18 Pics Of Celeb Eating At Fast Food Restaurants

Ah fast food, that delightful selection of the food pyramid that is so forbidden and tantalizing all at once. We crave it and hate it at the same time. Reading the nutrition information and ingredient lists can turn us off but we always come back for more—perhaps not to that particular chain but to something similar—just as tasty and just as unhealthy. All those deep-fried French fries oozing in oil, salt and deliciousness. Those burgers stacked two or three patties high with magical sweet sauce and soft squishy buns. Chicken tenders so perfectly peppery and golden brown—and don't even get us started on the heaven that is pizza and doughnuts!

Let's face it—fast food is here to stay and all we can do is use our money to vote for the slightly healthier options. Panda Express with its veggies over that big Mac and giant soda, for example. One comforting thought is that we aren't alone in our struggle with this particular addiction. Some of the big names in the celebrity world often swing by their local fast food joints to satisfy their own cravings. With enough money to hire a private chef and have everything catered, delivered and specialty ordered, it's nice to know that the stars break down and indulge in a little secret enjoyment of fast food too.

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18 Hittin' Up Taco Bell

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Paris Hilton is famous for many things—the least of which is her obsession with Taco Bell. Supposedly it was the forbidden treat she craved during her stint in jail and she was frequently photographed getting late night snacks from her local establishment. What her exact go-to order is we can't say, but it can't be too hard to guess with their relatively limited selection of tacos and spin-offs to pick from. S

oft tacos, hard tacos, hard shells wrapped in soft shells and vice versa. Then there's the tasty little Mexican pizza that tries so hard to be a taco pizza mash-up and succeeds in some weird way. If we're thirsty, they have uniquely flavored slushies that are reminiscent of Starburst candies and—of course—several popular fountain drinks to choose from. On the dessert menu is their little fried cinnamon puffs of sugary dough—scrumptious!

17 Good Lickin' Chicken

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Kentucky Fried Chicken is legendary for its maximum flavor impact and insanely high oily fat content that usually deters eaters for a short time only for them to ignore the warning signs and indulge in some good chicken anyways — complete with finger licking afterwards. Nicole Scherzinger, best known for being the lead singer in the Pussycat band, was caught on camera taking a break from her special performance for the royal family in Malaysia to satisfy a craving for something resembling homemade.

She actually left with two huge bags full of fried chicken and crispy potato wedges—which she immediately indulged in as soon as she reached the comfort of her car. Nothing wrong with wanting something familiar when we're out on the road and that KFC sign definitely counts as something familiar.

16 In 'n Out Awards

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Miley Cyrus is known for many things—most of them infamous—related to her outrageous outfits or involving a wrecking ball of some sort. One thing she did which often gets overlooked except by hard core fans is the year she brought attention to the homeless issue in America by having a young homeless man named Jesse go on stage to receive her award in her place (she stayed seated).

His acceptance speech brought attention to the homeless state of over a million runaways and youth in America. After the show, Miley took her date out to In 'n Out for a late night treat of delicious burgers smothered in special secret sauce and extra crispy French fries. They even posed with matching paper crowns. Definitely one for Instagram.

15 Dizzy Tizzy For Pizza

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Ashley Tisdale, better known as the fit and fabulous Sharpay Evans in the High School Musical films, was caught on camera one sunny day picking up some Papa John's pizza for lunch. She's got two large boxes (so plenty to share with some lucky buddies) and looks pretty content with her choice. After all, who can argue with pizza?

The worst pizza ever is usually still pretty edible and delish simply because it's pizza and there are so many options out there to fit every pizza lover's needs. There's gluten free crusts, dairy free cheese, cheeseless pizzas, all meat toppings, all veggie toppings, a delicious combination of toppings, straight up cheese or pepperoni only and then there's outlandish toppings (pineapple and bananas anyone?) and dessert pizzas. Oh my gosh golly!

14 Evergreen Whole Foods

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Jennifer Lawrence, the face of The Hunger Games movies and Mystique from the latest X-Men reboots, is spotted stopping by at Whole Foods Market for some munchies and a coffee.

While still considered fast food in that it's made and consumed on the go instead of leisurely at home, Whole Foods is definitely a healthier option than say Starbucks or McDonald’s for coffee. Plus if we're there strolling around sipping our coffee, we might remember that we need more kale or vitamin C or that we wanted to try that new shiny probiotic drink and boom!

