18 Steamy Photos Of Female Athletes That Make All Men Drool

Although there are sadly a bunch of sexist jerks out there who don't think so, women can do absolutely anything that they want, and that includes following their athletic and sports-related dreams. From soccer to tennis to surfing, every single sport has at least one incredible female athlete who has risen to the top... but chances are, there are a whole bunch. There are so many that we love and look up to and find crazy inspiring.

From Ronda Rousey who got a bronze medal for mixed martial arts at the 2008 Olympics to Serena and Venus Williams who constantly kill it in tennis, there are a lot of famous female athletes who are both beautiful and inspiring. We can't help but wonder about their fitness routines and training schedules... and we're definitely curious to find out what they eat on a regular basis. Maybe they're just as into kale or avocado toast as we are and those healthy foods have contributed to their amazing success. Or maybe they were just totally born with tons of athletic ability.

We rounded up the best photos of the most gorgeous female athletes (but of course they could never look anything other than amazing and motivating). Check out 18 steamy photos of female athletes!

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18 Ronda Rousey: Beauty On The Beach

The mixed martial arts athlete has had an amazing career so far. Besides winning a bronze medal at the 2008 Olympics, she had a really long winning streak in terms of fights, and the UFC ranked her fourth on their list for female bantamweight fighters.

There's another reason to love Ronda Rousey: she's super beautiful, but in a way that makes you realize that she definitely works out and takes care of herself. Just look at how strong and confident and awesome she looks. This might not be the kind of photo that we would expect to see of her since she's wearing a cropped top and walking around at the beach. We love how unexpected it is and think that she looks completely awesome.

17 Eugenie Bouchard: A Day Off

Look at those abs. Those legs. Everything about Eugenie Bouchard is beautiful and inspiring.

The Canadian tennis player is both gorgeous and successful. She's only 23 years old and has an impressive amount of achievements to her name. In 2014, she was the first tennis athlete who was from Canada to get the Grand Slam finals at Wimbledon. She did really well at the French and Australian Opens in 2014 as well, making it to the semifinals. We love this photo of her since she looks beautiful and healthy. While that bathing suit looks like it might be a bit tough to put on, it's super cool and really shows off her figure, so we're giving it a big thumbs up.

16 Serena Williams: Strong And Super Beautiful

We love Serena and her sister, Venus, and think it's amazing that both sisters are such talented professional tennis players. We also love this Sports Illustrated photo of Serena Williams.

How totally and completely good does she look here?! She looks incredible. That's the only right answer. She looks like the strongest person in the world and like she can do absolutely anything and everything that she puts her mind to. We love the big smile on her face since we can tell that she's really healthy and happy and that she enjoys her life. We also love that this one-piece bathing suit shows off her amazing muscles and curves, including the ones in her arms. When Serena was interviewed by SELF magazine in 2016, she shared that she's not into waking up at the crack of dawn to work out, but of course once she's up she's down to exercise.

15 Hilary Knight: The Fit Forward

The American hockey player is strong and fit and gorgeous, and this photo in particular really proves that.

She plays forward for the U.S. women's national ice hockey team. And we think that she's just amazing. Just look at her abs: she's rocking some serious core muscles and that's something that is super impressive. With her wind-swept hair, sports bra, and jacket, she looks like she's having the time of her life, which is honestly the most attractive way to be. Who wants to look at a beautiful woman who's also totally miserable?! We're not impressed by that and we don't think that most guys are, either. Hilary is definitely really cool. We also love her Instagram account where she shares inspiring posts, including Monday Motivation ones.

14 Danica Patrick: Making Hearts Race

Danica Patrick is, quite simply, one of the most beautiful woman ever. Period. We don't think that there's anyone who could disagree with that.

She's a professional racing driver who is slowly transitioning away from that sport so she can focus on other projects. She's one of the fittest people out there, too, and is super committed to keeping up her training. She's said that she loves doing both yoga and Crossfit. And we can definitely tell that all those hours of exercise have paid off big-time when we see photos like this one. Because she's smoking hot. Between her long brown hair that's falling into her face and her amazing abs and her open jacket, everything about this picture is attractive, and we know that guys would definitely find her to be super steamy.

