opting for spinach's tough and bitter cousin, but they're simply not as dedicated to treating their body to health foods like you are. So whether it's kale, beets, almond milk, or organic yogurt that has your family and friends turning up their noses, be satisfied with your food choices and continue to keep yourself in good shape, Virgo.

11 And, Virgo, Stop Apologizing For Worrying About Loved Ones


If worrying about your health wasn't enough for you Virgo, you also tend to worry about those you care about. Between making sure they're not eating too much sugar and taking care of their mental health, you're also worrying if they'll make it home in that snow storm or if they remembered to bring their lunch with them to work. You care A LOT. You might even over-care, but it's just something that you can't help. When it comes to the people you love, you just can't deal with them feeling bad or sad in any way. You'd absolutely hate it if they were sick and you'd do everything in your power to make them feel better and well taken care of. And even though many will say that you worry WAY too much and you need to totally chill out, you're simply communicating to them how much you care. Don't ever be sorry for valuing those who are important to you!

10 Libra: Stop Staying Sorry For Trying To Play Fair


Like any good Libra, you always try to play the peacemaker at all times. You hate it when people are arguing around you and always try to end the dispute as quickly as possible, even if you have no business being in the middle of the confrontation. To you, there is no need to bicker and there is always a fair solution to any problem. Your effort to always resolve every issue can be a little annoying to others, Libra. But even so, it's a trait that not many possess. While you're quick to offer your two cents and make sure everyone is being fair to one another, it's a resolution that is not always welcome... at first, but is always valued much later. While your qualities are unappreciated in the moment, your friends and family would not be able to get through the tough times without your insight and ability to wiggle your way into their quarrels. So keep doing what you feel is right, even if others can't see it right now.

9 Scorpio: Stop Saying Sorry At Times When You Get Jealous


Scorpio, listen up. While we all know that you love to be right and can't help but be stubborn, we need you to stop overanalyzing everything for a second, calm yourself down, and take the advice of someone else. Many people may be quick to react negatively to your harsh and sometimes aggressive emotions, but you, Scorpio, are seriously one of the most genuine signs when it comes to expressing your feels. You feel hard, which is why when emotions such as jealousy rise to the surface, you can't even try to hide it from others. But instead of trying to suppress that green-eyed monster, try to embrace it for what it is: fear of losing out on something, or someone. It's not easy to admit that this emotion is fuelled by fear, but the sooner you realize it, the better you'll be able to control it. And by control it, we mean to continue being honest with your friends and family when you're feeling jealous of them or their actions. This transparency will go a long way!

8 And, Scorpio, Stop Apologizing For Teasing Your Friends


We've already established that as a Scorpio, you can be hella intense with your friends and family. You totally wear your emotions on your sleeve, which becomes super obvious when you're in the company of people you love. Since you feel most comfortable around the people who mean a lot to you, you tend to express your happiness by joking around and teasing them. Some people may not like this teasing nature you have, but to you, it's just something you do when you respect and admire the company you're with. By pairing truths with humour, you feel more connected to your pals. They may not always want to be the butt of your jokes, but your true friends should understand that this is your way of showing the love. Quit feeling bad about your little quirks and embrace your naturally funny side, Scorpio!

7 Sagittarius: Stop Apologizing For Pursuing Your Wanderlust

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Sometimes, a Sagittarius just needs to GTFO. After being cooped up in the house all day, the last thing you want to do is spend dinner with the fam, or legit Netflix and chill. You want to strap on your boots and hit the road to feel the fresh air, see something new, and meet new people. To you, life is an adventure, and every moment spent at home is a moment wasted. Sagittarians are in constant pursuit of excitement, which makes your more low-key friends feel kinda zapped of the energy you're demanding them to spend. It's not your fault that your idea of a good time includes road trips and spending every cent you make on travelling abroad, but it can certainly make those around you feel less important when you choose a weekend camping trip over helping to make party favours for your best friend's wedding. But even so, that adventurous spirit of yours is what is shaping your life story, and when you're old, you'll be able to share these tales with your loved ones, while giving them the time they've always wanted from you.

