18 Pics That Prove Kim & Kanye's Relationship Might Not Handle A Third Child

Even if you were a little late to the party, you’d still know that basically, the Kardashian family is American royalty. They came in hot a little over a decade ago and managed to change the face of reality television for all of eternity. Thanks to momma Kris’ astounding business frame of mind, she managed to profit off of her children Khloe, Kourtney, Kylie, Kendall, and, last but certainly not least, Kim Kardashian, who is now a household name.

We’ve watched the family grow and change dramatically over the years. They were in our houses so often that their accomplishments and drama felt like our very own – especially when they started building families. It started with Kourtney and boyfriend Scott Disick and their three children before baby fever spread wide across a majority of the kids. Even today, we’re all gossiping about Khloe’s pregnancy and especially Kylie’s newborn.

And, of course, the arrival of Kim and Kanye West’s third child (born via a surrogate) Chicago West nearly broke the internet yet again.

However, the Kardashian-West union seems to be faltering under the weight of their growing family. Not to mention the stress brought on by the Paris robbery incident and Kanye’s brush with a mental breakdown. We’ll just say that their marriage has seen better days. But will the arrival of a third child finally be the straw that breaks the camel’s back?

We explore 18 pictures that seem to prove that point.

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18 Even When Family Photos Are Posted, They're Often Void Of Kanye

Since we’re on the topic of photography and Kim’s Instagram feed, let’s touch base on some of their family photos. Kim posted some pretty candid Polaroid shots of her family shortly after she had her Paris brush with death. She learned that her family was the most important thing in her life and she went out to prove it in her timeline. Some of the best shots of her with her children came after that especially dark time. And the absolute best photos were just of her with the kids. This is because Kanye is notorious for masking his glee with a scowl, even when it comes to personalized photos. He always simply looks, well, annoyed. With the arrival of Chicago, we know that there are some adorable Kids-with-Kim pictures on the horizon, and the best will be void of Kanye’s angry looking expressions.

17 Sure, It Could Be Just An Act, But Kanye Barely Looks Happy Even During Supposed Intimate Moments

Let’s face it – Kim Kardashian is a stunner. We all admit that even though we make jokes about plastic surgery and toss them around. Regardless, she’s beautiful and Kanye has said it himself on a billion occasions. So why, oh why, does he feel the need to keep up the “angry-bitter rapper” facade even in photos where it’s just he and his wife? We know you can laugh, Kanye – we’ve all caught you doing it before, you can’t deny it. It has to make fans wonder why he looks so drab in photos that are supposed to feature a very happy, and in love couple? Like all married couples, I’m sure these two have their problems, but why does Kanye feel the need to supposedly wear those problems right on his face (or lack of smile)? Could it mean there’s trouble in paradise?

16 They Look More Like Bewildered Babysitters Whenever They're With The Kids

Every time I looked at Kim and Kanye trucking around North and Saint before Chicago was born, I have to laugh and sigh at the same time. When they would truck around the kids without their entourages, they always looked like they were two teenagers who got in over their heads after they said they would look after their mom’s best friends’ kids. Sure, this could do with the fact that the paparazzi are constantly on their tails and they have to protect the kids at all cost (which is probably the case here) but other times they just look bewildered and in a state of shock. Now imagine those faces with THREE kids instead of two (or even one). We’re destined to see a lot of those bewildered expressions in the future.

15 Three Kids Will Limit The Couple Appearing At Important Social Functions... Which Is What Their Careers Are Based On

The epitome of Kim Kardashian’s life is all the social events she takes part in. From attending Fashion Week in New York, Paris, and Milan to go to the Met Gala every single year, her social calendar is how she makes her vast fortune. And when she married Kanye, she would drag him along to all these fashion shows and award shows without even blinking an eye, and he would follow suit (wearing a scowl half the time). When North was born, sure, Kim and Kanye would attend functions without her, but as she got older, she would be right alongside them just mere steps away from the catwalk or the Grammy stage. Now, can they do that with three? Of course not! Sure, they can leave them behind again, but then Kourtney will definitely get all huffy like she did before.

14 We All Know They Never Take The Kids When They Jet Set All Over The World

Back when Kim and Kanye welcomed baby North into the world, big sis Kourtney wasn’t so approving of Kim’s method of parenting. However, that’s because Kourtney was basing Kim’s style of parenting on her own, which meant never leaving her kids’ sides even for a fraction of a minute. “I don’t want to judge, but I’ve met women who think it’s cool to be out or away from their baby, and I don’t get that,” Kourtney told Life and Style magazine, apparently throwing shade at her sis for jet-setting all over the world while leaving North at home with a nanny. Sure, a married couple needs to take a break from their kids every now and then to keep their sanity in check, but they seem to do it quite a lot, which will probably result in more fighting on their part.

