18 Rich Celebs Who Don't Look It

The money, the cars, the parties, and the bling... we all know celebrities have way too much money that they literally don't even know what to do with. They get one audition and then two. They have one smash hit on the radio. They get a minor role and then their first major role. Before they know it, they are rolling in money that they never thought was imaginable. They buy overly expensive cars, houses that are too big for their family, vacations to secluded islands and beaches, and wardrobes that are too fancy for everyday errands.

Unfortunately, some of these celebrities don't actually have wardrobes that are that nice. Yes, they can be glammed up for the red carpet during award shows and for their movie premieres, but there are some celebrities that look absolutely terrible even though they have so much money and could probably look put-together 24/7.

Below we outline eighteen celebrities that seemingly have all the money in the world yet have no shame in looking like they rolled out of bed and have no decent clothes to actually wear. Some are actors, some are actresses, some are musicians and some are just plain celebrities that made their money seemingly from magic. Enjoy readers!

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18 Kesha: Boring Babe

Kesha is another celebrity that has a lot of money from her talent, yet doesn't wear anything that resembles this. She is famous for her beautiful pipes, recording hit songs like Die Young, Take It Off, Timber, Tik Tok, and We R Who We R. She is most widely known, especially most recently, for being in the tabloids and on front pages of news magazines for accusing Dr. Luke, a music producer, of assault. Many celebrities showed their support of her, especially those in the music industry. Regardless of the drama currently surrounding her life and her undeniable talent she has shown over the last several years, Kesha just doesn't dress well on her days off. She seems to look sloppy, wearing weird makeup with mismatched clothes.

17 Shia LeBoeuf: Did You Spend All Your Money On Transformers?

Shia LaBeouf is known for his role as Sam Witwicky in the hit movie Transformers. He had other, smaller roles like his Disney channel movie Holes, but this one in 2007 really put his name on the map. Then, in 2013, LaBeouf started acting incredibly weird, as many child stars do (we see you, Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan). He began to get arrested for DUIs and other variously weird things, including the disruption of a Broadway musical in 2014 (but why?). It became known that he was seeking treatment for alcoholism. But, ever since his downward spiral, Shia has been dressing like someone that doesn't have money from their childhood endeavors. He looks homeless usually, often wearing dirty sweatpants, work boots, and sweatshirts.

16 Sarah Jessica Parker: Not Carrie Bradshaw's Urge To Spend

Sarah Jessica Parker, known as SJP for short, is one of Hollywood's most fashionable celebrities. On red carpets and at movie premieres, Parker is incredibly fashion forward, making fashion statements and still looking stunning while doing it at her ripe age of 52! She is known for several roles in movies like Failure to Launch, Smart People, and The Family Stone. However, she is best known for her fashionista role in Sex and The City as Carrie Bradshaw. Despite this amazing role as a New York City writer revealing her love life to the world who can't stop buying shoes worth $500+, SJP doesn't wear that fashion hat when she is home in NYC running errands or taking a break from her acting career. She often looks disheveled, frumpy, and well, poor! What a big difference from Carrie.

15 Kanye West: Homeless On A Budget?

Is it just me or do we always see Kanye West in camo? Now that I think of it, I feel as if he is always wearing combat boots and sweatshirts. Call it his own unique style, but West really doesn't look like the multi-million dollar singer and producer that he actually is. He burst onto the music scene in the mid 2000s with hits like Stronger, Gold Digger, and All of the Lights.Then, in 2012, West began dating Kim Kardashian, and the world's coolest and most-watched couple was born. They welcomed their first child in 2013 and got married in 2014. Most recently, they just welcomed their third child via surrogate. Regardless of West's whirlwind and famous lifestyle, he virtually never wears clothes that reflect his bank account.

14 Katie Holmes: Holmes Or Homely?

Katie Holmes is famous for many things: her dating life, her acting career, and that beautiful daughter she had with Tom Cruise that one time. (Note that I didn't say her fashion choices, but more on that later.) As far as her acting career, Holmes has taken roles in movies like Batman Begins, The Giver, and First Daughter, but is most known for her role as Joey in Dawson's Creek in her early career. For her dating life, Holmes has been linked to Joshua Jackson, Tom Cruise, and Jamie Foxx. However, her fashion choices are anything but news-worthy. On or off the red carpet, she chooses boring dresses, weird jean shorts, and awkward sandals. Regardless of her amazing talent, Holmes isn't one to look rich no matter where she is going.

13 Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi: Before Her Jersey Shore Days...

