18 Pics Of Celebs Who Hired People To Perform The Most Mundane Tasks

Sometimes we forget that celebrities do the same things we do. They have to eat, sleep, and breathe. For some celebrities, that is where our commonalities end. Due to the lifestyles of the rich and famous, celebrities are able to hire people to do the things that they do not want to do themselves. These tasks can vary from things that may tire them to things that they loathe to do. It is amazing to think of what a little bit of money can help with.

Which celebrities are able to get rid of these mundane tasks by hiring assistants?

You may be surprised by some of the celebrities on this list and the tasks that they assign to others. Imagine what this world would be like if we could all pawn off tasks that we did not want to do on to other people. It would likely be a much happier place. On the other hand, it must be nice to get paid to do some of these simple tasks. While some people may hold these things against celebrities, others may consider it to be a smart use of resources. See some of the tasks that you could pay someone to do if you were a celebrity!

18 Mariah Carey Has Someone Hold Her Drinks

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Mariah Carey has been in the entertainment scene since she was in her late teens. Her larger than life voice and whistle tones helped her climb her way to fame. Now, Mariah is a wealthy woman that knows exactly what she wants.

According to the Mariah Carey Archives, Mariah has hired help to hold her drinks and to give her sips from a straw when need be.

Initially, this seemed to be tabloid speculation, but Carey’s vocal coaches confirmed this unusual request. The assistant Carey hired quite literally travels wherever Carey does in order to always have a drink and straw available for the singer’s convenience. Photographs show that the assistant holds the straw to Carey’s mouth as well. That is one way to make sure that Mariah stays hydrated!

17 Emma Stone Cannot Carry An Umbrella Herself

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Comedienne Emma Stone tends to play strong female leads in her films. She plays the fearless character in Easy A and one of the main characters in the Oscar-nominated film La La Land. While spending some time in New York City, Stone was making appearances to the late night shows that are filmed in the Big Apple. The weather was less than stellar, with rain pouring down.

In Style caught a glimpse of Stone walking to The Late Show. Stone was not affected by the rain, as she had hired someone to carry an umbrella over her head so she could pose for pictures. This also allowed Stone to keep her coat draped over her shoulders without having to put her arms in, therefore not taking away from her beautiful pink dress.

16 Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Is Carried By Her Assistant

Gwyneth Paltrow has become known for her brand, Goop, and her natural way of living. She “consciously uncoupled” with Coldplay singer Chris Martin, which is further explained on her Goop website. Since this occurrence, it seems as though Paltrow has needed an extra hand.

According to Marie Claire, Paltrow has hired someone to carry her personal belongings. She was spotted out with a man carrying a yellow, reusable tote bag.

While there is not much context to this image—for example, whether they were leaving a grocery store or an appearance—but Paltrow had two free hands and a smile on her face. The bag was about medium sized and did not appear to be too heavy. Paltrow may have been saving her energy for a workout or beauty treatment later in the day.

15 Zoe Saldana Hires Help To Walk Her Dogs

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Zoe Saldana is well known for her roles in films such as Avatar and Guardians Of The Galaxy, according to her IMDB page. She plays independent, strong female-like creatures that can fend for themselves. To save some of her energy in between productions of her films, Saldana has assistants to help make her life easier. To make her life a little happier, she has dogs to provide cuddles and love.

Due to her busy schedule, Saldana cannot always walk her two pups simultaneously, especially if she has to be on a call. Nature waits for no one, so Saldana has hired people to walk her dogs. Marie Claire featured an image of Saldana walking while talking on her phone. Her two assistants were ahead of her with the pups.

14 There Is A Dress Fluffer For Eva Longoria

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When celebrities have to make red carpet appearances, they dress to the nines. This can mean difficult to wear dresses that are photographed from all angles and need to be positioned in a way that will be captured properly by paparazzi. Eva Longoria makes a lot of red carpet appearances.

Mirror captured an image of her in a gown with a long, feathery train.

There is no way that Longoria would have been able to adjust the train while posing properly for the paparazzi. For this reason, Longoria brought along an assistant to make sure everything looked right, especially with the lengthy train. Unfortunately for this assistant, she also had to fit red carpet standards, wearing a dress and heels while having to crouch down to make the proper adjustments.

