18 Pics To Remind You Of What Kim Used To Look Like

Yes, there were some truly awful outfits. Yes, there was spray tans went way too far.

In the ten years since Keeping Up with the Kardashians premiered, all the members of the family have changed the way they look a teeny bit. Okay, they've all changed the way they look a lot. Like, they're all pretty much new people.

Noticeably, Kendall and Kylie have literally grown from young girls into beautiful women before our eyes. This year, Kendall was the highest paid model in the world and Kylie continued running one of the successful beauty companies in recent history. So yes, the two girls who used to complain about chores are now #girlbosses. Khloe’s changes are in the form of much blonder hair and a much more toned bod. Girlfriend loves to work out, just in case you haven’t heard. However, one could easily argue that the family member who has changed the most has been ol’ Kim Kardashian.

When KUWTK launched, Kim was the face of the franchise and the family. Because of this, she was the most photographed member of the family, which has left us with so much evidence of the embarrassing ways Kim used to look. Yes, there were some truly awful outfits. Yes, there was spray tans went way too far. Oh, and did I mention the awful outfits? Seriously, they will make you feel so much better about the things you’ve worn before.

In 2017, Kim is a fashion and beauty icon with the ability to literally launch a new trend simply by wearing something. But ten years ago, that was not the case. So, let’s take a walk down memory lane and remember these 18 looks from Kim Kardashian.

18 She's Worn Some Very, Very Special Belts


This picture is really, really special. To be honest, the color scheme is something Kim may still be willing to wear today, as she does usually sticks to neutrals. However, it’s very unlikely Kim would ever put these elements on her body again.

The cut of the tunic – the neckline, the sleeves, and the length – aren’t something one could picture 2017 Kim wearing. Oh, and she would especially stay away that huge brown belt cutting the dress in the least flattering way ever. Topping off the look are those awful boots.

In 2007, this was something that should have been worn to a frat part, not on the red carpet.


Attack of the belt, part 2! While Kim’s hair and makeup are much less embarrassing in this photo, the button-down dress isn’t doing her figure any favors. To draw more attention to her curves, Kim cinched the dress with a black leather belt that really just looks like a piece of fabric she tied to herself.

Bu hey, at least Kimmy knows how to rock a belt these days.

17 Well, Those Are Some Interesting Tights


Kim still loves herself an all-white outfit, but definitely not like this. In fact, this may be one of Kim's worst outfits of all time. No offense, Kimmy.

The formfitting nature of the dress works for Kim’s curvy physique, but the sleeves and the neckline are a big no. Also, someone maybe should have told Kim that you can totally see her bra through that dress. On top of that, Kim accessorized this look with maybe the worst tights of all time. They are probably supposed to be nude, right? Well, whatever color they are, they photograph horribly. And Kim’s boots cutting her at the knee shorten her legs.

Overall, everything that could have possibly went wrong with this outfit, did.


16 She's Never Met An Accessory She Didn't Just Love


Us ladies like our accessories and jewelry, right? Give us the shoes, the purses, the necklaces, the earrings. Just, um, don’t wear all of that at once.

In this photo, Kim is doing way too much. She's pretty much wearing the largest chain known to mankind along with the largest hoops known to mankind. Pro tip: When wearing a statement piece of this size, only do one. Don’t do the big earring and the big necklace. It’s way too much.

On top of that, the tunic with the leggings with the ponytail again make this look much more appropriate for a frat party rather than a red carpet. Oh, and the one-toed gold pumps? No, Kim. Just no.


Again with the accessories, Kim! This is on a smaller scale than the previous photo, but Kim still really didn’t need to do it up with accessories when her shirt already had a very loud pattern and big sleeves. Like, a shirt that loud doesn't need a necklace and vest and belt. It’s too much for a shirt that’s already loud on its own.

15 Bronzer à la MAX


Kim used to go hard on the spray tan. In fact, she was even taped getting a spray tan several times during the course of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Girlfriend loves herself a good ol' spray tan. While a spray tan can sometimes leave you with a sun-kissed glow, Kim’s spray tans were the kind that you weren’t supposed to get. Like, Kim opted for the Oompa Loompa look and that ain't good. Of course, this was mistake made by many celebrities back in the ‘00s, as glowy skin was in and there really is such a fine line.

