18 Pics Of Celebs That Completely Re-Invented Themselves In The Past Decade

Celebrities are constantly scrutinized on their appearance, and that can be extremely stressful. They're under a lot of pressure to look youthful and beautiful even though they are already beautiful. It’s no wonder they often resort to cosmetic procedures to enhance their looks. Facial alterations seem to be the most popular kind of fix-ups, and it does certainly make a difference. Celebrities turn to fillers and tightening methods, another common procedure, to avoid any wrinkles and to give their skin an airbrushed look. At times, their faces look super tight and frozen. It also seems like more celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon of lip enhancements because their lips look fuller than before.

It's no surprise that fame can change people, especially their appearance. They want to look their absolute best — some of them get lucky and turn up better after a drastic transformation, while there are others who perhaps looked better before the change. It’s a gamble. By the way, they don’t necessarily have to undergo extreme alterations to look completely different. There are other ways…

Here’s a list of 18 celebrities who have drastically changed their looks in the past decade. They have gone through some shocking transformations over the years that they’re totally unrecognizable.

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18 Renee Zellweger Has Dramatically Changed Her Look


Renee Zellweger went on a hiatus for four years and then shocked everyone when she returned to the public eye back in 2014. She raised eyebrows when she appeared on the red carpet for a Hollywood event with a drastically changed new face. She came back with a thinner face and wider eyes. The romantic heroine, Bridget Jones' signature looks were nowhere to be found. Since people haven’t seen her in years, aging could've been the reason for her change, but because people couldn’t even recognize her, there have been some speculations about possible cosmetic procedures. Maybe she got some work done, or maybe she didn't. Nobody knows the truth except her. Renee may not look like her old self anymore, but she’s still beautiful and a talented actress.

17 The Evolution Of Kim Kardashian


Kim Kardashian was beautiful then, and she’s beautiful now, but fame can change people like their appearance. Anyone who watched her reality TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians from its debut back in 2007 has probably watched her looks evolve over the years. She had dark hair and minimal makeup before fame really got to her, and now she has a shoulder-length hair dyed platinum blonde and her makeup to perfection. There’s a little resemblance, but her looks have dramatically changed that it’s no wonder people think she has undergone cosmetic surgery to improve her look. Hairstyle and makeup can transform a person, but it’s a bit of a stretch to put the blame all on them. Kim’s signature contouring can make a difference but not enough to turn her into a whole new person.

16 "The Old Taylor Swift Is Dead"

Daily Mirror/Daily Express

Country girl turned pop star. It seems like the old Taylor Swift is dead — just like she sings it in her song, “Look What You Made Me Do.” Fans who’ve been following her from the beginning of her music career probably remember her as a teen who plays the guitar with long curly hair. Long gone are those days because she’s a big girl now. Her makeup, hair, and fashion have gotten fierce over the years. Forget the light pink lips and the simple, sweet next-door-girl look. She’s been rocking her signature red lips and short, sleek hair with bangs. She's been noted to be less modest with her wardrobe choices and is more comfortable showing some skin. She flaunts what she got, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The change is something that’s not unusual when stars cross over to the mainstream.

15 Megan Fox Looked Better Before The Cosmetic Alterations


The brunette beauty with piercing blue eyes, Megan Fox, is well known for her role in Transformers. Men couldn’t get enough of her. She was probably one of the actresses every man has fantasized about at least once, but unfortunately, she didn’t like the way she looked. It seems like she made a decision to go under the knife to enhance her looks after all because her face slowly started to transform. Her face is narrower, her lips fuller, and her cheekbones higher. Her face looks a bit stiff, too, and that could be from the artificial procedures. She looks older than her age, 31. It goes to say that even beautiful women in Hollywood have insecurities. There’s no doubt that Megan is still gorgeous, but people think she looked better before the plastic procedures.

14 Some Say Jenna Dewan Stepped Up Her Appearance

Zimbio/US Weekly

Many people probably know Jenna Dewan from Step Up. It seems like she stepped up her appearance from ten years ago. She looked like one of the Cali girls who are always at the beach getting a suntan, but now, she’s much paler than she was before. Her makeup has also drastically changed from plenty of bronzers for that sun-kissed look to looking fresh and radiant. She had her long brown hair in a ponytail leaving the front strands out to frame her face, and now, she sports a chic lob that gives her an edgier look. She looks stunning! As for her face, one of the things that have changed is that her cheeks look plumper. Jenna never admitted to getting any work done on her face, but she has completely re-invented her look.

