18 Psychological Ways He'll Subtly Mess With Your Head

Men give us the feels. They cause our stomachs to suddenly fill with thousands of fluttering butterflies and sometimes they make us believe we’re so special that we would even pause our daily activities just to spend a little time with them. As women, we make sacrifices to keep that particular guy happy—but have you ever thought to yourself that maybe that guy is just doing certain things to get what he wants? Have you ever thought you may be trapped inside of some sort of mischievous mind game?

Every man likes to get inside of a woman’s head. Whether it be just for giggles, or if he is trying to do something that is serious. Keep your eyes , ladies! Guys will test you, but you can see the signs if you pay attention. It is all about the little things they do. Tiny things he’ll say, react to, or do could be him trying to dig his way into your brain. Whatever you do, do not let these little tactics bother you so much that your emotions start to warp and turn you into an angry human being. So, a gift to you—from us—is listed below. Here we have “18 Psychological Ways He’ll Subtly Mess With Your Head” listed for you so you can keep on the lookout.

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18 He Refuses to Make It “Official”

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Have you ever been with a guy who will refuse to make you two out to be an item? You two could have been in a relationship for a long while and he would still deny any labels that could have been placed onto the relationship. He knows you want something serious, and he is pretty sure you’re dying for him to pop some kind of romantic question.

By refusing to make the relationship official, he thinks it will make you want him even more and will keep you craving him. It makes himself feel wanted because you’ll keep fighting for him in any way you can—hoping you’ll get to call him your “BF” sometime soon. It’s either that or he just does not want you to be too upset once you catch him with one of his other “unofficial” girlfriends.

These things can cause us to doubt ourselves as a partner and it really messes with our self-esteem. Don’t let it get to you because if you’ve fought for him, you’re obviously worth it.

17 He Becomes a Jerk While In A Group

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Your guy is perfect. He places you on a pedestal and treats you like a queen, but it seems like he’s a different person once you’re around a group of people—most likely his friends. It’s like he starts to ignore the angel on his left shoulder and is tempted to use the words from the devil on his other. He becomes an insulting a**hole and pokes fun at you to give his friends a few laughs. Some guys do this so they can feel “superior,” because males are supposed to be dominant…right?

Maybe he does it because he’s a little insecure and he wants respect from his cantankerous friends. Either way, it’s not right for him to make you feel lesser than you are. If this concerns you, speak to him about his actions and give him time to think about how he’s making you feel. If he’s willing to change, then maybe he is worth it!

16 He Tries To Make You Feel Guilty For Him

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This is a very popular mind game that guys like to play on their partners. Women use this mind game a lot, too, but we’re here to talk about the men! Whenever they want something—oftentimes that something is sexual—guys will give you sob story or explain to you how they feel they are not good enough for you, for a job, etc.

They do this because they know you are going to want to console them and reverse that feeling. They will cry fake tears. They will sigh when there is no need to sigh, and they do all of this just so they can get a little pleasure.

It is manipulative and you should really keep your eyes open for this trick. Comfort him when he needs it—because that’s what a good woman does—but make sure the situation is real.

15 He Starts To Give You Random Compliments

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We spoke of guys insulting you, but would you ever think that constant complimenting would be a bad thing as well? This goes back to the idea of him trying to get something he wants. If he makes you feel twitter-pated and he keeps you smiling, you are more likely to give something up.

Admit it—when we feel like we could be possibly falling for someone—we let our guards down. Once that guard is down, we become vulnerable. Compliments are great, but do not let his nice guy “swag” fool you. Always keep your guard up and do not give anything up unless you know what you’re both feeling is real. You don’t want to regret anything and feel like a fool.

14 He Makes It Obvious That He’s Checking You Out

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You can see this move a lot in the movies. This may be a comedic reference, but have you ever seen the film White Chicks? Do you remember the scene where Terry Crews’ character (Latrell Spencer) was eyeballing Tiffany?