Nicole Polizzi, best known as fun-loving, crazy, and drunken 'Snooki' thanks to her infamous Jersey Shore days, is another celebrity that just can't get it together and always looks poor and disheveled, despite her big bank account. Snooki is from Marlboro, New York, a small town about an hour and a half north of New York City. She burst onto Hollywood's scene in 2009 when a show called Jersey Shore took the world by storm on MTV. It only lasted for three years, but certainly left its' mark on all of its' cast and the world. Snooki, even though she is just a regular person outside of her Jersey Shore star status, still doesn't look like a celebrity on her days off, often looking disheveled and not put-together.

12 Anne Hathaway: Plain Jane

Anne Hathaway is actually a very famous and well-renowned actress with lots of talent and movie titles under her belt. She is known for her role as Andi in the fashion-centered movie, The Devil Wears Prada. She has also been in popular movies like Les Miserables, Alice in Wonderland, and Get Smart (alongside Steve Carrell and Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson). The world can't wait to watch her in the reboot of Ocean's Eight this summer, either. However, despite her talent and an incredible range of acting from drama to comedy to action, her fashion choices are anything but talented or full of range. Paparazzi often get shots of her running errands where she lives in L.A. and she rarely seems as put-together that she usually does. She looks as though she isn't an award-winning actress, with cheap jeans or sweaters on with little or no makeup. With all the money she makes from her movies, you'd think she'd be able to look a little better on her days off.

11 Khloe Kardashian: Boring In Black

Khloe Kardashian has been famous for what seems like forever. When in reality it has only been about ten years. In 2007, a show called Keeping Up With the Kardashians took the world by storm in a shocking and surprising way (maybe you've heard of it). The entire Kardashian-Jenner clan was suddenly front page news all day, every day. They have each taken their own paths and dove into their own endeavors. Khloe, the third oldest sister of the family, loves her workout time. While that is okay, rarely does she look like she is one of six of the most famous siblings on the planet. She often is wearing no makeup, cheap leggings, and boring shirts, never really highlighting her beautiful hair or nice features that she worked so hard to get years ago.

10 Jaden Smith: Prefers To Look Poor?

Jaden Smith has had an interesting upbringing. Both of his parents are famous actors. His father, Will Smith, is known for many movies like Men In Black and Hitch, but he was made famous with the show Fresh Prince of Bel Air in the early 90s. Jaden's mother, Jada Pinkett Smith, is a quieter actor known for small roles in movies like Bad Moms and The Matrix movies. The two had Jaden in 1998, making him just a mere 19 years old this year, yet he has already made a name for himself in movies and in music. But it is known that he doesn't have a lot of clothes-- or expensive ones. He believes the idea that "less is more", says his father, and that he "refuses to be a slave" to money. So I guess that's why he looks the way that he does, because he chooses to spend his money on other things besides decent clothes.

9 Miley Cyrus: Hippie Hoax

Miley Cyrus is the epitome of "having a lot of money but not looking like it"-- AT ALL. There was a generation that grew up absolutely loving Cyrus in her Disney channel show, Hannah Montana. She was young but always looked put-together, probably due to her parents and/or stylists. Then, when she began the next decade into her 20s, Cyrus appeared to be spiraling out of control right in front of our very eyes. She cut her hair off, started doing illegal substances, and posted crazy and controversial pictures and captions on Twitter and Instagram. She has calmed down since she decided to go off the deep end, but still boasts a "hippie" lifestyle. In reality, she has a lot of money, but dresses like she doesn't due to this lifestyle.

8 Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett: Playboy Bunny Money

Kendra is famous for many things but burst onto the Hollywood scene as one of many of Hugh Hefner's girlfriends. They even had their own show on E! channel, The Girls Next Door, where their daily lives living in the Playboy mansion were chronicled. When this show ended in 2009, Kendra was a household name. She went on to have her own show, Kendra, which showed her planning her wedding to football player Hank Baskett. Another spinoff called Kendra on Top often chronicled her daily life with her husband and kids. She has also has several roles in various movies starring as herself, usually. Regardless, Kendra isn't one to dress nicely off the screen. She often looks very frumpy and dirty, not looking like the celebrity that she is, but more like someone that is poor.

