18 Teenagers Who Probably Regret They Ever Went Viral

In the social media age, going viral seems to be the end goal of every teenager. Unfortunately, that means that kids are competing for attention by doing some very dangerous and silly things. The Tide pod challenge taught us that teens value going viral way too much, but that's just one example of the insanity that happens on social media.

Kids have gone viral for their haircuts and their selfies, so it's no shock that they keep pushing the edge in their attempt for 15 minutes of fame. All too often, though, they get too close and they end up regretting their bad decisions for just a taste of the limelight. Some end badly, and others end tragically.

Here are 15 teenagers who probably regret they ever went viral.

15 The Infamous Ice Cream Licker


Teenagers have been doing stupid challenges that endanger their own lives for a while, but it hit a new low in 2019. One disgusting teen videoed herself licking a quart of ice cream and then putting it back in the freezer section at a grocery store in Texas. She laughed like it was funny, but she probably regrets it now that authorities are threatening charges since she put everyone's health at risk for a viral video.

14 'Honor Walk' He Didn't Want


Earlier this year, an Indiana teen got a "walk of honor" that he didn't want because he tried out an online challenge. The kid's attempt at a dangerous stunt lead to tragedy. He ended up going past the point of no return, and the doctors couldn't revive him after he passed out and couldn't breathe. The only positive side is that Mason Bogard saved five lives through organ donation, but according to Cafemom, his parents would have done anything to just have him back.

13 Smug Kid Got Burned

Kos Media

In Washington D.C., different sides face off all the time, but when a Kentucky teen got caught in a rally, things got uncomfortable. In the middle of a protest, a group of American Indians started playing drums and chanting a traditional song, and the kid just stared down an elderly man. People got upset about the smug look on his face, and he appeared to block the man's path. He says that he was trying to be respectful, but others thought he was taunting the man, according to Daily Kos. It was an unfortunate viral episode that both sides seemed to regret in the end.

12 Concentration Camp Selfie

Business Insider

Selfies are everything for Generation Z, but sometimes teenagers don't think about whether a picture is appropriate before they post. A few years ago, a teen got some heat for posting a photo of herself looking cute and smiling big, but the scene was one of the worst places in world history — Auschwitz. Thousands of people lost their lives in the concentration camp, so her viral selfie struck a nerve, according to Business Insider.

11 Inappropriate Promposal Causes Outrage

Yahoo News

Promposals are a big thing for teenagers, and kids feel the pressure to be unique. But that's no excuse for the horrible way that this Florida teen decided to ask for a date. We're not even sure that he got a yes, but we know that he became a viral sensation for all the wrong reasons. He apologized and said it was a joke, but it was definitely not funny.

10 Teen's Bad Hair Causes Mugshot to Go Viral

Fox News

One teen got one of the worst insults he could imagine when his mug shot went viral — he looks old. People across the country commented about how the 19-year-old looked like he was 40, complete with a comb over, according to Fox News. And that means that his theft charge was all over the Internet. That's a bad hair day if we've ever heard of one.

9 Losing His Life For The Plank Challenge

Really Cool Pics Art

The plank challenge has been entertaining over the years with people posing on tables, signs and parking meters and other silly situations. But people kept taking more and more risks for a dumb social media post, and one teen in Australia ended up falling from his apartment when he planked on his roof, according to the Herald Sun. It's just not worth the viral video.

8 Hot Water Challenge = Burned Teen

The Grio

The things that teens do for attention could make your skin crawl — or worse. Last year's hot water challenge was one of the worst, and one 15-year-old learned the hard way that hot water leads to burns. According to The Grio, the kid's friend thought he would pour the water on him as a joke, but it wasn't funny and the poor teen ended up in the hospital with severe second-degree burns.

7 Teen Talks Back To Teacher

Daily Mail

All teens dream of telling off the teacher, but when one kid had enough, he ended up becoming a viral sensation. The Texas teen said he got upset when he was kicked out of class for asking too many questions. He ranted in class and called the teacher lazy, and that made headlines. The kid said he didn't regret it, according to the Daily Mail, but we bet he sung a different tune when his grades came in.

6 'In My Feelings' Challenge Leaves Girl In The Hospital


Jumping out of a moving car isn't a good idea — even when you see people all over the Internet dancing to Drake. The "In My Feelings" challenge, also known as the Kiki Challenge, sent more than one kid to the hospital. One girl had to be airlifted after one accident, according to The Sun. She ended up OK, but she might have repercussions for the rest of her life for a viral video.

5 Rejecting College Rejection Causes More Headaches


College rejection letters are pretty common. But one teen put a spin on that a few years ago to reject her rejection from Duke University. Siobhan O'Dell's letter went viral, but it didn't get her into Duke. In fact, her entitled attitude garnered her a lot more headaches than she bargained for. Siobhan eventually got into college, but Duke stuck to their guns and told her she just wasn't qualified.

4 Don't Talk To Your Mom Like That


All teens get mouthy with their moms, but one kid miscalculated when he thought that he should record himself telling his mother off. The teen faced a big backlash after a video of him disrespecting his mother went viral. According to Nerd Heist, no one could stand the cringe-worthy way he talked to his mom, and we're sure he regretted posting the video — and he probably got grounded for it too.

3 When Miss Teen Misspoke

Us Magazine

Beauty contestants want to make a splash, but former Miss South Carolina Teen Caitlyn Upton got a lot more than she bargained for in 2007 when her pageant question went viral. The kid flubbed it pretty bad, but she didn't deserve to become a national laughing stock. The poor girl said she had dark times after that, but we hope that her viral video didn't ruin her life.

2 Child Bride's Viral Marriage Ends In Divorce

Hollywood Gossip

Being a child bride made Courtney Stodden famous, but it didn't make her happy. Her marriage to actor Doug Hutchinson when she was 16 and he was 51 went viral really quickly. Courtney said she was happy, but it wasn't long before they were in "Couples Therapy," the reality show, of course. Courtney's now divorced and Doug didn't help her acting career at all.

1 'Leave Britney Alone'


When Brittney Spears had a meltdown, so did her biggest fan. Chris Crocker's "Leave Brittney Alone" rant was enough to get more than 200 million views, but that didn't mean that he gained fans. The poor guy experienced the same cyberbullying that Brittney went through. Chris told New York magazine that he went through an identity crisis and that viral video didn't do him any favors.

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