13 Kim Doesn't Seem To Pay Enough Attention To The Kids She Already Has

Okay, maybe that’s being a tad on the harsh side. I mean, it has to take A LOT of courage to walk out and face the ever-present paparazzi each day, and Kim and Kanye manage to do it with an extreme amount of grace and poise. At least, on some days. On others, Kim is simply a frazzled mom attempting to balance both her work life and her personal life. Take this photo for instance – Kim walking ahead, looking completely oblivious to North’s tantrum being thrown behind her. And that was only when it was just North. Imagine Kim’s oblivion when it comes to North, Saint, AND Chicago. If Kim goes through this, Kanye probably does too when he’s with the kids. Parenting is hard, and exhausting, work.

12 Kim Just Has To Share Her Instagram Time With Yet Another Kid?

“Kim, stop taking selfies, your sister is going to jail,” are words every Keeping Up With The Kardashians fans know all too well. The line was uttered by Kris to Kim, who wouldn’t stop taking pictures of herself while the family was on their way to deal with a Khloe Kardashian situation. Before Kanye, before the kids, we all knew that Kim has a certain fascination for herself – you can see that all over her Instagram feed with her million and six selfies. Heck, she even made an entire book dedicated to her best selfies. Sure, she sometimes posts the most adorable pictures of her growing family, but it usually only happens A LOT when something major happens (like after the Paris robbery). It’s clear that she doesn’t like giving up quality selfie space, which can prove annoying in a relationship.

11 They Can Barely Avoid The Paparazzi With Two Kids In Tow

There’s that “paparazzi” word again – a word that usually follows Kim and the rest of the Kardashians around like, well, the literal paparazzi. We all know that while the Kardashians can’t seem to stand the sight of them these days, they wouldn’t have gotten anywhere if it hadn’t been for the ever-present press following their every move. And they usually tend to anticipate seeing cameras everywhere before they step out of the door, but when they can’t, it’s usually because they’re busy keeping an eye on their own children. And with the addition of Chicago, that will probably be a harder task than ever before. The cameras are bound to capture the five of them in some compromising positions when out and about and that will probably take its toll on mom and dad in the long run.

10 Are The Kids Actually Holding Together Their Marriage?


This was a question that was constantly asked when I was growing up – both by my parents and the parents of my friends. It’s the type of cliché thing that an apparent shrink would ask a married couple whenever they attended marriage counseling: are the kids actually the glue that’s holding together a spotty marriage? The Kardashian-Wests have been through a massive amount of emotional turmoil these past few years, the turmoil that would break a normal couple let alone one in the constant spotlight. Sure, they attempt to attend functions together – with or without the kids, but is it for the sake of appearances? Sometimes it seems that way whenever they do make public appearances together, and a third child may just end up highlighting the struggle of their relationship.

9 Kim Seems More Focused On Controversy Than Her Family

Yes, we’ve all seen the pictures of her family in her feed and know how much she loves her kids (since she’s telling us all the time), but there’s evidence that Kim seems to care more about creating controversy rather than focusing on her family. Sure, we’ve seen her juggle both before, but now there is a third baby and yet she seems to only care about upsetting people with provocative pictures of her along with pictures of her recent hairstyle. Where are the updates about Chicago? You literally can’t go onto your Facebook page without seeing an endless array of pictures of the kids and babies of some people you went to high school with way back in the day. So why doesn’t Kim do this?

8 Kanye, Allegedly, Can't Handle Another Breakdown

2016 was not a good year for the Kardashian-West family. In September, Kim was robbed at gunpoint while in Paris and was robbed of millions of dollars worth of jewelry. Though she was left unharmed, it was a tragically frightening moment for Kim, who was bound and placed in the bathtub of her hotel suite. She thought she was going to die and it was a wake-up call for her. Kanye had been going through some issues himself but when word got back to him about his wife’s robbery, he spiraled hard. He even went on some rants at his concerts and had to cancel the rest of his tour at the time. It was bad. He and Kim disappeared from the limelight in order to focus on them (three months is the time they needed to recuperate) and their family. But what happens if Kanye suffers another one?

7 Their Entourage Will Double, Which Means More People Potentially Coming Between Them

Sure, they want you to believe that it’s only the two of them managing their kids and not a slew of nannies and babysitters. C’mon – we’re not suckers. The Kardashian family is loaded and they put that money to good use when it comes to great childcare. They have the best of the best watching their kids whenever they jet set around the world and the best of the best who come along with them when they decide to take the kids with them. But, as you can see, there are plenty of people that help make sure that family runs pretty smoothly. But the more people that are heavily involved in your family, the more people there are to come between the married couple. Sometimes, it just needs to be the two of them and that seems really unlikely at this point in time.