Unfortunately for Kim though, it seems her spray tan literally matches her orange dress in this photo, which really draws attention to the mistake. While she may still be getting sprayed today, Kim had found an natural medium rather than this unnatural look.


14 Oh Wow, The Paris Hilton Years


Most of the photos found of Kim Kardashian circa the Paris Hilton years are awful. This is, of course, because Kim indulged in some of the worst trends of the time. But it’s also due to the fact that Kim didn’t have the expendable income she has now. At the time, Kim worked as stylist and assistant to Paris. And so, Kim couldn’t afford all the Balenciaga her heart desire, as she does today. Case in point: The above outfit that I’m pretty sure she bought from Charlotte Russe. I mean, that's definitely not designer.


The poorly done smoky eye and the lip-gloss? Girlfriend was not a makeup icon back in the day. Sure, we may now all lust over Kim’s perfectly contoured face, but no one wants this sloppy look.

While the red strapless dress Kim is rocking in this photo does flatter her figure, it’s basic AF. In fact, this whole look is something a 21-year-old would wear out for her first night at a bar.


13 Girlfriend Used To Live For A Logo


In this last photo from the Paris Hilton era, we have Kim making one of the biggest fashion mistakes. Many times, women mistake wearing obviously expensive items for having style. However, just because it cost a lot of money doesn’t mean it’s fashionable.

In this case, Kim is rocking not only a Louis Vuitton monogrammed handbag, but she’s also rocking a Louis Vuitton monogrammed swimsuit. It's so over the top. The ensemble may cost a lot of money, but Kim looks like a tragic walking ad for Louis Vuitton.

Oh, and flip-flops? No-no, honey.


Ah, and again with logos! This time Kim is rocking Moschino across her waist. Listen, a logo here and there isn’t that bad. However, decking yourself out in logos is the sign of an amateur. It’s the sign of someone who just started buying nice clothing and doesn’t understand how to do it properly.

This outfit also suffers from Kim’s love of accessories (those bracelets, though?) and open-toed pumps.

12 When She Used To Shop At Wet Seal



How did anyone ever let Kim dress this for a red carpet event? For starters, the fabric looks very cheap. Instead of being silk, it’s likely a polyester mix of fabric, as it photographs horribly. On top of the simple fabric issue, the multiple laces make an already revealing dress look borderline trashy. Okay, it looks totally trashy. This was also the moment of time during which Kim was rocking some unfortunate side bangs, which really didn’t do much to flatter her face.

Kourtney’s baby-doll dress isn’t much better. While the Kardashian Klan didn’t know how to rock all-white ensembles before, it seems that the family has learned. Now, you can usually catch Kim and other family members wearing an all-white outfit the right way – high quality fabric, flattering cuts, and no horrible lace-ups.


11 Hairline Out Of Whack


Many question the amount of plastic surgery Kim has had done to both her body and her face. However, one of the major changes Kim made to her face was simply getting rid of those baby hairs. This is also one of the procedures Kim totally admits to having. Kim took to her blog to write, “My forehead had all these little baby hairs, and I would always break out because of them. Every photographer would Photoshop them out anyway, and I thought I looked better without the baby hairs.”

Kim decided to have these hairs lasered away, which left her with a sleeker hairline, hairstyle, and face. While it’s always easy to assume a celebrity has gone the Botox, nose job, or facelift route, it’s also possible the change could be something as small as a sleeker hairline.


In the before and after photos, you can clearly see that the change in hairline resulted in a whole new look.

10 Her Specialty Is Tucking Her Jeans Into Her Boots


Most of us tuck our jeans into our boots during the colder months. It just means sense. I mean, no cold ankles! However, Kim K did not rock this look the right way.

For starters, Kim loved these white boots. And yeah, white boots can come in handy once in a while, like when you’re invited to a disco-themed party. For the most part though, white boots don’t work well with jeans tucked into them.