We've done a week's worth of healthy shopping in the span of a cup of yummy coffee. Jennifer Lawrence has always grabbed attention for being a down to earth person in a glitzy world and now that we know she's health conscious without going overboard, some of us love her even more.

13 Golden Globes Burgers

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Going to the Golden Globes and winning an award are two life experiences which the majority of us will never mark off our bucket lists, but Katy Perry has done it and in style, too. For the 2016 Golden Globes show, she treated her whole table to a round of hot delicious much needed In 'n Out burgers.

Makes us wonder if they even feed the stars at such a long and tedious red carpet event? At any rate, the stars lucky enough to have Perry at their table certainly felt loved and fed that night. Perry loves In 'n Out and indulges fairly often despite her healthy diet she tries hard to follow. She has also admitted to loving some Taco Bell in the past which isn’t too surprising.

12 Dashing Food Diary

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Kim Kardashian has said she rarely eats fast food but when she does, it's a delicious indulgence which she savers—French Women Don't Get Fat style. At McDonald’s she always orders fries but never finishes them all and will either have nuggets with honey or half a cheeseburger and half an order of nuggets. Chipotle sees her ordering a burrito bowl and a Diet coke (arguably a dicey choice in soda) with extra ice.

At In 'n Out she gets a cheeseburger, fries and a vanilla shake but presumably eats only half the burger and doesn't swirl those fries around in the shake (she's classy like that). When she craves some fried chicken, she hits up KFC for extra crispy wings and one biscuit. Finally, her Taco Bell order is nice and simple: one beef soft taco and one beef hard taco, with maybe some cinnamon twists.

11 Popping Some Eyes

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Kim Kardashian isn't the only one in her clan to enjoy some fast food. Half-sister Kylie Jenner is all over Popeyes' fried chicken and golden honey biscuits — to the point where she and her entourage boarded a plane loaded with bags of chicken and biscuits before throwing an impromptu pajama and fast food party. The evidence went viral via Instagram so we know it definitely probably happened.

This isn't the first occasion she's professed her love of the southern fried chicken and it likely won't be the last. She's also a bit like us in that she took advantage of National Biscuit Day to get free buttery biscuits when she hit up Popeyes before her plane pajama party. Even celebrity reality stars know a good deal when they see one.

10 Shake Up A Snack

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Actress Lena Dunham is on a strict healthy diet to help control her endometriosis symptoms but when she indulges in a rare fast food treat, she goes to New York's very own Shake Shack that has been serving up the very best burgers, hot dogs and more since 2004. Even before then they served up the goods as a humble hot dog cart in Madison Square. Lena prefers the hot dogs and who wouldn't?

Such meaty flavorful goodness in a soft yummy bun! She grew up with fast food being forbidden and thus associates it with rebellion and long road trips when she was allowed chicken nuggets. As an adult she tried some McDonald’s nuggets and found them to be more disgusting than she'd remembered—a sorrowful tale experienced by many of us upon reaching adulthood.

9 Burgers Galore

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Actress Emma Roberts has performed many roles in lots of different types of films but in certain social media circles, she's better known for her love of In 'n Out burgers. She indulges frequently—and with obvious enjoyment—in the greasy thin patties squished onto soft buns with lettuce, tomato, onions, melted cheese and a sweet sauce. The sauce is known to many as Thousand Island but it is so much better because it's In 'n Out’s special sauce.

Ordering off their not so secret menu can get us many delicious combos such as a 4X4 burger, animal style French fries, fries with lemon juice and a Neapolitan shake which is an extra special shake combining all three ice cream flavors. They now also have hot chocolate which is nice on those cold days.

8 Health Freak Indulgence

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Model and actress Heidi Klum is usually someone we can count on to always eat healthy. She picks the salad on lunch dates. She does occasionally break from her strict mold and eats the most unhealthy fast food choice out there—a McDonald’s cheeseburger. She once modeled for a Carl's Jr. advertisement but it's McDonald’s she turns to when she wants some forbidden delights.

The secret to cheat days is to really savor every bite and enjoy the experience, knowing that it's a rare thing rather than a habit and that we can easily work it off the next day or eat extra spinach at dinner that evening. Balance and moderation are the key to everything, especially when it comes to eating right and still treating ourselves to our favorite delicious indulgences without feeling guilty afterwards.

7 Swiftly To Starbucks

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Taylor Swift is one of the biggest names in the celebrity world right now due mainly to the hit album she just dropped back in November 2017. Long time fans have always been familiar with Swift and many even know what her daily meals are. A little odd, but at least she tries to eat healthy Monday through Friday with salads, yogurt, orange juice and a full breakfast instead of just coffee on the go.