7 Zendaya: Disney Darling Goes Plain

Zendaya is a beautiful, talented, and unique woman who is known for her start on the Disney channel on Shake It Up with Bella Thorne. She has a beautiful singing voice and made a name for herself before she had even turned 18 with popular songs from that Disney channel show. She even appeared in music videos for Taylor Swift and Beyoncé! She definitely has famous friends, too. This past year, she took a stab at the big screen with Spider-Man: Homecoming and The Greatest Showman, while still continuing with her Disney channel career. She has made popular fashion statements on Disney and on red carpets, but day to day, Zendaya's fashion falls flat, often not matching her spunky personality due to boring choices and a plain Jane style.

6 Robert Pattinson: Twilight Hunk Is Low-Key

Robert Pattinson has never been one to act or talk or look like a celebrity. He is one of the most private, low-key actors out there these days! He had a small role in the Harry Potter movies before landing lead roles in the heart wrenching and memorable movie Remember Me and the worldwide phenomenon Twilight series. He is also known for his relationships with actress Kristen Stewart and musician FKA Twigs, who he most recently broke up with this past year. Regardless of his popularity and talent, Pattinson's low-key style can also easily make him look poor instead of rich like we all know he is! Often looking disheveled and boring, Pattinson is one of those celebrities that just don't have it together in the fashion department.

5 Kristen Stewart: Looks Like A Cheap Vampire

Speaking of Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, his infamous ex-girlfriend that cheated on him with her director, is also a celebrity that literally never dresses to reflect her bank account. She had small roles in her early teenage years like Panic Room, Cold Creek Manor, and The Messengers. But in 2008 she landed the role of her career when she played Bella Swan in the Twilight series movies. This series jumpstarted her career, making her a household name overnight. She can even sing! However, despite her unique talent, Stewart never looks like the famous celebrity we all know. She often wears beat-up sneakers, worn-out jeans, and band t-shirts that look dirty. Even her hair sometimes looks ratty and unbrushed. Maybe she should use that Twilight money to buy some more clothes!

4 Bradley Cooper: The Hangover, All The Parts

Bradley Cooper is an actor that we all know and love! He has countless roles in countless movies that are all popular. From movies like He's Just Not That Into You to Silver Linings Playbook to American Sniper to American Hustle and to those crazy infamous Hangover movies! He is a household name, maybe the most popular on this list. Despite his amazing range of talent to do drama and action and comedy and romance, Cooper doesn't always look like the Hollywood heartthrob we all know and love. When taking breaks from acting with his famous friends or running errands around L.A., Cooper sometimes looks poor, not like the celebrity we know. He wears ripped sneakers and pants, sometimes sweatpants, and baggy shirts that don't properly highlight his fit body!

3 Madonna: Like A (Money) Virgin

Madonna, the infamous 80s star we all love to hate and hate to love, is another one of our celebrities that has lots of money in the bank but doesn't want to show it at all. She was the perfect little celebrity back then at the height of her career. She released timeless songs like: Like A Virgin, Into The Groove, Like A Prayer, and Vogue. In the early 2000s, she even revamped her career with a hit song with Britney Spears called Me Against the Music. Most recently, however, she has kept a low-key profile-- and by low-key we mean dressing and acting like a disheveled mess. She looks frail and unhealthy. She wears cheap t-shirts and sweatshirts with ripped sneakers and sweatpants that do not even fit her properly. How the mighty do fall...

2 Lindsay Lohan: Parent (And Bank Account) Trap

Lindsay Lohan, one of our favorite childhood starlets and angels, has fallen just as hard and fast as so many others. She is most famous for her roles in Parent Trap, Freaky Friday, and Mean Girls, before her downward spiral into drunken Hollywood nights, arrests, DUIs, and various stints at rehab facilities. She used to be our favorite starlet before her fall from grace, but now she cannot seem to get it together. She has had a bad dating life, often documenting it for the world to see on Instagram. Plus, despite her celebrity status and all that money she made from the Parent Trap and Mean Girls, Lohan doesn't look like the celebrity starlet we once loved. She never looks put-together in a nice outfit, but rather looks like she rushed out of the house, often with her makeup looking incomplete too.

1 Eminem: Still Living Low-Key

We have all seen 8 Mile, right? Well, if not, here is a little backstory for our famous rapper Eminem.  He was living in Detroit with his mother who loved dating people that beat her and people that gave her illegal substances. He was poor, living in a trailer and going out for late nights to battle people musically. He constantly got put down for his music and his rap because he was white. Then, he was discovered by Dr. Dre and the rest is history, as they say. He has had two decades worth of popular singles and has even won Grammys! Despite all that money in the bank from his rapping talent, however, Eminem still dresses as if he is living in that trailer park. He wears baggy pants, sneakers, and sweatshirts, despite all he could afford.

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