With the addition of Kim’s turtleneck, slicked back hair, fur vest and huge silver hoops, this whole look is a mess.


Kim, one again, is rocking light colored boots. For a while, it really seemed light colored boots were Kim's guilty pleasure in life. Though, one issue here is that the jeans don’t tuck neatly into these boots. The rule of thumb when tucking your jeans into your boots is that the more form-fitting the jeans, the better it works.

While the pale pink color is flattering on Kim, not tucking in her shirt is an amateur mistake. A tucked shirt immediately makes a look more sleek and fashion-forward. Oh, also she maybe she have laid off the spray tan, because that is one orange Kim.

9 A Neon Skirt With Leopard Print Heels Is Always Bad


Oh no, Kim K. This look is just so bad. I mean, an ill fitting beige shirt paired with a neon orange skirt? Nope, that never works. It especially doesn’t work when paired with a 16-inch belt. It’s just too much. And to really top the look off, Kim threw on open-toed leopard heels? Honestly, it just makes one wonder what Kim was thinking.

In another outfit, some of these elements could have worked wonderfully, but all together they are a fashion disaster.

In this photo, it’s about mid-way during Kim’s beauty transformation. While her hair may be long, styled, and shiny, it’s too The Bachelor-contestant to be fashion forward. Now, her sleeker hair styles really set her apart.

Ugh, and again with the lip-gloss.


8 This Dress Probably Shouldn't Have Been Made


Whoever made this dress should be fired and not allowed to work in the fashion industry ever again. Okay, that’s harsh. This dress could maybe work for a college student who is experimenting with her look while also trying to hide her Freshmen 15. On Kim K though, this dress is the worst thing in the world.

Kim is known for her figure, although it can admittedly be a difficult figure to dress. With her hourglass shape, this baggy dress with overwhelming sleeves just weighs her down and packs on the pounds. It actually makes her look heavier than she is.

Oh and also, THE BOOTS! See? Girlfriend had a deep, deep love affair with those horrible boots.

Kim’s signature hairstyle may have been long, dark, curled hair for quite some bit. However, this photo is proof that maybe it wasn’t always working for her. In fact, Kim’s recent shorter, sleeker, and even blonder looks have been much more flattering than this stringy look.


7 Her Pre-Plastic Bod


While Kim has always been curvy, some older pictures reveal that she wasn’t always that curvy. In older photos, Kim’s body looks more naturally curvy. Meanwhile, Kim’s body now resembles something that doesn’t occur naturally to the human physique.

Many have long claimed Kim has butt implants. To put a stop to this critique, Kim got her butt x-rayed on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. The x-ray revealed no implants were present. This led many others to suggest Kim had a Brazilian butt lift, which is a procedure that takes fat from another part of the body and implants it into the butt. This wouldn’t come up on an x-ray, as it would seem like natural fat in the body.

Whatever the case, the above photo shows Kim rocking a body with much less extreme curves. She's still got curves, but not the kind of curves she has today.

6 Her Purple Turtleneck Dress Was Anything But Cute


You have to give Kim some credit here for trying to keep it classy, except it didn’t work out so well. While the purple turtleneck dress flattered her figure, it also totally exposed her bra. Either wear a slip or buy better quality dresses, Kim.

On top of that, the earrings with purple accents feel like a very sophomoric way to accessorize. Oh, and the sandals? Kim, why were you putting such horrible things on your feet?

Lastly, this is when Kim’s makeup felt very stale. She rocked smoky eyes and a nude gloss to just about every event for five years. Now, Kim may have specific ways she does her makeup, but she will mix up her eye makeup and lip colors. Back then though, this was her face for every event.

Overall, this look is a perfect example of Kim trying to achieve something but… well, failing.


5 Having Some Fun With Sky-High Pumps


Many times, the killer of Kim’s outfit was a poor choice in shoes. Occasionally, it was the beige boots or the sandals. And now here we have a very unfortunate outfit with sky-high heels.