13 Allison Stokke: Awesome Abs

The track and field athlete is also a model for the fitness industry, and it's not hard to see why: she's got an incredible figure. We're in awe of her abs and her core muscles, but we shouldn't be surprised since of course she logs some major hours in the gym. Every athlete has a pretty demanding and rigorous training schedule. That's how they get where they want to go in their chosen sport.

Technically, Allison's sport is pole vaulting, and that's what she's found success in. She's been doing that for a while now and is 28 years old. We think that this photo is not only super hot but also super inspiring. It's so cool to see such muscles on a girl's stomach and arms. That makes us want to get into the gym ASAP.

12 Maria Sharapova: Super Sweet

Maria Sharapova is probably one of the most famous female athletes on this list, and for good reason: the professional tennis player has had an incredible career so far.

She has been ranked number one a whole bunch of times and was given the Grand Slam title, which was a huge deal for two reasons: she was the only person from Russia to get that title, and only one of ten females to get it. So inspiring, right?! In 2013, Maria also got into the candy business with her own brand, SugarpovaShe's had some ups and downs like anyone else and even some scandals (besides getting injured, she admitted to using a drug that was later banned in order to improve her performance). But overall, she's had a career that is pretty sweet (pun totally intended).

11 Sydney Leroux: Beautiful In A Blue Bikini

Okay, first of all, is this not the most amazing photo ever?! Everything about is so pretty and calm and peaceful, from the blue sky to the fluffy clouds to the turquoise water. We honestly just want to jump into that ocean and go for a really long swim. What can we say? It's probably freezing cold where most of us live, so some beach dreaming is definitely a good idea.

Sydney Leroux, the 27-year-old soccer player from B.C., is a forward who has had an amazing career so far. And we have to say that she looks pretty amazing in this photo. Her arms and legs are strong and toned and she's got the incredible abs that we would probably expect from any athlete. This is a really awesome picture of her.

10 Camila Giorgi: Pretty And Powerful In Pink

Camila Giorgi may be wearing pink, but she's definitely more powerful than the pretty and delicate shade might suggest. The professional tennis player was number 30 on the singles list in the summer of 2015.

The 26-year-old is Italian and has been playing professionally for the past decade or so. Strong women are definitely the most good-looking and Camila fits into that category for sure. Although she's wearing leggings and a long-sleeved top, we can tell that she's definitely got a toned figure, and we don't think that there's any guy who wouldn't agree that she's incredibly beautiful. Just look at the focus on her face. This is an athlete who takes her game and career super seriously, and that kind of work ethic and passion is pretty attractive, too.

9 Sally Fitzgibbons: Stunning Surfer

Sally Fitzgibbons is a surfer from Australia and honestly seems like such a cool person. She's also incredibly attractive, as we can see from this photo.

We're big fans of her matching bathing suit and top. How could we not love the bright pink and orange striped pattern and how sunny and cheerful it is? This totally beats a boring one-piece bathing suit anytime. We also love her story, which is super inspiring: Sally is 27 years old now and started off her career at the age of 14. Yup. 14. She competed in the ASP Pro Junior open and did so well that she got the first place prize... and she was only 14 at the time. Her career has only gone up from there and she competed on the Association of Surfer Professionals world tour from 2009 until 2013. We love a good story of someone who knew what they wanted and went out and got it.

8 Paige VanZant: Fighting To Win

Paige VanZant is a mixed martial artist who is 23 years old and absolutely awesome. She's also been on some reality shows, so if she looks familiar to any of us, maybe that's because we saw her on Chopped or Dancing with the Stars. Yup, she can cook, dance, and fight. What can't she do?! Probably nothing. We get the feeling that she's a pretty cool girl.

This photo shows off Paige's amazing figure and we couldn't love it more. She looks both beautiful and adorable. We love her cropped sweatshirt and the super big smile on her face. She's clearly showing off the huge muscles in her arms, and we totally support that. She has some amazing muscles and should flex them anywhere, anytime that she wants to. Why not?!

7 Alex Morgan: Sophisticated Soccer Player

This Sports Illustrated photo of Alex Morgan shows off her incredible beauty, and we love her strong her shoulders look in this bright blue bikini.