That look and demeanor is what we are talking about. He’ll check you out in a way that he knows you will notice—because once you notice—you will either react in a way that shows interest or rejection.

If you show interest, he will mosey his way towards you and he’ll try to come off as this hopeless romantic. In some situations, he may be a legitimate hopeless romantic, but in most cases, he’s probably just trying to coerce your brain into letting him get some.

13 He Carelessly Talks About Sexual Things

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Imagine you are talking to this guy and he suddenly starts spurting out sexual comments and making pervy jokes. He does it softly, but it is still obvious that he is doing it. Would you not think that it’s a little weird that he keeps making these comments? Is he saying these things because he’s into you or does he just see you as one of the guys? It’s super confusing.

Well, if he were to say these things so casually, it kind of normalizes the situation. By normalizing the idea of sexual behaviors and circumstances, it makes sex seem less precious and more “givable.” So, if he were to be into you, it could make things easier for him. Like we have said before, make sure you know what you have is real before you end up giving something away and embarrassing yourself. We know you don’t want that to happen and we don’t want that to happen to you either.

12 He Tries To Turn Things Around

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We all get in arguments with our significant others and we all do things that aren’t necessarily considered to be the right thing to do. We all understand that nobody is perfect, but when you take a situation that you know you caused—or had no business doing in the first place—and twist it to make it seem like someone else’s fault, then you should feel some sort of guilt.

Another subtle psychological way that a guy could mess with your mind is very similar to the guilt-tripping we spoke of earlier—but he’ll make it seem like you caused certain situations to happen—and in return, you feel responsible. This can cause us to feel like what we feel doesn’t matter either.

11 He Will Make You Chase Or Beg Him For A Response

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This technique is sort of similar to the quiet game—but not really. You can be in your most emotional/vulnerable state and all you want to do is talk. You always do that comforting and now you need someone to understand what is going on with you so you can get the care you need as well.

By not responding to you, it makes you feel like you are unworthy of being listened to and that your opinions do not matter. By feeling this way, you feel lesser than him and it keeps him in the “top spot.” Men like to be in control. Your emotions are extremely important and you deserve someone who will take the time to be attentive to how you feel.

10 He Will Interrupt What You Are Saying

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Have you ever been having a conversation and then you get cut off mid-sentence? If you have, then you know it is one of the most irritating things that a human being could do. By interrupting you, he is saying that what you have to say isn’t important. He is trying to show that he is smarter than you—and again—this helps him keep that control he craves.

Once you feel stupid, you are completely defenseless and you’ll tend to do what you are told—even if it is something you don’t want to do. You are not a stupid person, so do not let anyone undermine what you say or believe. No one deserves to be talked down to or made out to be unintelligent.

9 He Will Act Like You Are Being Overemotional

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Men love to play the, “You’re just PMSing” card. It is insulting and it is something that is extremely disrespectful to say. Everyone experiences emotions and every single emotion you have ever felt surge through your body is valid. There is no such thing as being “overemotional.”

You can be overly dramatic and cause a huge fuss, but that is a different story. Emotions deserve to be discussed, because we never feel anything for no reason. If we are upset, it is because something caused us to become upset and the situation should be mended. He just isn’t wanting to take responsibility for you feeling somber. This can cause you to question how you feel, which should never be the case.

8 He Will Try To Seem Mysterious Or Keep You Wondering

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Things that we do not understand tend to generate curiosity—and if a man tries to act all mysterious—he believes it will make us want to know more about him. He’ll keep his personal agenda quiet and he might even come off as the silent type—which we all know can be alluring. He knows that acting this way gets you excited and anxious.

This keeps us head over heels and it can sometimes cause us to do things we shouldn’t just to find out more about the guy we’re “spying” on. It is not necessarily a bad thing to come off as mysterious, but we all know that it is hard to resist someone who is that way. Remember Edward from Twilight? Yeah…that type.

