18 Pics Of Celebs Working On Their Fitness At The Gym

We’re two months into 2018 now and for a lot of us, it can be tough keeping up with the strict New Year’s resolutions we thrust on ourselves at the start of the year. For many of us, getting healthier and leading a more balanced lifestyle are at the top of our to-do lists, but with our busy schedules and numerous commitments, it can often be hard staying on track.

If you’re feeling like you’re in a bit of a winter slump, then these pictures of 18 fit, healthy female celebrities will be sure to perk you up and give you back the motivation you need. Looking good has a lot to do with feeling good, and leading a healthy lifestyle can do wonders for your overall mood and sense of self. Whether it’s eating cleaner or maybe getting up the courage to go to that yoga class you’ve been considering joining, keeping active and being kind to your skin are great ways to cheer yourself up. Valuing yourself and having confidence in who you are are important things to remember in an often judgmental and gloomy world, so remember you’re a beautiful, wonderful person, and let these 18 gorgeous health-heroines give you some 2k18 inspo!

18 Hailey Baldwin Is Giving Us Some Serious Goals

We’ve definitely got a fitness crush on Hailey Baldwin. But hey, can you blame us? Just look at her! The model likes to eat super clean and avoids gluten and sugar as much as possible. Along with her strict diet, Hailey also loves to kill it at the gym. Obviously being a successful model, Hailey considers keeping fit a top priority, and it’s important for her to maintain her trim, lean physique. It makes sense since that’s pretty much literally her job, right? Here we see the blonde model at the gym by herself, but she’s been known to work out regularly with pal Kendall Jenner. The two are often seen in similar activewear outfits heading into the gym in order to work up a sweat.

17 Gal Gadot Is Wonder Woman For Real

We all know Gal Gadot played Wonder Woman, but we’re starting to think she might actually be the real deal. The gorgeous Israeli actress is known for her acting talent as well as her stunning looks, and it should be no surprise that her insanely amazing physique has a lot to do with her regular gym routine. Gal had to train like an athlete to play the role of Wonder Woman, and obviously, a figure like hers doesn’t just happen overnight. To prepare for the role, Gadot had to start training six months before she started filming and spent six hours in the gym daily. Talk about commitment to a role! If only we could all have that kind of willpower to endure that intense of a workout schedule. Here's to us all becoming Wonder Women!

16 Demi Lovato Is Confident In Her Curves

Aside from being a singer and actress, Demi Lovato is also a fashion designer. She’s come up with a collection of sportswear for Kate Hudson’s brand Fabletics, which is a testament to how much Lovato values her time at the gym, and the empowering nature of exercising. The body-positive star looks absolutely gorgeous here, and she looks more than a little comfortable in the way she looks. And we don’t blame her! Demi’s been very outspoken about her previous struggles with eating disorders and other self-destructive behaviors, and she now takes to social media to spread messages encouraging self-love and a positive attitude when it comes to your figure. An inspiring attitude and a range of gym wear that will inspire us to also exercise? Demi Lovato’s got us sold.

15 Bella Thorne Is A Workout Queen

It’s always inspiring to see women who manage to keep a consistent gym routine despite their busy schedules, and someone who definitely fits this bill is Bella Thorne. From pilates to hot yoga, to cycling classes, Bella crushes her workouts and motivates us like crazy. The Cuban-American actress enjoys sharing her fitness progress with her fans on social media, and if you’re already feeling like you’ve given up on those New Year’s resolution to stay healthy, then Bella Thorne is the perfect inspo for you. Bella likes to concentrate on her core strength, which is super important because being strong is a good step towards being healthy. The actress has been really busy of late, especially with her film Midnight Sun being released later this year. Despite the hectic nature of her schedule though, Bella is still working towards her goals.

14 Khloe Kardashian Shows Us That Hard Work Pays Off

Khloe Kardashian completely transformed herself thanks to hardcore workouts and healthy eating. The result? A-rockin' physic that gives us all some serious jealousy. Khloe proved that with hard work and determination, you can achieve out-of-this-world fitness results, and it’s safe to say this Kardashian is a major source of inspiration. However, this kind of transformation isn’t as easy as just strolling along the treadmill. Khloe’s workout schedule is meticulously planned and she also has the help of one of the best trainers in the business. We might not all have the means to hire a top-professional to whip us into shape, but even just looking at this picture of Khloe in all her fit glory is enough to get us wanting to jump up and start moving. Revenge-body here we come!