13 Rihanna Is Good Girl Gone Bad


Rihanna has never been consistent with her looks. She’s tried pixie cuts, bangs, and dyed her hair blonde and even cherry red. She’s not one to shy away from trying out new things, and she looks good no matter what changes she makes. She can pull off anything. Ten years ago, she chopped off her hair into an asymmetrical bob and dyed it black. The subtle eyeliner made her light eyes stand out, the barely-there blush on her cheeks, and glossy nude lips made her look like a sweet gal. She’s more of a bad gal now with her long, curly dark hair, and makeup that gives her a sultry look. Rihanna’s good girl gone bad. It also appears that she has gained a few pounds, but that doesn’t change the fact that she’s still gorgeous.

12 Lady Gaga's Ever-Changing Look


Lady Gaga kept everyone on their toes with her ever-changing look. Her new looks have always been drastic. It's like simplicity is not in her vocabulary, and that’s not a bad thing. It's what makes her unique and different, and people admire that about her along with her incredible talents. It’s been ten years since she rose to fame, and before fame, she had naturally brown hair with bangs. Then, things slowly started to change. She dyed her hair blonde, and that became her signature. She has dyed her hair in bizarre colors over the years, too, like turquoise. She also shared interesting hairstyles like a bowtie hair that turned everyone's head. Now, it seems like she’s outgrown her outlandish style. Some people think Lady Gaga's an imposter because she has dramatically changed her appearance.

11 Victoria Beckham's Alter Ego Posh Spice No Longer Exists


Victoria Beckham couldn’t let go of Posh Spice. Ten years ago, she sported a fake tan and a daring blonde pixie cut with bangs. She continued to wear tight, short dresses and low tops that revealed her pink bra and showed massive cleavage. She admitted to getting breast implants, but she regretted it later and got them removed. She hasn’t mentioned any work done to her face, but ever since she made a name for herself as a successful fashion designer, her looks have drastically changed. She went back to her natural dark brown hair, and she ditched the lip gloss. Her lips look fuller than before, and it also looks like she might’ve gotten a botox because there are no wrinkles on her face. Overall, Victoria looks classier than she did before but still spicy.

10 Khloe Kardashian Has Turned Into A Swan


Khloe Kardashian has always been beautiful, but she was the “ugly duckling” of her family. She was called fat and ugly, but she was known to have a good sense of humor. It must’ve been annoying getting compared to her sister Kim back then, but things have changed once she got that incredible revenge body. She looks completely different from a decade ago. Her face looks slimmer from her weight loss, which is natural, but some people started to notice her facial features changing. Her lips have gotten bigger over the years (maybe Kylie’s influence), and her nose looks slimmer, possibly from fillers. Also, forget the long, curly dark brown hair — she now flaunts her straight blonde hair. It seems like Khloe started to care about her appearance more now that she’s transformed into a swan.

9 Britney Spears Looks Older And Different


It wouldn’t be a surprise if Britney Spears had fillers here and there like other celebrities have, and of course botox, too. She’s only 36 years old, but there's a lot of pressure among celebrities to look youthful and beautiful even though they are already beautiful. Anyway — her looks have drastically changed from a decade ago. Some people might go as far as to say she’s almost unrecognizable. Maybe because her nose looks different, her face is smaller, and her chubby cheeks have slimmed down. Some of these changes could be from weight loss. Anyone who follows her knows that she has an insane workout routine to maintain a fit body. She also ditched her straight hair for wavy hair, and it’s blonder than before. Britney may have aged, but she still looks amazing.

8 Lil’ Kim Is Completely Unrecognizable

Life & Style/Pinterest

Lil’ Kim's current look has no resemblance to her from ten years ago. She’s completely unrecognizable. She's basically a new person. She changed all of her facial features. Now — her face is very narrow, her forehead is smaller, her nose is slimmer, her eyes are slanted, and the list goes on. She even changed the color of her skin, dyed her hair blonde and wore blue contacts. The only thing she kept of hers is her beauty mark. Even with that, nobody would’ve believed she is who she says she is. She should put the brakes on cosmetic procedures because it just keeps on getting worse for her, and there’s no turning back. Everyone’s shocked by this extreme transformation, and that’s an understatement. Lil’ Kim was a beautiful and talented rapper, but it seems like she’s damaged by her insecurities.