It's really no wonder that she has such enviable shoulders. She's an amazing professional soccer player whose career has seen pretty massive highs over the years. Thanks to her contribution, her team got first place in the FIFA Women's World Cup in 2015, and she won a gold in the 2012 Olympics. When she joined the women's national soccer team in the U.S. in 2009, she was the youngest person to do so. We can just tell that this is yet another inspiring female athlete who follows her dreams and goals and stops at nothing. We couldn't love that more.

6 Winifer Fernandez: Young And Powerful

Winifer may only be 22 years old but the professional volleyball player has totally taken that game by storm. In the summer of 2016, some videos of her went totally viral, and soon everyone was talking about the amazing young athlete who was so talented. Some photos went viral that also weren't even real, which is a real shame.

Winifer is known as being very good at the sport since she's super quick, and we also have to say that she looks really awesome. This is a great photo of her since it really shows her in her element: playing the sport that she loves so much. She looks super determined to win and succeed in this photo, and we bet that's the attitude that she has all the time.

5 Alana Blanchard: Surfing Star

Alana Blanchard is a professional surfer who is 27 years old. She's also a swimwear model, which doesn't come as a surprise since, well, just look at how hot she looks in this bikini. We definitely think that she could put on literally any bikini or one-piece and she would look incredibly stunning.

This photo is amazing since it's got a perfect peaceful background and the subject is pretty great, too, of course. Alana's body looks tanned and toned and like total perfection. We love the cut of the bikini top which shows off her awesome back muscles. We also love her long hair. We bet that she's one of those people who wakes up looking amazing. It just doesn't seem like the opposite would be true, right?!

4 Paige Spiranac: Gorgeous Golfer

Paige is a professional golfer who is also a true beauty. Her Instagram account is packed with photos of the gorgeous female athlete and she also posts a lot of workout inspiration on her Snapchat account, so if we need some motivation to get fit, she's our girl.

Paige is best known for wearing outfits when golfing that show off her body. She's also pretty famous for another reason: for not agreeing with the LPGA's 2017 decision to have a dress code for the women competing. Paige started speaking out against this since she really didn't think that it was a good idea. That does seem super sexist, especially since female athletes have beautiful strong and fit bodies and there's nothing wrong with showing them off.

3 Blair O’Neal: A Model Athlete

If we haven't heard of Blair O'Neal, that might be because her sport is one that we might not follow all that closely: she's a professional golfer. How awesome is that?! Golf isn't a sport that we associate with girls since we tend to think that our dads or grandmas are big golfers. But of course girls can play any sport that they want and that includes the game of golf.

She got her start super early and was playing professionally for the American Junior Golf Association when she was 13 years old. That's even more awesome. She played golf after college but it seems like she got hurt and had to put her athletic days behind her, so she became a successful model instead. She looks so great in this photo and we love her sweet smile and skinny jeans and pink top.

2 Hope Solo: #Goals

The professional soccer player holds the position of goalkeeper and has won acclaim and accolades for that. From 2000 until the summer of 2016, she held that position for the women's national soccer team in the U.S. She also wrote a memoir that came out in 2012 called Solo: A Memoir of Hope which is the best title ever.

We think that everything about her is so beautiful, from her lovely name to her strong muscles to the braid that she's rocking in this photo. This is an absolutely perfect photo of a professional soccer player since she's literally in her element: looking strong and fit and cool on the field. The piercing look in her eyes tell us that she's determined to follow her dreams and that she's going to get what she wants. She's literally #goals for sure.

1 Nikki Bella: Wonder Woman

Nikki Bella is a professional wrestler, and she's also an actress and model, which makes sense since she's so beautiful. Her real name is Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace but she goes by Nikki Bella.

She won the WWE Divas Championship twice, which is definitely super impressive and amazing, and has been working as a professional wrestler since 2007. This is a really hot photo of her since it shows off her toned body. We're kind of mesmerized by her legs. They're so toned, we don't even know what to say. In April 2016, Nikki said that she wasn't going to be wrestling for a bit, so it seems like she's been focusing on other projects. We just know that she'll find success no matter what she does, just like the other amazing, strong, inspiring, and gorgeous women on this list.

Sources: Self.com

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