13 Emma Roberts Is All About Balance

Emma Roberts’ diet and workout regime are all about balance. She doesn’t deprive herself of the stuff she loves to eat, but she makes sure to stay in tune with her figure and weigh the good stuff with the bad. She enjoys doing yoga and pilates and does cardio exercises with her trainer, specifically focusing on the three area: her arms, abs, and butt. Clearly, Emma’s theory of balance is a good way to go, as she looks fit AF in this pic. We’re sure that the whole balancing thing takes some pretty strong willpower, but we have to say, Emma makes the whole thing look effortless. For someone who has spent half her life in the limelight, the actress has always been in remarkably good form and has managed to keep the stresses of fame at bay it seems. Maybe we should all get on board with Emma’s balancing act.

12 Karlie Kloss Harnesses Her Strength

Karlie Kloss was one of the first celebrities to start documenting her exercise regime on social media, which is probably why Adidas was inspired to sign her on as one of their brand ambassadors. Whether she’s training outdoors, doing ballet, boxing, or taking part in a SoulCycle class, one thing’s for sure, Karlie is forever giving us some major fitness goals! The former Victoria’s Secret model works out four to five times per week and keeps a healthy diet consisting mainly of proteins and veggies. She loves dancing and has a lot of fun doing workouts during her AKT sessions. Karlie’s main approach to looking good and feeling good is building strength, grace, and confidence. And there’s no doubt, she’s got those in spades!

11 Lea Michele Is All About The Spin

For Glee actress Lea Michele, her fitness regime is all about feeling good rather than just looking good. That being said, Lea looks absolutely fantastic, so clearly putting her well-being first has done wonders for her overall demeanor. Looking through the star’s Instagram, she loves to share her tough workouts, her luxurious spa days, and lots of big smiles, and basically her feed reads like a how-to guide for happy, healthy living. Lea is a self-proclaimed SoulCycle addict, and she feels inspired and uplifted every time she does a class. In order for Lea to get in the right mindset for her workouts, she needs to be sure the training she engages in is going to be good for her mind, body, and soul.

10 Ruby Rose Has Dedication To The Max

We dare you to find anyone who doesn’t instantly drool over tattooed stunner Ruby Rose. Honestly, how is this woman so freakin' hot? Part of the secret to her incredible good looks is her dedication to spending quality time at the gym. Ruby doesn’t play around when it comes to staying fit, and if you need some real fitspo, just scroll through the Aussie actress’ Instagram feed. From pull-ups to sit-ups, to ax throwing, this chick does it all. Often for movie roles, such as xXx: Return of Xander Cage, Ruby will hit the gym seven days a week, and because of her superhuman training abilities, she also ends up getting to do a lot of her own stunts in films too. All we have to say is, the girl looks good.

9 Vanessa Hudgens Doesn't Just Work Out For Spring Break

Vanessa Hudgens has come a long way since her Disney movie days and is looking more gorgeous than ever. The Spring Breakers star stays fit thanks to her almost religious SoulCycle and yoga regimen, and of course, she’s sure to eat clean too. When it comes to yoga, the actress sees it more as therapy than working out and has partly attributed this type of exercise to her overall well-being and fitness. Vanessa has said that she enjoys working out in just her sports bra as opposed to a t-shirt because it gives her a greater motivation while exercising when she can actually see her curves. It gives her the confidence to push herself more and makes her have a lot of body positivity when she can see results happening.

8 Blac Chyna Uses Her Drive And Determination To Stay Healthy

After the explosive end to her relationship with Rob Kardashian, Blac Chyna decided to not play around and she hit the gym - HARD. She embraced full makeover mode and committed herself to a grueling workout regime. She shared her weight loss journey on social media and updated her fans on the progress she was making. The star was on a mission to shed the pounds she gained from her pregnancy, and it definitely looks like she succeeded. Blac Chyna is another perfect example of someone who uses her drive and determination to get results, and clearly, her hard work is paying off. Those are some seriously defined curves! Looking great and feeling healthier are two surefire ways to be happier overall, and it seems like Blac Chyna is on her way to be being her best self.

7 Rosie Huntington Whiteley Is No English Rose In The Gym

This Victoria’s Secret angel recently gave birth to her first child, and apparently was quick to hit the gym soon after in order to tone up after her pregnancy. Rosie’s mom was an aerobics instructor and encouraged her children, including Rosie, to pursue sports and an active lifestyle growing up. The supermodel has admitted that, even though she has to keep fit for her job, she genuinely loves exercising and switches up her training regime depending on her mood. Her brother is also a personal trainer, so when she’s in London, she’ll be sure to get in a workout session with him. Clearly, healthy living runs in the family! She’s also a huge advocate of juicing and likes to incorporate fresh vegetable juices into her daily diet.

