15Awkward Shots Of The Bachelor’s Body

The bachelors all usually have amazing bodies. In fact, all of the contestants on the show also have amazing bodies. It’s like an amazing body convention that we’re watching on television.

The thing about the bachelor’s body is that the camera also pans on it for an extreme

awkward amount of time. We’re destined to see Nick take his shirt off (most likely to cliff dive during a low-key date) and the camera will focus on his ripped body. Yeah, Nick’s body is ripped, but why are we pausing there for this long? Keep the camera moving, buddy.

You’re also guaranteed a few shots of Nick getting ready. He’ll be wearing a towel and some voiceover will be talking about how badly he wants to fall in love. We’ll probably see him in a towel again before the finale rose ceremony, only this time the voiceover will be about how torn he is. Whatever the case, Nick better be doing his crunches because his abs are about to be on ABC primetime for a weird amount of time.

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