13 Ariana Grande Knows The Way To Walk

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Ariana Grande has received a lot of heat over the past few years for the decisions she has made. She started as a child star and progressed on to be an international pop star. The pop star wears sky-high heels to make up for her short stature while performing. Life & Style reported that Grande has people around her carry her when she is too tired to walk.

Whether it is an assistant, a dancer or her boyfriend, Grande is often pictured in the arms of another—baby style—as reported by Celebuzz. Grande took to Instagram to say that this is a ritual after her shows in order to help her rest her tired feet for the next show that she will need to perform.

12 Jennifer Aniston’s Assistant Is Her Biggest Fan


Jennifer Aniston has risen to superstardom over the years, with one of her most notable roles being Rachel in the series Friends. Since filming Friends, Aniston has starred in major films. Although she has been in the industry for some time, there are some conditions that are impossible to get used to. Just Jared reported that while filming The Bounty in New York, Aniston was faced with brutal heat.

In order to combat this heat, Aniston hired someone to fan her.

This was not done with a paper fan, nor a handheld fan. It was done with a large commercial fan. The assistant held the fan a foot away from Aniston’s face, helping cool her in between scenes.

11 Martha Stewart Has Assistants "Fabricate" Her Life

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Martha Stewart is able to live a very privileged lifestyle as one of the queens of home décor and food. She has a number of different lines of products that are sold in stores all over the country, if not the world. Although Stewart has been facing a number of different struggles, she will never forgo quality due to the price of finding these resources. She tests all of her products in multiple different ways and sources the finest ingredients.

Daily Mail reports that Stewart uses her assistants to pick up fabric. This is not a simple trip to Michael’s or Hobby Lobby, but Stewart tends to send them to countries all over the globe to get the proper fabric. Talk about quality!

10 Jennifer Lopez Has An Assistant To Listen To Lines

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Jennifer Lopez is one of the biggest stars in the world. She is a singer, dancer, and actress just to glaze over some of her many talents. This requires a lot of practicing and rehearsing as well as allotting time and resources to help her succeed. Lopez has to use every moment of her day to perfect her various art forms.

According to Daily Mail, while Lopez was filming The Boy Next Door, she relied heavily on an assistant’s help.

This assistant would hold her coffee and sit with her to review lines that were coming up for the film. She would discuss the scenes in the film with this assistant to find the best way to approach it in a realistic way. This assistant helped with the success of this film.

9 Chrissy Teigen’s Hair Extensions Get Taken Out By An Assistant

Chrissy Teigen Snapchat

Chrissy Teigen keeps life very real with her fans. She shares some of her most intimate moments on social media networks and will address any controversies head-on. She shares even her most embarrassing moments with the world. Allure captured some of Teigen’s Snapchats after an appearance. Teigen was wearing hair extensions and wanted to take them out, but they were stuck.

Her assistant sat on the floor with her, trying her hardest to remove the hair extensions without causing further damage to Teigen. Teigen eventually had to rip the extension out herself. All is well there, but what a stressful occurrence for the assistant and for Teigen—especially while it was causing pain.

8 Bruno Mars Has A Personal Tissue

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Bruno Mars is a suave R&B/pop artist that has taken the airwaves by storm with his catchy songs. Mars channels old school music features and often dances in his own music videos as well as during live performances. The star is always under pressure to put on an entertaining show for the world. He has to look picture perfect at all times, as the cameras capture him from all angles.

Sauti Africa reports that prior to his performances, Mars makes sure to clear his nose and check his hair before going on stage.

Believe it or not, he has an assistant to hold a plush towel to his nose so he can blow his nose to rid himself of congestion and any bats in the cave before performing. He is no snot!

7 Lena Dunham Requests Being Fed


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Lena Dunham is a talented actress, author, and showrunner. Dunham is constantly on the go and has things to do, so making food is one of her last priorities. In order to keep her energy up, she must find a way to eat food while she is working. This is where her assistant comes in.