6 Sofia Vergara Loves Her Squats

Modern Family star Sofia Vergara is known for her enviable figure and gorgeous looks, and it’s amazing that a self-described gym-hater has managed to keep up her incredible hourglass shape. According to Sofia, it takes a lot of hard work! In order to tone and keep her curves, Sofia does a lot of squats and likes to walk on the treadmill at a steep incline. She isn’t a big fan of running (like a lot of us) so she makes sure to do other exercises that she enjoys more and also tries to incorporate some fun into her workouts too. Nothing’s worse for a training regime than not being into it and therefore quitting soon after because you don’t have any motivation. Balance, fun, and commitment are clearly the elements that Sofia uses to keep fit, and evidently, it works!

5 Miranda Kerr Glows With Health

Miranda Kerr’s enviable physique is the result of a lot of effort and a whole lot of dedication. Similarly to the queen of health herself, Goop goddess Gwyneth Paltrow, Miranda Kerr is known for her outrageously healthy lifestyle. With glowing skin and a toned, fit frame, Miranda Kerr is the poster-girl for healthy living, and a definite source of inspiration when it comes to getting into good routines. Miranda has said that she lives her life by a philosophy that beauty starts from within, so she makes a conscious effort to fill her body with nutrients through the food she eats. For this beautiful model, fitness, nutrition, and spirituality are all intertwined, and she focuses on feeling good in her skin and soul in order to look good.

4 Britney Spears Is All About Working Hard

Britney Spears has got to be one of the celebrities with the most drastic turnaround history in show business. Once considered the princess of pop, Britney was one of the most famous people in the world and rose to fame at a very young age. In 2007, the singer suffered a very public breakdown, and for a while, we wondered whether or not the superstar would be able to fully recover from her fall from grace. The one thing we learned: never doubt Britney! The singer took some time to heal herself and recover from the stresses that came with her meteorite rise to fame and has since been working hard to get back in shape and back into her career heights. Britney truly is an inspiration to look at and makes us want to go out there and be our best selves too.

3 Jasmine Tookes and Josephine Skriver Are Bestie Goals

If you’re looking for some legit inspo, look no further than these two ladies Jasmine and Josephine. These two Victoria’s Secret models sure do make working out look fun, and they’ve even created their very own shared Instagram account devoted to fitness. You’ll be amazed not only by their serious skills when it comes to training, but you’ll also be wowed by their amazing friendship and the way they support each other in their health goals. These two have truly mastered the art of the bestie workout, and you can’t help but smile when you see them relying on one another to push each other for mutual improvement. JoJa are the absolute dynamic duo of fitness. Obviously, being models, their job calls for them to hit the gym regularly, but even if you’re a reluctant gym-goer, these two will have you reaching for your phone to text your bezzie for a workout sesh in no time.

2 Gabrielle Union Brings It On

Gabrielle Union is famous for her role in Bring It On, in which she flipped, cheered, and flaunted her impressively strong physique. So how does this actress stay so fit? Well, her stance on staying healthy is surprisingly relatable. While Gabrielle likes to eat lots of nutritious food and drinks a lot of water in order to stay healthy, she freely admits she’s not exactly in love with the gym. Her family has a history of health complications though, so the actress keeps this in mind as motivation to keep on track with her fitness training. She also keeps up her training in order to not give any satisfaction to body-shaming trolls. Being married to NBA star Dwayne Wade probably also helps her to get to the gym, as having a healthy partner can often be a source of inspo.

1 Kate Hudson Shows Off Her Tight Physique

You might not know this, but Kate Hudson isn’t just a great actress. She’s also the creator of Fabletics, a highly successful activewear brand. And it’s no wonder that Hudson decided to branch out into the gym-wear game, as she is incredibly fit and loves hitting the gym. Apparently, the actress’ workout regime consists of strengthening, cardio, and toning or lengthening her muscles. She alternates between these different types of exercise in order to maximize their effectiveness. Kate also loves dancing workouts and recommends incorporating something you love, like music or dancing, into your exercise plan. We’ll take Kate’s word for it as it’s undeniable that she looks absolutely stunning in this picture, and clearly, whatever methods she’s using are definitely working! Let’s dance!

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