6 Kim Used To Look Exhausted When Even Watching Her Nieces, Let Alone Her Own Kids

Ah… the good old days: when Kim just had to watch her nieces and nephews without her own kids fussing up the water. And even back then, she looked a little frazzled. We all know that Khloe is the mama bear of that family (which is why her pregnancy was such a happy announcement) so whenever Kim would watch Kourtney’s kids, she looked a little out of place. When North came along, she would still go on outings with her nieces and nephews in tow, but she looked even more panicky. Now imagine her facial expression when she tries to take ALL her kids out when doing simple day-to-day errands. I can literally imagine her face as I’m typing this and it’s an amusing sight. Sure, she’s going to take her entourage out with her during these outings and she won’t care what people think.

5 Pretending To Be The Perfect Family Will Get Old At Even A Quicker Pace With Three Littles

Everyone knows that there are is no such thing as a perfect family. The Kardashians know that extremely well since they broadcast all their family drama and have built an empire based on that drama. So they’ll be the first ones to tell you that they aren’t perfect. But that’s where Kim comes in: Even though she seemed to profit the most off of Kardashian drama, she still wants her fan base to assume that she has the perfect little family. She stages photos for such occasions. She takes those family photos to set the stage for her followers – a stage consisting of the perfect couple raising the perfect children. But it gets harder and harder to keep that image up as the family grows. Fake smiles in staged photos don’t last forever.

4 Two Kids Cause Sleepless Nights, Three Cause Sleepless Days AND Nights, And Which Brings On Restlessness For Mom And Dad

Money can by a lot of things: it can buy expensive child care that will help keep an eye on little ones through restless nights. And since the Kardashians are spring loaded and swimming like Scrooge McDuck in money, we’d assume that they’d use it for childcare so they can sleep nights, right? Doubtful. It wasn’t a vanity issue when it came to Kim having to use a surrogate in order to carry her third child. The doctors told her that if she were to carry another kid, she would most likely die. It was extremely hard on her to watch another woman carry her child so there’s no doubt in my mind that Kim is attempting to make up for that time by spending every waking minute with Chicago – no matter how restless it makes her. Kanye too. And those sleepless nights will take its toll on the couple.

3 Sure, The Instagram Moments Are Cute, But We All Know That Kim Gets Irritated When The Kids Mess With Her Hair & Make-Up

A video went viral years ago that showed Kim not wanting daughter North to kiss her on the mouth because of her make-up. She didn’t seem to get irrational when requesting this of her daughter, it was simply said in a matter-of-fact tone. She really didn’t care that her fan base assumed she was a bad mother for saying it (they knew she wasn’t and still isn’t), her looks are important to her and to her fortune. But you have to admit that is rather telling when she seems to get miffed at her kids when they mess with her looks when it’s captured in a cutesy moment on air or on camera, so imagine how she is when they do it when the cameras AREN’T rolling? And now that there’s a third, she’s even more likely to get more peeved than with two or simply one.

2 Two Put A Dent In Their Extravagant Lifestyle - Three May Break It Completely

Yes, I’m very well aware that this isn’t even a photo of Kim’s car – this is actually a picture of Kim messing around with Scott Disick’s new vehicle (and that dude is another story altogether when we’re talking about parenting skills). That point aside, we all know that the Kardashians are extravagant spenders, and Kim turned into one even more so when she married Kanye. They lead a lavish lifestyle and aren’t afraid to show it on the show and on Kim’s social media accounts. That seemed to slow down extremely after Kim was robbed (yup, something that had nothing to do with their kids), and we’ll probably see another wrench thrown into the mix with the arrival of Chicago. This isn’t a bad thing, but it may be considering the couple.

1 More Kids Will Disrupt Kim's Instagram Sponsored Posts

Anyone who follows Kim on Instagram or Twitter knows how much she loves posting sponsored posts. These are posts where she endorses a certain product and makes a TON of money off of those very posts. There’s a reason why Khloe made a lot of money after wearing Calvin Klein underwear during her pregnancy announcement. Kim is the same exact way. So whenever you see her posts talking about tea or herbal substances that help with weight, she’s making hundreds of thousands of dollars. And you know who takes up Instagram space that’s meant for cash making posts. She’ll learn that quick fast and in a hurry. Kim is a brand that everyone is paying a heck of a lot of money to in order for killer endorsements, and when money isn’t coming in at a rapid pace, it will weigh on her, which will weigh on their marriage.

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