These patent platform pumps may have worked on another outfit, but they didn’t work here. Generally, pairing sky-high heels with short shorts makes one show off a bit too much skin. Of course, the outfit also suffers from the fact that the plaid shorts are paired with that white vest. It was just all wrong and topped off with some inappropriate shoes.


Yet again, the shoes are not good. A pop of hot pink with a boring outfit can be fun, but these shoes are just way too much. Also, Kim’s starry blouse may have looked good paired with black pants, but the fact that the shirt isn’t tucked in is not doing her any favors. Kim's body type is most flattered when things are form-fitting and tucked in.

4 The Least Flattering Dresses In The History Of Dresses


Between the pattern and the cut of this dress, there’s a lot working against Kim with this dress. I mean, it’s just not good, especially paired with those patent peep-toe heels.

With an hourglass figure like Kim’s, it’s best to not wear something that looks like a potato sack.


Again, Kim’s curvy figure is getting no help from a dress like this. This dress may show off her chest with the deep neckline, but it fails to draw attention to her teeny waist and curvy backside.

On that note, points to Kim for at least trying something new with her hair and makeup. Y’know, even if the curls and the red lip didn’t actually look good.

Oh and again, sandals?! Girl, no. Sandals are not to be worn to events.


This is the last dress in the unflattering dresses category. This pale pink number looks like, I don’t know, a nightgown? While it may have looked cute on a leaner body type, this cuts Kim’s chest at a weird angle and, again, doesn’t show off most of her most enviable body parts.

When it comes to wearing dresses, form-fitting looks so much better on Kim.

3 Rocking The Most Basic Outfit Ever (Aka Leggings And Uggs)


Who would have thought you’d ever catch Kim in the most basic of all basic outfits. That’s right, ladies. Kim is wearing leggings and Uggs. LEGGINGS AND UGGS! So, next time you think you’re the most basic for wearing the most basic outfit ever, just remember that Kim Kardashian, who regularly goes to Fashion Week and the Met Gala, also once rocked the most basic of all outfits.

Of course, it also looks like Kim’s making the most dreaded mistake of all. That’s right, it looks like she’s rocking see-through leggings. Unfortunately, this is a mistake of which many of us have fallen victim. You think the leggings are perfectly fine, but then you find out that everyone can totally see your thong. The look is basic, but with see-through leggings, it's also tragic.


2 What Exactly Is Going On Here?


This is like all of Kim’s mistakes rolled into one awful outfit. I mean, Kim is really trying here, but it’s one hot mess.

Kim’s jeans are haphazardly tucked into her boots. Apparently, Kim didn’t get the memo that it’s best to use skinny jeans in this situation. But hey, at least she isn’t wearing those beige boots she loved so much, right?

Kim’s untucked shirt also doesn’t work here. Oh, Kim. If she had only tucked in her shirt, it would have worked to flatter her tiny waist. Instead her untucked shirt makes her look sloppy and doesn’t show off her figure.

Oh, and then the thing on top? It’s… a… jacket? Whatever it is, it’s should be burned.

Lastly, Kim was rocking her dark eye makeup and nude lip-gloss, which was just way too 2007. The whole look is just bad.


1 Because Who Can Forget Kim's Obsession With Badge Dresses?


Kim Kardashian wore a lot of bandage dresses. And honestly, she rocked them.

At the time, bandage dresses were trendy and not as has-been as they are now. In 2017, this is a very dated looked. Still though, this trend was IT for Kim back in 2007. It hugged her body and flattered her hourglass figure. Of course, the open-toed gold heels and matching purse don’t make for a great combo, but girlfriend could rock a bandage dress.

Now, Kim may rock trendy outfits, but she does so in a fashion forward sense. You never see her dressing like everyone else in the crowd, which is what she was doing with the bandage dresses.

Kim’s look has come a long way since the beginning of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. She’s now a queen, but that was not always the case. So, just keep in mind that no matter what your sense of fashion is today, there’s always tomorrow. You can go from being 2007 Kim Kardashian to 2017 Kim Kardashian.



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