7 He Ignores You Only To Get What He Wants

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He will do things like texting you and not calling you, and not responding to questions. As women, we love conversation and communication. It is very important to us to be able to speak to and trust the person we are seeing. He is mindful of what he is doing and he is testing you. He wants to know what all you can withstand, and he’ll oftentimes respond to you once you give him something.

This will totally stress you out, but don’t let this situation cause you any hysteria because it’s easily solvable. Just take some time to calm down and don’t allow yourself to give him a reaction. The reaction is what he wants. Play his own game to win the game.

6 He Will Try To Make You Feel You Are Lucky To Be With Him

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If a guy tries to make himself seem so grand that you end up feeling lucky, you might need to question the situation. Your guy may be remarkable, but there is most likely someone else out there who is just like him.

Some guys tend to do this to keep a girl. If they know they have done something inappropriate—or are doubtful of your commitment—they will try to make you see them as some sort of God so you would never speculate about leaving them.

Do not allow yourself to be trapped. No man is a God. If you are being treated in a way that is not how you want to be treated, then make an escape plan and get out while you can.

5 He Fishes For Compliments

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This coincides with the idea of him trying to get you to see him as an Adonis. The more you say admirable comments, the more you are going to believe every word he has fished for.

He will get you to compliment him without saying anything about your beautiful eyes, stunning hair, or great cooking in return—and that is obviously not fair. Oftentimes, he could even act very smug afterwards, which is probably the most frustrating part of this psychological manner.

You deserve to be credited and applauded for your honorable features, as well so make sure you get as many compliments as he does. If he’s an Adonis, you’re Aphrodite. Feeling beneath someone else isn’t a good quality in a relationship.

4 He Will Gain Your Trust, So He Can Make An IOU

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He will do things for you. Small things—big things—it doesn’t matter. Just pay attention. He may open your car door for you, pull your chair out from under the dining table at a restaurant, or even tell you perplexing plights from his obscure past so you’ll be hopeful and develop a trust for him.

We aren’t saying that men are all untrustworthy scoundrels with a plan—we just know that some of them use having your trust as a tactic to get something in return, whether it be presents, cash, or sex.

Occasionally, some people will even disappear without a trace after they get whatever it is they were going after. Do not hand anything out without being 100 percent positive that you will get paid back. Judge Judy said to always have some sort of contract—maybe that could be an option for you.

3 He Comes Off As Emotionless

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Tons of guys hide their emotions. They want to be tough, and muscle men never ever show emotion because feelings are for the weak. Now we all know that is faulty information. It’s Fake News! Everyone has emotions and if someone is hiding theirs, it is for a reason. Don’t let a man make you think he’s unbreakable. He feels, too.

Don’t go trying to break him or anything like that; try to get his emotions out of him because it is bad for both of you if emotions are being hidden behind closet doors. He could be acting emotionless so he comes off as mysterious as well. We already went over mysterious men, but if he’s hiding emotions, he could just be waiting for you to go digging for them.

2 He Flirts With Other Girls And Acts Like It Is Normal

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When other ladies are around, he turns into some kind of flirtatious beast. His excuse is always, “I’m a guy! I’m just fooling around!” Now if you two are obviously not in a serious thing and you both understand that—then it’s okay—but if you consider yourselves to be an item, then it is extremely rude.

It starts with flirting. Then it goes to him talking to another woman. After that, he’s asking for “an experience involving three people.” Finally, he’s cheating. There is no telling what could come from him flirting with other girls. It is evidently upsetting you, and he could possibly be leading on the person who he has been flirting with into thinking that they have a future together. Flirting can be fun, but it can also be dangerous.

1 He Will Compare You To His Mother

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You know how people say guys always want to find a chick just like their mother? For a few men, this is true. Some women think it can be a little creepy. No one wants to be compared to somebody else, though. If he compares you to his mother or even makes an example of a contrast, it could trigger you to want to change.

Do not change anything about yourself unless you know for a fact that it is for the better. There is no reason to become someone you are not— especially if it is only for a guy. Have integrity and love who you are as a person, and make the people you love fall in love with you as well.

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