7 Did Christina Aguilera Jump On The Plastic Bandwagon?


Christina Aguilera has always been beautiful, but it seems like she might’ve jumped on that plastic procedure bandwagon. She made everyone do a double take when she showed her new face at the AMA to perform a medley of Whitney Houston’s hit songs. There were mixed reactions from her performance, but it seems like more people couldn’t keep their eyes off of her because she looked like someone totally different. She gained a few pounds, but let’s be real, it wouldn’t change a person’s face dramatically. Her lips look bigger than usual, so it’s possible she got lip injections, and her face looks frozen so maybe even a botox. Apparently, she’s had work done over the years, but it wasn’t this noticeable. It seems like Christina fell into the trap of looking young and more beautiful.

6 Mindy Kaling Got A Full-On Makeover


Mindy Kaling is known for her role as Kelly Kapoor in The Office. After the series ended, she went on to make her own show The Mindy Project. It's clear that she got a full-on makeover because she looks different now than she did during her Kelly Kapoor days. She had short black hair with less eye makeup, and now, she has lighter hair color and wears full makeup. She never mentioned anything about lightening her skin, but it’s obvious that her skin has gotten lighter over the years. Maybe she stopped tanning, which was a thing back then. Maybe she uses whitening cream, or it’s just makeup. It also seems like she got lip fillers because her lips are fuller than before. Mindy has completely changed her look, but she’s still beautiful as ever.

5 Ashlee Simpson's Little Fix-Up Just Wasn't Enough For Her


Ashlee Simpson admitted to getting a nose job, but it looks like she got more work done to her face over the years. Age may have played a role in her shocking transformation because she lost her baby fat in her cheeks, but that can’t be the only reason. It also seems like she joined other celebrities in getting lip fillers because her lips look fuller than before. Thicker eyebrows can change a person’s appearance, but not extremely. Overall, she has drastically changed her look in the past decade. She looked fresh and youthful with red hair, but now, she has long and wavy blonde hair, and her makeup has become more dramatic than ever. Makeup and hairstyle shouldn’t make a huge difference in her appearance though. Ashlee’s still beautiful, but she’s unrecognizable now.

4 Katy Perry And Her Hair Transformations


It’s been ten years since Katy Perry rose to fame, and her looks have dramatically changed over the years. Ten years ago, she had short black curly hair with short bangs, but now, she sports a pixie cut and also dyed her hair blonde. By the way, she’s a natural blonde, but people are more familiar with her trademark dark hair. Moving on — she wore bright eyeshadows, but now, her makeup gives her a sophisticated look. Overall, she looks chic in her latest look. She's well known for constantly dying and changing her style, so it's only a matter of time before she switches up her style, but when comparing her looks from ten years ago, she looks different. One thing that remains the same is, Katy’s still gorgeous even with this bold new haircut.

3 Lindsay Lohan Is Over Being A Party Girl


Lindsay Lohan made many headlines for her bad behavior. Simply put — she was a mess. But, things have slowly changed over the years, and for the better. Back when she was a party girl, she had long, wavy blonde hair because blondes have more fun and her makeup was heavy, but it seems like she’s calmed down now. She’s starting to look more like her former self, well, at least trying to. She dyed her hair back to her natural red, and she shows off her fresh-faced look. She looks good! Unfortunately, she’ll never look like she used to because her appearance has drastically changed. It's no wonder there have been speculations that she might've gotten cosmetic surgery. Lindsay looks different, but she's a talented actress, so hopefully, she'll make an acting comeback soon.

2 Kristen Stewart Shaved Her Head And Dyed It Blonde


Kristen Stewart has ditched her brown hair, and she’s been rocking the blonde buzz cut. She has been a brunette most of her acting career, but she’s a natural blonde. Surprised? Anyway — not all women can pull off the buzz cut or be bold enough to try it, but this new hairstyle suits her well. It shows that she has left her comfort zone because she looks the opposite from her Twilight days. She looked fresh and youthful back then, but here, she gives off a chic punk vibe with heavy smokey eye makeup. She’s also making a facial expression we’re not used to seeing. Kristen has constantly given herself a new look ever since the vampire franchise ended, but they were never this drastic. Her latest look has got to be her boldest yet.

1 Adele's Before And After Fame


The beautiful Adele first came into the limelight when she released her debut album, 19. She was an adorable British singer with a heavy blush on her cheeks, perfect cat eyeliner that made her eyes look bigger and long brown hair with bangs that covered her forehead. Fast forward ten years, she looks completely different. She still wears her signature cat eyeliner, but her rounded eyes now look slanted. She also dyed her hair blonde, and she’s been putting her hair in a classy updo with side-swept bangs to give it a sophisticated look. She looks more mature than she did before, and age probably played a role. It’s clear that Adele’s face shows a change of appearance, but her weight loss probably played a bigger role in her transformation.

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