She treats herself on weekends and indulges in some of the less healthy foods out there. Famously, her Starbucks coffee order is a skinny vanilla latte throughout the week (we're assuming this is a non-tour week because that order is way different) and a pumpkin spice latte for the weekends—at least during the fall season.

6 Delightful Doughnuts

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Actor Colton Hayes dreams in doughnuts—presumably Dunkin Donuts. Everyone knows those are the absolute very best doughnuts of all doughnuts everywhere. The goofy guy even sent out tweets and did interviews while on the CW show Arrow where he discussed his frequent doughnut cravings.

For his 26th birthday he posted an Instagram message in chalk on the sidewalk while eating a box of insanely good-looking doughnuts. He is also known to frequently indulge in coffee—small, large, iced, with or without whipped cream, extra sugar, black—the possibilities for just how he takes his coffee are endless, but he frequently gets some java and that's good enough for us.

Since his time on Arrow, Hayes has gone back to modeling but good news for Arsenal fans out there—he is rumored to return in Season Six for a special guest appearance.

5 Above And Beyond

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Star Trek fans will loyally follow their heroes anywhere—especially on social media and into pizza shops. So when Patrick Stewart took to social media to document his first slice of pizza, fans were all over it. To be clear, despite never having pizza growing up in England, Stewart has eaten pizza before now.

He just tends to order a whole pizza and eat it just like that. Ordering just one large slice and folding it a la New York style was an entirely new and different concept to him but with help from his sweetie—who convinced him not to eat the slice of deliciousness with a fork and knife—Stewart will transition just fine over to the concept of a nice slice for a snack. Next up are 100 year-old eggs.

4 Pregnancy Cravings

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When we're pregnant and busy doing double duty working and growing a baby, we're allowed some diet leeways and indulgences, and actress Drew Barrymore is no exception. Back in 2014 after the Golden Globes awards show, Drew slipped out afterwards and found a pizza joint to indulge in her absolute favorite fast food goodie. The pregnant actress went to town on a large slice of delicious goodness baked to melted golden brown perfection with unidentifiable toppings.

She seemed to really enjoy herself. Sometime after she gave birth, she went on a strict healthy diet to drop the baby weight and dreamed in pizza to the point of tears due to a lack of her favorite treat. We've all been there. It shouldn't be too much of a surprise that pizza is still so popular and going so strong in today's world. It's so customizable!

3 Taco Cake

Via: Google Images

Many of us know that Jack In The Box has great tasting seasoned curly fries and the usual assortment of burgers and chicken or fish sandwiches to satisfy just about everyone's wants, wishes and cravings. What some of us don't know—especially if we aren't frequenters of the Box—is that Jack In The Box has tacos. How they stand up to Taco Bell is highly debatable and we'll leave that to the pros and another article.

Actress Selena Gomez is in the know and is such a huge fan of the Box's tacos that her friends' made her a cake platter of the tacos for her birthday one year which she instantly loved, plastered all over social media and delightedly devoured. That's definitely a memorable birthday for sure.

2 Big Bang Burger


The Big Bang Theory characters all enjoy some fast food in nearly every episode, focusing primarily on pizza and Thai food take-out. The real life actors also indulge in some junk food goodies. Kaley Cuoco, who plays the stunning down to earth Penny on the show, posted some photos of her enjoying a quick McDonald’s dollar menu fries and hamburger snack behind the scenes before hitting the red carpet in 2014.

While most stars go on strict diets to be red carpet worthy and fit into their gowns, Kaley wore her stunning red gown like a glove and showed girls everywhere they can look good, be slim and still fit in that gorgeous dress while eating whatever they want. The indication of buying off the dollar menu rather than the regular menu could also be a nod toward enjoying things in moderation.

1 Strictly Business Except On Sundays

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Singer Beyonce` is known for her strict and healthy diet which she makes sure her whole household partakes of and is probably partly why she's able to look so good all the time. She does allow herself Sundays (and supposedly Tuesdays) to treat herself with otherwise forbidden indulgences.

Her favorite treat is pizza but she occasionally mixes it up with a classic cheeseburger and fries from California's own In 'n Out. Keeping it simple. Unlike most of us however, the star pairs hers with a flute of delicious pink bubbly champagne. Maybe she knows something about the combination of fast food and bubbly wine that we don't, or maybe it's just a delicious and fancy personal quirk of hers. Either way, it certainly makes a statement and a pretty picture for Instagram.

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