According to Daily Mail, one of Dunham’s assistant’s responsibilities is to make sure she takes bites of food. The assistant does this by personally feeding her by hand. In these specific shots, Dunham is eating a quesadilla, but it sounds like there are other foods that Dunham’s assistant feeds to the incredibly busy star. Dunham drank a tea on her own but continued to go to her assistant for bites of food.

6 Rihanna’s Personal Crossing Guard Helps Her Walk

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Rihanna’s fashion sense has always been something to admire. This R&B singer wears a variety of different styles but is always dressed well from head to toe. According to Mirror, Rihanna needed a little help walking in one of the styles she wore while on tour—though her leather boots made it nearly impossible.

Rihanna had to hire someone to help her walk—especially to help her cross the street—while wearing these stilt-like shoes.

The assistant was never too far out of reach, as to make sure that Rihanna did not take a stumble that could be catastrophic to the tour. She could easily be leaned on. While Rihanna could have simply worn different shoes—considering the entire area was cobblestoned—she would have had to sacrifice fashion.

5 Shay Mitchell’s Assistant Drops Her Off

Shay Mitchell starred in the Pretty Little Liars series for most of her twenties. During this time, she hired a personal assistant named Sammy, who grew in fame parallel to Shay’s. The two seem to be great friends beyond their professional relationship. Sammy must still fulfill her duties as a personal assistant.

People Magazine reports that one of Sammy’s many jobs is to make sure that Shay gets everywhere that she needs to be. This means that Sammy has an erratic schedule and often starts her day by bringing Shay to the gym to work with a trainer. This can change if Shay is filming something, especially based on the wrap time for the day. Sammy drops Shay off where she needs to be so Shay does not have to worry about parking or driving.

4 Kylie Jenner Uses Her Housekeeper’s Arm


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Kylie Jenner is the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner siblings. She has found great success by creating a variety of make-up kits that sell out in the blink of an eye. Kylie Cosmetics sells lip kits, eye sets, and more. One of the most important elements of selling makeup is getting an accurate swatch of the colors in order to help sell them. Kylie does not use her own arm to swatch.

W Magazine reports that Kylie recruited her housekeeper in order to get great swatches done.

Kylie told W that her housekeeper is very patient and allows her to do whatever she needs to do to get a good swatch on her arm. It is unknown if this housekeeper gets paid to do this or if it is part of her housekeeper duties.

3 Selena Gomez’s Assistant Holds Her Food

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Selena Gomez started her career on Barney and Friends, grew up on Disney Channel and eventually broke out into mainstream music and movies. She has become a household name and has dated some of Hollywood’s most famous men. Selena often appears on red carpets for award shows and films that she has been in. Selena also cannot be without food for too long.

Instead of trying to eat all of her food before the red carpet—contributing to any bloating—The Cut reports that Selena has an assistant hold on to her food while she takes pictures on the red carpet. This allows Selena to finish the food once pictures are done and she can relax a little more. This is a genius hack for not being hangry during a lengthy show.

2 Run Assistant, Run With Reese

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Reese Witherspoon is a major Hollywood actress. She is petite in stature and works out to keep her frame looking in tip-top shape. One of Reese’s go to workouts is jogging. Working out alone is much less motivating than working out with a partner. Reese has paid her assistant to join her during her workouts so she would have company on her runs—as reported by Just Jared.

She tries to keep things light and fun during these daily workouts.

Running with an assistant also takes some of the focus away from her while working out, as the assistant offers a bit of a distraction. The pair has a good time with the paparazzi during these runs, smiling and sticking their tongues out in wholesome fun.

1 Christina’s Assistant Just Has To Drive

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Christina Aguilera does not like to drive on her own. She has hired an assistant to drive her around wherever she needs to go. This likely lessens the stress on Aguilera through Los Angeles traffic while also giving her a break in her busy schedule as one of today’s biggest pop divas. This was unfortunate back in 2009, as depicted by Getty Images.

Aguilera’s assistant was driving and they got into an accident, allegedly due to the amount of paparazzi around. The assistant was incredibly stressed, while Aguilera seemed to remain calm as she phoned the police. Luckily, no one was hurt in this accident.

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