6 And, Sagittarius, Stop Saying Sorry For Being Unable To Commit


Since you're a person who is always on-the-go, staying put – whether it's in a chair or in a relationship – is a concept that you just couldn't grasp, even if you wanted to. Relationships are easy for you to come by, since people are drawn to your charm, wit, and free-spirited nature that people often crave, and you actually fulfill. However, keeping those relationship can often be problematic if you're not matched with the right sign who understands your fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants lifestyle. A natural commitment-phobe, you can't stand being tied down to a suburban life, or even a life that requires to you to "check in" when you're out and about. You hate feeling like you're somebody's, which can be an issue for those who are starting to date you. Exclusivity may not be your thing now, but you'll settle when you're good and ready...or not at all. That's your prerogative!

5 Capricorn: Stop Saying Sorry For Your Love Of Expensive Things

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Instead of wanting all the things, Capricorn, you're most likely to want the very best things. It's always been quality over quantity for you. So while most of your friends tend to be drawn to those 5 for $25 panty sales, you'd rather spend your $25 on one good pair. This taste for expensive goods may make you look uptight and snobbish to your pals who think that their shopping habits aren't good enough for you, but it's really just a matter of how you value the things around you. You won't spend money on something that's going to fall apart within six months, but you'd happily pay double if it will last you a lifetime. You're not fixated on material goods, but many people think otherwise, since you make a big deal out of every purchase you make, from furniture to winter jackets. And for people who see you wearing designer fashion and hate you for it, don't apologize because your wardrobe will last, and theirs will need a makeover by next spring.

4 And, Capricorn, Stop Apologizing For Apologizing Too Much

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When it comes to good manners, Capricorn has learned all the tricks for being the most poised and respectable version of themselves. Always the people-pleaser, you tend to blend your desire for independence and recognition with a need to be acknowledged for the hard work you do. And when you fail to live up to your end of the bargain – as people often do, because, hey, we're not all as perfect as you try to be, Cap's – you can't help but feel compelled to offer up the most sincerest of apologies, and often in times when there is no need for it. If you'd rather study than join your pals at karaoke, don't apologize. If you'd rather clean your apartment than watch the latest episode of GOT, don't say sorry. And if you bring expensive, craft spirits to the flip-cup tourney, keep those sorry's to yourself and JUST BE YOU, CAPRICORN.

3 Aquarius: Stop Apologizing For Getting Distracted


If someone is in the company of an Aquarius, they'll probably end up getting frustrated by your inability to remain focused on a task or conversation. Often misdiagnosed for having some case of ADHD, Aquarians have an overactive mind that requires constant stimulation. If the task or conversation at hand isn't sparking the part of your brain that keeps you engaged, it won't be long before your mind and attention turn to something else. Even though to don't mean to disengage from others, it's something that you just can't help. Your attention span may be annoying at times, but you also have a crazy ability to fiercely tune into your surroundings when your interests are piqued, making you an excellent listener and contributor to tasks. So if you tend to get distracted during a meeting or would rather keep one eye on the TV while your mom asks you a question, don't worry about it, because when your mind is ON, it's doing great and unbelievable things.

2 Pisces: Stop Saying Sorry For Expressing Your Feelings

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Next to Scorpios, Pisces is the other water sign whose emotions run deep (and out of space to be contained inside of them). While many say that you can be pretty emo at times, you shouldn't be sorry for this vulnerable trait you possess. Expressing our emotions is something that can be a challenge for many people, but you're able to communicate them without fear or having to dig for a shred of emotion. When you fall in love, you fall hard. When you're happy, you're bouncing off the walls. And when you're mad, you're brought to tears by the rage. Since some people can feel pretty intimidated by a person who expresses their emotions, they might tell you to take it down a notch, but you should never bottle yourself up like that, Pisces. You need to share your feels with others like a fish needs to swim, so release the valve on those emotions and let them flow free.

1 And, Pisces, Stop Saying Sorry For Getting Lost In Space

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In addition to feeling all the feels, Pisces can also get hella distracted by big and whimsical dreams. You love to escape into a fantasyland, which is why you're drawn to books of fiction and dramatic TV shows like Grey's Anatomy and Once Upon A Time. When you're not spending your downtime with your favourite fantasy story, you're capable of concocting unimaginable ideas in your head that you believe will come true. Like, being a princess who will some day be rescued from your boring life by a wealthy prince who will gift you with a pet unicorn and a walk-in closet full of flirty dresses. Ahhh, blissful, isn't it? While many haters will say that your dreams are unrealistic, you much prefer to get lost in them than to put up with the routine of everyday life.

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